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Lady Lawyers, Large Law Firms and Social Change

Although women continue to be severely under-represented at nearly every level in large U.S. law firms, there is some cause for hope, says a new report by Law360, the nation’s most comprehensive aggregator of online legal news. That hope can be found among a handful of so-called “Ceiling Smashers” – a group of 25 firms […]

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Feminist Stories From Women’s Liberation: 1963-1970

It’s March. Women’s History Month. What better time to examine the second wave of feminism and to question how far women have really come? Jennifer Lee’s new documentary,Feminist Stories From Women’s Liberation: 1963-1970, is aiming to reopen a conversation on feminism through a reexamination of the movement’s evolution. Shining a light on the grassroots women who […]

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The Top-Secret, Female Computers of World War II

When it comes to history, it is unfortunately often only the dominant voice that writes the narrative and dictates what is worth memorializing. That’s why it’s especially exciting when something new is uncovered, a different voice given the chance to tell their version of the story. More than 70 years ago, “when computers were human and women were underestimated, a group of female mathematicians helped win a war and usher in the modern computer age.” Now, their history has finally been told. This is the story of Top-Secret Rosies.

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The revolution will not be televised: Ruminations on #femfuture and what it all means

There’s been a lot of bitching on the feminist interwebs about this whole #FemFuture: Online Revolution, proposed by Valenti Martin Media, aka Feministing co-creators Vanessa Valenti and Courtney Martin at a launch event at Barnard College on Monday. At its core, the #FemFuture project seeks to unify a disparate online feminist landscape and help the […]

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Superwoman Can Keep Her Cape: On the Myth of “Having It All”

As a 28-year old doctoral student, I have dreams of completing my degree, landing an academic position, and achieving an aspired level of success in my career – all in addition to getting married, raising children, and living a happy life. This seems reasonable, doesn’t it? While the specific details may differ, isn’t this what […]

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A Nasty Turn in the War on Women

I spent part of my weekend reading about the resurgence of the feminist movement, much of it in response to the War on Women.  Debating, legislating and restricting our rights have finally woken us up, along with much of the American public and the media. Sitting down at my computer Monday morning to see the […]

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How Third World Feminism Differs from First World Feminism

The 1970s feminist movement in the US and Europe influenced the spread of women’s movements around the world. However, women in other countries sometimes feel American women practice “moral imperialism” in judging cultural practices like the headscarf or female genital mutilation. They don’t want to be patronized. They don’t feel all women want the same […]

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Living History – Recording Women’s History

Today kicks off the start of Women’s History Month.  As a student of history (former, but also constant), I find it crucial to know where we came from.  How did we get here? If it weren’t for those who came before us would any of us being in the jobs we have, living on own […]

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Does Feminism Have a Future?

This week at Stanford University, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ms. Magazine with a series of lectures and activities. Some of these include a screening of The Education of Shelby Knox, with a discussion with Shelby afterwards; a panel with Ms. editors about the role the magazine has played […]

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Feminism Killed Marriage

Did you know marriage eludes modern women?  I had no idea, but I do appreciate being informed of this.  As Suzanne Venker said in her article in National Review, women have a better shot today than ever before for martial bliss.  With the most freedom, flexibility and privileges than ever before women are waiting longer […]

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