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Parenthood is NOT a Vacation

“Oh, and one last thing -don’t drink the water here, you will get pregnant.” That was one of the last sentences my on-the-job trainer spoke (albeit jokingly) during a quick briefing on my first day of work as a hostess in my current location. She wasn’t entirely wrong; pregnancies seem to come in waves in our […]

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What Do You Mean There’s No Paid Maternity Leave?

Women in America are taught to save – for a car, for emergencies, homes, and retirement.  What we end up learning the hard way is the need to save for maternity leave.  Thinking about having kids one day?  Ask about your employer’s maternity leave policy now!  It might happen that there isn’t one. I’ve spent […]

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Work/Life Facts to Make You So Crazy You Need to Rant

1. 48% of workers do not have paid sick days; 76% of low-wage workers and 80% of part-time workers do not have paid sick days. 2. In 1960, only 10% of mothers worked and only 10% were unmarried. Today 70% of mothers work and 40% of mothers are unmarried. 3. 70% of American children live […]

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