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Why All-Male Minions Really Do Matter for Children

Earlier this week, Margot Mogowan, founder of Reel Girls, a web site dedicated to media equity, wrote a post lambasting the movie Minions for its dullard sensibility and disappointingly routine sexism.  Most families taking kids to the movies aren’t giving sexism a second thought, preferring instead to just get out of the summer heat and […]

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No Need for Us to Flip the Script – ‘Spy’ Does it for Us

When I was recommending Spy to some friends, they were dubious. “Melissa McCarthy movies always just focus on her weight,” they grumbled. While that is not the focus of McCarthy’s movies – it is the cultural dialogue that they see. It is the conversation that is frequently happening from the outside. It’s not the conversation […]

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Pitch Perfect 2:  Would-Be Feminist Film Fails to Strike Perfect Pitch, Continues Stereotypical Tones

I laughed more frequently than I breathed during Pitch Perfect 2. Director Elizabeth Bank’s sequel to the A Capella musical Pitch Perfect focused heavily on silliness with lines like, “I don’t want your armpit confidence” and insults like “your sweat smells like cinnamon.” In many ways this film was triumphant. It followed many female characters […]

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‘The Avengers,’ Strong Female Characters and Failing the Bechdel Test

Smashing box office records, audiences have been swept up in The Avengers hullabaloo. Interesting and compelling, the epic superhero film based on the Marvel comics unites Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, the Hulk and Thor “to form a team that must stop Thor’s brother Loki from enslaving the human race.” It was good. […]

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Holiday Film Ratings – Are We Judging Sex or Sexuality?

The Holiday movie season is here! And, true to form, as revealed in USC’s Annenberg School’s most recent study of gender in the 100 top grossing films of 2009, we will blithely consume great movies that consistently marginalize and sexualize girls and women. The male to female ratio in film hasn’t changed since 1946. In […]

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does abortion belong in popular films? a response

Recently, Jaime Keiles (of the Seventeen Magazine Project) asked some great questions about films and abortion: why do so few films depict abortions? Should we see them in films more often? Jaime had just finished watching Enter the Void, which includes a pretty realistic abortion scene. She noted that the scene made her uncomfortable, but […]

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