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How to Be Child-free Stepparent

By the time I was 12, I knew I didn’t want children. I loved kids, I saw the joy they brought into people’s lives, but I just didn’t feel the pang for parenthood. “You’ll change your mind,” said the multitudes of people around me. When I got married at 21, and reasserted my child-free identity, […]

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Priceless. Seen in his smile. Seen on his hands. When my 21 year-old son contacted me from halfway around the world to ask for funds to cover the photographs for his tandem sky-dive, my mind went in three directions.  My first thought – doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to tell his mother until after […]

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Honoring Change Agent Mothers

When I opened an email from my friend Patrick with two photos of his adoptive daughter Norma attached, I caught my breath. The first was a photo of her at three months old in a Shanghai hospital awaiting surgery to remove a spina bifida induced sac on the back of her neck a third the […]

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Is it Really a Happy Mother’s Day?

It is difficult being a mother. Mothers bear the brunt of burdens, plainly seen if you take a look at the measly ratings the United States received from the recently published Save the Children State of the World’s Mothers. Not only does the country rank 25th on the list of Best Places to be a Mother, it […]

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Celebrate Your Mother by Helping Your Sisters Around the Globe

Every year, I forgo buying my mother the traditional card, flowers, and jewelry for Mother’s Day. It isn’t that I don’t love her or think it isn’t important to honor her on Mother’s Day. She is an amazing woman, a great role model, and the first feminist I ever knew. But I hate the Hallmark-driven, […]

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About that Nation article on moms, feminism & blogging….

Nona & I talked over the phone for a good 45 minutes about this article. I knew immediately that she got the issue as I was communicating it. Her prompt was simple – why aren’t young feminists connected to mother issues and vice versa?

 As someone who has been a feminist activist in some form […]

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