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Mental Health is a Feminist Issue

For great reasons (the presidential election!) and for terrible reasons (an increasingly fatal heroin epidemic…) mental health has been increasing its visibility in the United States.  Mental health treatment faces many problems as a whole—decreases in funding, misconceptions about treatment, a virulent social stigma, and many areas lacking qualified health professionals.  However, for women in […]

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How to Be Child-free Stepparent

By the time I was 12, I knew I didn’t want children. I loved kids, I saw the joy they brought into people’s lives, but I just didn’t feel the pang for parenthood. “You’ll change your mind,” said the multitudes of people around me. When I got married at 21, and reasserted my child-free identity, […]

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Honoring Change Agent Mothers

When I opened an email from my friend Patrick with two photos of his adoptive daughter Norma attached, I caught my breath. The first was a photo of her at three months old in a Shanghai hospital awaiting surgery to remove a spina bifida induced sac on the back of her neck a third the […]

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I wept when the Zimmerman verdict was announced.  I sobbed as s a mother weeps when her heart is broken:  in loud, uncontrollable, hiccupping hysteria. But let me tell you the truth: I didn’t follow the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story closely. I couldn’t. You see, I’m the mother of boys. They’re big, threatening, refrigerator-sized boys. […]

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A Specific Happy Mother Day Wish for Women Who’ve Had Abortions

On Friday, I got a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day wish from Fem2.0 in Twitter.  Of course, that meant that some random man asked in a mean-spirited tweet whether the wish included “abortive pro-choice mothers of dead babies.”  I didn’t respond, because, well, why would you respond to a person who rudely interrupts, willfully chooses to […]

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For Mother’s Day, Support Moms at Community College

This month many moms around the country are celebrating not only Mother’s Day, but also their college graduation. As in other sectors of higher education, women make up the majority of students at community college — accounting for 57 percent of the 7.3 million students enrolled in these schools. In fact, more women attend community […]

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Marriage Is on the Decline — But Single Still Feels Weird

Even dry British economists are talking about it. It feels like it’s been everywhere lately — even the Supreme Court. Marriage rates: just in a slump, or do we need to talk? The Economist reported earlier this year that marriage rates are continuing to decline in the U.S. and other parts of the developed world. […]

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Olympic Sexism! Why Does Mama Got The Magic?

The 2012 Olympics in London have been heralded as a win for feminism in many ways — some calling it the Title IX games even. And there’s a lot to celebrate for women in these games. But as the old poem says, we have miles to go before we sleep. If you’ve watched any part […]

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Celebrate Your Mother by Helping Your Sisters Around the Globe

Every year, I forgo buying my mother the traditional card, flowers, and jewelry for Mother’s Day. It isn’t that I don’t love her or think it isn’t important to honor her on Mother’s Day. She is an amazing woman, a great role model, and the first feminist I ever knew. But I hate the Hallmark-driven, […]

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Arresting Mothers for Being Bad Incubators

The Sunday New York Times exposed Alabama’s unique salvo in the War on Women. Using a novel legal theory, Alabama has prosecuted approximately 60 women for child endangerment when they delivered children with drugs in their system. One was sentenced to prison for ten years. In other states, the typical response to detecting drugs in […]

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