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Equal Pay Day: Trying to Survive on an Hourly Wage

This post is part of the National Women’s Law Center and MomsRising’s annual Blog Carnival  for Equal Pay Day Several years ago I moved to a new city, unemployed, without much of a support network nearby and no health insurance.  It took me a few months of job searching to realize this was going to […]

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Moving from College to Career

If you are preparing to graduate college in another month or so, you probably have more on your mind that just your finals.  Figuring the career world, finding your way through interviews, moving – sometimes back in with parents can all be daunting and stressful.  Here are some tips to keep in the back of […]

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Professional Fridays: Knowing Your Value

I am not normally one to look for career help from a book.  But after watching all the talk around Mika Brzezinski’s book, Knowing Your Value, I thought the topic of salary negotiation was worth reading about.  What I found interesting was that much of the book was more of a “what not to do.”  […]

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Gen X Women Trending Childless

Last week a friend of mine told me about a report stating 43% of Gen X women do not have children.  Knowing how many of my friends in Gen Y are putting off children for various reasons, I don’t find it hard to believe.  I understand it may shock many of the Baby Boomer generation, […]

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Sexual Assault by Strangers – on the Rise?

A few weeks ago a friend shared information on a recent spree of attacks on and around Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), right near my old apartment in Richmond, VA.  It was frightening for me, as I used to walk in the direct of VCU frequently to go out to eat, meet up with friends, and […]

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Only Up From Here, Right?

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending via conference call (thank you, Google Phone), the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) Roundtable on Women & the Economy. The purpose of the Roundtable was to formally present two very significant research studies put together by the IWPR and the Rockefeller Foundation, Women and Men Living […]

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The Education of Brooksley Born, Part II: The Lesson

The Players: Robert Rubin: Secretary of the Treasury during Clinton’s presidency, after which he joined the board of Citibank; has been an economic advisor to Obama Larry Summers: Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton; later, Secretary of the Treasury; under Obama, was head of the White House National Economic Council until December, 2010 Arthur […]

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The Education of Brooksley Born, Part 1

The other night, I watched a Frontline special called "The Warning" from 2009.  Immediately I thought this was a bad idea, but even without understanding all the economic and market terms and lingo you can easily understand the message and the end result of the interviews.  The reason we are in a recession started ten […]

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Financial Knowhow in the New Year

It’s that time of year when everyone claims their New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t usually do resolutions, but this year I want to improve my knowledge in one area. This year I made a resolution to become more financially savvy.  I want to get a better understanding of my retirement accounts, understand what to be […]

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The End of Marriage

I recently finished reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, a mere 11 months after it came out – a true feat for me.  It was hardly what I’d expected, an interesting read, and possibly not the best idea for someone so neutral on marriage to be reading.  I felt myself saying, “Yes! I agree – exactly […]

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