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Trigger Warning, A Documentary

  “A man walks into a bar…” Every joke can be a setup for a rape joke. When rape victims turn on their TVs, they face a strong possibility of being confronted with reminders of one of the worst experiences of their lives. What’s worse, these experiences are likely to be laughed at. Rape jokes […]

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Dishonorable Discharge: Marines Ask If Ultimate Fighting Championship Deserves Backing

You may remember the campaign to get the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to enact a code of conduct to address numerous times that fighters and staff have used hate speech and instances of sexual violence (including tweeting rape jokes). And while UFC officials are loath to listen — with apologists claiming that, essentially, boys will be boys […]

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Do You Laugh At Rape Jokes?

I could have titled this “Why Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny” but sometimes they are uproariously funny, right? I mean, who hasn’t laughed at a rape joke? Rape jokes are a dime a dozen. That’s why the problem isn’t the jokes or who’s telling them. It’s that so many, many people think that stories about degrading […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Make Jokes About Rape or Sandwiches

Feminists have no sense of humor.  We flip out at every tiny thing.  We make a big fuss about inconsequential, totally minor things that absolutely aren’t a big deal instead of focusing on the big and important issues.  Lipstick feminism, it’s called. So why are jokes about women making sandwiches and language like “banging chicks” […]

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Has No Problem with Hate Speech

The mantel of hero has always been heavy. In the comics, Spiderman is told that with great power comes great responsibility. And even though the web-slinger might not be a real person, the advice rings true for our flesh-and-blood heroes, too. In these modern times, heroes come in a variety of forms built up by […]

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