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Equal Pay Day 2016: What are you worth?

It sounds like a movie plot. Someone leaves an anonymous note in your locker informing you that you are being paid less than your male counterparts. Enough is enough, you bolster your spirits with thoughts of Susan B. Anthony, Betty Freidan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. An inspiring orchestra score starts to swell as you march […]

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By the Numbers: A Look at the Gender Pay Gap

Imagine you work an entry-level job alongside someone who has less experience than you but still makes more money. Maybe you become a supervisor, yet still take home less pay than the employees you manage. Years go by and you look back on a lifetime of work and realize you lost hundreds of thousands of […]

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New Pay Gap Data Shows It’s Not “The End of Men”

Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men, came out yesterday. While I haven’t yet read it, I saw her recent New York Times Magazine cover story and watched a couple of her Daily Beast videos. Rosin’s overall message is that today’s economy favors women over men. While the three Alabama wives Rosin follows in […]

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Paycheck Fairness and the Boy Crisis: How Misguided Entitlement Hurts Everyone

Today, Congress will vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is designed to strengthen the 1963 Equal Pay Act which made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform similar work.  The Paycheck Fairness Act specifies that they cannot be paid differently for doing the EXACT same job.  Men […]

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Equal Pay Day: Trying to Survive on an Hourly Wage

This post is part of the National Women’s Law Center and MomsRising’s annual Blog Carnival  for Equal Pay Day Several years ago I moved to a new city, unemployed, without much of a support network nearby and no health insurance.  It took me a few months of job searching to realize this was going to […]

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In the Workplace, A Look at the Women of Gen Y

There has been a lot written lately about Gen Y women burning out early.  People seem confused by this.  Here’s a hint to figuring out why: ask Gen Y women!  Honestly, we’ll tell you why.  Everyone knows millennials feel entitled to more.  We want all the basic benefits from a job and then some.  Flexibility […]

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Feminism Killed Marriage

Did you know marriage eludes modern women?  I had no idea, but I do appreciate being informed of this.  As Suzanne Venker said in her article in National Review, women have a better shot today than ever before for martial bliss.  With the most freedom, flexibility and privileges than ever before women are waiting longer […]

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Professional Fridays: Knowing Your Value

I am not normally one to look for career help from a book.  But after watching all the talk around Mika Brzezinski’s book, Knowing Your Value, I thought the topic of salary negotiation was worth reading about.  What I found interesting was that much of the book was more of a “what not to do.”  […]

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Gen X Women Trending Childless

Last week a friend of mine told me about a report stating 43% of Gen X women do not have children.  Knowing how many of my friends in Gen Y are putting off children for various reasons, I don’t find it hard to believe.  I understand it may shock many of the Baby Boomer generation, […]

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A week of important news for women: Equal Pay Day 2010

Happy Equal Pay Day, everyone! We have your round-up of Equal Pay blog posts — please send us your links if we’ve missed you! The White House’s proclamation on Equal Pay Day Our Nation’s workforce includes more women than ever before.  In households across the country, many women are the sole breadwinner, or share this […]

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