Jerry Sandusky and Victim Blaming

In the reactions to the revelations that coach Jerry Sandusky raped and abused at least eight boys and young teens, one thing has been absent: victim-blaming. No one has asked:  What did the boy do to ask for it?  What was he wearing?  Why did he go into the showers with Sandusky if he wasn’t […]

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If My Employer Posted Sexually Embarassing Photos of Me in the Workplace

When Martha Reyes arrived at work at the Hyatt Hotel Santa Clara, she heardher coworkers laughing at a photo collage that had been posted.  She saw her picture edited onto the ‘sexy’ body of a bikini-clad woman holding a surfboard.  Her sister Lorena also had a faked image posted.  The collage was posted to celebrate […]

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Professional Fridays: Your Guide to Being Successfully Unemployed

[caption id="attachment_8912" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Photo Credit: Agefoto"][/caption] The Professional Fridays column usually features great information for on-the-job issues. Unfortunately, there are the 10 percent of us who have no job at which to be professional. It’s not all pajamas and ice cream at 3pm. Having been unemployed a couple of times, I know about the […]

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Needed: Op-Eds by Women

We all know women write.  We’ve read each other’s books, blogs, articles, columns, etc. for years.  However, women only write about 15% of the Op-Ed pieces in major newspapers.  Last night I attended a panel discussion, put together by Women’s Information Network, to help show women how to actually write and submit an opinion piece.  […]

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#Men Call Me Things – Online Gendered Abuse

“You come to expect the vitriol, the insults, the death threats,” writes Laurie Penny of The Independent. What has Penny done to deserve the barrage of attack and abuse?  Oh, well, she’s a woman writer. Over the past weeks, women bloggers and writers including Penny have taken to Twitter (#mencallmethings) to share their stories of […]

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You Have Cancer. No You Don’t. Yes You Do.

Advocacy seems to be a common theme when discussing feminist issues. Advocacy for those who can’t advocate for themselves.  Or perhaps advocacy for an idea or a cause.  But we rarely talk about being an advocate for yourself and your body at times of crisis. Let me explain. But first, let me introduce myself. My […]

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When Talking About Fertility, Try a Little Tenderness

When the New York Times recently asked “Are You as Fertile as You Look?” the question was rhetorical. The reporter suggested womenfolk are ignorant about their declining fertility because they confuse youthful looks with having youthful ovaries. It’s easy to judge women like the ones trotted out for this piece; in their late 30s through mid 40s, they […]

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The Terrible Trio of Women’s Sexuality: Shame, Blame, and Fear

Warning: Jaclyn Friedman expects a lot from you.  I’ll tell you now before you even open the pages of her new book What You Really, Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety.  When she says “guide,” what she really means is “workbook.”  Why?  Because as she points out numerous times, the […]

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The Bystander’s Intervention

Pretty much everyone is horrified at the Apple store employees who ignored the sounds of someone being murdered at Lululemon next door. And no one can understand how you can know that kids are being abused—even raped—and do nothing, or just report it to your boss and wash your hands of it. So how can […]

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Has No Problem with Hate Speech

The mantel of hero has always been heavy. In the comics, Spiderman is told that with great power comes great responsibility. And even though the web-slinger might not be a real person, the advice rings true for our flesh-and-blood heroes, too. In these modern times, heroes come in a variety of forms built up by […]

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