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Megan Kearns is a feminist vegan blogger and freelance writer living in Boston. She blogs at The Opinioness of the World, a site she founded in 2010 focusing on gender equality and living vegan. A Bitch Flicks Contributor, Megan reviews film, television and media from a feminist perspective. She earned her B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from UMass Amherst and a Graduate Certificate in Women and Politics and Public Policy from UMass Boston. You can follow Megan on Twitter at @OpinionessWorld.

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[caption id="attachment_20612" align="aligncenter" width="505"] BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Co-Founders of the Athena Film Festival, Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein [Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix] Co-Founders of the Athena Film Festival, Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein [Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix][/caption] 

The Athena Film Festival “is an engaging weekend of feature films, documentaries and shorts that highlight women’s leadership in real life and the fictional world.” I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Athena Film Festival co-foundersKathryn Kolbert, Constance Hess Williams Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, and Melissa Silverstein, Founder and Editor, Women and Hollywood. We discussed the upcoming festival, creating opportunities for female filmmakers, and the importance of seeing women leaders on-screen.

1. Megan Kearns: Why did you both start the Athena Film Festival?

Kathryn Kolbert: The festival started after an event at Gloria’s Steinem house that Melissa had organized to honor Jane Campion. Canada, mexico, india, Both of us were very struck by hearing the same thing from all the filmmakers who were there about the difficulty of having movies with strong female courageous women characters in their films. I had just started at Barnard at the Athena Leadership Center and really felt like we needed to focus some of our attention on changing what I call the “blink” — what do you think of, what do you see when you think leader or when you’re asked what does a leader look like. Most people respond to that by thinking of a white man with gray hair at the temples, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. I think our view was we need to change that in the wider culture. And we need to level the playing field for women or men who want to tell stories about great women leaders. From there, ADVAIR trusted pharmacy reviews, the festival was born.

2. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Megan Kearns : I’m sure you both love all of the films showing at Athena Film Fest. Which films or panels are you the most excited about. If people can only see one or two, Where can i order ADVAIR without prescription, which are must-see?

Melissa Silverstein: Firstly, we are very excited for three films that would highlight our opening film, our centerpiece film and our closing film. They’re all really different.

Belle directed by Amma Asante, tells the true story of a woman from history who helped basically bring down the slave trade in England. Decoding Annie Parker, doses ADVAIR work, also based on true events about two women, not connected to each other but separately, who came up with the idea that breast cancer is passed down from person to person. And then lastly, the documentary on Geraldine Ferraro [Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way], BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Those are the pieces that we’re holding up as our “tent poles, ADVAIR over the counter, ” as they say. And Megan, you write about Hollywood, you know those “tent poles” are never about women, right. So all of our “tent poles” are about women at the Athena Film Festival, ADVAIR pharmacy.

And then there are amazing nuggets and conversations going on here that I don’t want people to miss. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, I want people to get a film, and then a panel, and then a film and then a panel. Some of those highlights are, especially for your audience, the “Bechdel Test 2.0, Buy ADVAIR without a prescription, ” which is really asking people to look beyond just the Bechdel Test and beyond representation to how do we create more substantive leading roles for women. Amplifying women’s voices — we’ll talk about and feature people working behind the scenes to get more women-friendly and women-centric content out there. Also, some leaders who are leading that charge.

[Filmmaker] Lexi Alexander is coming. She made a big hoopla with her piece on what it’s like to be a woman director, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. The woman is just like raw energy rolled up into…I don’t even know what she would be rolled up into, rx free ADVAIR. She’s going to explode like a cannon, I have a feeling. She’s got a lot of things to say and she’s not afraid to say it. And in a business where people are afraid to say the truth, Where to buy ADVAIR, I think this could be a very revealing conversation.

Kathryn Kolbert: BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  I would highlight that I’m going to be talking with Leymah Gbowee who is the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner from Liberia. A woman whose story was told in the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell. And I think that helped to internationalize the unbelievable work that she did to create peace in a country that had been at war for many, many decades. If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear her, she’s just extraordinarily charismatic and interesting because she’s had a chance to visit with women all across the globe who are working for peace, ADVAIR from canadian pharmacy.

The second thing I think is really interesting across the festival is we have everything from a teenager sailing across the ocean alone [Maidentrip] to an animated film [Frozen], to women from all different countries around the world do many different kinds of things. I encourage people to go see more than one film, to come in and see 3 or 4, because that’s the story, that’s the subtext of what we’re doing that doesn’t get noticed until you’re seeing lots of things, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. The shorts are a really good example of that. Both shorts programs are great. Low dose ADVAIR, Melissa Silverstein: We curate a program that allows you to see all different kinds of women doing all different kinds of leadership. You have an opportunity to put together for yourself a vision of what you think films could be like and leadership could be like. I know the readers of Bitch Flicks BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  like that vision and believe in that vision. By coming in and just sampling one or two things you get a little bit of it. But if you feel the breadth of it, you can understand the potential if we have more women’s stories in our culture.

3, discount ADVAIR. Megan Kearns : How important do you think it is for people to see women in leadership roles on-screen?

Kathryn Kolbert: It’s incredibly important. Let me give you one piece of research that I think is extremely useful and telling in terms of what we’re trying to do here, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. A number of years ago in India, they passed what’s known as a reservations law which reserved a third of all town heads, the equivalent of mayors, ADVAIR maximum dosage, around the country for women. They did that on a randomized basis so you could study what happened when women became mayors. Therefore, it couldn’t be attributed to something other than the gender of the women who ascended to these roles. Two things happened. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, One, the agendas of the women were different than the agendas of the men because they were listening more closely to both the men and women in the villages. The men’s agendas seemed to reflect the male leadership in the village, get ADVAIR. The women’s leadership reflected both the attitudes of male and female constituents. So the agendas changed.

But here’s the interesting piece that applies to our festival. What also changed was the aspirations of girls, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. When you had two women in a row who became mayors in their village, ADVAIR wiki, they believed and understood they could be a mayor themselves. That’s what this festival is all about. It’s how you inspire the next generation or the generation after that to ascend to leadership in whatever capacity they aspire to. Until they see people who are like them, in those roles, they won’t be able to do that as effectively, purchase ADVAIR online.

Melissa Silverstein: BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  So bringing in a person like Lexi Alexander, who has taken on — she doesn’t always think this is the thing she needs to do but she understands by putting this out there — she has taken on a responsibility. She wants this business to change. Not just for herself but for other women, the women who can’t get jobs and for the girls who want to see — as Kitty always says, “What do you think a leader looks like. ADVAIR for sale, The guy with gray hair at his temples.” When you ask girls, “What does a director look like?” They describe Steven Spielberg-like. We want girls to be able to dream, to see themselves as potential directors. That way we’ll have more stories about women, because we know the research shows that when you have more women behind the scenes, you have more stories about women, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

4. Megan Kearns: There’s a panel on the Bechdel Test at Athena and last year 4 Swedish cinemas employed a Bechdel Test rating to indicate gender bias, real brand ADVAIR online. How important do you think the Bechdel Test is?

Melissa Silverstein: I’m going to push back on you on the Bechdel Test. It’s not the beginning and it’s not the end. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, We get stuck in the fact that two women talking to each other about a man. Two women talking to each other about something other than a man is not enough. And should not be enough. Buying ADVAIR online over the counter, Kathryn Kolbert: If we put this in another context, it would be like saying because one Fortune 500 company has one woman on their board of directors, that the fight is over. It’s just beginning. It’s not really a fight, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. It’s an effort to bring parity in the world in a whole range of arenas. From my perspective, effects of ADVAIR, in terms of leadership, you only can change the world if women get beyond their gender and can contribute equally within any kind of organization or entity. And as long as they’re a minority, in any respect — whether it’s on-screen, ADVAIR description, behind the screen, directors, whatever role they’re playing — as long as they’re a minority, their gender is the only issue people are looking at them for, rather than the huge contributions they bring to the table. We believe in parity because it makes the product better, cheap ADVAIR no rx.

BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, 5. Megan Kearns: Filmmaker Lexi Alexander wrote a stunning article at Women & Hollywood where she stated, “There is no lack of female directors…But there is a huge lack of people willing to give female directors opportunities.” How do you think the Athena Film Festival might help women directors obtain more opportunities?

Melissa Silverstein: What we’re trying to do with the Athena Film Festival is give women directors the opportunity to have their films at a first-class event and create conversations that show people — basically what we want to say is, it shouldn’t be a big deal to have six movies directed by women in a film festival. Yet, Australia, uk, us, usa, at all the film festivals I go to, it is always a big deal to see six movies by women. We want to create opportunities for them out there, they just don’t have the opportunity to be seen at this level. We want people to take them more seriously and we want people to understand that their work stands on its own. People in the film business need to look at this work a bit differently and to redefine what success is, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Kathryn Kolbert: We want to remember that men are allies in this as well, ADVAIR brand name. One thing that the Athena Film Festival has always stood for is it’s important what the story is, not necessarily the gender of the person who directed the film. While we do believe women directors need more opportunities, there’s no question about that, About ADVAIR, we also show movies by male directors who are telling stories of interesting, creative, courageous women because that needs to be part of the norm as well. The issue is not who made the film so much as what the film is contributing to the cultural conversation. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, From my perspective, in terms of how you change leadership, men and women need to work together to change what leadership looks like.

6. Megan Kearns: What are your thoughts on the Celluloid Ceiling’s Report that there hasn’t been progress for women in film in 16 years, ADVAIR street price. How can we move past the “gender inertia” of film that Dr. Martha Lauzen talks about and achieve more diverse female representation in film?

Kathryn Kolbert: It’s not much different than any other major institutions in the country. Hollywood has despicable numbers but so do Fortune 500 companies, so do non-profits, so does the education sphere, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. All over the world, this is a problem, After ADVAIR, in terms of women and leadership roles. I think that the solutions are more complicated than any of us would like. It would be really nice if we could say there’s one thing that could be done and the problem is solved. It’s not that simple, nor do we believe that to be the case. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, But I do think for Hollywood, there are two things that can make a significant difference. One is this myth that the major audience are 18- to 25-year-old guys, ADVAIR use. The blockbuster films are kind of geared toward that audience. In fact, women go to the movies, women are more likely to go to the movies when they’re not seeing blockbuster films for 18-year-old guys. ADVAIR from mexico, That’s one really significant thing: the industry has to catch up to their own data.

Melissa Silverstein: It has to catch up to the rest of the country, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Kathryn Kolbert: The second thing is they have got to say this, they have got to admit that there is a problem. Until they do, it’s not going to change. To me, buy ADVAIR online cod, we need to call upon the leaders of the big studios to say openly that this is a problem, we’re going to address the problem, we’re going to work on the problem, and we’re going to quit ignoring it. ADVAIR price, coupon, Melissa Silverstein: I agree. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, There has to be the will. Now there is no will. Now, Dr. Lauzen’s statistics, she’s been counting this for 16 years, ADVAIR long term. I would venture to say that it’s been that bad for many more years than that. We just have those statistics for 16 years, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. This has been going on for decades.

But Hollywood is a business. These people’s jobs are to make money and the inertia comes from the fact that they continue to make money and they don’t see how bringing women into it will improve on their bottom line. Where can i find ADVAIR online, They don’t see the need because their bottom line continues to grow. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, They’re contracting the amount of movies they’re releasing at the studios. As they contract, they make bigger “tent poles,” more boy-centric, more superhero-centric, more action-centric, ADVAIR pictures, more internationally-centric. All those issues lead into less and less opportunities for women.

Until somebody says, “I’m going to hire a woman to direct the next Marvel movie or the next Avengers movie, Kjøpe ADVAIR på nett, köpa ADVAIR online, we’re going to have this conversation until we break through that glass ceiling. It’s got to happen at the top level.

7, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Megan Kearns: Who are your favorite female filmmakers?

Melissa Silverstein: I’m a huge Lynn Shelton fan. I also feel like I’ve seen Nicole Holofcener’s body of work. There are many men you can say, “I’ve seen that person’s body of work.” There are not that many women where you can have the body of work and you can feel really connected to it. For me, I have that connection to Nicole Holofcener’s work. And I think one of my favorite movies of all time is Whale Rider. And Bend It Like Beckham.

The 4th Annual Athena Film Festival takes place February 6-9, 2014 at Barnard College in New York, NY. Learn more about this year’s lineup and buy tickets.

This interview was cross-posted here with permission from BTCH FLICKS.



[caption id="attachment_20009" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Golden Girls Golden Girls[/caption]

This originally appeared on Bitch Flicks VPXL FOR SALE, . Republished here with permission 

A child of the 80s, VPXL treatment, I grew up watching TV shows like Murder She Wrote and Love Boat. Living with my grandparents for 6 years clearly influenced my television viewing habits. But my favorite series of my childhood — and one of my absolute faves as an adult — was Golden Girls, VPXL pictures.

Humorous and feel-good, VPXL interactions, I didn’t realize at the time that Golden Girls was such a cutting edge show. It’s not often that a movie or TV series focuses solely on female characters, VPXL FOR SALE. It’s even rarer when those women are over the age of 50. Following the lives of four single female friends living together in Miami, rx free VPXLGolden Girls showed us that grandmothers are sharp, Buy VPXL no prescription, funny and sexy, that they still have goals and dreams. It forever shaped the way I view women, VPXL maximum dosage.

Created by Susan Harris, Order VPXL from mexican pharmacy, the series’ quartet featured smart, sarcastic Dorothy (Bea Arthur), sexy, effects of VPXL, feisty Blanche (Rue McClanahan), VPXL trusted pharmacy reviews, sweet, clueless Rose (Betty White) and sharp, jaded Sophia (Estelle Getty), VPXL class. VPXL FOR SALE, These women formed a tight-knit family. They teased one another and supported each other through tough times, About VPXL, all while gossiping and eating cheesecake. Sidebar, it was great to see women unabashedly eat on-screen, VPXL mg. Dorothy Zbornak, VPXL no prescription, a bibliophile with her witty quips and shrewd outlook on life, was the one I could identify with most. But the show gave equal time to delve into each woman’s life and her perspective with a palpable chemistry between them, where can i find VPXL online.

Golden Girls was ahead of its time, VPXL FOR SALE. We rarely see female actors over the age of 50 portraying characters embracing and owning their sexuality. Is VPXL safe, Reduced to our appearances, women are told time and again that beauty, youth and thinness determine our worth, VPXL results. When the media body shames and bodysnarks female actors’ bodies, VPXL without a prescription, it’s clear how how far we need to go in featuring women’s stories. And so in our youth-obsessed society, it’s revolutionary to see women over 50 on-screen as beautiful, buy VPXL online cod, vivacious and sexual. VPXL FOR SALE, A groundbreaking show, it dealt with issues such as safe sex, ageism, sexism, mental illness, domestic violence, interracial relationships, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ rights, immigration and animal rights. Is VPXL addictive, Yet it was equally revolutionary for focusing on women and their friendships.

Too few films and TV shows feature female leads. It’s even rarer to see a series focus on female friendship. Golden Girls paved the way for TV series like Sex and the City (even down to conversations revolving around the diner, no prescription VPXL online, echoing Golden Girls‘ late-night cheesecake chats), VPXL street price,  Living SingleGirlfriendsDesigning Women, my VPXL experience, and Girls. Order VPXL online overnight delivery no prescription, While it might be easy to brush off the four women as caricatures or archetypes, each role was nuanced and complex. It’s important to see ladies celebrating ladies, VPXL FOR SALE.

Women’s dialogue and plotlines in film and (to a lesser extent) in television, where can i order VPXL without prescription, don’t typically focus on other women or even themselves. Buy cheap VPXL no rx, If women talk to each other, it’s often focusing on men. While imperfect, buy generic VPXL, this is why the Bechdel Test matters. VPXL photos, Dorothy, Blanche, Rue and Sophia cared about their careers and volunteered in their communities, online buying VPXL. VPXL FOR SALE, They talked about current affairs, social issues, motherhood, family, their aspirations and goals. They swapped stories on dating, Where can i buy VPXL online, marriage and sex. But they were never defined by the men in their lives. They defined themselves, VPXL use.

In the series finale, After VPXL, Dorothy tells Blanche, Rose and Sophia, “I love you, purchase VPXL online, always. You’ll always be my sisters, VPXL FOR SALE. Buy VPXL online no prescription, Always.” It was that kind of powerful sisterly camaraderie that resonated with me throughout my years. It informed my feminism.  

Golden Girls reinforced the importance of women’s opinions, that their lives and stories matter, VPXL no rx. It highlighted the value of female friendship, VPXL images, proving that women’s lives don’t revolve around men. It showcased social justice, conveyed the detriments of patriarchy, and proved that women don’t have to abide by confining stereotypical gender roles. It taught me that it’s never too late to start over. You’re never too old to live the life you wish or to forge new friendships.

So Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia…thank you for being a friend to us all.

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BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, So the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead. What can I say. Is there less sexism than last season’s appalling anti-abortion storyline with Lori’s pregnancy. Did the addition of badass Michonne change the gender dynamics.

I’m going to warn you right now. This post isn’t going to be pretty, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Not with all the misogyny, buy LIPITOR online no prescription. When it comes to its female characters and depiction of gender, The Walking Dead has progressively deteriorated. It incessantly pisses me off with its rearticulation of patriarchy and sexist gender tropes. And no, Where can i cheapest LIPITOR online, it’s not a commentary on patriarchy. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Rather it's a defense of hyper-masculinity.

I’ve written before about The Walking Dead’s shitty job portraying women and its depiction of sexist retro gender roles. I was finally excited when Michonne (Danai Gurira) arrived as we hadn’t witnessed a fierce woman in any leadership role yet. Finally, we would see a fearless, powerful, LIPITOR recreational, clever, complex female character. And a woman of color. Yet I remained skeptical due to the tissue thin female characters and all of the sexism contaminating the show in the previous two seasons, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. My prediction came true: Michonne couldn’t save the show’s sexism. Where to buy LIPITOR, In the comics, Michonne is a fan favorite. She’s complex, interesting, with resiliency and strength. Sadly we get little of that same warrior woman in the TV series, LIPITOR cost. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Yes, she’s a badass. Yes, she’s adept with a sword. But that’s pretty much it.

Walking Dead Michonne

Michonne enters the show in an aura of mystery. Where can i buy LIPITOR online, Cloaked, sword-wielding, holding the chains of two Walkers. But typically we need to see beneath the veneer in order to care about a character, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. But we haven’t been allowed in to her backstory at all. We need to see their vulnerabilities, weaknesses, LIPITOR maximum dosage, struggles, hopes. Even awesome Daryl is given moments to shine, like when he grieves for his brother Merle or holds baby Judith, Purchase LIPITOR online, nicknaming her Little Ass-Kicker. The only time we witness anything of the sort in Michonne is when she holds Andrea (Laurie Holden) in a tender embrace in the finale -- before Andrea commits suicide to avert zombiehood – and we get a glimpse in the episode when Michonne protects Carl and reveals to Rick that she hears voices too, letting him know he’s not alone. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, When we first meet Michonne, she saves Andrea, serving as a "black caretaker," perilously playing out the “Magical Negro” trope. Even her friendship with Andrea became a missed opportunity, barely explored, something Laurie Holden, herbal LIPITOR, the actor who plays Andrea, laments as well. Michonne is regarded with suspicion by Rick’s Prison Camp Crew, even though other people, Online buy LIPITOR without a prescription, like the inmates, were considered to be “one of them.” And yes, I’m aware that they eventually bestow this distinction onto Michonne as well. But only after Carl -- a 13-year-old boy -- says so. When a teenaged boy gets more respect than the grown-ass women??. Can't, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Even, LIPITOR from canadian pharmacy. Deal.

When it comes to the potential for female leaders, the series does have Michonne who not only survived alone but also saved Andrea. But why must Michonne have to prove her worth in relation to saving Andrea, LIPITOR duration, Carl or Rick -- all the white characters. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Michonne essentially proves her worth not by being a strong survivor, not through intelligence, not through empathy -- but by how she rescues and serves white people on the show.

So how were the other women depicted this season.

I know Andrea pissed off a ton of people with her ridiculous decisions. She continually annoyed me…and I liked her. I mean, c’mon, ordering LIPITOR online, am I really supposed to believe such a smart woman would make such stupid choices when it came to men. Choosing psychopaths Shane AND the Governor?, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Oh wait, women do choose shitty dudes in real life. But the problem here isn’t that Andrea makes the worst romantic choices; I mean who hasn’t made horrendous decisions. Real brand LIPITOR online, No, the problem is that Andrea’s life didn’t revolve around her friendship with Michonne, the woman who saved her, or her friendships with the people at the prison. Ultimately, the outspoken woman who strived to make the moral choice, where can i find LIPITOR online, a woman who was a lawyer before the zombie apocalypse, her life eventually revolved around dudes. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Correction, in season 3, just one dude: The Governor. That’s right, the same dude who sexually assaulted another female character. LIPITOR mg, In probably the most heinous act of the season, in the episode “When the Dead Come Knocking,” Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn have been captured by the Governor. The Governor separates the two of them and interrogates Maggie alone. But his interrogation quickly dissolves into full on sexual assault. He terrorizes her, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. He forces her to undress, LIPITOR dosage. He bends her over and slams her against a table. He threatens her with rape. He uses intimidation and humiliation to exert his power and dominance. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Sexual assault should never be used as a plot device. What purpose did this incident serve. Low dose LIPITOR, To show what an unhinged, misogynistic douchebag The Governor is. Perhaps. But it was completely unnecessary. And don’t tell me that Michonne is raped in the comics so what Maggie endures isn’t that big a deal because it was just the threat of rape, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Yeah, it’s a big fucking deal, LIPITOR forum. Women are raped and sexually assaulted and harassed daily. Our rape culture normalizes violence against women and conflates violence with sexuality.

It's also interesting to note that the writers changed the sexual assault survivor from a black woman to a white woman. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Too often, the media erases the narratives of black women rape and assault survivors, choosing to focus on white women survivors.

Maggie started off last season so ballsy and opinionated. LIPITOR for sale, But she’s devolved as the show progresses to being fairly deferential to Glenn. If she became quieter, more withdrawn and introverted after the trauma of her sexual assault, that would make sense. But her passivity started happening long ago. Maggie, who was promoted to series regular this season, was given nothing of a storyline other than hot sex with Glenn and surviving the trauma of sexual assault, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. And we only get a brief moment where she lashes out at Glenn because of that trauma, LIPITOR australia, uk, us, usa. The rest of the time, we see how it affects Glenn, not Maggie. As if it matters more how the Governor’s rape tendencies impact Glenn (the dude) more than Maggie, Order LIPITOR from mexican pharmacy, the one assaulted.

And the depiction of masculinity is problematic too. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Glenn wasn’t “a real man” until he was tortured. And let’s not forget that Glenn is an Asian American man which plays into the pervasive stereotype that depicts Asian American men as emasculated in U.S. media.

But women aren’t just punished with sexual assault, but also by death, LIPITOR schedule. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) doesn't have a huge role this season. She argues with Rick and Carl and laments to Hershel that they hate her, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. She worries that something will go wrong and she'll die in childbirth. Which she does. When she's losing a lot of blood, LIPITOR reviews, she asks Maggie to perform a C-section, knowing she will bleed out. Then Lori is killed by her son, aka potential-sociopath-in-training Carl, so she won't come back as a walker. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Lori must be punished for her infidelity (and insipid annoyance) in the previous seasons. And so she dies, LIPITOR pharmacy. Shameful slut.

In addition to Lori’s death, we also have Andrea -- who’s an excellent shot and warrior, and never would have gotten bit -- bitten by Mitch. LIPITOR long term, She then dies by a self-inflicted gunshot to the head so she won’t become a walker. Will Andrea’s death catalyze vulnerability in Michonne, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Or will it be leveraged to show how Rick and the other dudes handle pain?.

Now, I’m not saying that female characters can’t or shouldn’t die. It’s a zombie apocalypse. Of course there’s going to be brutal deaths, comprar en línea LIPITOR, comprar LIPITOR baratos. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, But when the women’s deaths exist as a vehicle to convey the pain of the men, that’s a problem.

What we’re witnessing with the women of The Walking Dead is the Women in Refrigerators Syndrome -- women killed, raped, stripped of their power -- in order to propel the plot and show the progression and struggles of the male characters. Also, LIPITOR interactions, as T.S. Christian told me on Twitter, in a Black Girl Nerds podcast, @TheRayVolution astutely asserted that women always die to illustrate the horrendous state of the world.

Again, it’s all about the men, discount LIPITOR. The women, even the awesome ones, are nothing more than props to propel the male characters’ emotional journeys and transformations, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

So what about the other women on the show. Thankfully, we’re starting to see Carol in a more assertive role. She speaks up and voices her opinion and seems to be more resourceful. Rx free LIPITOR, We also meet Sasha, a good shot who teases her brother Tyreese. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Oh yeah and then there’s the blond girl, Maggie’s sister, whose name I can’t even remember, that’s how unforgettable she is. Why. Because all she does is sing and hold the baby. Seriously.

None of the women are truly respected on the show, LIPITOR pics. None of their opinions are valued or considered, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. When Rick has a problem, he confides in Hershel and Darryl. He listens to their advice. None of the women sway him. LIPITOR brand name, And of course none of the women lead, nor can we even consider them as leaders, as we saw when Glenn talked about how he was second in command. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Um, okay.

So why can’t ladies lead in a post-apocalyptic world. Well according o Robert Kirkman, it’s science, LIPITOR over the counter. I shit you not. In fact The Walking Dead comics creator and TV producer/writer said in an interview:

"I don't mean to sound sexist, but as far as women have come over the last 40 years, you don't really see a lot of women hunters. They're still in the minority in the military, and there's not a lot of female construction workers, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy LIPITOR without prescription, I hope that's not taken the wrong way. I think women are as smart, resourceful, and capable in most things as any man could be … but they are generally physically weaker. That's science."

Here’s a hint to all you mansplainers out there. It’s never, LIPITOR coupon, ever, ever a good idea to start your statement with “I don’t mean to sound sexist.” Why. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Because clearly you’re about to drop some shit that is indeed sexist. So women remain a minority in the military and as construction workers because of science. You know, not because of sexist gender prejudices about women’s physical abilities. Right. Silly me. Why didn’t I think of science??, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Must be because of my ladyparts.

Now to be fair, that interview was about the comics and it transpired 4 years ago. But as evidenced by the repetition of sexist tomfoolery in the TV series, which is interesting considering the depiction of women is much better in the comics, Kirkman obviously hasn’t changed his stance on gender. Nor have any of the other TV writers apparently. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, It explains so much.

Hmmm so which season is worse. The season 2 horrendous handling of emergency contraception and its anti-abortion plotline. Or is it Season 3 with sexual assault used as a plot device and women dying to propel men’s emotional journeys. It’s all bullshit.

It’s very apparent The Walking Dead doesn’t care about exploring gender dynamics in any meaningful way or deconstructing gender roles to explore societal limitations, BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION. And to an extent that’s fine. Not everything has to be some massive social commentary. Although believe me, I’d be delighted. But as I’ve written before, when you’re dealing in the realm of fantasy or playing with the bounds of reality, why depict sexism. BUY LIPITOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Why not imagine something different.

And don’t even get me started on the idiotic argument, “Well, that’s life. That’s what would happen during an apocalypse of any kind.” I call bullshit. Am I really supposed to believe that if the shit hits the fan, women can’t or won’t be able to pull themselves together and not only survive but take leadership roles. Obviously that’s ludicrous.

With Robert Kirkman reinforcing the notion that sexism builds the foundation of the series, my hope that The Walking Dead will improve regarding its depiction of women, race and gender has shattered. So I’ll stop hoping it will get better and just keep on hate-watching it.

This piece was originally posted on Bitch Flicks and it was cross-posted here with permission

Photo credit: IMDB




Cross-posted here with permission from Bitch Flicks.  INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Superhero films often exhibit assertive, outspoken female characters. Yet they often simultaneously objectify women’s bodies, reduce them to ancillary love interests or perpetuate gender stereotypes. So when I heard that Pepper Potts would have a more active role in Iron Man 3, Buy INDOMETACIN without a prescription, I was excited yet remained cautiously skeptical.

Gwyneth Paltrow eagerly talked about putting on the Iron Man suit and getting tired of the "damsel in distress":

“I was really hoping that Pepper would be more engaged in this movie…So I was really happy, not only that she was wearing the suit, but that you see her really on equal ground with Tony in their interpersonal dynamic, and as a CEO, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and then she’s got all this action… I think in order to move things forward and keep it fresh, you can only be the damsel in distress for so long, and then it’s old.”

Producer and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also said they wanted to “play with the convention of the damsel in distress…there is fun to be had with "Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior?" over the course of this movie.” Okay, My INDOMETACIN experience, okay, this all sounds awesome to me.

Now I’m all for subverting gender norms. But is Pepper really empowered, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Or does she really remain a rearticulation of the Damsel in Distress trope.

When Pepper puts on the Iron Man suit, cheap INDOMETACIN, it’s not of her own volition. It’s not because she cleverly thought of it. Tony, Where can i order INDOMETACIN without prescription, who can now recall his arsenal of Iron Man suits on command, remotely puts it on Pepper to save her during an attack. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Once she’s in the suit of armor, Pepper does make the most of it as she gets scientist Maya (who of course has to have had a sexual past with Tony) to safety and protects Tony from a falling ceiling as well.

However, when Gwyneth Paltrow discussed putting on the suit, I envisioned an assertive move by Pepper -- that she boldly decides to put on the armor so she can go out and save Tony, INDOMETACIN images. Not something she passively has placed on her body by a man. What could have been an interesting exploration of Pepper and gender becomes a wasted opportunity.

Just because Pepper donned the Iron Man suit for like two minutes, INDOMETACIN from canadian pharmacy, doesn't mean she isn't a "damsel in distress." She still is for a majority of the film. Archvillian Aldrich Killian kidnaps Pepper and ties her up, using her as bait to lure Tony and blackmail him, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Yep, that sounds like a passive damsel to me.

In Iron Man, Pepper is Tony’s personal assistant and according to him, INDOMETACIN natural, his only true friend. In Iron Man 2, she becomes the CEO of Stark Industries. INDOMETACIN used for, By The Avengers, they co-exist as a team, partners both in romance and work as Pepper helps Tony develop Stark Tower and the Arc Reactor. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, In each film, Pepper grows and progresses to have a more important role. So how did Pepper -- Tony’s friend, partner and brilliant CEO of Stark Industries -- get reduced to an objectified and victimized "damsel in distress" yet again, INDOMETACIN coupon.

Discussing the Damsel in Distress Trope in video games, although it’s also completely applicable for film too, Anita Sarkeesian at Feminist Frequency talks about how the trope provides incentive and motivation for the male protagonist. INDOMETACIN reviews, The trope is also a form of objectification and is not synonymous with "weak" but rather a form of disempowering women, even strong ones, while empowering men:

“So the damsel trope typically makes men the “subject” of the narratives while relegating women to the “object.” This is a form of objectification because as objects, damsel’ed women are being acted upon, most often becoming or reduced to a prize to be won, online INDOMETACIN without a prescription, a treasure to be found or a goal to be achieved…The damsel in distress is not just a synonym for “weak,” instead it works by ripping away the power from female characters, even helpful or seemingly capable ones. Online buying INDOMETACIN, No matter what we are told about their magical abilities, skills or strengths they are still ultimately captured or otherwise incapacitated and then must wait for rescue. Distilled down to its essence, the plot device works by trading the disempowerment of female characters FOR the empowerment of male characters.”

Surprisingly, as it revolves around Tony, Iron Man 3 passes the Bechdel Test, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Huzzah. A brief conversation transpires between Pepper and Maya, the botanist who invented the Extremis virus, online buying INDOMETACIN hcl. Maya laments being naïve about science, just wanting to help people and how her ideals became distorted. Pepper reassures her, Canada, mexico, india, telling her that Stark Industries once carried out military contracts so she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, What a nice moment. But don’t get too cozy. This moment of sisterly bonding shatters when Maya betrays Pepper. Sidebar, it’s interesting that Maya has a change of heart not after talking to Pepper but after talking to Tony later in the film, no prescription INDOMETACIN online.

There’s a telling exchange near the end of the film when Killian tells Tony he injected Pepper with the Extremis virus because he wanted to make Pepper perfect. Tony, ever the good boyfriend, retorts, “That’s where you’re wrong, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. She already was perfect.” This could have been a nice albeit clichéd message about accepting and appreciating people how they are, rather than trying to change them. INDOMETACIN pics, But 5 minutes later, when Pepper asks if she’s going to be alright because she's got the unstable virus in her, Tony says he’s going to “fix” her because that’s what he does, he “fixes things.” Ahhh the mechanic imagery strewn throughout the film comes full circle.

It’s a strange juxtaposition between "she’s perfect the way she is" and "I’ll fix you, INDOMETACIN without prescription," especially in proximity to one another. This dialogue could have easily been altered to show Pepper’s agency -- that either she wanted to keep the virus and harness the superpower or have it removed. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, We could have seen things from her perspective. But instead, INDOMETACIN samples, it’s all to convey how Tony is decisive and protective of his woman and how he’s grown emotionally.

Taking place after The Avengers, we see a changed Tony Stark. Due to the stress of combating aliens and traveling through worm holes, Tony suffers anxiety, INDOMETACIN steet value, insomnia and PTSD. I was pleasantly surprised at the film’s respectful depiction of mental illness. Although its treatment of people with disabilities is abhorrent, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. We see the weight of Tony’s obsession creating Iron Man suits straining their relationship. Discount INDOMETACIN, Pepper is frustrated that his suits come before her. But they never resolve their issues. It’s as if Pepper said, “Oh I almost died, got injected with some fiery shit and now you fixed me, INDOMETACIN for sale. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Okay, we’re good now!” Um, no.

So what’s the lesson here. Don’t worry, ladies. INDOMETACIN forum, The right man will fix you and all your problems.

Pepper isn’t an empowered, self-actualized character in Iron Man 3. Instead she’s used as an object for the two dudes to fight over, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. She’s used to show that Killian is a villain who never really loved her while she’s used as an incentive for Tony to fight and to realize what truly matters in life. Tony and Killian battle it out with Pepper as a trophy to the victor, buy INDOMETACIN no prescription, aka the better dude.

As film critic Scott Mendelson said: “For Potts, the movie was about other men giving her temporary agency/power and then quickly taking it away again.” Despite her intelligence and success, INDOMETACIN photos, she possesses no agency of her own. Men bestowed power upon Pepper. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Any power she appears to exert stems from men. Now some superheroes (Spiderman, Wolverine) have their powers given to them by others, either by accident or against their will, get INDOMETACIN. But once they have their powers, they decide what to do with them. They decide through their intelligence or cunning how best to utilize their powers. INDOMETACIN blogs, But Tony and Killian make all the decisions for Pepper. She doesn’t make any for herself, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. Pepper doesn’t choose to don the suit. Tony does. Killian decides to inject her with the Extremis virus that grants superhero powers. She doesn’t choose to keep the Extremis virus or have it removed, buy INDOMETACIN online no prescription. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Tony decides to remove the virus. Even though she has a brief romp with superpowers and briefly kicks ass, Pepper somehow remains less empowered in Iron Man 3 than in the other films. Men decide her fate. Where can i buy cheapest INDOMETACIN online, iron man 3 fem2

If the film really played with the conventions of a "damsel in distress," rather than playing out every other superhero trope, Pepper wouldn’t have been kidnapped or if she had, she would have saved herself, rather than needing Tony’s rescue, australia, uk, us, usa. At the film’s climax, we do see Pepper, injected with the Extremis virus, Order INDOMETACIN from United States pharmacy, kick ass and save Tony. Oh and of course she does it in a skimpier, sexy outfit, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. So even in the shadow of empowerment, Pepper must be anchored as a sex object, intertwining power and sexuality. Again, INDOMETACIN mg, it isn't about Pepper's growth and development. It's about how Tony sees her.

While she acknowledges it “isn’t perfect on gender issues, INDOMETACIN treatment, ” Alyssa Rosenberg posits that Iron Man 3’s “progressive gender play is noteworthy when you consider the kinds of roles actresses in superhero movies usually get stuck with.” But no, no it’s not progressive. INDOMETACIN FOR SALE, Did we watch the same movie. Having women scientists and women CEOs in your film, while a good start, isn’t smashing gender stereotypes if you ultimately reinforce the same old tired gender tropes and clichés, INDOMETACIN no prescription. It isn’t actually showcasing powerful women if you continually undercut women’s agency.

While action sequences are enjoyable, fighting is probably not what audiences find empowering. Ordering INDOMETACIN online, It's characters' decisiveness, assertiveness, ingenuity, struggle to survive -- all of which can be conveyed through a visual manifestation of action sequences.

Sure, it was nice to see Pepper kicking ass, INDOMETACIN FOR SALE. But let’s be clear here. Just because a female character wields a sword or shoots a gun or uses her fists to punch a villain, doesn’t automatically make her emotionally strong or empowered. Possessing agency to speak her mind, make her own decisions, chart her own course -- these are what make a character truly empowered.

The problem with the Damsel in Distress trope is that it strips women of their power and insinuates that women need men to rescue or save them. And yet again it places the focus on men, reinforcing the notion that society revolves around men, not women.

Maybe I’m a greedy feminist but four minutes of ass-kicking does not automatically make an empowered female character shattering gender tropes, nor does it satiate my desire for a depiction of a nuanced, complex, strong female character. Sigh.

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Originally published at The Opinioness of the World AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, . Cross posted here with permission.

I was ready. Purchase AMPICILLIN for sale, Poised to be pissed. For the first half of last season's How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) episode "Symphony of Illumination," I sat on the couch, scowling perpetually, AMPICILLIN from canada.

In the previous episode “The Rebound Girl,” we learn journalist Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) and playboy Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)’s adulterous one night stand (although is it really a one night stand if you’ve slept together and dated before?, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. But I digress…), resulted in Robin telling Barney she was pregnant. Order AMPICILLIN from mexican pharmacy, Throughout the entire series, Robin has proudly declared she never wanted kids. In all 7 seasons of Ted’s monologues to his children about how he met their mother, Ted has never once mentioned Robin having children, AMPICILLIN treatment. Nada. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, Zero. Zilch. Buy AMPICILLIN from canada, Would Robin have an abortion. Would her pregnancy be a false alarm. As abortions are a common medical procedure yet rarely seen in movies or TV shows, I was hoping for an abortion storyline, AMPICILLIN price, coupon. But I knew that if Robin was in fact pregnant, the writers would give her a child, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. So when Monday’s episode opened with Robin narrating to her future kids, I was bullshit. Low dose AMPICILLIN, how i met your mother

Why the fuck does EVERY woman in movies and TV series want children?. Ugh.

As an unmarried woman in her 30s with no children, I’ve chosen to not get married and not have children, AMPICILLIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, I’ve never really wanted them. Yet I’ve been told repeatedly (I cannot stress repeatedly enough) that I will eventually change my mind and have children. As if my choice is some cute and trendy passing phase. AMPICILLIN pharmacy, It’s the same bullshit response I’ve received from ignorant peeps when they find out I’m vegan. Oh, you’ll start eating meat or at least dairy some day. Oh, you’ll start having babies one day, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Gee, AMPICILLIN steet value, thanks for enlightening me about MY life choices, asshole. AMPICILLIN blogs, Now, I’ll admit that as I creep ever so closely to 35, my biological clock (god I hate that term but it does fit here) has been softly ticking. I know the statistics, where can i cheapest AMPICILLIN online. My chances of having children drop substantially after age 35. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, In last week’s episode”Symphony of Illumination,” Robin struggles with this very same dilemma when she discovers not only is she not pregnant, she can’t have children. At first she’s relieved. Order AMPICILLIN online overnight delivery no prescription, But then she starts to mourn her infertility.

Instead of telling her friends the truth, Robin tells them she just learned she can’t be an Olympic pole vaulter. Later, where can i order AMPICILLIN without prescription, when best friend Lily asks if she’s alright, Robin tells her she’s taking the news harder than she thought. Lily asks her if she ever even wanted to be a “pole vaulter.” Robin explains:

“No, I was always adamantly against having a pole vaulting career, even though it’s what most women want…In Canada, it’s very big up there, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Buy generic AMPICILLIN, You know, it’s meet a nice guy, get married, vault some poles, AMPICILLIN dosage. But I never wanted that.

Of course it’s one thing not to want something. It’s another to be told you can’t have it. AMPICILLIN results, I guess it’s just nice knowing that you could someday do it if you changed your mind. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But now, all of a sudden that door is closed.”

Later, Robin reveals:
“So I can’t have kids. Big deal. Now there’s no one to hold me back in life. No one to keep me from traveling where I want to travel, cheap AMPICILLIN. No one getting in the way of my career. If you want to know the truth of it, I’m glad you guys don’t exist, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Really glad.”

Robin had been telling her story to imaginary kids. Ordering AMPICILLIN online, At the end of the bittersweet episode, Ted narrates that Robin never did become a “pole vaulter.” She became “a famous journalist, a successful businesswoman, a world traveler” and briefly a bull fighter…”but she was never alone.”

These scenes broke my heart, AMPICILLIN cost. Tears streamed down my face (yes, I’m a weeper). AMPICILLIN interactions, I was sad Robin couldn’t have children. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But a wave of relief washed over me. FINALLY, a TV series depicted a female character choosing a different path.

The HIMYM writers could have had Robin become a parent through adoption instead like Monica and Chandler on Friends and Carrie and Doug on King of Queens, AMPICILLIN class. Robin laments her infertility not because she wanted children. But because her choice, AMPICILLIN without prescription, the choice to change her mind, was taken away. It’s one thing to not want something, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. But it’s quite another when the possibility of that thing that you didn’t even want is gone. Robin’s dialogue – her worries, AMPICILLIN coupon, her hopes, her fears – eerily echoed my own. Buy AMPICILLIN from mexico, What if I wake up one day and regret my decision. What if I want a daughter or son to read to, cook vegan food for, play games with, AMPICILLIN canada, mexico, india, take to museums, teach feminism to (hey, Where can i buy cheapest AMPICILLIN online, it could happen). AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But what if I don’t. Do I want to uproot my entire life. Wouldn’t my life be just as complete if I never have kids. Yep, buy AMPICILLIN online cod. It would. And therein lies my problem with the media, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE.

Through movies, AMPICILLIN from mexico, TV series and ads, the media perpetually tells us all women want children. If they don’t, they must be damaged, rx free AMPICILLIN, deluding themselves or they just haven’t found the right man yet. Because you know silly ladies, AMPICILLIN price, our lives revolve around men. Tabloid magazines repeatedly report on female actors’ baby bumps. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, As Susan J. Douglas argues in Enlightened Sexism, “bump patrols” reduce women to their reproductive organs, AMPICILLIN alternatives, reinforcing the stereotype that women aren’t real women unless they procreate.

Now, After AMPICILLIN, please don’t mistake me. If you’re a woman (or man) who wants kids or has kids, congrats. Mazel Tov, where can i find AMPICILLIN online. Seriously, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. I love my friends’ children. I love seeing their cute pics online. Herbal AMPICILLIN, I love playing with them…and giving them back at the end of the day. Children are adorbs (sometimes) with their rambunctious spirits, incessant questions and inquisitive natures. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But not everyone wants kids. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t.

Choosing to be childfree is on the rise as 1 in 5 women (up from 1 in 10 in the 70s) in their 40s doesn’t have a child. But you wouldn’t know it from watching TV. The only TV shows that come to mind where a female character questions whether or not to have children and chooses not to are Samantha on Sex and the City, Elaine on Seinfeld, Emily on The Bob Newhart Show, Jane Timony on Prime Suspect (the original with Helen Mirren) and Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE.

Jessica Grose at Slate points out Whitney differs from HIMYM in its portrayal of a woman questioning her child-free choice. Independent Whitney doesn’t want to get married or have children. But in the episode “Up All Night,” she completely reverses her position and concedes once she discovers having no kids is a deal-breaker for her boyfriend Alex. The message is that Whitney “has to agree to consider all the trappings of traditional womanhood” to be considered “a person.”

HIMYM suffers many gender problems. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, Yes, it infuriated me Lily received so much backlash when she went to LA to pursue her dream of an art career. Almost everything Barney says or does – his sexist stereotypes, objectification of women, and fat-shaming – pisses me off. And yes, it bugs me that Robin’s unconventional female personality of Scotch drinking, hockey loving, cigar smoking and gun ownership has been pinned on her father raising her as a boy…even going so far as to name her Robin Charles Scherbatsky, Jr. But the show hasn’t fallen into the sexist trap that a woman isn’t a “real” woman without a baby.

When Ted shares with his kids (and us the audience) that Robin never had children, he highlights the full life she led. Her life wasn’t empty because she didn’t become a mother, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Women are socialized to want to get married and have babies. But what if you don’t want babies? Is something wrong with you? Or is something wrong with the system reinforcing the notion that all women want to be moms.

Ladies, you’re not broken, incomplete, unfeminine or any other nonsensical bullshit if you choose not to have children. Whatever you decide, whatever is right for you…well, that’s just fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photo credit Darren Barefoot via Creative Commons


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After seeing Oz the Great and Powerful TRAMADOL FOR SALE, , I was annoyed. And angry.

Everything in the film revolves around one dude: James Franco as Oscar Diggs aka Oz, kjøpe TRAMADOL på nett, köpa TRAMADOL online. Bleh. After TRAMADOL, It’s a patriarchal dream come true.

Women in the film fawn over Oz, swoon over him, make googly eyes at him, get enraged by him and arguably wreck their lives because of him, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Glinda (Michelle Williams), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Theodora (Mila Kunis) all repeat throughout the film that Oz is there to save them, TRAMADOL from mexico. Even after Glinda who’s wise to his shenanigans, TRAMADOL australia, uk, us, usa, knows he’s not really a wizard, she still perpetuates the façade that he’s a savior, the one person who will bring the land salvation, TRAMADOL online cod. Oz literally puts a female character, Buy TRAMADOL online cod, the broken China Girl, back together. Oz catalyzes Theodora’s destructive transformation from naïve and sweet, cheap TRAMADOL no rx, albeit with a quick temper, TRAMADOL blogs, to heartless and wicked. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, Oh and of course we get women pitted against each other. Just for funsies.

The film is boring and vapid, where can i buy TRAMADOL online. The tissue-thin characters lack depth, TRAMADOL alternatives, wasting the tremendous talents of Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis. Hideous gender stereotypes get tossed around, TRAMADOL no prescription. In her fantastic review, Natalie Wilson points out the film’s many weaknesses, including reinforcing the trope that women are wicked and erasing the feminism of the books, TRAMADOL FOR SALE.


One of the reasons that made Wicked and The Wizard of Oz so special -- they focus on the women for a change. Canada, mexico, india, As Bitch Flicks writer Myrna Waldron astutely points out, the Oz series boasts powerful women in leadership roles. The women aren’t princesses (aside from Princess Ozma in the books of course), TRAMADOL description. The women are either “ordinary” or witches, What is TRAMADOL, dismantling the “all witches are evil” trope. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, The women in Oz lead, give advice, scheme, make decisions on their own, go on journeys, forge friendships. They may work cooperatively with men but they don’t sit around and wait for men to save them.

So how did this happen, TRAMADOL without a prescription. How did a female-centric, TRAMADOL price, feminist series devolve into male pandering. It comes down to an aspect of the film’s production that to the best of my knowledge I haven’t seen anyone else raise: the need for “a fairy tale with a good strong male protagonist.”

Producer Joe Roth -- who didn’t realize The Wizard of Oz was just the first in a series of 14 books, -- shares what drew him to develop Oz the Great and Powerful:

"When [screenwriter] Mitchell [Kapner] starts talking about that man behind the curtain and how he got there, where can i find TRAMADOL online, this storyline immediately strikes me as a great idea for a movie for a couple of reasons. One was because I love The Wizard of Oz, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Buy cheap TRAMADOL no rx, But this character is only in the last few minutes of that film and we have no idea who he is.

“And the second reason was -- during the years that I spent running Walt Disney Studios -- I learned about how hard it was to find a fairy tale with a good strong male protagonist. You've got your Sleeping Beauties, your Cinderellas and your Alices, australia, uk, us, usa. But a fairy tale with a male protagonist is very hard to come by. Online buy TRAMADOL without a prescription, But with the origin story of the Wizard of Oz, here was a fairy tale story with a natural male protagonist. Which is why I knew that this was an idea for a movie that was genuinely worth pursuing."

TRAMADOL FOR SALE, So only films with a “natural male protagonist” are worth pursuing. Roth has also produced Alice in Wonderland, buying TRAMADOL online over the counter, Snow White and the Huntsman and the upcoming Angelina Jolie film Maleficent – all female-centric fairy-tale films. Buy generic TRAMADOL, So maybe he’s tired of all the ladies. And of course he can personally pursue any story he wants. But to take such an iconic series with a plucky female protagonist, about TRAMADOL, full of complex female characters and a female ruler (Ozma) and then strip it of its female empowerment and nuance all to focus on a dude?. Stop, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. TRAMADOL dangers, Just stop.

What's great about Dorothy is she’s not a princess. She’s a "regular" girl on a quest and an emotional journey, something we too often see men and boys embark on, TRAMADOL cost. Now I understand if they didn’t want to rival the Judy Garland classic. TRAMADOL coupon, But why not film one of the other books in the series. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, Or why not film the musical Wicked, a story revolving around the bonds of female friendship?

So what about Roth’s assertion, that it’s difficult to find male leads in fairy tale films. Nope, it’s really not that hard, get TRAMADOL. Jack the Giant Slayer, Herbal TRAMADOL, Shrek, Aladdin, Mickey and the Beanstalk, is TRAMADOL addictive, Pinocchio, TRAMADOL no rx, Peter Pan, The Sword in the Stone, Hercules, TRAMADOL without prescription, hell even Beauty and the Beast all feature male leads in fairy tale films.

As I’ve written before when I wrote about my excitement for Brave, TRAMADOL reviews, too many children’s films, particularly animated films, don’t feature girls and women in leading roles, TRAMADOL natural. “Originally titled Rapunzel, Buy TRAMADOL without a prescription, Disney’s Tangled, the most recent animated film featuring a girl, was renamed a gender-neutral title to be less girl-centric, TRAMADOL results. Its marketing didn’t just focus on Rapunzel but featured “bad-boy” thief Flynn Ryder in order to lure a male audience. Male characters dominate animated films.” Wreck-It Ralph, Ice Age, Rango, Kung Fu Panda and aside from Brave the entire pantheon of Pixar’s films (Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, etc.), put male roles front and center.

As of 2010, “family films exhibited a gender disparity as only 29% of speaking roles belonged to female characters in the top grossing films within the past few years.” Superhero films (Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, The Avengers aside from Black Widow), and swashbuckling adventures (Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars) -- all with huge audiences of children -- also feature male protagonists, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Most movies for kids are just sexism in training.

In fairy tale films, the female characters we do see are princesses (Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty). While there’s nothing wrong with having characters as princesses -- and with Brave we got a huge step for female empowerment -- as a collective they contribute to princess culture. Princess culture typically celebrates female objectification, reifying the stereotype that women’s and girls’ worth should be tied to their beauty. It also perpetuates the pressure of perfection -- women and girls must be everything to everyone. And princess culture follows girls into womanhood with wedding obsessions and the fairy tale myth of finding Prince Charming.

TRAMADOL FOR SALE, In too many films for both children and adults, female characters’ fall into tropes of damsels in distress, femme fatales, and manic pixie dream girls. Their stories often revolve around men, just like in Oz. The women talk about men. They wax about finding love. They yearn to be rescued, looking to men to fix their lives.

With the pervasive lack of female protagonists, media implies that girls and women don’t matter. It teaches girls they should serve as supporting roles in real life, rather than lead themselves. In a film with three powerful sorceresses, the message shouldn't be that a "good man" can save us all.

So no, we don’t need any more films, fairy-tale or otherwise, revolving around men.


This piece was originally posted on the Bitch Flicks site and it was cross-posted here with permission.


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Warning: Spoilers ahead

BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, Can an action film portray exquisitely choreographed fighting scenes, badass fully dimensional ladies, tragic romantic love and make a searing social statement. Yes, yes, yes. One of my favorite films, Crouching Tiger, ABILIFY alternatives, Hidden Dragon is an undoubtedly feminist action film with a potent gender commentary woven throughout.

In Ang Lee’s lyrical, Oscar-winning wuxia masterpiece, the lives of 3 women warriors are embroiled in the quest for a prized missing sword. Buy ABILIFY from canada, Easily labeled a feminist film with its “slant on feminist empowerment,” Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon “advances a revolutionary agenda of female equality.”

Shu Lien (the amazing Michelle Yeoh), ABILIFY brand name, a famous warrior, exudes a quiet strength and dignity. She knows her abilities and what she wants, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. Yet she feels bound by duty, loyalty and patriarchal norms, ABILIFY no rx, unable to follow her heart. A governess by day, a thief and murderer by night, the bitter and vengeful Jade Fox (Cheng Pei-pei) frantically wants control. She’s filled with fury and vengeance over her denial to learn the ways of the revered Wudang skills due to her gender. Zhang Ziyi as Jen, ABILIFY no prescription, a governor’s daughter and secret protégé of Jade Fox, steals the show. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, Fiery, impetuous, strong-willed, she’s a fierce warrior, desperate to break the chains of gendered aristocratic expectations placed on her by her family and society. Whether her lover, a friend or a warrior she admires, Discount ABILIFY, Jen stubbornly refuses to yield, obey or acquiesce to anyone. More than anything, she wants to make her own decisions, to live her own life.

While Li Mu Bei (Chow Yun Fat), my ABILIFY experience, a dude, is considered the most respected warrior, women are unquestioned in their capacity to be skilled warriors. A man who just had a baby girl says he hopes his daughter will be half as strong as Shu Lien. But while women are respected and admired, society simultaneously expects them to obey certain norms, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. ABILIFY pharmacy, Jen strives to live the life of a warrior. She doesn’t want to be shackled by an arranged marriage. Jade Fox wants power and to rule, to not let her gender hold her back. Jen and Shu Lien both yearn for freedom, to freely love who they choose, ABILIFY images. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, But sexist patriarchy holds each woman back from attaining what each desires.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon continually questions stereotypical gender roles for women.

Jen laments her monotonous future as an aristocratic wife with both Shu Lien and Jade Fox. She must marry into a noble family in order to boost her father’s business. ABILIFY from canadian pharmacy, Jen says she hasn’t yet lived the life she wants. Jen reveals to Shu Lien how she envies her life, even though Shu Lien explains it’s not as romantic as it seems:

Jen: “It must be exciting to be a fighter: to be totally free.”
Shu Lien: “Fighters have rules too: friendship, trust, integrity, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. Without rules, we wouldn’t survive long.”

Jen craves a sisterhood between her and Shu Lien. The two discuss gender and marriage and how society views it as “the most important step in a woman’s life.” Jen questions if Shu Lien is married and then realizes that if she “probably couldn’t roam around freely” if she was a wife. Jen says to Shu Lien:
“I wish I were like the heroes in the books I read, like you and Li Mu Bai, where can i order ABILIFY without prescription. I guess I’m happy to be marrying. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, But to be free to live my own life, to choose whom I love, that is true happiness.”

Jen thinks the key to her freedom is in remaining unwed and following the warrior’s path. But Shu Lien shares her own pain of thwarted love. Due to her warrior duties, she did not want to dishonor the memory of her murdered fiancé and pursue her love for Li Mu Bai:
“So the freedom you talk about, ABILIFY treatment, I too desire it. But I have never tasted it.”

Jade Fox’s gender, that she’s a female criminal, surprises people. Like Jen and Shu Lien, Jade Fox also bemoans the sexist constraints placed on her not being allowed to pursue her career, buy ABILIFY online cod. So she took matters into her own hands and stole  the precious Wudang secrets, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. When Li Mu Bei confronts Jade Fox for her thievery and for murdering his master, she says:
“Your master underestimated us women. Sure, he’d sleep with me but he would never teach me.  He deserved to die by a woman’s hand!”

In her eyes, ABILIFY dosage, she was good enough to fuck but not good enough to be an equal.

CTHD Zhang Ziyi 7

Women are expected to enter marriage, to strive to be wives and mothers. Societal norms dictate women should be nurturing and gentle, women should support the men in their life and they shouldn’t be too outspoken or too unruly. If they transgress these societal norms, they’re often punished, ABILIFY mg. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, But here, we see the women speak out and push back against the hypocrisy and strains of sexism. We witness a delicate balance exists of respecting tradition while pursuing personal happiness and fulfillment, along with continued resistance to patriarchal norms.

Feminema’s Didion discusses the film’s “overwhelming” and “explicit” feminism:

“So that’s the first thing: the contrast of the yearning, reserved restraint of Yeoh/Chow, Get ABILIFY, and the woo-hoo. of Zheng/Chang. The second thing is the feminism, which is so overwhelming and explicit I can’t believe no one made much of it at the time. And it’s not just that the fight sequences always feature women — who win — nor that the best sequence faces off Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi in the very best, funniest, most exciting matchup ever, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. The heart of the story relies on the fact that its three main female characters (Jen, Shu Lien, buy ABILIFY no prescription, and Jen’s governess, Jade Fox) have each been foiled in their attempts to live as they desire because they are women. Each takes a different approach in response, and they inevitably find themselves in opposition with one another as well as with men.”

As Didion points out, ABILIFY from mexico, the women all end up opposing one another. It’s interesting in the beginning of the film, Jen starts off as friends with both of the other women. Jade Fox mentors her and she yearns to forge a friendship with Shu Lien and emulate her life. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, Eventually all women are at odds with each other. Jen feels betrayed by Shu Lien that she wants her to return to her parents. Shu Lien is disappointed with Jen as she’s unappreciative of her support, after ABILIFY, Shu Lien and Jade Fox are at odds. Jade Fox feels jealousy and betrayal after she discovers Jen hid her talents in combat, particularly because she was the older mentor, the supposed wiser one bestowing knowledge, ABILIFY steet value, not the other way around.

Despite the fighting and rivalries, it never felt catty in the typical way the media depicts women as tearing each other down. Rather it feels like an indictment of sexist patriarchy that wants to pit women against each other, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. It’s up to us women to remember to nurture and support one another.

Based on a novel, Lee said it’s “one of the rare cases where we take the emotional tour with the womenWe take their point of view, ABILIFY wiki, and they get to carry the story.” But while he calls martial arts a “very male-dominant” and “macho genre,” actor Michelle Yeoh offers a different perspective. When asked about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon called a “feminist martial arts film” and “the role of women, ABILIFY for sale, ” Yeoh said:

“If you read a lot of Chinese literature, there has always been very strong women figures -- warriors, swordswomen -- who defended honor and loyalty with the men. So it's not new to our culture, it's always been very much a part of it. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, It's good that now the Western audience would have a different image of the Chinese women. Where for a while, ABILIFY trusted pharmacy reviews, it was very stereotypical -- the demure, very quiet, strong in a very silent way.”

The film runs shows 3 strong, assertive, Cheap ABILIFY no rx, outspoken women – which counters Western media’s pervasive stereotypes of Asian women as docile and subservient.

In theory, women action heroes break that mold. But in reality, most female film characters don’t shatter gender stereotypes, ultimately succumbing to stereotypical gender roles, ABILIFY class. As researcher Katy Gilpatric discovered, women in action movies rarely lead as heroes, usually serving as props to the male protagonists, and serving as love interests. She also found women often meet their death, frequently by self-sacrifice, by the end of an action film, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find ABILIFY online, But in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the women are the stars. And not just one woman. 3 women. Of different ages and different socio-economic statuses, buying ABILIFY online over the counter. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, Sure, there are men, romance and star-crossed lovers. But the female characters aren’t objectified for the male gaze or reduced to their sexuality. The women don’t sacrifice their identities in order to love or be in romantic relationships.

I don’t automatically find female action characters empowering. I find assertive, ABILIFY price, intelligent, self-reliant, female survivors empowering, whether they strap on a gun or wield a sword or not. But what makes these female characters and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon so feminist, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. We see their stories, their perspectives, rx free ABILIFY. We also get an indictment of patriarchy and a staunch argument in favor of gender equality.

Li Mu Bai calls Jen a dragon, and Jen refers to herself this way as well. On the symbolic color of green, No prescription ABILIFY online, director Ang Lee said that “anything green is hidden dragon, desires and repression…” The film is about repressing your desires -- the pain it causes when you do (Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai) and the price you pay if you don’t (Jen). BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, Jen runs away and steals the Green Destiny sword, calling herself the “Invincible Sword Goddess,” defeating a slew of dudes in the process. She taps into her hidden desires and literally wields and shapes her own destiny.

Li Mu Bai realizes the capacity of Jen’s skills and wants to train her in the Wudang way. When Shu Lien reminds him that they don’t accept women, he says they will have to make an exception, effects of ABILIFY. Li Mu Bai, who has also felt trapped by his duty and honor, impeding him from following his heart and confessing his love for Shu Lien, finally realizes the ridiculousness of stereotypical gender roles.

You can interpret the ambiguous ending -- Jen leaping off the balcony over a cliff -- as Jen committing suicide, unable to bear the thought of the damage her yearning for freedom has wreaked, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea ABILIFY, comprar ABILIFY baratos, Lo, Jen’s lover, tells her a story about a boy who made a wish and it came true after he leapt off the side of a cliff because his heart was true.

But I never saw the ending as her suicide. I saw it as Jen’s liberation. Jen’s choice conveyed her refusal to be tied down, taking ABILIFY, her transcendental awakening rejecting society’s gender norms and patriarchy and embracing her individualism. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, She refused to live a life of obedience. She wanted to follow her heart and live life on her own terms. But Jen also realized that if she was the wife of a nobleman or perhaps even the wife of a rebel, she would still be immersed in patriarchy. ABILIFY forum, Even if Jen and Lo reunite -- his wish -- she won’t be a docile, servile wife. She will be her own person.

But Jen also learned that she didn’t want to turn her back on female camaraderie, refusing Shu Lien’s help, the way her mentor Jade Fox turned on her through betrayal, BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION. Jen's initial shunning of sisterhood ultimately led to Li Mu Bai’s death.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon focuses on the lives of different women on different paths with parallel obstacles, buy no prescription ABILIFY online. Ultimately, each woman forges her own path. When Shu Lien and Jen reconcile at the end, she doesn’t advise Jen to be loyal or obedient. BUY ABILIFY NO PRESCRIPTION, She tells her that no matter what, Jen should remain true to herself. And that’s precisely what Jen does.

Ultimately, the film argues that sexist gender roles trap us all. Sexism remains a toxic barrier to happiness and enlightenment. And that’s what makes this film so empowering. Women must be true to themselves in order to achieve freedom and happiness.

This post is originally published on Bitch Flicks and is cross-posted with permission.




Carousel Slide-02_14Mar2013 ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, Rape, rape culture, domestic violence, and violence against women impact us all. The Pixel Project, a virtual, Purchase ADVAIR for sale, volunteer-led nonprofit, works to eradicate violence against women globally. They are currently running the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival contest to raise awareness through the power and artistry of music. They dedicated the contest to Jyoti Singh Pandey, ADVAIR steet value, “the Delhi Gang Rape victim, to honour her courage in fighting for her life until the very end.”

I had the honor and pleasure to interview Founder and President Regina Yau about the Pixel Project and their creative and inspirational project. Doses ADVAIR work, The Pixel Project’s mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power to combat violence against women; get men and boys involved; “generate conversation by tearing down taboos and creating safe online spaces;” and “challenge expectations and inspire activism.” Passionate about building a grassroots network, they provide entry level positions for diverse people to participate – by sharing their skills and unique experiences -- who may never have thought about activism before. Pixel Project wants to engage and inspire people through art, social media, online strategies, and pop culture to work towards ending violence against women, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER.

The Valenine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival contest runs until 9PM EST, ADVAIR maximum dosage, March 14, 2013. Yau told me the response to the contest has been extremely positive. In fact, ADVAIR dangers, they have extended the original deadline to accommodate more artists. They have received entries from musicians around the globe, including from the U.S. Sweden, online buying ADVAIR hcl, Australia and Canada. Jyoti’s “story crossed boundaries and borders, Low dose ADVAIR, so should this tribute.”

Without further adieu, here is my interview with the lovely and articulate Regina Yau on the YouTube Cover Carnival, Jyoti Singh Pandey's bravery, Delhi being called the "rape capital, ADVAIR australia, uk, us, usa,"  and how to end rape and violence against women:

1. Megan Kearns: What inspired you to start the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival and the Music For Pixels Campaign?

Regina Yau: ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, All The Pixel Project’s campaigns combine social media, pop culture and the arts in fun and unexpected ways. Music is a natural choice for us and the “Music For Pixels” campaign combines social media and music. ADVAIR description, It is also our first YouTube-focused campaign and the YouTube Cover Carnival is just one of three programmes under the campaign. The other two programmes are our year-end ’16 For 16’ digital EP and the ‘Artiste of the Month’ program (currently being developed) for established YouTube artistes.

As YouTube is the most popular video sharing channel in the world, the music video element of the “Music For Pixels” campaign has added another dimension and increased momentum for our social media outreach given that we have previously mostly campaigned through Facebook, buy ADVAIR online cod, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buy no prescription ADVAIR online, blogs, Pinterest and other text and link-based social media channels.

For us, working with popular YouTube artistes such AHMIR, Ali Brustofski, J Rice, Lisa Lavie and YouTube producers such as Mike Kalombo makes a lot of sense because their music is already on social media and they all have a ready-made built-in audience of extremely supportive fans, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER.

In addition, using a visually stunning YouTube music video featuring a fabulous cover of a very popular song really helps us get the message of love and anti-violence out by:

  • Getting the attention of people who love music but who might not necessarily have an interest in the cause.

  • Giving our supporters an extra cool tool to share and take the message viral.

2, ADVAIR schedule. MK: I love that the Carnival is spreading awareness about violence against women and supporting musicians. Why did you choose music as a medium?

RY: To us, ADVAIR price, coupon, music is a tool for engaging the audience emotionally with the cause without resorting to triggering materials such as horrific imagery. Many people who would otherwise have taken the first step towards supporting the cause have been put off by such tactics in the past because, let’s face it: it’s difficult to face up to the ugliness of humanity inherent in violence against the women and girls in our lives. ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, So we use music as a way of getting people aware of the issue and to get interested in finding out more about it and how they can help.

So, cheap ADVAIR no rx, we created the Music For Pixels campaign as a platform for us to work with YouTube artistes to educate the online audience about violence against women in a positive way because music is one of the most effective ways of getting people to absorb an important message while being entertained.

3. No prescription ADVAIR online, MK: Who is the intended audience?

RY: The Music For Pixels campaign (and all the programs under it) is aimed at three different audiences in line with our mission to get people the world over engaged with the cause:

  • For women and girls who have experienced any gender-based violence, we aim to send them a positive and empowering message that they matter, that they are beautiful inside and out no matter what. One DV survivor who supports our work left a comment that the song “makes my soul dance!” That was such a satisfying moment!

  • For the general audience including men and young people, ADVAIR from canadian pharmacy, we aim to encourage them to think about, value and engage in positive and healthy relationships with women and girls in their families and communities.

  • For musicians/artists, ADVAIR interactions, it gives them a platform for using their music to say NO to violence against women while getting exposure to new audiences or, in the case of the YouTube Cover Carnival, getting prizes that will help their careers along.

4. MK: There are many songs dealing with empowerment as well as with rape and domestic violence, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER. How did you select the Greatest Love of All and Little Things?

RY: We wanted to give artistes a choice of 2 empowering, ADVAIR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, positive and popular songs to cover – one that is very recent hit on the charts, and one that is a classic song that most people would have heard at some point in their lives. Where can i buy ADVAIR online, ‘Little Things’ is our choice for the recent hit song because the lyrics are about loving a woman for who she is, even the little quirks that she herself does not like. Too many women find themselves in relationships with men who, at best, herbal ADVAIR, don’t appreciate them for who they are and who, at worst, Kjøpe ADVAIR på nett, köpa ADVAIR online, abuse them because of it.  This song is a reminder that we need to be more accepting and supportive of the women and girls in our lives and empower them to love and value themselves.

‘Greatest Love of All’ is the people’s choice song - voted in by our supporters from around the world in an online vote a couple of weeks before we launched the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival. ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, It’s a very timely and poignant song choice because this month marks the 1 year anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death and Whitney herself was a domestic violence survivor.

5. MK: Why did you want to showcase the Carnival around Valentine’s Day?

RY: We actually run the Carnival twice a year – February for the Valentine’s Day season and August for the Fall edition of the contest, where can i buy cheapest ADVAIR online.

The Valentine YouTube Cover Carnival dovetails nicely with the ‘Season of Love’ which provides a focal point for us to work with artistes to spread the theme of positive and empowering love through music. In February, ADVAIR cost, the Carnival becomes a platform for spreading positive messages about healthy loving relationships to counteract the overwhelming number of popular ‘love’ songs out there which extol the virtues of unhealthy relationships, rampant misogyny and even abuse.

6, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER. MK: I know you’ve dedicated the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival to Jyoti Singh Pandey because of her strength and courage. What made you choose Jyoti specifically rather than dedication to all victims and survivors?

RY: As mentioned before, australia, uk, us, usa, our “Music For Pixels” campaign (including the YouTube Cover Carnival) is partly created to use music to send survivors and victims a positive and empowering message that they matter, that they are beautiful inside and out, Where can i find ADVAIR online, that there is help out there, that there is hope out there, that they can rebuild their lives.

We have specifically chosen to dedicate the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival to Jyoti Singh Pandey because her horrific case has been a tremendous force in raising awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) by bringing it to the attention of the worldwide audience, purchase ADVAIR. She has become a potent symbol because she put a name, face and human story to the horror of gender-based violence that makes it far more difficult for anyone to sweep the issue under the carpet. ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, …We hope that many more artists will join the contest to help keep the momentum of the anti-Violence Against Women activism triggered by Jyoti’s rape and murder alive and going strong. ADVAIR used for, As it is, despite the initial heavy media coverage on her case, interest is waning in India and worldwide as is the usual pattern for any high-profile VAW case. This time, australia, uk, us, usa, we are determined to keep her story at the forefront of people’s minds to really lock in the message that VAW is unacceptable and music is a positive way of doing so.

 7. Buy cheap ADVAIR, MK: Delhi has been called India’s “Rape Capital.” Do you think that’s an apropos or an unfair moniker?

RY: Delhi may have the highest reported incidents of rape but to call it India’s “Rape Capital” is to be incredibly reductive of the issue of VAW in India. To put things in context: the Trustlaw Women/Reuters survey of women’s rights experts and anti-VAW that I took part in last year, India was named the worst country for women among the G20 nations because of the extremely high and brutal levels of VAW in the country, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER. Apart from rape, street harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence, ADVAIR dangers, they have culturally specific forms of gender-based violence including female infanticide, dowry murder and forced marriage. ADVAIR canada, mexico, india, In addition, VAW statistics anywhere will be skewed because it is still a taboo issue which victims do not report out of shame, fear of victim-blaming and the potential for triggering further violence against them.

Delhi may be in the spotlight because of Jyoti’s death and its position as India’s capital but it is far more constructive to see it as the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tackling VAW in India, ADVAIR forum.

8. ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, MK: After Jyoti Singh Pandey’s rape, demonstrations were held in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Why do you think Jyoti’s attack in particular ignited such an outpouring of outrage and activism?

RY: In a nutshell, My ADVAIR experience, I think one of the major reasons why Jyoti’s attack became a trigger for public outrage in these countries is that it comes at a point in history in these countries when people are slowly by surely gaining more education and have simply had enough of the entrenched and stark inequalities that relegate women to second-class status and which leave them constantly experiencing (or being threatened by) violence against them just because they were born female.

I’d say that the most important thing that Jyoti’s death did was provide people in these countries with a focal point for local anti-VAW activism. Oft-times, horrendous VAW cases may light the fuse of outrage but rarely does it provoke widespread public action, buy ADVAIR online cod. This is what is so astounding about Jyoti’s case – that it was the catalyst for widespread public protests.

I just wish that this did not come at the cost of Jyoti’s life (or any other woman’s life, for that matter), ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER.

9. ADVAIR from canada, MK: Jyoti Singh Pandey was incredibly brave and her death a tragedy. How can we take steps to prevent another senseless tragedy?

RY: Most individuals will find the issue of Violence Against Women (VAW) absolutely overwhelming, discouraging and uncomfortable because VAW is a very ugly and culturally entrenched and condoned form of human rights abuse in most, if not all cultures. It is so easy and convenient to think: ‘What can I do anyway. ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER, I am just one person!’ and just shut it all out and not bother at all.

However, the key to preventing further tragedies is for individuals and communities to take action to stop the violence and change the social and cultural norms that condone VAW. Any government can pass law after law but if it isn’t implemented and practiced on the grassroots level, it’s pretty much useless.

A good place for most people to begin taking action to stop the violence is to acknowledge that VAW exists and that it is not a “women’s issue” but a family and community issue that affects everyone on some level. With at least 1 in 3 women and girls worldwide experiencing some kind of VAW at some point in their lives, all of us do have victims and survivors in our social circles – they could be your mother, your sister, your daughter, your friend.

The next step after acknowledgement is to never remain silent when you are witness to misogyny or VAW, ADVAIR OVER THE COUNTER. Misogyny feeds the gender inequalities that propagate VAW and VAW literally costs lives as we have seen in the case Jyoti and so many other women. Summon up your courage to speak out, take action and get support from others to intervene.

And if you catch yourself thinking: “My one action isn’t going to change anything,” just remember: every action, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant it seems, is yet another contribution to stopping violence against women.

10. MK: What is the message or lesson from the contest you hope people take away?

RY: As with all our campaigns, we hope that the YouTube Cover Carnival will send out a loud and clear message that Violence Against Women needs to stop and that there are positive steps that individuals and communities can take to do so.

We also hope that by dedicating the Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival to Jyoti, we will remind people that VAW is a pressing human rights issue with fatal consequences for the women and girls in our communities if it remains unaddressed and unchecked.

The Pixel Project's Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival contest runs until 9PM EST, March 7, 2013.


Photo credit The Pixel Project..



Jessica Chastain as Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Originally published at Bitch Flicks NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, . Cross-posted with permission.| Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Driven, relentless, bad-ass women in film always hold a special place in my heart. NOLVADEX brand name, Ripley from Alien and Aliens, Patty Hewes from Damages, Carrie Mathison from Homeland. Maya, the female protagonist of Zero Dark Thirty, online buying NOLVADEX, is no exception. But can a film be feminist if it depicts horrific violations of human rights?

Played effortlessly by Jessica Chastain, Maya is a smart, Buy NOLVADEX online no prescription, tenacious and perceptive CIA analyst who navigates the 10-year hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Intense and focused, she relentlessly pursues her work with one singular goal: finding bin Laden, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. Unyielding, she refuses to give up. She’s a cinematic version of Carrie Mathison. Interestingly both women have an irrefutable compass when it comes to being right, NOLVADEX recreational. They boldly trust and follow their uncanny instincts.

Zero Dark Thirty is riveting, fascinating and jarring. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, It assaults the senses with evocative images, haunting music, booming explosions and chilling 911 calls on 9/11. Powerful and exquisitely crafted by Kathryn Bigelow, Buy no prescription NOLVADEX online, it is unrelenting in its vision.

As Candice Frederick asserts, Maya anchors and propels the film. With a woman at the center of this story, it’s hard not to question gender. Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t overtly discuss gender politics, real brand NOLVADEX online, as Bigelow points out. Yet it reveals gender dynamics in subtle and important ways.

In the beginning of the film, Maya appears queasy about torture. Yet she refuses to turn away, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. NOLVADEX price, coupon, When Dan (Jason Clarke), another CIA analyst, says she can watch the interrogation on video, she insists on being in the room. Early on, order NOLVADEX from mexican pharmacy, a colleague calls her a “killer,” a moniker that doesn’t quite seem to fit her composed demeanor and soft-spoken voice. Or is that supposed to challenge our stereotypical gender assumptions. NOLVADEX forum, But it certainly fits as the film progresses.

Jessica Chastain as Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

We witness a hyper-masculine environment in which Maya’s boss George (Mark Strong) slams his fist on the desk screaming at CIA analysts, “I want targets. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, Do your fucking jobs. Bring me people to kill.” After years in the field, after her friends have died, after relentlessly pursuing bin Laden, NOLVADEX recreational, Maya swears, screams at a superior and boldly tells the CIA Director (James Gandolfini) in a room full of men, “I'm the motherfucker that found this place, About NOLVADEX, sir.” Inoo Kang asserts this one statement draws attention to her gender: “anyone can be a motherfucker, man or woman – just like anyone can find bin Laden.” Does she adopt stereotypical masculine behavior to adapt. Or is her aggression merely a manifestation of her frustration and obsession. Or is she merely a bundle of contradictions, like most people?

Writer Katey Rich said she was fascinated how Maya’s “femininity is never talked about out loud, NOLVADEX coupon, but influences everything she does and the way her colleagues react to her.” All of the male colleagues and superiors refer to her as the infantilizing term “girl” rather than “woman.” Yet Maya engenders enormous respect from her colleagues and superiors. Two times in the film, a superior asks one of Maya’s colleagues if she’s up for the job. In each instance, she’s described as “a killer” and “intelligent,” although James Gandolfini as the CIA Director dismisses that assertion by saying, “We’re all intelligent.” A Navy SEAL trusts Maya’s judgment on bin Laden’s location because of her unwavering confidence.

One of the best things about having a female director, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. Is NOLVADEX safe, Not only do we see an intelligent and complex female protagonist. We also see female friendship. Passing the Bechdel Test, we see Maya and her colleague and friend Jessica (Jennifer Ehle) debate, strategize, where can i buy cheapest NOLVADEX online, unwind and challenge each other. Reinforcing their friendship with a visual cue, Maya’s screensaver on her computer is a picture of her and Jessica.

Jennifer Ehle as Jessica in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

After Maya becomes convinced that a vital lead is dead, Fast shipping NOLVADEX, it’s young analyst Debbie (Jessica Collins) who makes a crucial discovery through researching old files. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, She tells Maya that she’s been her inspiration. It was nice to see female admiration and camaraderie, even if Maya is too busy, too focused on work to acknowledge her compliment.

When Jessica asks Maya if she has a boyfriend or is sleeping with a co-worker, Maya firmly tells her no, NOLVADEX schedule. Jessica encourages her to get a little somethin’ somethin’ to take the edge off. She says, “I’m not that girl that fucks – it’s unbecoming.” Now I’m not exactly thrilled with that statement. Buy cheap NOLVADEX, But I’m delighted Maya isn’t defined by her relationship to a man. She defines herself.

Some have called Zero Dark Thirtya feminist epic” based on “the real women of the CIA." But it’s also been criticized for its perpetuation of the Lone Wolf Heroine trope, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. When asked about the role of Maya’s gender, Bigelow – who was pleasantly surprised to discover how many women were involved in the CIA’s search for bin Laden – said “the beauty of the narrative” is that Maya is “defined by her dedication, her courage, her fearlessness.

Jessica Chastain as Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

I'm honestly not entirely sure if Zero Dark Thirty is a feminist film, online buy NOLVADEX without a prescription. But with its subtle gender commentary, female friendship, and female protagonist who’s defined by her actions rather than her appearance or her relationships, NOLVADEX no prescription, it’s hard for me to say it’s not.

Bigelow is a talented filmmaker who made an exceptional film. Which is why it’s shocking she didn’t receive an Oscar nomination. Kathryn Bigelow has continually faced sexism, whether it’s with asshat writer Bret Easton Ellis calling her overrated because she’s “hot,” or by not being awarded an Oscar nomination, buy NOLVADEX online cod, despite winning numerous film awards. It’s also unfortunate because the Academy so rarely nominates directors of women-centric films.

Only 4 women have ever been nominated for a Best Director Oscar: Lina Wertmüller (Seven Beauties NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, ), Jane Campion (The Piano), Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation) and Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). Out of these 4, only the Piano was female-centric. NOLVADEX over the counter, Bigelow is the only woman to ever win. Ever.

Did the Academy ignore Kathryn Bigelow because of sexism. Did they not want to honor a female director twice. Or was it because of the raging shitstorm of controversy regarding the film’s depiction of torture, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. Or was it because of the pending Senate investigation. And would the Senate have even investigated Zero Dark Thirty had it been directed by a man, generic NOLVADEX. I have a sneaking suspicion that sexism resides at the root of each of these questions.

Jessica Chastain as Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Many have raised the question whether Zero Dark Thirty excuses or glorifies or endorses torture while others have refuted these claims, arguing it depicts but doesn’t defend torture or is ambiguous in its stance. Some of the same people who didn’t give two shits about torture and halting human rights atrocities in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo -- including Senator John McCain, NOLVADEX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, himself a torture survivor with a “spotty record on torture” as he speaks out against torture yet votes in favor of it -- are the same vocalizing outrage over Zero Dark Thirty.

Both Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have vehemently denied the film being an endorsement of torture. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, Yet Bigelow has been called a Nazi making propaganda, “torture’s handmaiden” as well as having “zero conscience.”Wow. That’s ridiculously harsh, don’t you think. While I’m all for critiquing art, as Stephen Colbert (of all people!) pointed out, ordering NOLVADEX online, why are we railing against a filmmaker rather than the government who still hasn’t fully investigated the use of torture in the War on Terror?

Now does depicting horrific atrocities equate approval. Absolutely not. Films like The Accused and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo portray rape graphically yet exist to combat victim-blaming rape culture. What matters is in the film’s portrayal.

Zero Dark Thirty does not shy away from graphic depictions of torture, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. NOLVADEX pharmacy, Bigelow said that while she wished torture “was not part of that history,” it was. Within the first 20 minutes, we witness detainee Ammar (Reda Kateb) waterboarded, is NOLVADEX addictive, beaten, humiliated, starved, Buy NOLVADEX no prescription, sleep deprived, stress positions by being forced into a tiny box, disoriented with lights and heavy metal music, and walked around with a collar and a chain like a dog. Later, NOLVADEX samples, we see other detainees in jumpsuits with wounds and scars. The abuse is horrifying and disturbing to watch. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, It's repulsive to see the culmination of the racist, xenophobic colonialism that spurred the use of torture against Muslim Arabs.

Torture does not yield accurate information. Yet Dan repeatedly says to Ammar, NOLVADEX natural, “You lie, I hurt you.” When Ammar begs Maya for help, she tells him, “You can help yourself by telling the truth.” Not only does it subvert our gendered assumptions that she would be sympathetic to him. It puts the onus on the tortured detainees, NOLVADEX australia, uk, us, usa, not on the racist atrocities committed by government officials.

Jessica Chastain as Maya and Christopher Stanley as Admiral Bill McCraven in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

But Zero Dark Thirty also shows the inefficacy of torture. When Ammar is put into the box, he lies that he doesn’t know if there will be another attack. Cheap NOLVADEX, And yet we quickly see an attack in Saudi Arabia. We see CIA analysts uncovering intelligence without torture, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. After Ammar has been abused, demoralized and dehumanized repeatedly for months (years?), Maya and Dan eventually treat him with a modicum of decency and respect. Only then does he finally provide accurate and vital information.

Most tellingly, kjøpe NOLVADEX på nett, köpa NOLVADEX online, Dan says he’s leaving as he no longer can torture people. He says he wants to go to DC and do something “normal.” He warns Maya not to be “the last one holding a dog collar when the oversight committee comes.” This sense of awareness doesn’t acquit Dan’s or Maya’s actions. But it does convey that Dan knows that torture is fundamentally wrong.

But Zero Dark Thirty also portrays characters who repeatedly say that they can’t do their job without torture -- or as they put it “enhanced interrogation techniques” -- even after finding leads without torture and even after torture fails to stop terrorist attacks, NOLVADEX description, which undercuts the message that torture is ineffective and reprehensible. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, It frames torture more as a Machiavellian means to an end: it’s not pleasant but still kinda necessary. But maybe that’s the point -- to showcase the traditional thinking of the CIA in how to obtain intelligence, even when everything points in the opposite direction.While it certainly doesn’t condone torture, sadly Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t outright condemn human rights atrocities either.

It is this back and forth, this ambiguous juxtaposition of narratives and views that makes it difficult to analyze and open to interpretation, buy NOLVADEX online no prescription. Zero Dark Thirty has been called a “reverse Rohrsach test” where everyone will see in it “something they would rather not see, but no one can agree on what's wrong.” Take the opening: some will see it as inciting fear and terror while others (aka me) will see it as transporting us back to that time, reminding us why we as a nation reacted – right or wrong – the way we did. NOLVADEX steet value, Bigelow herself said “there's certainly a moral complexity to that 10-year hunt” for bin Laden. Bigelow and Boal didn’t spell everything out for us and “didn’t spoon-feed their opinions to the audience in a way that made for easy digestion.” They expect us to complete the puzzle for ourselves.

Jessica Chastain as Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

However, the biggest clue as to the film’s overall stance appears in its finale. Zero Dark Thirty may not criticize torture as much as it could or should, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. But that doesn’t mean it panders to politics. Rather it questions the course the U.S. has taken. It makes a bold and damning statement critiquing post-9/11 failures and the emptiness of the War on Terror. NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER, When bin Laden’s compound is invaded and he’s killed, it’s a taut and suspenseful albeit disturbing sequence. In the end, there’s no rejoicing, no celebration.

The last image we see is Maya, alone shedding silent tears. She allows herself a much-needed emotional release. While she should be satisfied at the culmination of her life’s work, pain tinges this moment. Lost and forlorn, she doesn’t know where to go next.

Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t provide any easy answers. Rather it asks complex questions, NOLVADEX OVER THE COUNTER. Like any masterful work of art, it challenges us and pushes us, at times in uncomfortable ways. It forces us to look at ourselves as a nation, to our collective pain and to our response to tragedy. Zero Dark Thirty essentially asks us if it was all worth it. It asks how we can move forward. Just like Maya, where do we go from here?





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Emotionally distraught from losing custody of her son and running out of options to earn a living to win him back, single mother Ashley (Abbie Cornish) becomes desperate when she loses her job at a local Austin megastore. So when the risky opportunity arises to become a coyote—smuggling illegal immigrants over the Texas border—she takes it. The harrowing experience results in unforeseen rewards and consequences, TRICYCLEN natural, as Ashley forges an intense bond with a young Mexican girl who forces her to confront her past, accept the mistakes she's made, TRICYCLEN pharmacy, and look to the future.

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La Rafle
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This film is the story of the infamous Vel’ d’Hiv roundup in 1942 when French police carried out an extensive raid on Jews in greater Paris, resulting in the arrest of more than 13, TRICYCLEN australia, uk, us, usa,000 people -- including 4,000 children. Told from the perspective of the children and the nurse who cared for them, this is an emotionally astute and sensitive exploration of a long taboo subject in France -- one that caused former French President Jacques Chirac to issue a public apology in 1995.


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WONDER WOMEN. The Untold Story of American Superheroines 
Director: Kristy Guevera-Flanagan
Run Time: 62 minutes
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Tracing the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman and superheroines in film from the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s to the blockbusters of today, WONDER WOMEN!examines how popular representations of women reflect society’s anxieties about women’s power and liberation. Goes behind the scenes with Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, comic writers and artists, and real life superheroines as well.


Shorts Program 1
Shorts Program 2
Shorts Program 3
Works in Progress


A Hollywood Conversation with Gale Anne Hurd

Hear from this year’s winner of the Athena Film Festival’s Laura Ziskin Lifetime Achievement Award, Gale Anne Hurd, as she discusses her career and experience as one of the industry’s most respected and innovative film and television producers. Hurd has developed and produced films that routinely garner Academy Award nominations, and TV programs that win Emmys and shatter ratings records. She has carved out a leading position in the male-dominated world of the blockbuster, and become a recognized creator of iconic cultural touchstones including the blockbuster cable hit, The Walking Dead, and such iconic films as The TerminatorAliensThe Abyss and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, BUY TRICYCLEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

In Her Voice: Women Directors Talk Directing 

In Her Voice is the first book to ever take the words and experiences of celebrated women film directors and put their voices front and center. This unique volume of interviews presents more than 40 feature and documentary directors from around the world including Debra Granik (Winter’s Bone), Courtney Hunt (Frozen River), Callie Khouri (Mad Money), Sally Potter (Rage), Lone Scherfig (An Education) and Lynn Shelton (Humpday).

Sundance Institute Presents: Women Directors in Independent Film

The Sundance Institute has partnered with Women and Film to examine the submissions and selections for the Sundance Film Festival and for Sundance Institute Feature Film and Documentary Film Programs to determine whether gender makes a difference. After examining data from multiple years, the research identifies systemic obstacles that hinder women directors at key stages in their independent film careers. The research was released at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Keri Putnam, Executive Director of the Sundance Institute will participate in the discussion.




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