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This Is My Rally Cry: Because in New Brunswick, ‘liberty’ is only yours if you lack a uterus. (#NBProchoice)

 It takes a special kind of person to work at an Abortion Clinic. You need to possess just the right combination of kindness and compassion, combined with courage, determination, and a whole lot of humility. Not something you can put on a resume, and I highly doubt it’s something you can learn from an overpriced […]

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It’s Time to Stop Losing the Women We Love—Join the Movement — #BCD2020

Breast cancer. It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t been touched by this disease. And it is safe to say that in the coming year, even more will be affected. In 2014, it is estimated that 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among US women and approximately 40,000 women will […]

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What is The Wage Gap is Costing You Every Day?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="570"] Illustration credit: Tri Vo, PolicyMic[/caption] This piece was co-authored by Elizabeth Plank, Executive Social Editor at PolicyMic. You can reach her at @feministabulous. What would happen if we finally wage gap disappeared? We know women would be making more money, but how much more would they be bringing home? By now, you’ve […]

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Feminist Stories From Women’s Liberation: 1963-1970

It’s March. Women’s History Month. What better time to examine the second wave of feminism and to question how far women have really come? Jennifer Lee’s new documentary,Feminist Stories From Women’s Liberation: 1963-1970, is aiming to reopen a conversation on feminism through a reexamination of the movement’s evolution. Shining a light on the grassroots women who […]

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NALC’s leaders reflect on women’s progress in the union

This piece is cross-posted here with permission from National Association of Letter Carriers .  March is Women’s History Month, focusing on the contributions by women in all walks of life and honoring women who paved the way for greater equality. At the National Association of Letter Carriers, female letter carriers have been making inroads for decades […]

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Women’s Voices in Social Media: Challenges, opportunities and legislation.

I recently spoke at a Conference on Women’s Voices in Social Media, hosted by KWIC and the Canadian Federation for University Women at Trent University in Peterborough. It was a lively and important discussion, and I was able to sit on a panel with brilliant speakers who touched on many aspects of the challenges and […]

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India: Board the Bus for Women’s safety this week!

In Delhi, India, this week the global human rights organization Breakthrough launched a Board the Bus campaign, which runs through March 8, International Women’s Day. They want women to know that they have the right to occupy public places and suggest that having more women in public places can help reduce harassment. “We’re calling on women who don’t […]

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By Yvette Davis and Roberta Geidner
YWCA York BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, February is Black History Month, a time to honor the rich history and contributions of the innumerable African-Americans who have risen from adversity in order to contribute knowledge, skills and inventions to American society and beyond. LEVITRA images, African-American history is one filled with stories of people who have thrived in spite of decades of slavery, legalized segregation and systemic racism, LEVITRA street price. Where can i cheapest LEVITRA online, maya

Black History Month was first established in the 1920s to encourage the coordinated teaching of the history of African-Americans, who are too often overlooked or deliberately ignored in mainstream curricula, LEVITRA cost. LEVITRA without a prescription, In the decades since then, progress has been made, LEVITRA over the counter. Discount LEVITRA, However, too often mass media accentuates and perpetuates negative images of communities of color rather than revealing the truth of African-Americans’ lives and accomplishments, canada, mexico, india.

We ask our white readers to think for a moment about your own heroes and mentors, and question what it would be like to have few positive role models around who look like you, your family and your race, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. LEVITRA wiki, The lack of those role models in everyday life leaves a tremendous hole in what could be possible in community building and justice.

Society does a grave disservice to rising generations when education does not incorporate all peoples who have made positive contributions to the world, LEVITRA blogs. Order LEVITRA no prescription, African-Americans have played an essential role in the development of every facet of the world, yet how many black inventors can you name, LEVITRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. LEVITRA coupon, Scientists. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Authors, architects, chefs, teachers, leaders.

If your knowledge of African-American history is a little less than stellar, buy LEVITRA without prescription, Purchase LEVITRA online, then the YWCA
York’s Racial Justice Committee invites you to come learn with us: throughout Black History Month, the Racial Justice Committee has honored one icon a day via social media, purchase LEVITRA for sale. Where can i order LEVITRA without prescription, We have honored some of the better-known icons, but we also touched upon those less familiar unsung heroes, LEVITRA long term, Low dose LEVITRA, as well.

For us at YWCA York, LEVITRA schedule, LEVITRA pharmacy, the importance of Black History Month goes beyond the month of February into every day of our lives.

We dream of a time when the wealth of African-American history is so ingrained in our mainstream learning that a special commemorative month will be unnecessary, LEVITRA samples.

Until then, please join us at YWCA York’s website, and click on the
Facebook logo, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. LEVITRA class, We also urge you to visit our website and consider taking the pledge to end racism in
your life.

Together we can change our world for all humanity by celebrating the richness that diversity brings to our community, LEVITRA description. Buy cheap LEVITRA, The Rev. Yvette Davis is chairperson of the YWCA York Racial Justice Committee, LEVITRA reviews. LEVITRA trusted pharmacy reviews, Roberta Geidner is CEO of the YWCA York.

This piece was cross-posted here with permission from YWCA 

Photo Credit: Maya Angelou Website . No prescription LEVITRA online. Order LEVITRA from mexican pharmacy. Get LEVITRA. About LEVITRA. LEVITRA photos. Where can i buy cheapest LEVITRA online. Online buying LEVITRA hcl. LEVITRA maximum dosage.


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[caption id="attachment_20612" align="aligncenter" width="505"] BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Co-Founders of the Athena Film Festival, Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein [Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix] Co-Founders of the Athena Film Festival, Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein [Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix][/caption] 

The Athena Film Festival “is an engaging weekend of feature films, documentaries and shorts that highlight women’s leadership in real life and the fictional world.” I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Athena Film Festival co-foundersKathryn Kolbert, Constance Hess Williams Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, and Melissa Silverstein, Founder and Editor, Women and Hollywood. We discussed the upcoming festival, creating opportunities for female filmmakers, and the importance of seeing women leaders on-screen.

1. Megan Kearns: Why did you both start the Athena Film Festival?

Kathryn Kolbert: The festival started after an event at Gloria’s Steinem house that Melissa had organized to honor Jane Campion. Canada, mexico, india, Both of us were very struck by hearing the same thing from all the filmmakers who were there about the difficulty of having movies with strong female courageous women characters in their films. I had just started at Barnard at the Athena Leadership Center and really felt like we needed to focus some of our attention on changing what I call the “blink” — what do you think of, what do you see when you think leader or when you’re asked what does a leader look like. Most people respond to that by thinking of a white man with gray hair at the temples, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. I think our view was we need to change that in the wider culture. And we need to level the playing field for women or men who want to tell stories about great women leaders. From there, ADVAIR trusted pharmacy reviews, the festival was born.

2. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Megan Kearns : I’m sure you both love all of the films showing at Athena Film Fest. Which films or panels are you the most excited about. If people can only see one or two, Where can i order ADVAIR without prescription, which are must-see?

Melissa Silverstein: Firstly, we are very excited for three films that would highlight our opening film, our centerpiece film and our closing film. They’re all really different.

Belle directed by Amma Asante, tells the true story of a woman from history who helped basically bring down the slave trade in England. Decoding Annie Parker, doses ADVAIR work, also based on true events about two women, not connected to each other but separately, who came up with the idea that breast cancer is passed down from person to person. And then lastly, the documentary on Geraldine Ferraro [Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way], BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Those are the pieces that we’re holding up as our “tent poles, ADVAIR over the counter, ” as they say. And Megan, you write about Hollywood, you know those “tent poles” are never about women, right. So all of our “tent poles” are about women at the Athena Film Festival, ADVAIR pharmacy.

And then there are amazing nuggets and conversations going on here that I don’t want people to miss. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, I want people to get a film, and then a panel, and then a film and then a panel. Some of those highlights are, especially for your audience, the “Bechdel Test 2.0, Buy ADVAIR without a prescription, ” which is really asking people to look beyond just the Bechdel Test and beyond representation to how do we create more substantive leading roles for women. Amplifying women’s voices — we’ll talk about and feature people working behind the scenes to get more women-friendly and women-centric content out there. Also, some leaders who are leading that charge.

[Filmmaker] Lexi Alexander is coming. She made a big hoopla with her piece on what it’s like to be a woman director, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. The woman is just like raw energy rolled up into…I don’t even know what she would be rolled up into, rx free ADVAIR. She’s going to explode like a cannon, I have a feeling. She’s got a lot of things to say and she’s not afraid to say it. And in a business where people are afraid to say the truth, Where to buy ADVAIR, I think this could be a very revealing conversation.

Kathryn Kolbert: BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  I would highlight that I’m going to be talking with Leymah Gbowee who is the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner from Liberia. A woman whose story was told in the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell. And I think that helped to internationalize the unbelievable work that she did to create peace in a country that had been at war for many, many decades. If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear her, she’s just extraordinarily charismatic and interesting because she’s had a chance to visit with women all across the globe who are working for peace, ADVAIR from canadian pharmacy.

The second thing I think is really interesting across the festival is we have everything from a teenager sailing across the ocean alone [Maidentrip] to an animated film [Frozen], to women from all different countries around the world do many different kinds of things. I encourage people to go see more than one film, to come in and see 3 or 4, because that’s the story, that’s the subtext of what we’re doing that doesn’t get noticed until you’re seeing lots of things, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. The shorts are a really good example of that. Both shorts programs are great. Low dose ADVAIR, Melissa Silverstein: We curate a program that allows you to see all different kinds of women doing all different kinds of leadership. You have an opportunity to put together for yourself a vision of what you think films could be like and leadership could be like. I know the readers of Bitch Flicks BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  like that vision and believe in that vision. By coming in and just sampling one or two things you get a little bit of it. But if you feel the breadth of it, you can understand the potential if we have more women’s stories in our culture.

3, discount ADVAIR. Megan Kearns : How important do you think it is for people to see women in leadership roles on-screen?

Kathryn Kolbert: It’s incredibly important. Let me give you one piece of research that I think is extremely useful and telling in terms of what we’re trying to do here, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. A number of years ago in India, they passed what’s known as a reservations law which reserved a third of all town heads, the equivalent of mayors, ADVAIR maximum dosage, around the country for women. They did that on a randomized basis so you could study what happened when women became mayors. Therefore, it couldn’t be attributed to something other than the gender of the women who ascended to these roles. Two things happened. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, One, the agendas of the women were different than the agendas of the men because they were listening more closely to both the men and women in the villages. The men’s agendas seemed to reflect the male leadership in the village, get ADVAIR. The women’s leadership reflected both the attitudes of male and female constituents. So the agendas changed.

But here’s the interesting piece that applies to our festival. What also changed was the aspirations of girls, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. When you had two women in a row who became mayors in their village, ADVAIR wiki, they believed and understood they could be a mayor themselves. That’s what this festival is all about. It’s how you inspire the next generation or the generation after that to ascend to leadership in whatever capacity they aspire to. Until they see people who are like them, in those roles, they won’t be able to do that as effectively, purchase ADVAIR online.

Melissa Silverstein: BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION,  So bringing in a person like Lexi Alexander, who has taken on — she doesn’t always think this is the thing she needs to do but she understands by putting this out there — she has taken on a responsibility. She wants this business to change. Not just for herself but for other women, the women who can’t get jobs and for the girls who want to see — as Kitty always says, “What do you think a leader looks like. ADVAIR for sale, The guy with gray hair at his temples.” When you ask girls, “What does a director look like?” They describe Steven Spielberg-like. We want girls to be able to dream, to see themselves as potential directors. That way we’ll have more stories about women, because we know the research shows that when you have more women behind the scenes, you have more stories about women, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

4. Megan Kearns: There’s a panel on the Bechdel Test at Athena and last year 4 Swedish cinemas employed a Bechdel Test rating to indicate gender bias, real brand ADVAIR online. How important do you think the Bechdel Test is?

Melissa Silverstein: I’m going to push back on you on the Bechdel Test. It’s not the beginning and it’s not the end. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, We get stuck in the fact that two women talking to each other about a man. Two women talking to each other about something other than a man is not enough. And should not be enough. Buying ADVAIR online over the counter, Kathryn Kolbert: If we put this in another context, it would be like saying because one Fortune 500 company has one woman on their board of directors, that the fight is over. It’s just beginning. It’s not really a fight, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. It’s an effort to bring parity in the world in a whole range of arenas. From my perspective, effects of ADVAIR, in terms of leadership, you only can change the world if women get beyond their gender and can contribute equally within any kind of organization or entity. And as long as they’re a minority, in any respect — whether it’s on-screen, ADVAIR description, behind the screen, directors, whatever role they’re playing — as long as they’re a minority, their gender is the only issue people are looking at them for, rather than the huge contributions they bring to the table. We believe in parity because it makes the product better, cheap ADVAIR no rx.

BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, 5. Megan Kearns: Filmmaker Lexi Alexander wrote a stunning article at Women & Hollywood where she stated, “There is no lack of female directors…But there is a huge lack of people willing to give female directors opportunities.” How do you think the Athena Film Festival might help women directors obtain more opportunities?

Melissa Silverstein: What we’re trying to do with the Athena Film Festival is give women directors the opportunity to have their films at a first-class event and create conversations that show people — basically what we want to say is, it shouldn’t be a big deal to have six movies directed by women in a film festival. Yet, Australia, uk, us, usa, at all the film festivals I go to, it is always a big deal to see six movies by women. We want to create opportunities for them out there, they just don’t have the opportunity to be seen at this level. We want people to take them more seriously and we want people to understand that their work stands on its own. People in the film business need to look at this work a bit differently and to redefine what success is, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Kathryn Kolbert: We want to remember that men are allies in this as well, ADVAIR brand name. One thing that the Athena Film Festival has always stood for is it’s important what the story is, not necessarily the gender of the person who directed the film. While we do believe women directors need more opportunities, there’s no question about that, About ADVAIR, we also show movies by male directors who are telling stories of interesting, creative, courageous women because that needs to be part of the norm as well. The issue is not who made the film so much as what the film is contributing to the cultural conversation. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, From my perspective, in terms of how you change leadership, men and women need to work together to change what leadership looks like.

6. Megan Kearns: What are your thoughts on the Celluloid Ceiling’s Report that there hasn’t been progress for women in film in 16 years, ADVAIR street price. How can we move past the “gender inertia” of film that Dr. Martha Lauzen talks about and achieve more diverse female representation in film?

Kathryn Kolbert: It’s not much different than any other major institutions in the country. Hollywood has despicable numbers but so do Fortune 500 companies, so do non-profits, so does the education sphere, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. All over the world, this is a problem, After ADVAIR, in terms of women and leadership roles. I think that the solutions are more complicated than any of us would like. It would be really nice if we could say there’s one thing that could be done and the problem is solved. It’s not that simple, nor do we believe that to be the case. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, But I do think for Hollywood, there are two things that can make a significant difference. One is this myth that the major audience are 18- to 25-year-old guys, ADVAIR use. The blockbuster films are kind of geared toward that audience. In fact, women go to the movies, women are more likely to go to the movies when they’re not seeing blockbuster films for 18-year-old guys. ADVAIR from mexico, That’s one really significant thing: the industry has to catch up to their own data.

Melissa Silverstein: It has to catch up to the rest of the country, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Kathryn Kolbert: The second thing is they have got to say this, they have got to admit that there is a problem. Until they do, it’s not going to change. To me, buy ADVAIR online cod, we need to call upon the leaders of the big studios to say openly that this is a problem, we’re going to address the problem, we’re going to work on the problem, and we’re going to quit ignoring it. ADVAIR price, coupon, Melissa Silverstein: I agree. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, There has to be the will. Now there is no will. Now, Dr. Lauzen’s statistics, she’s been counting this for 16 years, ADVAIR long term. I would venture to say that it’s been that bad for many more years than that. We just have those statistics for 16 years, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. This has been going on for decades.

But Hollywood is a business. These people’s jobs are to make money and the inertia comes from the fact that they continue to make money and they don’t see how bringing women into it will improve on their bottom line. Where can i find ADVAIR online, They don’t see the need because their bottom line continues to grow. BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION, They’re contracting the amount of movies they’re releasing at the studios. As they contract, they make bigger “tent poles,” more boy-centric, more superhero-centric, more action-centric, ADVAIR pictures, more internationally-centric. All those issues lead into less and less opportunities for women.

Until somebody says, “I’m going to hire a woman to direct the next Marvel movie or the next Avengers movie, Kjøpe ADVAIR på nett, köpa ADVAIR online, we’re going to have this conversation until we break through that glass ceiling. It’s got to happen at the top level.

7, BUY ADVAIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Megan Kearns: Who are your favorite female filmmakers?

Melissa Silverstein: I’m a huge Lynn Shelton fan. I also feel like I’ve seen Nicole Holofcener’s body of work. There are many men you can say, “I’ve seen that person’s body of work.” There are not that many women where you can have the body of work and you can feel really connected to it. For me, I have that connection to Nicole Holofcener’s work. And I think one of my favorite movies of all time is Whale Rider. And Bend It Like Beckham.

The 4th Annual Athena Film Festival takes place February 6-9, 2014 at Barnard College in New York, NY. Learn more about this year’s lineup and buy tickets.

This interview was cross-posted here with permission from BTCH FLICKS.


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Brit Hume thinks Chris Christie is paying for a "feminized atmosphere ULTRAM FOR SALE, ," in which his naturally tough guy (read: male) behavior has been erroneously cast as bullying. Meanwhile, the NY Post's film critic Kyle Smith's take on the Golden Globes was that there was just "too much estrogren." These are just this weekend's examples of men having a hard time-sharing culture.  Sounds an awful lot like my 3-year-old brother, Buy ULTRAM no prescription, who used to chant, "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine, ULTRAM FOR SALE. Mine!!!"

"Guys [like Christie] who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, ULTRAM no prescription, kind of old-fashioned tough guys," explains Hume, "Run some risks." Like being considered massive jerks. Where can i order ULTRAM without prescription, Feminists and women are ruining the fun that people have being thuggish and getting away with it. All that being required to be civil, polite, empathetic and considerate is so horribly emasculating.  If only women would stop talking so much.

Smith, ULTRAM dose, in the meantime, thinks that the Globes should have just been called "Girls." Eww. ULTRAM FOR SALE, The event, he explains, "was a deep dive into a pool of estrogen." This is unsurprising, but his response is not uncommon when it comes to perceptions of gender and visibility.  This is like my friend, with whom I share a great liking for many HBO series that are almost uniformly dominated by men's stories, explaining without a shred of irony that "Orange is the New Black" simply has too many women for him to be interested in watching.


You can't argue with the way people feel. Online ULTRAM without a prescription, Hume and Smith are not my dinner companions, however and you can argue against perpetuating destructive myths. Between them, Fox News and the New York Post reach tens of millions of people who have just been misinformed by poor framing and false equivalencies.

The Globes red carpet and crowd shots suggested a nice gender parity, ULTRAM used for, everyone seemed to have a spouse or a date, usually of the opposite sex. There were a lot of glamorous and talented women, ULTRAM FOR SALE. And they talked. ULTRAM without a prescription, Horrors.

But, the night was a celebration of an industry in which women are remarkably discriminated against, hypersexualized, and subjected to double standards regarding how they look, ULTRAM samples, age, paid and invested in. Yes, Online buying ULTRAM, there's that uncomfortable phrase, "discriminated against."

First, let's put Smith's disgust in context. ULTRAM FOR SALE, He makes the miserly complaint that Sandra "Bullock had ten times as much screen time as her costar, Clooney being reduced to playing her coach." This is the perfect example of how this works.  It is a ridiculous distortion of the facts to suggest some sort of equivalence between opportunities for women and men to play lead roles in Hollywood.  What Kyle is actually saying, with a straight face, that even one film out of 250, in which a woman is the protagonist and a man is supportive is JUST TOO MUCH. Clooney himself has pointed this gender imbalance out.

Consider these statistics from Women and Hollywood, ULTRAM dangers, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the Writers Guild of America, The Representation Project, Comprar en línea ULTRAM, comprar ULTRAM baratos, and USC's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism five year study, Gender Equality in 500 Popular Films:

  • In 2012, men were 95.6 percent of directors, 91.8 percent of writers, and 80 percent of producers, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. This is a behind the screen ratio of 5 men to every 1 woman behind the camera.

  • Just 16.7 percent of the 1,228 directors, writers, Effects of ULTRAM, and producers of the top-grossing 100 films of 2012 were women.

  • Of 2012's 4,475 speaking characters on screen only 28.4 percent were female. No one has done a word count, but I can guarantee you that the ratio of substantive content is even more deplorable.

  • Only 6 percent of the top-grossing films in 2012 featured a balanced cast.

  • The top 500 movies showed a ratio of 2.51 males to every 1 female on screen.

  • Only 2 of the 10 best picture nominees had stories primarily about women and almost all failed the Bechdel Test -- the most basic test of even just the presence of women, not even of stories that feature progressive stories about women.

  • Exactly ZERO women were nominated in directing or writing categories for film.

  • Only 4 percent of films currently slated for release in 2014 are directed by women.

  • All of this takes place in an environment where racial and ethnic diversity is also deplorable, ULTRAM photos.  Kerry Washington remains the first woman to play the lead in a television drama in almost 40 years.

  • Despite some really amazing female characters on television today, women made up only 18.6 percent of executive producers for television shows in 2011-12, men of all ethnic/racial backgrounds combined, made up 81.4 percent.

  • Ten percent of all shows on television have NO women or minority writers and a third have no minority writers at all.

  • Only 24 percent of TV pipeline pilots for 2012 had at least one woman writer

It is in this context that Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and every other woman in television and film, works, ULTRAM FOR SALE. This not because we have an excess of estrogen or because women aren't interested, or talented, or ambitious. Buy ULTRAM from mexico, It's because we have systemic problems with misogyny and sexism and those problems inform how money is distributed and to whom; whose stories are told and how.  Seriously, the man was really complaining of too much estrogen.

Likewise, Hume's casual concerns about "feminized atmosphere." In the context being discussed, fast shipping ULTRAM, Hume was referring to the tiptoeing that men like Christie have to engage in to avoid media fiascos like the one he's currently embroiled in.  Media is hardly a "feminized atmosphere."  According to the Women's Media Center 2013 Status of Women in Media Report ULTRAM FOR SALE, , the Fourth Estate Project, The Op-Ed Project, American University's Women and Politics Institute, Media Matters for America, the Columbia Journalism Review, and Vida:

    • Men outnumbered women in front-page byline coverage of the 2012 presidential elections at top newspapers by an almost 3 to 1 margin.

    • On Sunday morning talk shows, like the one that Brit Hume specializes in, one survey found that only 25 percent of guests were female. Another concluded that only 14 percent of those interviewed and 29 percent of roundtable guests.

    • Radio is similarly dominated by male opinions and voices.

    • Women are concentrated in "pink collar" areas in both new and old guard media food, family, ULTRAM from mexico, furniture and fashion.

    • In television, male directors outnumbered females 4 to 1 in a review of 3,100 episodes of prime-time  television, broadcast and cable

    • In newsrooms, women's participation has remained static, ULTRAM street price, at roughly 36.5%, since 1999.

    • White men write 80% of all major publication op-eds. For example, Canada, mexico, india, a review of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal shows that just one-half of one percent of op-eds were written by Latinos; For The Washington Post, that number was 0 percent. Among those publications, Asian Americans wrote an average of 2 percent; African Americans roughly 5 percent.

    • The 2013 VIDA count charts of women writers have to be seen to be believed they are so shameful.

    • And, lest we forget, what is ULTRAM, our story telling biases start in childhood literature.


This is not to disparage the fantastic work that male journalists and writers, producers and directors do. But, men apparently really cannot stop talking, ULTRAM FOR SALE. ULTRAM duration, They just want to share what they think and want us to listen and like it. Huh. Imagine that.

It's useful to remember that corporate boards and Congress are similarly composed. ULTRAM FOR SALE, No one is running around talking about masculinized spaces that intimidate and disturb women. Those are just our norms, ULTRAM coupon, so suck it up, ladies.

But, Where can i buy cheapest ULTRAM online, you know what's really interesting about these numbers. Despite long debunked myths about women talking more than men, and too much, there is good evidence showing a marked tendency in dialog for a minority of men to take over conversation. They do this in the actual amount of talking being done and through intimidation expressed in tone and rhetoric, online buying ULTRAM hcl. One lingers on the brain in particular: early research about how men and women communicate and interact online, ULTRAM FOR SALE. Published in 1993 in the journal Gender And Democracy In Computer-Mediated Communication, Susan C. Herring documented these patterns and argued that these tendencies create a type of censorship by making the kind of diverse, Cheap ULTRAM, public discourse that this necessary for true democracy impossible. Her findings are reinforced by dozens of studies and the reality of our media statistics, which are like personal interactions writ large and systematized.

Here's a fascinating and helpful little tidbit to mull over.  Herring's work indicated that when women talked just 30% of the time, men thought that were dominating.  I just love that.  More recently, ULTRAM maximum dosage, a 2012 study published in the American Political Science Review, conducted by researchers at Brigham Young and Princeton, confirmed the ways in which women in minority positions are silenced and their opinions disregarded. As researchers put it ULTRAM FOR SALE, , "Having a seat at the table (and for women it's still generally one seat in 12) is very different from having a voice." In the majority of groups they studied -- across a diversity of industries, the duration of time that women spoke was significantly less than their proportional representation and amounted to less than 75 percent of the total time time that men spoke. Where can i buy ULTRAM online, What Kyle, Hume and the entire Fox network are expressing is more than just variations on #Maleproverbs that insist women talk too much. First, they demonstrate a profound disinterest in a reality in which male voices overwhelmingly dominate.  Second, their opinions are a gross, misleading distortions of this reality that degrade public discourse, buy ULTRAM online no prescription. It's barely a hop, skip and a jump away from the Sex Pistol's Johnny Rotten's honest remark to an Australian woman newscaster, "Now listen, ULTRAM dosage, when a man is talking, do not interrupt."

Kyle goes on to explain that Poehler and Fey engaged in the "tiresome defense mechanism of female nightclub comics to make it all about gender before their hecklers can." You know what's tiresome. SEXISM is tiresome. SEXIST HECKLERS are tiresome. SEXIST media commentators are tiresome, ULTRAM FOR SALE. We, ULTRAM long term, women, are tired and have every right to be.

When Fey and Poehler dropped their funny and deadpan joke about Clooney's inability to date anyone his own age ("'Gravity' is nominated for best film. ULTRAM interactions, It's the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.") it was a direct reference to Seth MacFarlane's disturbing and offensive joke about Clooney and nine-year old Quvenzhane Wallis at the Oscars.  When they mocked penises and prosthetics, they were dishing out, in pointed parody, the ridiculously sexist and uncomfortable commentary on women's bodies. McFarlane's little ditty "We Saw Your Breasts," last February set the tone by immediately reducing women to their boobs, purchase ULTRAM online.  My only criticism of their performance is that, calibrated consciously or not to the Oscar debacle, it played by the very rules that they were challenging. ULTRAM FOR SALE, But really, it was a response to working, day in and day out, with casual sexism and subjected to double standards. ULTRAM alternatives, As for Hume, he expressed an understanding that I believe many boys and men feel: concern that they will do or say something that will "make you look like a sexist or make you look like you seem thuggish or whatever." This is a legitimate worry, this confusion, and something that I often hear expressed. But expressing it in the way he did is part of the problem and a frequent Fox News habit, buy ULTRAM from canada. Fox is singularly obsessed with the dangers of "feminization." The issue is not that men have been emasculated by feminists or are disoriented by a "feminized" environment. It's that we haven't taught boys why it's ok and important to adapt.  It is that we fail, time and again, Buy generic ULTRAM, and for decades, to entertain serious questions about masculinity as culturally informed. Our media (excuse me, just clearing my throat a bit) continues to rigidly refuse to discuss the ways in which American ideas of masculinity have failed to adapt to our changing society, economy and culture, ULTRAM FOR SALE. That's not feminization, it's stubborn and destructive nostalgia for uncontested dominance.

There are no shortage of people that feel put upon by the reality that women have ideas and ambitions and the right and ability to express themselves publicly. What is truly shocking though is a superficial defensiveness and calculated know-nothingness that accompanies their resentment. Nor is this a man v. woman problem. There are many men who understand justice and fairness and women, perfectly capable of expressing sexism and racism, who don't.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to spend a lovely evening listening to a panel try and figure out, very timely, "Why are Women Missing from the News.".

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