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If Our Country Wants to Reduce Sexual Assault on Campuses, We Must . . .

START BEFORE THEY GET TO CAMPUS (in fact before they get to high school). – To truly reduce sexual assault and sexual violence on college campuses, we need a movement focused on cultural transformation that takes place years before a college student steps on campus. If we really want to lower sexual assault on university campuses […]

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Support Healing Space for Survivors of Rape and Abuse: Give to the Monument Quilt Tour

The public reaction to survivors of rape and abuse publicly disclosing their experiences is often messy and problematic.  From high school students to news anchors, the American public struggles with how to support survivors of sexual violence. We live in a country where it is safer to commit an act of rape that to publicly […]

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If you don’t like “Rape Culture” then focus for a minute on sex and status

Last week saw two media flare-ups related to how we think and talk about rape. The first erupted over a statement made by Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) to the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault. The organization urged the task force to avoid the “unfortunate trend towards blaming ‘rape culture.’ Although […]

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On A Random Day in the US There Are More Than 66,000 Requests for Help Escaping Domestic Violence

On September 17, 2013, the National Network to End Domestic Violence took a random snapshot of requests coming in to domestic violence shelters and resources across the country. On that day, 66,581 requests for help were made by people living with abuse. There were 20,000 calls made to hotlines — that’s one every 14 minutes. Nearly TEN THOUSAND (9,641) requests for […]

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Can Women Neutralize Harassment at the Workplace?

Harassment at the workplace is something that no employee should have to face. Women, in particular, are particularly susceptible to the problems of unwanted verbal or physical harassment in the workplace. These problems, however tough to discover at times, should not be ignored or brushed aside, but taken seriously and corrected. While it is most […]

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Men Are 32x More Likely to Be Killed By Lightning than Falsely Accused of Rape

In a variety of ways, it’s been said to me for as long as I can remember: “Be careful about what girls you sleep with. They might accuse you of raping them.” “Did you hear about that chick accusing so-and-so of raping her? What a cunt.” “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” It starts early, […]

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No, It’s Not OK to ‘Steal Kisses’ — Here’s Why

People are up in arms because a 6-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended for “planting a kiss” on a girl in his class. Here is a fairly typical smattering of what people had to say: “The stupidity of school bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me.” “Pretty soon, just making eye contact with the opposite sex will […]

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3 Things Elan Gale Could Have Done to Support Workers Instead of Harassing a Strange Woman

Elan Gale, producer of The Bachelor, recently took a flight home for Thanksgiving where he encountered a very irate passenger who apparently decided to take it out on the staff. This would have nothing to do with me, except for that Elan decided that this woman was proper fodder for internet mockery, and so decided […]

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Celebrating College Halloween

Leisurely scrolling through Party City’s website for women’s Halloween costumes is incredibly disturbing on so many levels. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Try clicking the “School Girl” category and you’ll find costumes titled, “Frisky Freshman” or “After School Special.” Unsettled yet? That doesn’t even cover half of them. We live in an […]

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Intimate Partner Violence and the LGBTQ Community

As we reflect during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I’d like to take a moment to lift up the work of advocates and organizers in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities who have championed the cause of ending intimate partner violence (IPV) in LGBTQ communities. Intimate partner violence is a pervasive and deadly […]

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