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Women and Social Networks in Congress

You may have missed this article, because it didn’t make the front page. It didn’t even make the first fifteen pages of the New York Times. To remedy this, I suggest you read Jennifer Steinhauer’s "Among Women in Congress, a Bond of Friendship." Steinhauer begins by describing the hospital room where Gabrielle Giffords first awoke […]

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Catcalling and Gang Rape: The Manifestations of Global Gender Discrimination

Angelique’s village was invaded in the middle of the night.  She was tied up and suspended between two trees, her legs spread wide apart.  Seven men violently plunged themselves into her before she passed out from severe, torturous pain.  Later, they shoved sticks up her ruined and ravaged vagina.  She developed a medical condition that […]

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Putting Sarah Palin and Sexism in Perspective

If the story of Sarah Palin teaches us anything about sexism, it is that its impact can always be more complicated than we think. Out of context, Newsweek’s cover image of the former Alaska governor in jogging shorts (which they have refused to apologize for) is completely inappropriate. But Palin’s new book and accompanying publicity […]

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How A Feminist Found Her Sexism

Posted with permission from On The Issues Magazine It’s been a surprise to find out what a sexist I really am. I’ve been calling myself a feminist for two decades, and surely was one for the two decades before that. I’m a woman who found myself with a female husband – the man I married […]

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Gender, Politics & Media Redux

One topic that spawned plenty of conversation during the race for the presidency, was the role of gender. Last week, New York Women In Communications presented The Spin Room: Gender, Politics & Media in the 2008 Election. The panel of four, Geraldine Ferraro, Arianna Huffington, Lesley Jane Seymour, and Marie Wilson — with moderator Carol […]

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