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Soraya writes about gender, feminism, and culture for The Huffington Post, RHReality Check, and Alternet, and has appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation and Sirius XM radio. Her work brings academic feminism into mainstream critiques of pop culture through satire and news analysis. She is interested in how systems of oppression are transmitted to children via media and religious cultures. She has a BA in History from Georgetown University, where she founded the feminist undergraduate journal The New Press. Soraya tweets from @schemaly.

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If you don’t like “Rape Culture” then focus for a minute on sex and status

Last week saw two media flare-ups related to how we think and talk about rape. The first erupted over a statement made by Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) to the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault. The organization urged the task force to avoid the “unfortunate trend towards blaming ‘rape culture.’ Although […]

What is The Wage Gap is Costing You Every Day?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570"] Illustration credit: Tri Vo, PolicyMic[/caption] This piece was co-authored by Elizabeth Plank, Executive Social Editor at PolicyMic. You can reach her at @feministabulous. What would happen if we finally wage gap disappeared? We know women would be making more money, but how much more would they be bringing home? By now, you’ve […]

On A Random Day in the US There Are More Than 66,000 Requests for Help Escaping Domestic Violence

On September 17, 2013, the National Network to End Domestic Violence took a random snapshot of requests coming in to domestic violence shelters and resources across the country. On that day, 66,581 requests for help were made by people living with abuse. There were 20,000 calls made to hotlines — that’s one every 14 minutes. Nearly TEN THOUSAND (9,641) requests for […]


Trigger warning for sexual assault and strong language. Portions of this post originally appeared in Salon.

Between 20-25% of women and 3% of men will experience an attempted or completed sexual assault in college BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, . A girl has roughly the same chance of being sexually assaulted during college, one in four/five, Order ACOMPLIA from United States pharmacy, as she does of getting the fluduring an  average year.

Given these statistics, virtually any college town could be called a college rape capital. Everyone knows that, where can i buy cheapest ACOMPLIA online, on campuses especially, alcohol is often a factor. Buy ACOMPLIA without prescription, Eighty percent of cases reported (which is only 5% of the total estimated number) involve alcohol. What they are less likely to know is how frequently alcohol is used by rapists; that despite a reduction of rape nationally, sexual assault rates on campuses have not changed in 50 years; and that the Center for Public Integrity has documented widespread victim-blaming and repeated institutional failures, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. All of this is true 27 years after a family whose daughter was raped and murdered in her college dorm room in 1986 founded the Clery Center for Security On Campus. 

So, this is the environment in which the Daiquiri Factory, a bar in Spokane, online ACOMPLIA without a prescription, Washington (a city with at least 10 colleges and universities) recently decided to namea drink "Grape Date Kool Aid." Because punny allusions to a people being sexually violated are so witty. Last weekend, ACOMPLIA images, more than 100 people gathered to protest the name and ask that rape be treated seriously. What the hell is wrong with feminists. Can't we give it a rest. BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Instead of changing the name of the drink, the bar announced, in so much lie-back-and-enjoy-it logic: "We just think everyone simply needs a little daiquiri therapy."


The thing about the bar, however, is that it probably understands its prospective customers all too well. A whole lot of teenagers arrive at college thinking that dehumanizing women and making light of sexual assault is a source of status and entertainment. Take, ordering ACOMPLIA online, for example, the young man who wrote this email at William and Mary a few weeks ago:

There's beer to be drunk, Buy ACOMPLIA online no prescription, porn to view, and sluts to fuck. Let me reiterate that last point: sluts are everywhere... That vagina needs you, buy ACOMPLIA no prescription. Never mind the extremities that surround it, the 99% of horrendously illogical bullshit that makes up the modern woman, ACOMPLIA used for, consider only the 1%, the snatch." He didn't stop there because apparently that wasn't clear enough. "See some riding boots, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Some uggs. A hideous pair of rain boots without a cloud in sight, cheap ACOMPLIA. Now, raise your gaze from the footwear up, Comprar en línea ACOMPLIA, comprar ACOMPLIA baratos, allow your eyes to wander from the feet up the long and slender legs of the lesser sex until finally you arrive at God's greatest gift: the box.

This puerile drivel was titled "Life, love and pussy." After this email, framed as a "Save the Sluts" community service project, was leaked, ACOMPLIA coupon, the fraternity that he belonged toissued an apology and outlined disciplinary actions. The administration issuedstatements and this past week held a town hall meeting, ACOMPLIA interactions, attended by an estimated 700 students, to discuss rape culture.

William and Mary is not unique in any way. While the student there wrote about women as  BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, manipulable, inert sex toys, stripped of voices and autonomy, he did not explicitly mention rape as many of these students, in examples spanning the past few years, did:

    • A group of male students at Georgia Tech received an email signed "In luring rapebait" instructing them to, among other things, grab women "on the hips with your 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick."

    • At Miami University of Ohio someone thought it was a good idea hang a poster titled "Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape," which closed with, "If your [sic] afraid the girl might identify you slit her throat."

    • A University of Vermont fraternity surveyed members with this question: "If you could rape someone, who would it be?"

    • At USC boys released a Gullet Report ("gullet" defined as "a target's throat capacity and it's [sic] ability to gobble cock. If a target is known to have a good gullet, it can deep-throat dick extremely well.) For good measure they added some overtly racist material as well.

    • A woman filed a lawsuit against Wesleyan University citing a fraternity known on campus as the "rape factory."

    • Yale fraternity took photos of members holding up signs reading, ACOMPLIA samples, "We love Yale sluts." Another fraternity had fun running around campus singing, "No means yes. ACOMPLIA schedule, Yes means anal!"

    • At Amherst, a fraternity had t-shirts made depicting a woman wearing only a bra and a thong. She was bruised and had an apple stuffed into her mouth, bound to a split and being roasted over a fire, ACOMPLIA overnight. The caption read, "Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847."

Nor is this limited to the United States:

    • The Durham rugby club was reprimanded last Fall for playing an "It's not rape if..." drinking game on campus. They'd already been prohibited from playing competitively after members dressed up like Jimmy Savile, Buy ACOMPLIA from canada, a popular media figure who molested more than 1,000 victims.

    • At St Mary's University in Canada, more than 80 students sang "Y is for 'Your sister,' O is for 'Oh so tight, order ACOMPLIA online c.o.d,' U is for 'Underage,' N is for 'No consent, What is ACOMPLIA, ' G is for 'Grab that ass,'" during an orientation event.

    • At Wales' Cardiff Metropolitan University a poster for orientation week eventsfeatured a man wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the text: "I was raping a woman last night and she cried."

These are just examples of rape as entertainment, and not of actual rapes and theirbotched investigations or damaging and tragic effectsOccidentalEmerson, ACOMPLIA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, theUniversity of North Carolina,  University of Connecticut, ACOMPLIA steet value, Yale, Dartmouth, (andSwarthmore itself) are all currently involved in very public Title IX complaints for allegedly mishandling sexual assault cases, mishandling that creates environments of institutional tolerance for rape and hostility against victims. Many more are grappling with how to avoid the same and manage an environment where 18-year-olds arrive with ideas that are unpalatable to a pluralistic and civil society, ACOMPLIA treatment.

Boys arrive at schools thinking that they can discuss women's "rape potential" with impunity for a reason, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. As a matter of fact, they feel that rape banter and worse, ACOMPLIA photos, likeposting rape videos online, are ways to gain status. The notion that rape is a serious crime for which they can be held responsible seems not to have entered their heads.

In the United Kingdom, the toxic and sexist expression that permeates schools is euphemistically called "lad culture." What do we call ours, ACOMPLIA pics. I'd suggest "Boy Crisis," but that's already taken and people are super busy trying to make sure that we create elementary schools that "let boys be boys" so that our pronounced gender gap in self-regulation is maintained instead of eliminated. ACOMPLIA no rx, But, whatever, moving right along. BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, What will it take for our mainstream culture to teach children that it is unacceptable to talk about and treat other human beings in these ways. There are ways for boys to express their masculinity, ACOMPLIA natural, create fraternal bonds and explore their sexuality that do not turn girls and women into "boxes," "gullets, Online buying ACOMPLIA, " "snatches," "pussies," "asses," and "sluts." I know I didn't have to write those words, ACOMPLIA from canada. If they feel assaultive, that's because they are assaultive. Purchase ACOMPLIA online no prescription, This is very obviously hostile and demeaning to womenbecause they are women.

The amazing thing is how much resistance there is to challenging these behaviors on the basis of their misogyny. Neither of the two William and Mary statements, for example, used the words sexism or misogyny, instead opting for "derogatory," "hostile" and "unacceptable," generalized words that are part of our unwillingness to confront the problem at hand, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. When boys having a "bit of fun" are confronted with objections they and many adults around them seem genuinely shocked and feel as though their "rights" are being challenged. It's too rich, ACOMPLIA without a prescription.

A few months ago at Swarthmore College, a fraternity pledge posted a photograph on Instagram of his offer to join a fraternity. ACOMPLIA reviews, The picture was of a booklet cover featuring a mosaic of hundreds of naked or nearly naked women. BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, The fraternity had used this format for several years, but this year a group of students led by senior Marian Firke protested the use of the photography. Swarthmore's dean of students agreed with protesters and took steps to address their concerns. Firke was assailed online by men who, after some throwaway "feminist cunt" ramblings, no prescription ACOMPLIA onlinedescribed her as a "Stupid girl who stick[s] [her] opinions where they do not belong," suggested that "somebody needs to send their pledges over to fuck the bitch" and said that she "deserved to be face raped so hard that she will be incapable of spewing any more of this bullshit." This is an abuse of speech that is discriminatory and meant to silence. ACOMPLIA price, It does ZERO to support the principles that free speech is meant to protect and enhance and, indeed, definitively degrades them.

As with the William and Mary email, ACOMPLIA no prescription, no one at the Swarthmore fraternity advocated or suggested rape. But anyone who thinks that emails and photographs like these do not increase tolerance for rape, create a hostile educational environment for girls and women on campuses and negatively impact their ability to move freely and attend to their studies is deluding themselves, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Additionally, ACOMPLIA mg, not only do these words and medianormalize sexism and violence against women, but they endanger boys and men by perpetuating myths that only girls and women can be sexual assault victims.

This could not be simpler: If we want campuses to be safe places for everyone, and if we want male students not to become "accidental rapists," we have to teach little boys and girls that women, as a class, are worthy of respect and have rights, something that is not happening now.  At the very least, as a first step, if we have make treating rape like a joke socially unacceptable.

Girls may no longer be scrawling the names of serial rapists on the walls of bathroom stalls in school libraries, but yet, here we are, living with unsafe college campuses and a culture where young men -- and no small number of women -- think rape is funny. There are many initiatives to change campus culture. Some are based on consent, others on sex ed and others on forcing schools to fulfill their obligations to all students equally. There is a thriving Know Your IX national movement and President Obama just announced the creation of a task force to help universities develop best practices for dealing with sexual assault on college campuses. It is as clear as mid-summer Arctic daylight that our "teachable moments" have to happen way before people get to college.

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Photo Credit US Department of Education via Creative Commons .



Brit Hume thinks Chris Christie is paying for a "feminized atmosphere ULTRAM FOR SALE, ," in which his naturally tough guy (read: male) behavior has been erroneously cast as bullying. Meanwhile, the NY Post's film critic Kyle Smith's take on the Golden Globes was that there was just "too much estrogren." These are just this weekend's examples of men having a hard time-sharing culture.  Sounds an awful lot like my 3-year-old brother, Buy ULTRAM no prescription, who used to chant, "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine, ULTRAM FOR SALE. Mine!!!"

"Guys [like Christie] who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, ULTRAM no prescription, kind of old-fashioned tough guys," explains Hume, "Run some risks." Like being considered massive jerks. Where can i order ULTRAM without prescription, Feminists and women are ruining the fun that people have being thuggish and getting away with it. All that being required to be civil, polite, empathetic and considerate is so horribly emasculating.  If only women would stop talking so much.

Smith, ULTRAM dose, in the meantime, thinks that the Globes should have just been called "Girls." Eww. ULTRAM FOR SALE, The event, he explains, "was a deep dive into a pool of estrogen." This is unsurprising, but his response is not uncommon when it comes to perceptions of gender and visibility.  This is like my friend, with whom I share a great liking for many HBO series that are almost uniformly dominated by men's stories, explaining without a shred of irony that "Orange is the New Black" simply has too many women for him to be interested in watching.


You can't argue with the way people feel. Online ULTRAM without a prescription, Hume and Smith are not my dinner companions, however and you can argue against perpetuating destructive myths. Between them, Fox News and the New York Post reach tens of millions of people who have just been misinformed by poor framing and false equivalencies.

The Globes red carpet and crowd shots suggested a nice gender parity, ULTRAM used for, everyone seemed to have a spouse or a date, usually of the opposite sex. There were a lot of glamorous and talented women, ULTRAM FOR SALE. And they talked. ULTRAM without a prescription, Horrors.

But, the night was a celebration of an industry in which women are remarkably discriminated against, hypersexualized, and subjected to double standards regarding how they look, ULTRAM samples, age, paid and invested in. Yes, Online buying ULTRAM, there's that uncomfortable phrase, "discriminated against."

First, let's put Smith's disgust in context. ULTRAM FOR SALE, He makes the miserly complaint that Sandra "Bullock had ten times as much screen time as her costar, Clooney being reduced to playing her coach." This is the perfect example of how this works.  It is a ridiculous distortion of the facts to suggest some sort of equivalence between opportunities for women and men to play lead roles in Hollywood.  What Kyle is actually saying, with a straight face, that even one film out of 250, in which a woman is the protagonist and a man is supportive is JUST TOO MUCH. Clooney himself has pointed this gender imbalance out.

Consider these statistics from Women and Hollywood, ULTRAM dangers, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the Writers Guild of America, The Representation Project, Comprar en línea ULTRAM, comprar ULTRAM baratos, and USC's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism five year study, Gender Equality in 500 Popular Films:

  • In 2012, men were 95.6 percent of directors, 91.8 percent of writers, and 80 percent of producers, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. This is a behind the screen ratio of 5 men to every 1 woman behind the camera.

  • Just 16.7 percent of the 1,228 directors, writers, Effects of ULTRAM, and producers of the top-grossing 100 films of 2012 were women.

  • Of 2012's 4,475 speaking characters on screen only 28.4 percent were female. No one has done a word count, but I can guarantee you that the ratio of substantive content is even more deplorable.

  • Only 6 percent of the top-grossing films in 2012 featured a balanced cast.

  • The top 500 movies showed a ratio of 2.51 males to every 1 female on screen.

  • Only 2 of the 10 best picture nominees had stories primarily about women and almost all failed the Bechdel Test -- the most basic test of even just the presence of women, not even of stories that feature progressive stories about women.

  • Exactly ZERO women were nominated in directing or writing categories for film.

  • Only 4 percent of films currently slated for release in 2014 are directed by women.

  • All of this takes place in an environment where racial and ethnic diversity is also deplorable, ULTRAM photos.  Kerry Washington remains the first woman to play the lead in a television drama in almost 40 years.

  • Despite some really amazing female characters on television today, women made up only 18.6 percent of executive producers for television shows in 2011-12, men of all ethnic/racial backgrounds combined, made up 81.4 percent.

  • Ten percent of all shows on television have NO women or minority writers and a third have no minority writers at all.

  • Only 24 percent of TV pipeline pilots for 2012 had at least one woman writer

It is in this context that Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and every other woman in television and film, works, ULTRAM FOR SALE. This not because we have an excess of estrogen or because women aren't interested, or talented, or ambitious. Buy ULTRAM from mexico, It's because we have systemic problems with misogyny and sexism and those problems inform how money is distributed and to whom; whose stories are told and how.  Seriously, the man was really complaining of too much estrogen.

Likewise, Hume's casual concerns about "feminized atmosphere." In the context being discussed, fast shipping ULTRAM, Hume was referring to the tiptoeing that men like Christie have to engage in to avoid media fiascos like the one he's currently embroiled in.  Media is hardly a "feminized atmosphere."  According to the Women's Media Center 2013 Status of Women in Media Report ULTRAM FOR SALE, , the Fourth Estate Project, The Op-Ed Project, American University's Women and Politics Institute, Media Matters for America, the Columbia Journalism Review, and Vida:

    • Men outnumbered women in front-page byline coverage of the 2012 presidential elections at top newspapers by an almost 3 to 1 margin.

    • On Sunday morning talk shows, like the one that Brit Hume specializes in, one survey found that only 25 percent of guests were female. Another concluded that only 14 percent of those interviewed and 29 percent of roundtable guests.

    • Radio is similarly dominated by male opinions and voices.

    • Women are concentrated in "pink collar" areas in both new and old guard media food, family, ULTRAM from mexico, furniture and fashion.

    • In television, male directors outnumbered females 4 to 1 in a review of 3,100 episodes of prime-time  television, broadcast and cable

    • In newsrooms, women's participation has remained static, ULTRAM street price, at roughly 36.5%, since 1999.

    • White men write 80% of all major publication op-eds. For example, Canada, mexico, india, a review of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal shows that just one-half of one percent of op-eds were written by Latinos; For The Washington Post, that number was 0 percent. Among those publications, Asian Americans wrote an average of 2 percent; African Americans roughly 5 percent.

    • The 2013 VIDA count charts of women writers have to be seen to be believed they are so shameful.

    • And, lest we forget, what is ULTRAM, our story telling biases start in childhood literature.


This is not to disparage the fantastic work that male journalists and writers, producers and directors do. But, men apparently really cannot stop talking, ULTRAM FOR SALE. ULTRAM duration, They just want to share what they think and want us to listen and like it. Huh. Imagine that.

It's useful to remember that corporate boards and Congress are similarly composed. ULTRAM FOR SALE, No one is running around talking about masculinized spaces that intimidate and disturb women. Those are just our norms, ULTRAM coupon, so suck it up, ladies.

But, Where can i buy cheapest ULTRAM online, you know what's really interesting about these numbers. Despite long debunked myths about women talking more than men, and too much, there is good evidence showing a marked tendency in dialog for a minority of men to take over conversation. They do this in the actual amount of talking being done and through intimidation expressed in tone and rhetoric, online buying ULTRAM hcl. One lingers on the brain in particular: early research about how men and women communicate and interact online, ULTRAM FOR SALE. Published in 1993 in the journal Gender And Democracy In Computer-Mediated Communication, Susan C. Herring documented these patterns and argued that these tendencies create a type of censorship by making the kind of diverse, Cheap ULTRAM, public discourse that this necessary for true democracy impossible. Her findings are reinforced by dozens of studies and the reality of our media statistics, which are like personal interactions writ large and systematized.

Here's a fascinating and helpful little tidbit to mull over.  Herring's work indicated that when women talked just 30% of the time, men thought that were dominating.  I just love that.  More recently, ULTRAM maximum dosage, a 2012 study published in the American Political Science Review, conducted by researchers at Brigham Young and Princeton, confirmed the ways in which women in minority positions are silenced and their opinions disregarded. As researchers put it ULTRAM FOR SALE, , "Having a seat at the table (and for women it's still generally one seat in 12) is very different from having a voice." In the majority of groups they studied -- across a diversity of industries, the duration of time that women spoke was significantly less than their proportional representation and amounted to less than 75 percent of the total time time that men spoke. Where can i buy ULTRAM online, What Kyle, Hume and the entire Fox network are expressing is more than just variations on #Maleproverbs that insist women talk too much. First, they demonstrate a profound disinterest in a reality in which male voices overwhelmingly dominate.  Second, their opinions are a gross, misleading distortions of this reality that degrade public discourse, buy ULTRAM online no prescription. It's barely a hop, skip and a jump away from the Sex Pistol's Johnny Rotten's honest remark to an Australian woman newscaster, "Now listen, ULTRAM dosage, when a man is talking, do not interrupt."

Kyle goes on to explain that Poehler and Fey engaged in the "tiresome defense mechanism of female nightclub comics to make it all about gender before their hecklers can." You know what's tiresome. SEXISM is tiresome. SEXIST HECKLERS are tiresome. SEXIST media commentators are tiresome, ULTRAM FOR SALE. We, ULTRAM long term, women, are tired and have every right to be.

When Fey and Poehler dropped their funny and deadpan joke about Clooney's inability to date anyone his own age ("'Gravity' is nominated for best film. ULTRAM interactions, It's the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.") it was a direct reference to Seth MacFarlane's disturbing and offensive joke about Clooney and nine-year old Quvenzhane Wallis at the Oscars.  When they mocked penises and prosthetics, they were dishing out, in pointed parody, the ridiculously sexist and uncomfortable commentary on women's bodies. McFarlane's little ditty "We Saw Your Breasts," last February set the tone by immediately reducing women to their boobs, purchase ULTRAM online.  My only criticism of their performance is that, calibrated consciously or not to the Oscar debacle, it played by the very rules that they were challenging. ULTRAM FOR SALE, But really, it was a response to working, day in and day out, with casual sexism and subjected to double standards. ULTRAM alternatives, As for Hume, he expressed an understanding that I believe many boys and men feel: concern that they will do or say something that will "make you look like a sexist or make you look like you seem thuggish or whatever." This is a legitimate worry, this confusion, and something that I often hear expressed. But expressing it in the way he did is part of the problem and a frequent Fox News habit, buy ULTRAM from canada. Fox is singularly obsessed with the dangers of "feminization." The issue is not that men have been emasculated by feminists or are disoriented by a "feminized" environment. It's that we haven't taught boys why it's ok and important to adapt.  It is that we fail, time and again, Buy generic ULTRAM, and for decades, to entertain serious questions about masculinity as culturally informed. Our media (excuse me, just clearing my throat a bit) continues to rigidly refuse to discuss the ways in which American ideas of masculinity have failed to adapt to our changing society, economy and culture, ULTRAM FOR SALE. That's not feminization, it's stubborn and destructive nostalgia for uncontested dominance.

There are no shortage of people that feel put upon by the reality that women have ideas and ambitions and the right and ability to express themselves publicly. What is truly shocking though is a superficial defensiveness and calculated know-nothingness that accompanies their resentment. Nor is this a man v. woman problem. There are many men who understand justice and fairness and women, perfectly capable of expressing sexism and racism, who don't.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to spend a lovely evening listening to a panel try and figure out, very timely, "Why are Women Missing from the News.".

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People are up in arms because a 6-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended for "planting a kiss" on a girl in his class INDERAL FOR SALE, . Here is a fairly typical smattering of what people had to say:

    • "The stupidity of school bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me."

    • "Pretty soon, just making eye contact with the opposite sex will get you suspended."

    • "This kind of thing has gotten to the point where it's sexual discrimination against little boys."

CNN's coverage online generated more than 8,600 comments.

The boy kissed his classmate on the hand, buy INDERAL online cod. He'd previously been disciplined for kissing her on the cheek and "rough housing" too... roughly. After this last incident, the school suspended him, INDERAL FOR SALE. He is endearing and he's 6 and as so many are fond of pointing out "boys will be boys." But, INDERAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, the girl he kissed without permission is also probably endearing, also 6 and not interested in his touching her. The hard and unpleasant part, for many, is the idea that her right not to be involved in his working through learning self-control is legitimate, INDERAL long term.

What really seems to be bothering so very many people is the use of the term "sexual harassment," which is what the boy was suspended for. What if the headlines had said, Canada, mexico, india, instead, "Six-year-old boy suspended for bullying?"  Sexual harassment is bullying. INDERAL FOR SALE, County education officials have decided that the infraction will not be classified as sexual harassment and the boy is returning to school. What news commentators, the mother of the boy and many others debating the 6-year-olds' classroom interaction seem fixated on was this: "Now someone has to explain the term sex to the boy, it's just too early." Just.., purchase INDERAL online no prescription. really.

Cute Children Giving Valentine Greetings - vintage clip art

We're talking to kids about sex all day, every day, INDERAL recreational,  without ever saying the word. We do it when grandmothers insist on a kiss and parents make children comply. We do it when we tell girls to "be nice" and "good" when they don't want to. We do it when we tell boys to take what they want from life, INDERAL FOR SALE. We do it when we tell them that God wants them to be "strong." We do it when we watch football games with kids on TV and spend half the game talking about players' girl friends in the stands like they're trophies. We do it when school administrators police clothing and use girl's bodies as props to demonstrate violations of dress codes and reinforce heterosexual norms. We do it when we don't allow children to pick their own clothes and chose their own hairstyles. We do it when we think it's funny to let kids "tease" each other, INDERAL without a prescription, even though the person being teased isn't interested. We do it when an uncle grabs a nephew and tickles him, even though he hates it and tries to get away. INDERAL FOR SALE, Never. INDERAL pictures, Ever. Saying. "SEX!"

Situations like the one in Colorado arise constantly and are timeless.

When I was 6 or 7 there was a popular playground game, "Kissin' Catchers." The objective of the game was for boys to chase girls until they caught one and kissed them, INDERAL from canada. Usually, the kisses happened under duress, as the girls struggled to get away, INDERAL FOR SALE. Really, that was the game. I HATED this game, Buy INDERAL without a prescription, but I was really fast and so I could run and hide until the game was over. I still remember hiding in bushes all over my neighborhood, perspiring and anxious, until everyone was done. People made fun of me for staying out of sight and, indeed, INDERAL reviews, didn't want me to play because, by hiding, I was a spoilsport. Comprar en línea INDERAL, comprar INDERAL baratos, I could have not played, of course. INDERAL FOR SALE, But, at the time, it didn't occur to me -- these were my friends and this was supposed to be fun. So, I thought, it's my problem that I don't like it. This game probably isn't played too often any more, but I've watched my daughters having experiences in school that mirror the one in Colorado.

Like this one in which a boy in kindergarten was regularly poking a classmate and caressing her arm. She didn't like it, but when she asked him to stop, purchase INDERAL online, he would not. He kept on. The girls attempts to make him stop were perceived by at least one adult in the room as her being "over-sensitive." One day, INDERAL price, coupon, the child explained to her mother that she did not want to go to school and had a stomachache because he was bothering her all the time and she wanted to avoid him. So, her mom went in to talk to the teacher, whose response was to suggest that they take the little girl out of the class and put her in another. Her mother and father had to escalate to the head of school and the little boy was moved to another room, INDERAL FOR SALE.

Whiny little girls.

Difficult, is INDERAL addictive, demanding mothers.

Discrimination against boys.

That's absurd. INDERAL FOR SALE, Children have to learn to respect other people's boundaries and listen to their words when they are little. My INDERAL experience, The younger the better because the consequences get more serious the older we get.

According to another study released earlier this year, one in 10 people between the ages of 14-21 have already committed an act of sexual violence. The most insightful finding, however, purchase INDERAL, was that children who engage in these behaviors feel no sense of responsibility for their actions. That makes sense, since one of the defining characteristics of people who abuse other people is a sense of entitlement. It just happens that our entitlements are gendered and we cultivate a deficit of empathy in boys, INDERAL FOR SALE. INDERAL forum, Last year's American Association of University Women's study of sexual harassment in schools, "Crossing the Line" study, revealed that 'Sexual harassment is part of every day life in middle and high school. Nearly half (48%)of the students surveyed experienced some form of sexual harassment... and the majority of them (86%) said it had a negative effect on them."  Girls were more likely to be targets of harassment, INDERAL canada, mexico, india, (56 percent versus 40 percent of boys) and their harassment is "more physical and intrusive." As a result, 22% of girls/14% of boys have trouble sleeping; 37% of girls, 25% of boys not want to go to school; and 10% of girls/6% of boys want to change the way they went to or home from school. Purchase INDERAL for sale, Not only is it problematic in the long-run to enable behavior that routinely involves disrespect for other people's bodies and words, but there are real and tangible negative effects that are ignored and minimized. INDERAL FOR SALE, It's common for kids who experience sexual harassment -- call it whatever you want -- to hear, "it's not a big deal," and to be told that they shouldn't be "so sensitive." This minimizes what they are experiencing, denies their reality and teaches them that their thoughts and words don't matter. For whatever reasons, as shown in this graph from the AAUW study, for girls, effects of INDERAL, the effects of harassment last longer and are more physical.


Schools are in a hard spot. Talking to children about bodily integrity, Buy INDERAL online no prescription, autonomy, consent, other people's rights -- all precursors to talking about sex -- cannot happen in schools in a vacuum. And conversations like these aren't happening enough in homes, where, buy INDERAL without prescription, frankly,abuses are happening all the time.

Childhood is practice for adulthood, INDERAL FOR SALE. What happens when children don't learn to respect other people's boundaries and words. Kjøpe INDERAL på nett, köpa INDERAL online,

  • Another girl I know woke up on a sidewalk a few months ago after going to a bar with some friends. INDERAL FOR SALE, She was bloody, dazed and in pain. The police suggested that she'd been drugged and that there was really nothing they could do.

  • Yet another friend's daughter recently left college after an ex-boyfriend waited for her in her room and, when she did not appear, Order INDERAL from United States pharmacy, tore it apart, leaving blood and urine everywhere.

  • In yet another instance, a young woman stalked online and threatened in a series of graphic, violent public online posts had to file for a restraining order, which really only work for rule followers, INDERAL no rx, not a description I'd use for most perpetrators of gender-based violence.

  • And, at a nearby university, an angry, INDERAL street price, drunk, abusive ex-boyfriend killed Yeardley Love in the culmination of a pattern of intimate partner violence.

Anyone could, given a little time and thought, generate this list.

So, INDERAL wiki, when would people like to start talking to children about these problems? All children need to understand learn what unwanted touching is, how not to do it and to trust their instincts when they are the targets of it. That starts with habits at home and is reinforced by practices in schools. Buy generic INDERAL, The truth is, no one actually knows what the antecedents to the boy's being suspended were.

There are many ways to talk about sex in age-appropriate ways, INDERAL FOR SALE. Personally, I don't think "sexual harassment" is a very useful term for 6-year-olds, but it is for their parents, taking INDERAL. The most comprehensive list of ways in which to teach children ages 5-18 about consent that I've read is one written by Julie Gillis, Jamie Utt, Alyssa Royse and Joanna Schroeder. INDERAL description, It is a thoughtful and comprehensive catalog of age appropriate lessons. The only think I would add to it, given the reality of sexual abuse and violence, is to give children the language and permission to say "no" to people with authority. INDERAL FOR SALE, In response to this Colorado incident, there was an awful lot of, "What's the harm. Kids steal kisses all the time." An interesting expression since, INDERAL maximum dosage, generally speaking, people steal things that they have no right to. They actually are, Order INDERAL no prescription, to use a really old-fashioned explanation, "taking liberties." I know how cute it is when little kids seem to love one another and emulate the adults around them who do the same. They hug, they kiss, they giggle, INDERAL no prescription. But, when it ceases to be fun for one of them, they have to stop.

Our ideas about bodies start in childhood, and that's when we have to consciously shape them. Even though 60% percent of Americans know a survivor of domestic violence and every one of us knows survivors of sexual assault, 73% of parents with children under the age of 18 have not talked with them about either. But, you can be sure of one thing: By NOT talking to children about their bodies, their boundaries, their rights and the entitlements others might feel about them, we ARE talking to them. That's the problem schools are having.

Photo Credit Royce Bair via Creative Commons .

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STRATTERA FOR SALE, News this week has been filled with coverage of the Supreme Court's announcement that it will hear two challenges to the HHS contraception mandate. Consider the possible outcomes in the context of this smattering of stories also from this week's news:

Sorry, Low dose STRATTERA, guys, no articles about SPERM and fetal harm.

Long before we get to the point where we are talking about men, sperm mutation, fetal harm and reproduction we will be grappling with the consequences of women's bodies no longer being involved in gestation at all. And, every time we make a decision about contraception and abortion, cheap STRATTERA no rx, we create dangerous and powerful precedents for who gets to have a say in gestation.


J.B.S. Haldane, a British scientist who predicted that by 2074 live human births would make up less than 30 percent of all births, Order STRATTERA online overnight delivery no prescription, first coined the term ectogenesis in 1924. His prediction about ectogenesis, a technology in which a human fetus gestates completely out of a mother's body, was ambitious, but not unrealistic, STRATTERA FOR SALE. It is already a partially realized, life-saving technology. In the past 30 years our reproductive technologies have achieved what would have previously been considered miraculous. Artificial wombs, a form of life support, STRATTERA trusted pharmacy reviews, are the logical conclusion of those efforts and their reality will end the abortion debate as we know it. But more than that, it will challenge gender roles and ideas about "mothering" and "parenting." It will also show the degree to which we are willing to ignore misogyny. STRATTERA FOR SALE, There are two commonly cited endeavors in progress. Focusing on finding ways to save premature babies, Buy STRATTERA no prescription, Japanese professor Dr. Yoshinori Kuwabara of Juntendo University,successfully gestated goat embryos in a machine that holds amniotic fluid in tanks. That was in 1996.  On the other end of the process focusing on helping women unable to conceive and gestate babies, is Dr. Helen Hung-Ching Liu, STRATTERA without prescription, Director of the Reproductive Endocrine Laboratory at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at Cornell University.  Quietly, in 2003, she and her team succeeded in growing a mouse embryo, almost to full term, STRATTERA blogs, by adding engineered endometrium tissue to a bio-engineered, extra-uterine "scaffold." More recently, she grew a human embryo, for 10 days in an artificial womb. Her work is limited by legislation that imposes a 14-day limit on research project of this nature, STRATTERA FOR SALE. As complicated as it is, her goal is a functioning external womb and the result will be sexless (in both meanings of the word) reproduction, where can i cheapest STRATTERA online.

Even if it takes scientists several decades, medical advancements are steadily narrowing the gap between in vitro conception and neo-natal scenarios of fetal viability outside of the womb.  Predictions for the full realization of what scholars Scott Gelfand and John Shook call "immaculate gestation"* range from 10 to 60 years.  When the gap closes then babies, navel-less, will no longer have to be "born."

Gee, STRATTERA samples, this will make the monitoring and regulation of women as production units so much easier. Problematic women, from poor white ones in Alabama and poor black, unwed mothers in Mississippi, immigrants who might drop anchor babies or needy suicidal onesdon't have to cause society so much angst because they muck up gestation environments.  Same with those who trip or are worried, or get into car accidents, kjøpe STRATTERA på nett, köpa STRATTERA online.  South American cardinals can set up cozy homes with extraction facilities for girl children who "find themselves" pregnant with twins. STRATTERA FOR SALE, I know how harsh that last one sounds, but there it is -- from Magdalene Laundries to excommunicated, raped 9-year olds to Catholic bioethical arguments for "embryo transfer" -- it would be irresponsible to ignore.

Current issues pale in comparison to the potential impact that ectogenesis will have. It has astounding power to alter, in unprecedented ways, the interests, Where can i buy cheapest STRATTERA online, roles, rights and responsibilities of women, men and the state. What happens when women, like men, can be parents without bearing children, STRATTERA long term.  What happens when both men and women contribute equally -- by providing only gametes -- to reproduction.  Does one form of gestation, in womb or out, become a status symbol like breastfeeding versus wet-nurses used to. Will using a biological womb become a stigma, something only the underprivileged do, STRATTERA FOR SALE. STRATTERA class, Here's my favorite today because it is already so relevant:  Who decides which gestation environment is healthier or more economical? You. Your gamete-partner. Your priest. Your hobbyist-heaven evangelical Christian employer. Your insurance company STRATTERA FOR SALE, . Your Catholic hospital. Your state house, STRATTERA mg. There are a whole lot of people already massively invested in women's pregnancy outcomes and clearly, deleteriously affecting risk assessment and care.  I'm not being snide when I say consider Darrell Issa and another all-male panel of "experts" making "ethical" decisions about "gestation environments." While there are many male feminists and no shortage of female misogynists, actually being a person who can get pregnant appears to affect how you think about female bodily integrity.  I mean, really, Purchase STRATTERA,  only 23 percent of Republicans in this country think electing more women to office is important -- which is how we end up with patriarchy patrolls.  Do women have to carry human babies. What if they don't want to. What if "transferring" is coerced, STRATTERA FOR SALE. It bears repeating out loud: As long as these considerations are the result of men's only clubs speaking for all of humanity, they are incomplete and insufficient and can make no claim to morality or ethics. That's why organizations with traditional, all-male power structures, STRATTERA images, like religious institutions, have zero business being making gender-unilateral decisions about women's lives and health. EVER.

Feminists in many disciplines have extensively considered what ectogenesis could mean for women's rights, About STRATTERA, the structure of the family, class, race and society. STRATTERA FOR SALE, At first, the medical benefits seem clear -- the technology will help infertile couples, enable premature babies to survive, create an alternative to surrogacy when needed, and help people unable to carry their own babies. Ectogenesis can provide safe, healthy gestational environments -- free from drugs and alcohol. Other benefits posited by advocates of the technology range from better-adjusted children, STRATTERA wiki, freed from mothers who are overly invested in them, to, although morally repugnant, the steady supply of "spare parts" that could be harvested from "bottled" embryos. Where can i find STRATTERA online, As far as considerations of what it means to give "birth," be a "mother" or a "father" -- right wing anti-choice activists, although perhaps initially delighted to have an alternative to abortion, will have to contend with radical redefinitions of "motherhood" and the hierarchical and gendered societal relationships to which it's a necessary prerequisite.  Ectogenesis opens up real possibilities for men becoming primary care takers.***

But, what does it mean to sever human "birth" from the human body. In the U.S., australia, uk, us, usa, ectogenesis renders viability and issues surrounding privacy and a woman's right not to be pregnant moot. This connection, between women and human birth, is one of the sole sources of security that women have in some societies.  The terms, practices and applications of the technology have troubling antecedents. Once a fetus can be safely and entirely gestated outside of a biological womb, it can be removed from its mother, right, STRATTERA FOR SALE. STRATTERA brand name, Arrests and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1995-2005: Implications for Women's Legal Status and Public Health, a study released earlier this year by the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, described more than 400 examples of women seized and in which pregnancy was a necessary part of the deprivation of their civil rights. No state has any law holding women liable for the outcomes of their pregnancies or laws that overtly target women, order STRATTERA no prescription. However, many states engage in the deliberate misapplication and misinterpretation of existing laws to target women who are "bad."  We now have precedents in the law that make it entirely feasible that states could require women to have their fetuses extracted as an alternative to abortion, with serious long-term negative impacts.

In her seminal work, Order STRATTERA online c.o.d,  The Dialectic of Sex, written in 1970, Shulamith Firestone argued that inequality between genders, and women's virtual imprisonment in the home, was the direct result of biological reproductive differences and women's correlating investments in mothering. To date we aren't comfortable talking about pregnancy as a violation of women's right to freedom. STRATTERA FOR SALE, Maybe ectogenesis will surface that fact.  For her, fast shipping STRATTERA, ectogenesis, accompanied by revolutionary social changes, was the way to free women from the tyranny of their own biology put in the employ of patriarchal structures, including the traditional family. STRATTERA duration,  She noted that, so far, these technical and social changes have been impeded by medicine's domination by men, who have no vested interest in upsetting the traditional status quo.

This same status quo has demonstrated the extent to which it is willing to view mothers as flesh and blood mother machines**.  News stories like the ones above do little to inspire confidence. Ann Oakley's book The Captured Womb: A History of the Medical Care of Pregnant Women illustrates how ectogenesis would be part of a long-standing habit in which male and often misogynistic medical cultures have taken control of birth and women's wombs in the name of science, STRATTERA use.  In this framework, ectogenesis will exaggerate preexisting inequities and biases. This is the Handmaiden's Tale scenario.  In this envisioning, not only will women be further marginalized and oppressed, but also they will become obsolete, STRATTERA FOR SALE. Writing in the National Catholic Bioethics Journal in 2005 Christopher Kazor focused on the difference between extraction/evacuation and termination in considering the impact of ectogenesis on abortion decisions, citing a Guardian article titled, "Men Redundant: Now We Don't Need Women Either." No mention of power, false equivalencies or similar "tricky issues."

Sounds like hyperbole until you take a good long look at the 160 million women are missing from the planet because of existing boy preferences. STRATTERA without a prescription,  Misogyny has always resulting in the killing of girls and women because they are girls and women,  using the technology at hand: rocks, fists, sperm spinners, abortions. There is very little reason to think that in parts of the world this technology will not similarly amplify the same sentiments, STRATTERA alternatives. Although women have "value" other than growing babies in a patriarchal society -- most specifically child rearing and free labor -- gestation remains, worldwide, the most important. STRATTERA FOR SALE,  Even in the most female-denigrating cultures a woman is prized, if only, for her childbearing, at least as long as there remains a chance that she'll give birth to a son. Ectogenesis means women stand a real chance of losing the fragile, STRATTERA canada, mexico, india, temporary primacy currently conferred on them as a result of gestation.

Feminist analyses include intersectional implications of ectogenesis, the predictable patterns of which can be found in the current distribution of assisted reproductive technologies and reproductive injustice along racial and class lines. This technology becomes another form of violence in what Patricia Hill Collins long ago called a global matrix of domination.   Dorothy Roberts, Killing the Black Body, Michelle Goldberg's The Means of Reproductionand Rebecca Kulka's Mass Hysteria: Mass Hysteria: Medicine, STRATTERA no prescription, Culture, and Mothers' Bodies are all excellent discussions of these ideas.

Who controls ectogenesis technology, and how it is utilized, STRATTERA steet value, is the key to whether or not it is a tool of liberation or oppression for women. Globally, compared to other developed countries, the United States has very little regulation regarding assisted reproductive and related technology, STRATTERA FOR SALE.  And, although lots of people in state capitals are eager to wax on about the status of embryos and throw around the word "personhood" there are currently virtually no federal or state regulations regarding the impact of how we use gametes, embryos, artificial wombs and engineered birth.

As with all new technologies, STRATTERA cost, particularly biotechnological ones, bioethicists are thinking about the social, legal and ethical implications. Fore example, STRATTERA overnight, Kulka, the author cited above, headed up a 2012 committee of feminist bioethicists explore, among other things, equipoise, the balance and counter-balancing of interests during pregnancy, canada, mexico, india. I, for one, am very happy they are because the moral, ethical, STRATTERA dosage, legal and societal consequences are so profound and we are so blithely unprepared for them.

Portions of this post were originally published in RH Reality Check.

Additional Sources and Reading

** Gena Corea, The Mother Machine: Reproductive Technologies From Artificial Insemination To Artificial Wombs, Harper Collins, 1985

***Maureen Sander-Staudt, Of Machine Born?, Ectogeneis: Artificial Womb Technology and The Future of Human Reproduction, Editions Rodopi, B.V., 2006

Richard T. Hull, Ethical Issues in the New Reproductive Technologies, Prometheus Books, 2007

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Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex, 1970

Ann Oakley, The Captured Womb: A History of the Medical Care of Pregnant Women,Blackwell Publishers, 1985

Photo Credit: epSos .de via Creative Commons .



tumblr_photo1VAWtumblr_PHOTO2 BUY STRATTERA NO PRESCRIPTION, I thought a long time about sharing the photo on the left, but decided to because we have so many others that glorify violence against women and turn into a joke or a game - like the advert on the right, which is one of many similar ones where violence against women is glamourized. STRATTERA pharmacy, Sexy is so much more fun than sad.

The photograph on the left is not staged, purchase STRATTERA, STRATTERA use, but real, tragic and common. It was taken by the St, STRATTERA dosage. STRATTERA samples, Augustine police department two years ago when Michelle O’Connell, 24, rx free STRATTERA, STRATTERA without a prescription,  was found dead of a gunshot wound.  It was used yesterday in part of an extensive investigative report by the New York Times  on her death, online buying STRATTERA hcl. The piece, Two Gunshots on a Summer NIght, is about the police department’s botched investigation of her death. Her boyfriend was a member of the St, BUY STRATTERA NO PRESCRIPTION. Discount STRATTERA, Augustine police department. Each day in the US at least three women are murdered by husbands or boyfriends, STRATTERA blogs. STRATTERA photos, The news program Frontline and PBS are showing a film in conjunction with this story, “A Death in St, is STRATTERA safe. Is STRATTERA addictive, Augustine,” Nov 26 at 10 p.m, STRATTERA from canadian pharmacy. Tuesday on most PBS stations. The full film BUY STRATTERA NO PRESCRIPTION,  is online now. STRATTERA description, Today is the launch of this year’s #16DaysofActivism, the purpose of which is to study, buy STRATTERA without prescription, STRATTERA used for, make know and help eliminate the causes of violence against women. What does this violence look like.

Consider femicide, ordering STRATTERA online, Real brand STRATTERA online, which is the murder of women because they are women:

  • Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, where to buy STRATTERA, STRATTERA no prescription, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime

  •  In the United States, one-third of women murdered each year are killed by an intimate partner.

  •  In South Africa, no prescription STRATTERA online, Where can i find STRATTERA online, a woman is killed every six hours by an intimate partner.

  • In India in 2007, 22 women were killed each day in dowry-related murders.

  • In Guatemala, where can i cheapest STRATTERA online, STRATTERA class, two women are murdered, on average, get STRATTERA, STRATTERA australia, uk, us, usa, each day.

  • Honor killings, the murder of women for bringing shame to their families, buy STRATTERA no prescription, Fast shipping STRATTERA, happen all over the world, including the US.

What about slavery, comprar en línea STRATTERA, comprar STRATTERA baratos, Order STRATTERA from United States pharmacy, which is what trafficking is?

  • Women and girls comprise 80 percent of the estimated 800,000 people trafficked annually, STRATTERA for sale, After STRATTERA, with the majority (79 percent) trafficked for sexual exploitation.

  • This number is on the low end. The U.N, purchase STRATTERA online. Purchase STRATTERA online no prescription, International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 2.5 million people worldwide are victims, of which over half live in Asia Pacific.

  • Trafficking, in the form of the importation of female sex slaves and use of children as sex workers, is on the rise in the U.S.

Still not outraged. Because if not, there are always euphemistically titled “harmful practices” — which are violent forms of torture and rape, BUY STRATTERA NO PRESCRIPTION. For example:

  • Approximately 100 to 140 million girls and women in the world have experienced female genital mutilation/cutting. Every year more than 3 million girls in Africa are at risk of the practice.

  • Over 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, another euphemism if I ever heard one, married before the age of 18, primarily in South Asia (31.1 million and Sub-Saharan Africa (14.1 million).

  •  These numbers don’t include bride burning, suspicious dowry-related “suicides” and “accidental” deaths or other hateful acts.

Now we’re at plain old domestic and sexual violence:

  • Every nine seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

  •  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year.

  • According to the US Department of Justice, someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes in the U.S. (overwhelmingly women).

  • One out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. That is almost 20 percent of our population and the US Justice Department acknowledges that rape is the mostunderreported crime in the nation.

  • As many as one in four women experience physical and/or sexual violence during pregnancy, for example, which increases the likelihood of having a miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion.

  • Up to 53 percent of women in the world are physically abused by their intimate partners - defined as either being kicked or punched in the abdomen.

  • In Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is so much fun to visit, a woman is assaulted every 15 seconds.

  •  In Ecuador, adolescent girls reporting sexual violence in school identified teachers as the perpetrator in 37 per cent of cases.

  • In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo alone, more than 400,000 cases of sexual violence, mostly involving women and girls, have been documented — a rate of 48 women an hour.

* All statistics cited can be found, with detailed sourcing, here at SAY NO-UNITE. When I’ve referenced other statistics they’re linked directly to the  source.

Cross-posted here with permission from Soraya Chemaly




MOTILIUM FOR SALE, More than 70 members of the US Military deal with unwanted sexual contact, sexual assault and rape every day. That's three every hour.

The National Defense Authorization Act will come to the Senate floor on Monday. Where can i order MOTILIUM without prescription, As a result, sometime during the next week, Senator Kirstin Gillibrand's controversial Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA), will be debated, MOTILIUM without a prescription. MJIA has the support of 47 Senators and 38 bipartisan sponsors, but is still missing just 13 votes in order to pass without the risk of a filibuster. It’s controversial because it proposes removing the prosecution of serious crimes in the armed forces (such as, but not limited to sexual assault) from the chain of command, MOTILIUM FOR SALE. MOTILIUM dose,  Instead, cases will be handled by impartial military prosecutors, who would also be granted authority to decide which cases go to trial.

Senator Claire McCaskill has proposed an alternative approach to reforming that pre-trial process that would allow commanders to stay embedded, MOTILIUM long term, but deny them the right to overturn verdicts.  Both approaches embrace changes that would address common retaliation against survivors of assault who report crimes as well as requiring a dishonorable discharge for those convicted of sex crimes.

claire mcCaskill for_web1

The military justice system isn’t working when it comes to sexual assault and rape.  It never has. Order MOTILIUM online c.o.d, If you understand the predatory nature of rape, the role that institutional tolerance plays in its perpetuation and the underlying misogyny of much of what is taken as healthy fraternity, to keep commanders in the process of adjudication.

In the 22 years since the Tailhook MOTILIUM FOR SALE, scandal, where dozens of women service members were openly and publicly harassed and sexually attacked, we have seen the same problems over and over again. The 1996 Aberdeen scandal (in which female recruits were raped by their military superiors), where can i cheapest MOTILIUM online, 2003 Air Force Academy rape allegations and charges, and the 2012 Lackland investigations of multiple officers for the sexual assaults of more than 30 women recruits are only the visible periodic eruptions of a culture that exists day in and day out. We are only a few years past the end of “Don’t Ask, get MOTILIUM. Don’t Tell,” but still unable to publicly face the connections between homophobia, MOTILIUM brand name, misogyny and widespread tolerance for this violence - against both men and women - within military ranks.

50 Facts About Sexual Assault in the US Military

  1. In 2012, surveyed Active Duty Members of the military anonymously revealed 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual contact.  This included coerced and abusive sexual contact, buy no prescription MOTILIUM online, aggravated sexual assault and rape – all prohibited by military law.

  2. Women make up15% of active-duty forces, but 47% of sexual assault victims.

  3. 13, My MOTILIUM experience, 900 of the victims were men.

  4. 37% of women veterans report being raped at least twice.

  5. 14% of women veterans report experiences of gang rape.

  6. “Gee whiz, the level -- the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur.” -  Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga, MOTILIUM FOR SALE. on military sexual assaults at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting.

  7. 75% of women who were assaulted did not report their attacks.

  8. 76% of men who were sexually assaulted did not report their attacks.

  9. The Pentagon estimates that 85% of sexual assault crimes go unreported.

  10. ¼ of victims indicate that the perpetrator was their ranking officer.

  11. 1/3 of victims indicate that the perpetrator was a ranking officer's friend.

  12. 43% heard about negative experiences from other victims who had reported and 50% thought nothing would be done.

  13. During the reported period, only 302 service members faced punishment or dismissal as the result of being charged: less than 2.5% of the total suspected number of acts of sexual assaults and rape.

  14. Fully 20% of survivors of sexual assault and Liz Trotta think that rape is “to be expected” in the military.

  15. “I was repeatedly drugged and raped by several of my superior officers over a nine-month period, generic MOTILIUM. There was no one I could turn to because, like so many victims of sexual assault in the military, Purchase MOTILIUM, my attackers were in my chain of command. So I kept my mouth shut.” -  Testimony of Trina McDonald, who was 18 when she was stationed in Alaska and assaulted.

  16. 62% of victims who reported sexual assault experienced retaliation.

  17. They gave him the Military Professional of the Year Award during the rape investigation.”

  18. Military victims of violent assault or rape are 6X more likely to attempt suicide than service members and veterans who have not experienced sexual assault and rape.

  19. Estimated number of pregnancies resulting from rape in the military: Unknown

  20. In the past 25 years, more than 500, MOTILIUM cost,000 people have been sexually assaulted in the military.

  21. 22 years (1981-2013): the duration of the law that denied women in the military insurance coverage for abortions while they served.  Jessica Kenyon was raped while stationed in Korea.  She didn’t report the rape because she was “was trying to "soldier on” and didn’t trust [her] chain of command.” She found out she’d been forcibly impregnated when a doctor told her commanding officer, Australia, uk, us, usa, who called her into his office to say she’d be charged with adultery (she was divorced, so was not charged). She could not get an abortion on base and was discharged.

  22. 79% of women serving in the military during the past 40 years report persistent experiences of sexual harassment.

  23. Feel “like a ho?” Question asked by Andrew Weinstein MOTILIUM FOR SALE, , the lawyer for one of three U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen accused of sexually assaulting a classmate. During 30 hours of grueling questioning she was also asked, MOTILIUM class, “Were you wearing a bra?” “Were you wearing underwear?” and what her oral sex technique is.

  24. The command’s attitude towards rape is why most victims don’t report rapes…The man did not get convicted even though he had raped multiple women in [military] law enforcement.”

  25. The chances of a female veteran developing PTSD are nine times more likely if she has been sexually assaulted.

  26. Veterans with PTSD linked to military sexual trauma are significantly more likely to be denied disability compensation, especially male survivors.

  27. 66: Age of man who still has to sit with his back to a wall after being raped three times, MOTILIUM from mexico, 47 years ago at Lackland Air Force Base.

  28. 48,100 women and 43,700 men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, responding to a survey, MOTILIUM dosageacknowledged suffering from military sexual trauma.

  29. Heath X reported that he was gang raped, told he was lying, MOTILIUM use, threatened, bullied, assaulted again and tried to commit suicide all during his first month in the service. He left, online MOTILIUM without a prescription, became homeless, was incarcerated and was diagnosed as suffering “intense psychological pain.” He was taken to a Naval jail, MOTILIUM pics, and then returned to his post where he had to serve with the “gang of molesters” that had attacked him before. He was violently assaulted before and given the day off. He faced court-martial or dishonorable discharge, MOTILIUM FOR SALE. He was denied benefits because he was dishonorably discharged. He was 18.

  30. "Take an aspirin and go to bed." - Response to survivor of assault after being raped by her superior officer.

  31. 90% of survivors of sexual assault in the military are involuntarily discharged.

  32. 80% of perpetrators and those accused are discharged with honor.

  33. “Rape is part of the job description,” “jokes” a rape survivor when discussing her assaults and the environment in which they took place.

  34. Female veterans become homeless at a rate 3-4x greater than civilian women.

  35. 53% of a growing number of homeless female veterans have experienced military sexual trauma.

  36. “You’re probably just a little slut.” – One of many similar responses to Kate Weber’s describing being raped on a fire escape and being then pushed off, falling two stories.

  37. Studies have found that men and women handle combat stress equally well, but that military sexual trauma – avoidable and overwhelmingly inflicted by fellow soldiers -  is the only factor increasing the additional risk of PTSD among women, MOTILIUM without a prescription. Military Sexual Trauma is the primary source of PTSD for women, whereas combat experience is the strongest contributing factor of PTSD in men.

  38. Black women veterans report that they experience more unwanted sexual attention and sexual coercion. Order MOTILIUM online overnight delivery no prescription, Veterans who are white women report higher incidences of sexual and gender-based harassment.

  39. Enlisted women report higher rates of harassment, coercion and assault than officers do. MOTILIUM FOR SALE, Because, we all know that rape is about accidents and sex and not entitlement and status and the opportunity they create.

  40. “If you tell anyone, I’ll tell them you’re a dyke.” – What Michelle Jones’ squad leader told her after he sexually attacked her.

  41. "Service members must report rape to their commanders. However, if their commanders take action and prove that rape occurred, buy cheap MOTILIUM, they also prove a failure of their own leadership."- Brian Lewis, who was 20 when he was raped while in the Navy.

  42. Men make up 85.5% of the armed forces and 92.1% of top-ranked military officers.

  43. By the terms of the current military legal code of justice system a general’s decision to overturn a jury verdict is the final word.

  44. Men in the military academies have a markedly higher propensity to believe in stereotypical gender roles and rape myths which typically include the ideas that survivors are lying and, Purchase MOTILIUM online no prescription, if telling the truth, to blame.

  45. Men make up 92.1% of top-ranked military officers.

  46. I have never met one person who has reported a sexual assault offense and kept her career.

  47. Kori Cioca was serving in the US Coast Guard when she was raped by a commanding officer. He also broke her jaw, leaving her with lifelong pain and serious depression, where can i find MOTILIUM online. When she attempted to bring him to justice, she was informed by her commanding officer that she’d be court martial as a liar; the man, Purchase MOTILIUM for sale, who granted that an assault happened, but said it did not include rape was restricted to his base for 30 days without pay for a short time. Maybe a book report would have been more effective.

  48. “It is hard to be a Military Sexual Trauma spouse -- not hard to be with a survivor, but hard because at times I feel so helpless to the trauma.” Kori Cioca’s husband.

  49. 55: Number of senators who have not said whether they support the Military Justice Improvement Act or not.

  50. “Sleep it off.”

My Duty to Speak, MOTILIUM street price, a Military Rape Crisis Project, is filled with stories you’d probably rather not read.

But really, don’t listen to a girl and a “lefty liberal,” as someone just tweeted me mockingly, MOTILIUM FOR SALE. Where can i buy MOTILIUM online,  Instead listen to three major veterans organizations.  The Vietnam Veterans of America, the Service Women’s Action Network and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have formed a coalition to support MJIA.  As veterans they believe that Congress should pass MJIA for four reasons:

  • It strengthens military justice for both the victim and the accused.

  • It in no way inhibits commanders from preventing and responding to sexual assault.

  • The removal of the commander of the accused from the process does not degrade unit discipline, cohesion and combat readiness, cheap MOTILIUM no rx, none of which are tied to one person, but to collective effort and trust – something that clearly does not exist currently.

  • Additionally, MOTILIUM overnight, they note that American allies have already made this change to no ill effects.

As John Rowan, National President of Vietnam Veterans of America and Anu Bhagwati, Executive Director of the Service Women’s Action Network, explained last week, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Increasing service members’ access to justice will not threaten military readiness. Instead, Buy cheap MOTILIUM no rx, it will increase recruitment and retention and build confidence that our military reflects the ideals it is charged with upholding.”  They are “not choosing survivors over our military; survivors are part of our military.”

Whether it happens in the military or in civilian life, people, almost all men, rape because they can. It's a cultural entitlement. Our military chain of command has itself degraded any confidence that it is interested in changing either - the culture or the entitlement. In the end, this list of statistics is a litany of broken promises to people who've sacrificed their lives.

Amazingly, all 55 of the undeclared senators have phones, websites with email contacts and Twitter accounts.  They might like to learn more about this problem and what their constituents think before next week’s vote. To follow the week's proceedings use #MJIA53

Photo Credit: Senator Kirstin Gillibrand's Website .

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A few weeks ago a man in Kenya posted a lengthy commentary in Facebook giving careful and graphic directions on how men could make sure their "child brides" did not die as the result of intercourse.* In a world in which child marriage is traditional TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER, , he was arguing that his advice was humane. He posted his ideas in response to a beyond disturbing story circulating in the news about an eight-year-old Yemeni girl who died from internal wounds after a wedding night with a man five times her age. Yesterday, TORADOL natural, Yemeni officials The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Abuse Against Women (CEDAW), Buy TORADOL without a prescription, and the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), early marriage is a violation of human rights.  Early marriage has no regard for the notion of consent.  According to the International Center for Research on Women, TORADOL class, fully one-third of girls in the world are married before the age of 18, TORADOL street price, with little or no say in the decision leading to the marriage. That's more than 14 million every month, 39,000 a day, low dose TORADOL, or one girl every two seconds. TORADOL long term, That's six girls in the time it took me to write this sentence. One in nine is married before the age of 15, TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER. These girls, who endure years of sexual abuse and often lifetimes of anxiety, TORADOL no prescription, depression and trauma, Herbal TORADOL, are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth.

The practice is not limited by religion and takes place in many countries all over the world. Although it is most common in Sub-Saharan and Western Africa, TORADOL overnight, the greatest numbers of early marriages take place in Southeast Asia. TORADOL images, Today, the practice has been monetized and early marriage is a profitable element of sex trafficking. TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER,  Researchers in the UK, for example, estimate that more than 10,000 underage girls are trafficked in and out of the country in this way. But, TORADOL for sale, the fact of these thousands is a spillover effect of a much bigger problem. After TORADOL, indian wedding

India, in which 47 percent of girls are married before 18, has more early marriages than any other country in the world, TORADOL from mexico, up to 25, Order TORADOL online c.o.d, 000 a day. In that country alone, by 2020 50 million girls will be married before their 15th birthdays, rx free TORADOL. These are stunning numbers.

Last Friday the human rights organization Breakthrough, known for creating transformative campaigns that catalyze social change, issued the results of a two-year study of early marriage practices in the two states of Bihar and Jharkhand, those with some of the highest rates of early marriage, in India, TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER. TORADOL without prescription, Despite being illegal in most jurisdictions, as in these two states, it is still widely practiced, TORADOL photos.

In addition to furthering the understanding of well-documented economic drivers and social effects (for example, My TORADOL experience, early marriage reduces dowry obligations because the older a girl, the more expensive the dowry), the study illuminates two other factors, order TORADOL from mexican pharmacy.

  • First, Online buying TORADOL, many fathers marry their daughters off at young ages because they are concerned for their safety.  India is possibly the most dangerous place for girls and women, if they are even born, to live on the planet, buy TORADOL online no prescription. In one of the areas studied by Breakthrough, Where can i find TORADOL online, 90 percent of girls and women said they considered the men in their lives to be predators.

  • Second, the study revealed that a profound fear of female promiscuity was also a determining factor in early marriage decisions. TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER, A key to tackling the problem is to find ways of dismantling deeply held beliefs about female sexuality and how to control it, particularly important in cultures where female sexuality is the source of communal honor.  It's hard to overestimate the stigma associated with the loss of honor that even a platonic relationship between boys and girls can result in in parts of India, where to buy TORADOL.  Fathers believe that early marriage eliminates the chances of premarital sex and pregnancy and marriage is understood to be the only context in which sex can be safely negotiated.

The fact that fathers think of early marriage as a key to keeping girls safe is a particular irony given how profoundly damaging the practice is to girls and the way in which it contributes to the cycle of poverty that families are trapped in. TORADOL pharmacy, Girls who marry early, already more likely to be poor and living in rural areas, are far more likely to get pregnant, TORADOL reviews, to die in pregnancy and childbirth, TORADOL online cod, and to have lifelong health problems including sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer and obstetric fistulas.

Their chances of education, online buy TORADOL without a prescription, if they existed in the first place, Where can i cheapest TORADOL online, plummet.

Girls who are married early are much more likely to be physically abused, suffer lifelong domestic violence, and experience trauma and depression resulting from sexual abuse, TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER.

That fathers continue to think of marriage as a way to ensure their daughter's safety and long-term security, despite understanding the harmful effects related to education and health, TORADOL mg, is a testament to the power of shame and the demands of poverty. TORADOL without a prescription, Breakthrough president and CEO Mallika Dutt points out that the term "child marriage" further undermines understanding the problem by infantilizing young women married without their consent at later teen ages.  "It is our challenge to address these issues head on," she explains. "Only when we confront these deep norms and biases can we break the cycle of early marriage."

There are many global initiatives that have developed a host of strategies aimed at preventing and reducing early marriage, TORADOL dosage, many of which are focused on educating girls and enabling them to be economically productive and of value to their families, TORADOL price, who currently perceive them as a cost they cannot afford.  Breakthrough, however, is taking a different and complementary approach with its new program, TORADOL recreationalNation Against Early Marriage, TORADOL use,  launched in tandem with its study findings.

The program's strategy is to work at the grass roots level, beginning in the two states, TORADOL interactions, Bihar and Jharkhand, in which the study was conducted, to train people already working in community-based organizations, such as health and economic programs. TORADOL OVER THE COUNTER, Training is focused on how advocates can introduce key issues related to women's' rights and bring gender issues into conversations with families about health, economics and safety. Particularly conversations with fathers. In addition, Breakthrough is deploying a fleet of video-rigged vans, especially on well-trafficked local market days, that will air a series of PSAs featuring popular celebrities, such as Irrfan Khan, as well as fathers and daughters explaining why they've chosen to reject early marriage. The vans, which are quickly surrounded by curious onlookers, then become focal points where trained staff engage audiences around the issue of early marriage through skits, plays and conversations that encourage community interaction.

"We need to work in and with communities to build a new model, one in which girls are not seen as risks or burdens, but as people with equal worth and rights," explains Dutt. "And for that, we need the partnership and leadership of those with the most power to seed change: fathers, and fathers-to-be."

*Facebook removed the content for violating its guidelines on graphic violence.

Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons