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Sorry, Not Sorry: AAUW and Pantene Team Up to Help College Women Shine Strong

We still live in a world where women are paid less, unfairly criticized, and openly harassed. No wonder they feel they have to apologize for every little thing. But we’re fighting back. Sorry, but we’re not sorry about our brains, our ambition, or our drive to make our world—and ourselves in the process—better. This fall AAUW, with support from Pantene, […]

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3 Reasons President Obama Needs to Act Now on the Gender Pay Gap

For almost two years now, we’ve asked President Barack Obama to issue an executive order that would ban federal contractors from retaliating against workers who talk about their salaries or ask about pay practices. With this action, the president could protect 22 percent of the nation’s workforce — or 26 million workers — from facing […]

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Will Team Augusta Really Break With Tradition?

Golf spilled from the sports pages to the front pages this week when Augusta National Golf Club announced that it has finally opened (make that cracked) its gates to women, and let Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore squeeze through. As the former Chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) who has been leading […]

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