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The Making of an Independent Music Video: The Great Equalizer of Film

We did it. My team and I officially made a music video this week – in my home town, Atlanta, Georgia, in a beautiful cinema with a haunting past. And oh, how I loved it, and oh, how I saw the tables turning regarding gender bias. I have never felt to empowered, yet so unfortunately […]

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The Cycle of Giving and Taking – Feminism as a Cycle

The Cycle of Giving and Taking – Feminism as a Cycle There’s strength in numbers. As a songwriter planning a release for my album, I’m in a position I’ve never been in before – The position to ask for help. Whether I’m cold-calling a music manager, or asking to get an opening slot, it all […]

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Women who Write What they Shouldn’t

Intro What I’ve always found striking about writing music on women’s issues, is that its connection to folk music is so irritatingly ironic.  The irony in it is this — that male folk-writers evoke a particular image in one’s mind, its fused with their music. But what is the woman’s? A girl with a guitar.  […]

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Contest Raises Awareness for Violence Against Women Through Music: Interview with Pixel Project Founder Regina Yau

Rape, rape culture, domestic violence, and violence against women impact us all. The Pixel Project, a virtual, volunteer-led nonprofit, works to eradicate violence against women globally. They are currently running the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival contest to raise awareness through the power and artistry of music. They dedicated the contest to Jyoti Singh Pandey, […]

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