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Colorado Springs and What It Means for The #WarOnWomen

  The term “Black Friday” means something different for the residents of Colorado Springs, Colo. after what transpired in their Planned Parenthood the day after Thanksgiving this year. Robert Dear entered the Planned Parenthood building, and after a five hour long event and police standoff, surrendered to police after hospitalizing nine, and killing a police […]

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Internet Trolls Find Feminist Fodder a Little Too Delicious, and I’m Done Being Digested

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion;” – the old adage all of our parents used any time they heard something that contradicted something they practiced, preached, or otherwise believed. The family across the street is Catholic, and we’re Protestant. The new neighbors don’t eat meat. We come home from school and we thought our book report on Harry Potter […]

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Tweetchat: Tuesday, September 18 @ 2 PM ET!

From registration to mobilization, this election has its challenges. But with a little help from some friends, AAUW and Fem2pt0 are ready to take it all on. This Tuesday, September 18, at 2 p.m. ET, we’re hosting a tweetchat to tackle questions about voter registration and inspiration. Sandra Fluke will be on hand to talk […]

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Outing Your Rapist on Twitter: Savannah Dietrich’s Fire Power

A lot has been written about Savannah Dietrich, the 17 year old girl who almost faced jail time for tweeting the names of her rapists.  After her story went viral, the prosecutor decided not to file charges against Dietrich for violating a judge’s order to stay quiet about her case.  Guilt was well proven – […]

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What To Do During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  After an active year of stories about rape, domestic violence and slut shaming victims, I thought a reminder would be helpful.  Being the data nerd I am my first look was for statistics.  According to RAINN 44% of sexual assault victims are under age 18 and 80% are under […]

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Why Feminists and LGBT Activists Should Care About the UFC

In November 2011 I joined the fight to get the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to enact a code of conduct, following a rape joke tweet by fighter Forrest Griffin. But since then, there’s been a spate of offensive tweets and public comments joking about rape and the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State. Meanwhile, they […]

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October: A Time to Get Tough on Domestic Violence

Falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and costumes in windows.  Autumn is here, and for us over at Fem2.0, that can only mean one thing one thing: ramping up our efforts to fight domestic violence.  September 23rd was the 17th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and this Saturday, October 1, is the start of […]

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finding balance in life

Last weekend my yoga teacher was focused on balance.  While asking the class to do advanced poses, requiring more balance than any of us apparently had, I struggled to stay up right, occasionally putting a foot down, and starting again.  After class I felt more balanced than I had in weeks.  And a funny thing […]

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Why My Boyfriend Should Stop Following Charlie Sheen

Violence against women is serious.  And it seems to be discussed everywhere lately.  So why is all the talk about Charlie Sheen focused on the crazy things he’s been saying and not on the women he has abused and threatened.  I missed the beginning, or the beginning of the end (it is coming to an […]

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#fem2 and #p2: how can we support each other more effectively?

It’s not that Twitter is a utopia by any means. However, the power structure is still in flux. So a collaborative effort between progressives, youth, feminists, women of color, LGBTQ activists — across the US and internationally — has a chance to make a big difference. One simple way to start is to set up […]

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