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“Brave” Still Teaching Girls The Wrong Lessons

I had high hopes for “Brave.”  Megan Kearns, my go-to movie reviewer (and a new, official part of the Fem2.0 team!), raved about the strong female protagonist, the multi-dimensional bond between mother and daughter, and the lack of love interest, or even “male best friend” that we’ve become so accustomed to. Megan mentions a few […]

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#KeepItReal Victory! Seventeen Magazine Pledges Not to Digitally Alter Girls’ Images

In the magazine publishing world, it’s been said “airbrushing images is an industry standard.” But it doesn’t have to be. Seventeen Magazine has agreed not to digitally alter images of young female models and celebs. And its all thanks to the #KeepItReal Challenge and one passionate teen activist. SPARK Summit, LoveSocial, I Am That Girl, […]

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Will Brave’s Warrior Princess Merida Usher In a New Kind of Role Model for Girls?

I loved Brave. I literally did a happy dance the moment I heard Pixar would feature a female-centric film. Out of their 13 movies, Brave marks their first female protagonist. Pretty shameful. But hey, they finally got their act together and created a kick-ass heroine. But will Merida spark a new kind of role model? […]

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Young Girls’ Barrier to Higher Education

“I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” -The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald  As a student ambassador at university, I was occasionally asked to run workshops for high school students in the surrounding areas. One school event, designed to encourage an interest […]

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A Survivor’s Reaction to 12 Magazine’s “Victim of Beauty” Photographs

The latest controversy in the world of beauty magazines involves a Bulgarian publication called 12. Their recent issue features a photo spread  entitled “Victim of Beauty” that depicts models with severe cuts and bruises who are wearing H&M skirts and clothes by label Capasca. As the online uproar grows, the magazine’s editors stand by their work with […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Make Jokes About Rape or Sandwiches

Feminists have no sense of humor.  We flip out at every tiny thing.  We make a big fuss about inconsequential, totally minor things that absolutely aren’t a big deal instead of focusing on the big and important issues.  Lipstick feminism, it’s called. So why are jokes about women making sandwiches and language like “banging chicks” […]

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Binary Thinking About Body Image Hurts Us All

“They say that white has might And thin is in, well that’s just bull. Cause ladies, big is back And as for black, it’s beautiful” -Hairspray: “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” A Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll surfaced earlier this year finding that black women have overall higher levels of self-esteem than women in other ethnic […]

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Vogue and the Diet Debate: Why Are We So Horrified?

In the most recent edition of Vogue, New York socialite Dara-Lynn Weiss shares her experience of putting her 7-year old child on a weight loss diet. Her intent: for her daughter, Bea, to shed pounds after discovering that she “had grown fat.” Obesity is a worldwide epidemic; the World Health Organization (WHO) describes childhood obesity, […]

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“Thinspiration” Reaches Pinterest

Like so many other people, the minute I heard about Pinterest I immediately signed up for an account and starting pinning; mostly ideas of bedroom décor and recipe ideas. However, I started to see a scary trend I’ve seen so many times before on other social network forums and websites from all over the world. […]

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Manentine’s Day: Dating Just Got Dumber

Hey, ladies, how are you planning to spend March 14th, 2012? Won’t you join me in being repulsed by misogyny’s latest invention, Manentine’s Day? Manentine’s Day is the latest in a long line of ordinary words that have been reclaimed by men (I’m thinking of guyliner, mantyhose, and mansplaining as only some of the examples […]

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