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We Should Be Past Intolerance & Misogyny – “Because It’s 2015” | The Fem2 Friday Rewind 10.20-11.6 2015

Welcome to the Fem2 Friday Rewind, your fast facts in feminist news for the week of October 30-November 6, 2015. This week we rewind on a huge blow to domestic violence and sexual assault service survivors and service providers, transgender intolerance coming through in voting results, hypocrisy from our new Speaker of the House, that […]

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Campus SaVE Act Responds to College Campus Sexual Violence

Institutions must convey to students information about all resources offered to them if they are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking. This includes preserving evidence, victim’s rights, counseling, and legal assistance. Students starting college this coming fall (as well as those returning) will be the first to benefit from the Sexual Violence […]

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What Teenage Boys Should Know About Teenage Girls

Among my oldest and best friends are men I became friends with when we were teenagers. For the most part, like teenagers today, we thought of ourselves as equals. We went to the same schools, socialized together, participated in sports meets at the same time, eventually worked in similar jobs and generally assumed that our […]

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#ItTakesAllofUs to Fight Street Harassment

I’m about to get robbed. That was my first thought when I saw a man cut across my quiet, residential street and dart towards me just as dusk had begun to settle over Washington, D.C. I was walking to the bus stop, en route for the grocery store and Target, and I was carrying the usual […]

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The Important Thing About “Trigger Warnings” on Campuses Is That We Are Talking About Them

In an article title “Warning: The Literary Canon Could Make Students Squirm,” The New York Times on Tuesday described ongoing debates on college and university campuses about whether or not trigger warnings should be used in advance of discussions that include, among other things, violent, racist and misogynistic content. This argument is a repeat of a […]

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Rape Culture, Trigger Warnings, and ‘Bates Motel’

Since I really liked Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho when I was younger, I decided to give the A&E prequel series Bates Motel a try. Despite that the cinematography was rich, the actors were quality, and the atmosphere was a great mix of foreboding while paradoxically retro and contemporary, I was roughly halfway through the first episode when I turned it […]

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The justice backlog: Why are hundreds of thousands of rape kits gathering dust?

Trigger Warning: rape, violent crime Even as the Justice Department reports that our nation’s crime labs are processing more rape kits, there is a greater backlog than ever in analysis of potential evidence. Indeed, it is estimated that there are as many as 400,000 untested kits sitting in evidence storage all across the country. Considering that every rape kit […]

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Men Are 32x More Likely to Be Killed By Lightning than Falsely Accused of Rape

In a variety of ways, it’s been said to me for as long as I can remember: “Be careful about what girls you sleep with. They might accuse you of raping them.” “Did you hear about that chick accusing so-and-so of raping her? What a cunt.” “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” It starts early, […]

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Why #passMJIA? 50 Facts About the Injustice of Sexual Assault in the US Military

More than 70 members of the US Military deal with unwanted sexual contact, sexual assault and rape every day. That’s three every hour. The National Defense Authorization Act will come to the Senate floor on Monday. As a result, sometime during the next week, Senator Kirstin Gillibrand‘s controversial Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA), will be […]

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How I Became An Anti-Street Harassment Activist

I came to CASS over a year ago in 2012 because I was sick of street harassment. I had moved to DC after graduating college, and street harassment became less of an infrequent nuisance and more of a daily onslaught. I was street harassed when I was wearing work clothes at the bus stop, and cars full of men would stop and leer. I was street harassed when I was wearing jeans while walking to a friend’s house, and strangers would comment on my “tits” and “pussy.” I was street harassed at the grocery store while buying laundry detergent, at the park while eating my lunch, outside my office while running errands.

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