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The Students of Penn State: Not the Generation We Have Been Waiting For

  To the Students of Penn State: Something is really wrong here. ƒWhile I did not attend a university with a football team, I respect that football is what makes your school tick, and that Mr. Paterno’s exceptional skills are necessary for the team’s success. You have every right to be angry that he will […]

India, a country with many contradictions…

On January 2, 2009 when I landed in India, to spend three months teaching English in a slum of New Delhi I had no idea what to expect. During that time, I grew to both love and struggle with India. I found everything to be a contradiction: the extreme, in-your-face poverty contrasted with a country […]

What Do Armenian Women Want?

In mid-May, women from across Armenia gathered together to organize for a larger political presence in the running of their country.  These women worked to form policy platforms, an organizing tool designed to change national policy around certain issues.  Women across the world have already used these platforms effectively for social change. The conference was […]