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Why men should be interested in Feminism2.0

As a male it can be kind of daunting to approach the subject of feminism for the first time. After all, feminism is a movement "of women, for women," right? Is it even possible for men to be involved? Yes, and here’s one man’s take on why. As an immigrant rights advocate here in DC, […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Where Are the Jobs for Women?

Today, in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, Linda Hirshman asks a very important question about Obama’s proposed public works program to stimulate the economy: “Where Are the New Jobs for Women?” In the weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the administration will build roads and bridges, upgrade public schools, build out broadband, make […]

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Why We Need a Presidential Commission on Women

In the women’s movement, we talk a lot about giving women a voice. That’s fine, but we also need to make sure our voices are actually part of a conversation. That’s where a Presidential Commission on Women comes in. The Commission is the conversation – a national conversation – on the future of women in […]

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What does feminism look like on the web?

I’ve always thought of the internet as a kitchen where every web page, every email, every embed is a menu of creative delicacies feeding the soul of our culture. Every image, every word, every interaction carries meaning for the post or page where it is found. Collectively, all those billions of moments are not just […]

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