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Masculinity Isn’t Misogyny

Somewhere along the way American politics got very confused about manhood. And if you didn’t know any better, you might think that rabid misogyny is one of the pillars of being a man.   It’s not.   On one level, the phenomenon that we’re watching take place is about Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton and […]

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I wept when the Zimmerman verdict was announced.  I sobbed as s a mother weeps when her heart is broken:  in loud, uncontrollable, hiccupping hysteria. But let me tell you the truth: I didn’t follow the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story closely. I couldn’t. You see, I’m the mother of boys. They’re big, threatening, refrigerator-sized boys. […]

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Feminism Killed Marriage

Did you know marriage eludes modern women?  I had no idea, but I do appreciate being informed of this.  As Suzanne Venker said in her article in National Review, women have a better shot today than ever before for martial bliss.  With the most freedom, flexibility and privileges than ever before women are waiting longer […]

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Top 25 Female Athletes

  This week GQ came out with its “25 Coolest Athletes Ever” list.  Apparently everyone worth being on this list was male (as Dave Zirin pointed out in the Nation)!  I realize this is a men’s magazine.  And not just any men’s magazine, but one that evicts a cigar smoking, back room gathering, manly men […]

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Are Chore Wars Just a War to Women?

Over the last two weeks there has been a flurry of articles and blog posts about the so called “chore wars”.  It all started with Time Magazine.  I found all the information about how hard it is to divide up the chores fairly.  While on vacation, my mom, sister-in-law and I were talking about how […]

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Gender Roles Go To the Beach

I spent last week sitting on a beach reading Bossypants and an alternate version of Pride and Prejudice.  Yes, you are feeling jealousy right now.  If it helps I’m back to the real world and work. While sitting on the beach reading I noticed an interesting beach phenomenon.  While at a family oriented resort, I […]

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Can milk save men from the PMS monster?

We’ve all seen commercials that made us want to *not* buy a product. For men like myself, that might be the effect of a new “Got Milk?” campaign aiming to convince men that milk can reduce the symptoms of PMS. The campaign is centered around the micro-site everythingidoiswrong.com, which features a few basic flash graphics […]

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When Men Are Absent From the Debate on Abortion

This past Father’s Day, President Obama delivered a weekly address in which he discussed the importance of having present, engaged fathers.  While I think we’re all on the same page on that one, I wonder if our determination to give women control of their bodies is not inadvertently sending men the signal that they should […]

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Seated By A Creeper

Tuesday night I went to the Nationals game.  They were finally back in from a 10 day road trip, Zimmerman was back in the line -up, it was a beautiful night for baseball.  Within minutes of taking our seats I felt like the guy in front of us was paying a little too much attention […]

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Why My Boyfriend Should Stop Following Charlie Sheen

Violence against women is serious.  And it seems to be discussed everywhere lately.  So why is all the talk about Charlie Sheen focused on the crazy things he’s been saying and not on the women he has abused and threatened.  I missed the beginning, or the beginning of the end (it is coming to an […]

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