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Protecting Ourselves Against the Wrong Rapists

As Editor of Fem2.0, part of my job entails keeping up with news, campaigns, and events related to women’s rights.  Because we tackle such a broad range of issues, I have Google Alerts set to a rather random smattering of keywords that do or may affect women.  One of these is “sexual assault.”  While a […]

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The Marriage Vow Point by Point (almost)

I spent some time over the last few days reading through the Marriage Vow, getting an idea of what the Republican candidates are really being asked to sign on to.  I found the contradictions to their own statements confusing, and their constant mention of the protection of women and their rights while stating at the […]

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Take Back the Day: Should Fem2pt0 CoSponsor SlutWalk DC?

There is something about a large group of women marching down a busy, public street in the light of day that forces us to confront false ideas about sexual assault. All the better if a lot of the women are half-naked. There are no hoards of men chasing after them due to their lack of […]

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Rape is Rape is Rape

Rape has been everywhere in the news lately.  It’s hard to escape it.  At first I really wanted to.  Then as more stories kept coming it seemed time to pay attention.  Last week I wrote about sexual assault becoming a greater issue on college campuses and prevention programs that should be put in place.  I […]

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Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses

A couple months ago American University (AU) made the news when one of the university’s vice presidents, Gail Hanson, refused to sign off on a $300,000 grant application because it required incoming students to complete mandatory sexual assault training. What was the grant for you ask? The grant would provide help and services to victims […]

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Why Victim-Blaming Hurts: My Story

Earlier this week, the New York Times was rightly criticized for victim-blaming and overall bad reporting in a story about the gang-rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas. The reporter, James C. McKinley,  seems preoccupied with what the survivor wore, who she hung out with, and whether her mother was keeping a close watch—the […]

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