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Colorado Springs and What It Means for The #WarOnWomen

  The term “Black Friday” means something different for the residents of Colorado Springs, Colo. after what transpired in their Planned Parenthood the day after Thanksgiving this year. Robert Dear entered the Planned Parenthood building, and after a five hour long event and police standoff, surrendered to police after hospitalizing nine, and killing a police […]

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The Rewind 9.26-10.2: On Testimonies, Activism, Threats & Money

Welcome to the Fem2 Friday Rewind – your source for fast facts in feminist news – for Saturday, September 26 through Friday October 2, 2015. In Feminist News this Week: CALLING OUT THE CALL-OUTS: 77% of women under 40 in the US have been followed by a man on the street.  50% of them have been […]

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Dear Representative Trent Franks: A Letter From A Survivor of Rape on D.C. Abortion Access

Yesterday the House Judiciary passed a ban on abortions in DC, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother.  Bria Murray, a survivor of rape, responds to Representative Trent Franks’ comments from the debate for the ban.  The post is originally published on RH Reality Check and is cross posted with permission. […]

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Why I Will Still Never Wear Another Pink Ribbon

Earlier this week, the Susan G. Komen Foundation made headlines when it decided to defund Planned Parenthood affiliates, ending a 7-year partnership that had been successful in providing accessible and affordable mammograms and early breast cancer detection to thousands of lower-income and underinsured women. Like many other women across the country, I felt deceived. I grew up in […]

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Tone It Down: When the Women’s Movement Tries to Justify Its Support for Abortion

One of the best pieces of advice I ever read about professional development for women was to stop trying to not take up so much room.  The author noted that when women sit down at a conference table for a meeting, we have a tendency of organizing all of our papers and folders and pens […]

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Blog for Choice: The 2 Battles of Choice

It’s been a crazy ride for the Pro-Choice movement over the last few months.  There have really been two different battles going parallel to each other when it all really comes down to the same question: Can we trust women to make the right choice for their own bodies?  While we’re at it, can we […]

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Feminism Killed Marriage

Did you know marriage eludes modern women?  I had no idea, but I do appreciate being informed of this.  As Suzanne Venker said in her article in National Review, women have a better shot today than ever before for martial bliss.  With the most freedom, flexibility and privileges than ever before women are waiting longer […]

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10 Things the iPhone Siri Will Help You Get Instead of an Abortion

Ask the Siri, the new iPhone 4 assistant, where to get an abortion, and, if you happen to be in Washington, D.C., she won’t direct you to the Planned Parenthood on 16th St, NW. Instead, she’ll suggest you pay a visit to the 1st Choice Women’s Health Center, an anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) in […]

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Over 7 Billion People: The Personhood Amendment in Mississppi

The world population recently hit 7 billion. Funny story: when I was in Swaziland, King Mswati III gave a speech at the UN Population Fund Ceremony and lauded on how great it was that we were developing at such a phenomenal speed, and how he couldn’t wait until we reached 10 billion to celebrate again. […]

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Join us this Sunday for the return of #fem2 Tweetchats!

After much discussion, we are excited to announce that we are bringing back #fem2 Twitterchats on Sunday nights! Please join us this Sunday, July 17, at 9 p.m. EST as we honor NWLC’s and Planned Parenthood’s blog carnival, “Birth Control: We’ve Got You Covered,” taking place next week. We look forward to bringing back our Tweetchats […]

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