The ERA: It’s About Time

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first written in 1923 by Alice Paul.  It took 49 years to be passed out of Congress.  However it failed to be ratified by the required 38 states to become a part of the United States constitution.  Right now, three-fourths of Americans believe the ERA is part of the […]

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What Happens When You’re Asked to Run for Office? Ask Pamela Danner

In 2007, Margaret “Margi” Vanderhye won the election for State Delegate in Virginia’s 34th district.  Two years later, she lost to Republican challenger Barbara Comstock.  The margin of victory was just 422 votes. In 2011, Margi decided not to challenge Comstock for her old seat back.  Instead, she encouraged long-time community leader Pamela Danner to run. Pamela […]

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Professional Fridays: How to Know When a Career Shift is Right for Your Future

In a 2005 Stanford University commencement speech, the late Steve Jobs advised the young graduates to ‘find what you love.’  He explained to the audience that our lives are limited, that death would come for each of us. Death is a certain fact.  What isn’t certain fact, continued Mr. Jobs, is how we each proceed […]

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Another Glass Ceiling Breaks

It’s that magical time of year when baseball ends, and we watch trades, acquisitions and deals happen in preparation for the next season.  In recent weeks I’ve watched excitedly as Theo Epstein was named the new GM of the Cubs and Davy Johnson was signed for another year as the Nationals manager. It also reminds […]

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What Not to Wear

Recently, New York police officers in Park Slope, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, have been calling out women wearing short skirts and shorts, warning the women that they are an easy target for sexual predators. So when did it become police business to decide the dress code of New York City women? When did victim-blaming become […]

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Can Batterers Be Cured? An Examination of the Current Criminal Penalties for Men Convicted of Domestic Violence

The criminal justice system is designed with the dual intent of holding  those who break the law responsible for their actions and ensuring the safety of the public. Current criminal penalties for men who batter their partners, however, fall far short of what is needed to reach this ideal. Let’s take a common scenario: the […]

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I Hope I Get Pregnant in Mississippi

Next week, Mississippi residents will get to vote on Proposition 26, the “Personhood Amendment.”  This would amend the Mississippi state constitution to include in its definition of “persons” all human beings from the moment of fertilization, cloning or functional equivalent thereof.  In Mississippi at least, the question of when does life begin would be answered […]

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Charlotte Allen Suggests Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Misogynist Concern Troll

This piece was cross-posted at the Sidney Hillman Foundation Unaccountably, Washington Post The LA Times gave Charlotte Allen space to insinuate that skimpy Halloween costumes cause rape. Allen, a contributing editor at a conservative website called “Minding the Campus” is deeply concerned that the feminist anti-rape activists of SlutWalk and the Halloween-industrial-complex are accessories to sexual […]

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This week’s Taste of Feminism

Reading Materials I Love Myself When I Am Laughing…And Then Again When I Am Looking Mean and Impressive, a unique anthology with 14 examples of Hurston’s work on fiction, journalism, folklore and autobiography will be released in the beginning of November from Feminist Press. This unique publication establishes Zora Neale Hurston as the intellectual and […]

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Virginia Fights Back Against TRAP Laws

The War on Women has been fought over the past year or more in most of the country.  With Virginia’s off year elections comes the opportunity for the state to come out in front on issues.  So it should not have been a surprise when Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli began rolling […]

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