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What Women Want 2012: A YWCA USA National Survey of Priorities and Concerns

Our most important (and surprising) takeaway is this: 80 percent of women, across all divides and regardless of political affiliation, agree on 80 percent of the issues. From where we’re standing, and despite references to a divided and partisan electoral climate, it seems that most American women regardless of background and life experiences have many of the same priorities for their lives, families, and communities.

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Final Call: Deadlines for Voter Registration Coming Up Fast

Are you registered to vote in November? Are your friends and family? Do you know where your polling place is?  With just over 40 days till Election Day 2012, the deadlines for voter registration and absentee ballots are fast approaching. It’s even more important this year to be properly registered and, unfortunately, depending on the state, […]

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What You Can Do About The Gender Wage Gap

  This post is originally published at Role/Reboot.  It is cross-posted with permission. Disturbed by this week’s news on the unchanged wage gap, Kate McGuinness offers advice on how to negotiate for better pay. On Wednesday, the U.S. Census Bureau released data for 2011 showing that the gender wage gap remains unchanged from 2010. For […]

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New Pay Gap Data Shows It’s Not “The End of Men”

Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men, came out yesterday. While I haven’t yet read it, I saw her recent New York Times Magazine cover story and watched a couple of her Daily Beast videos. Rosin’s overall message is that today’s economy favors women over men. While the three Alabama wives Rosin follows in […]

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#Motherfkd: Economy Will Suffer If People Cannot Plan Parenthood

Social issues Female issues Women’s issues Single issue voters Can we please stop this pretense that effective birth control and safe and legal abortion did not transform society and help families by enabling women to plan their parenthoods and go to work? What purpose does it serve, except to deny reality and mislead people? So […]

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Lower Paycheck for More Flexibility?

As the election cycle ramps up, issues like poverty and socio-economic inequality are getting a little more (but not enough) coverage in the news cycle.   The state of the economy and ability to make a living is important – and the current status of the average American worker … isn’t great right now.   And along […]

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Picture this: a group of 2,000 women entrepreneurs that are trained and armed with business development and technical knowledge to expand their businesses. Who says they can’t, and they won’t, change the world?

At the Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), we like to call them a “ShEntrepreneur”—emphasizing “she” and “entrepreneur” as a way to put the force of language behind our work to empower women as entrepreneurs.

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What do the sanctions on Iran say about Western commitments to Regional Development?

In the past few months, a new wave of sanctions have been imposed on Iran by the U.S. and the EU to ramp up international pressure against their nuclear program. The latest effort along these lines by the Obama administration aims to punish financial sector companies and shippers that help Tehran sell its oil, and […]

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Canada’s War on Women: The Battle of New Brunswick

As a self-proclaimed Maritimer, I’ve lived in New Brunswick off and on throughout my undergraduate and graduate student life. Although small in population, New Brunswick is a province with boundless natural beauty and is home to the kindest people you would ever have the good fortune to meet. I am in awe of this place […]

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Paycheck Fairness and the Boy Crisis: How Misguided Entitlement Hurts Everyone

Today, Congress will vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is designed to strengthen the 1963 Equal Pay Act which made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform similar work.  The Paycheck Fairness Act specifies that they cannot be paid differently for doing the EXACT same job.  Men […]

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