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[Updated] Year-end reviews forget NV sex ed debate, #fierceflores

As we count down the final days of 2013, the inevitable year-in-review stories start popping up. Two recent ones caught my eye, as much for what they said as for what they left out. In RH Reality Check’s Top Pro-Choice Heroes of 2013, we are treated to a diverse round-up of “sheroes” who put it on […]

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Why Comprehensive Sex Education Should Include Masturbation

Youth are exposed to sex early and often. Comprehensive sex education should be taught at an early age because it is important not to shame people or hide the facts. Educating high school students about all aspects of their sexuality teaches them to feel comfortable about their bodies, and one hopes, by extension, all of […]

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When Men Are Absent From the Debate on Abortion

This past Father’s Day, President Obama delivered a weekly address in which he discussed the importance of having present, engaged fathers.  While I think we’re all on the same page on that one, I wonder if our determination to give women control of their bodies is not inadvertently sending men the signal that they should […]

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