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A Woman’s Nation: Helping Women Find Opportunity

It’s with great interest that I’ve followed the media storm surround the release of the Shriver Center’s newest report, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink. Over 3,000 adults were polled, including low-income women, to find out their views and opinions on “the economy, gender, marriage, education, and the future.” Despite the progress of women economically […]

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Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and the Wedding That Wasn’t

Joss Whedon’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is soaked in sex, languidness, and alcohol, as any decent adaptation of a Shakespeare comedy should be. It’s not a “wedding movie” in the traditional sense: there are no Bridezilla jokes, montages of wedding planning going hilariously wrong, or subplots about in-laws fighting each other.

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Singularly Stupid

For a country that built its reputation on the storied rugged individualist, its laws sure as hell don’t match the rhetoric. Are single people discriminated against? According to evidence out there, American singles take a financial hit on income taxes, health care costs, social security, and IRA choices to name a few. And it goes […]

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Why Do We Marry People Like Our Parents?

Our early childhood plays a major role in our choice of romantic partners. Dr. Harville Hendrix theorizes that “We marry the emotional image of our caregivers—both positive and negative.”

Sometimes, in an effort to resolve troublesome issues with a parent, we choose a partner with the same personality flaw that left us feeling unsatisfied as a child. That choice is a desperate, last-gasp attempt to get the love or attention we longed for.

If that sounds preposterous, let me illustrate the hypothesis by describing my four husbands.

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When Talking About Fertility, Try a Little Tenderness

When the New York Times recently asked “Are You as Fertile as You Look?” the question was rhetorical. The reporter suggested womenfolk are ignorant about their declining fertility because they confuse youthful looks with having youthful ovaries. It’s easy to judge women like the ones trotted out for this piece; in their late 30s through mid 40s, they […]

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Wedded Bliss Without The Wedded

I recently read a post about domestic partnerships for straight couples as an alternative to marriage.  It’s an interesting proposition, but what exactly is the different?  To me there didn’t seem to be a huge difference. A domestic partnership is a legal form of recognizing a relationship without the cultural aspect that weddings and marriage […]

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The End of Marriage

I recently finished reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, a mere 11 months after it came out – a true feat for me.  It was hardly what I’d expected, an interesting read, and possibly not the best idea for someone so neutral on marriage to be reading.  I felt myself saying, “Yes! I agree – exactly […]

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I Don’t

The non-profit organization, that I currently work for, arranged for me to attend an all day seminar with lunch provided. One of the many objectives of these seminars is to network. As I looked around, I noticed that most everyone already knew each other. So, I began to do what my mother taught me best…become […]

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