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Mental Health is a Feminist Issue

For great reasons (the presidential election!) and for terrible reasons (an increasingly fatal heroin epidemic…) mental health has been increasing its visibility in the United States.  Mental health treatment faces many problems as a whole—decreases in funding, misconceptions about treatment, a virulent social stigma, and many areas lacking qualified health professionals.  However, for women in […]

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Redefining It All, Because We Have To | The Fem2 Friday Rewind 11.14-11.20 2015

WELCOME TO THE FEM2 FRIDAY REWIND for the week of 11.14-11.20, 2015. This week’s Rewind is all about redefining the things we thought we always knew. Why? It’s clear in the news we read that people’s health and happiness are being squashed and squandered by our current society. We cannot hope for a successful future if […]

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Elliot Rodger and American Masculinity

Mental health is always a factor to consider each time we dissect the latest mass shooting in this country. So is easy access to guns. But, in so many of these cases, including the latest horror in Santa Barbara, we should be talking about masculinity. There are three traditional ways to prove one’s manhood in […]

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When the Media Takes it Too Far

Trigger Warning: The following article discusses suicide and self-injury. We’ve all heard by now: Paris Jackson was hospitalized last week for an apparent suicide attempt. I say ‘apparent’ because we just don’t know the specifics of what happened. Perhaps we will never quite know the details surrounding Paris’ medical emergency. Not that the media hasn’t tried […]

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Women and Mental Health

Over the past two weeks, the HBO show ‘Girls’ has focused on the mental health challenges of Hannah. We have been introduced to Hannah’s secret – her shameful struggle with anxiety characterized by obsessive tendencies, a necessity to repeat tasks 8 times, often until the point of embarrassment, injury (as we saw last week), and […]

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The Stigma of Being One in Four

I have been in therapy, off and on, for the past six years. In hindsight, I would describe the younger Kathleen as anxious, worried, and concerned about the future. As I got older, I became a perfectionist; one of those over-achieving kids who never felt as though they were ‘getting it right’. In university I […]

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No, Congressman Joe Walsh: Even Heroes Need to Talk

As a Canadian, I am often amazed at the level of mud-slinging involved in American politics. Sure, Canadian politicians employ their own brand of callous name-calling, but in comparison to our southern bi-partisan neighbours, they’re fairly amicable. And yet, the uncouthness of American politics never ceases to amaze me. This time, Illinois Republican Congressman Joe […]

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