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Why the Insured Should Support Health Care Reform: Employer Sponsored Health Insurance is an Endangered Species

South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson’s decidedly un-Congressional outburst during President Obama’s speech on health care reform was met with swift censure from his colleagues on both sides of the political fence. But while he was publicly called out for his inappropriate and disrespectful behavior toward the President, no one has taken him on for […]

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With Despair

Our nation is faced with historically urgent problems, yet our political discourse is focused on lunacy. We must negotiate two wars, economic collapse of historic proportions, a dwindling middle class, working poor on the edge of oblivion, entitlement systems that must be reformed lest they completely crush our system (or become unavailable to those in […]

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Dear Honey: Letters to the Wives of Senators

Comprehensive Reproductive Healthcare for Women It just so happens that Honey Alexander, wife of Senator Lamar Alexander, was the first name on my list. As I read her bio, I couldn’t help thinking that we would probably agree on many issues, especially those impacting children. This letter asks wives of senators to prevail upon their […]

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How A Feminist Found Her Sexism

Posted with permission from On The Issues Magazine It’s been a surprise to find out what a sexist I really am. I’ve been calling myself a feminist for two decades, and surely was one for the two decades before that. I’m a woman who found myself with a female husband – the man I married […]

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Selecting The Same Sex

Posted with permission from On The Issues Magazine There is one place where the definition of gender remains binary – in the womb. When it comes to sonograms, amniocentesis and standard pre-natal testing, there are no nuances. Here, the pronouncement, “It’s a girl,” can translate into fierce and instant parental rejection. The fact is that […]

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Highlights from the Caregiving Twittercast

Find the full transcript here. 10:05 pm ReeveFdnIS: @Fem2pt0 Setting priorities is a big issue, finding time for yourself #fem2 10:06 pm ReeveFdnIS: If you do not find a balance, it is so easy for life to feel overwhelming #fem2 10:07 pm moneyinmiddle: Long distance caregiving is very hard — guilt when you’re not there, […]

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The REAL Opt-Out Revolution

There has been much talk in the news and among the mom blogs about the Opt-Out Revolution.  The phrase, coined by Lisa Belkin in a 2003 New York Times Magazine article, refers to highly-educated professional women who, upon entering parenthood, choose to stay home with their children as full-time caregivers rather than try to juggle […]

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I do not receive any form of help

Stacey’s story originally appeared as part of The NFCA Story Project. Stacey lives in Carteret, New Jersey. My name is Stacey. I am a 40 year old single white female. I am a caregiver to both my mother & grandmother. I have been assisting both of them for 8 years now. My grandmother is 76 […]

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Am I the only one going through this?

Angelina’s story originally appeared as part of The NFCA Story Project. Angelina lives in Laguna Niguel, California. My name is Angelina. I am 39 years old, I am the single mother of two wonderful daughters ages 16 and 13, divorced 3 times and I have been caring for my 56 year old mother Carolyne for […]

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People need to do what ever needs to be done to have peace within

My name is Sylvia and I care for my ailing mother. Mom has been battling stage 3 cancer since 1996. While she has beat the cancer (to date), the chemotherapy has left her with congestive heart failure. I received a call from a doctor 2 years ago telling me that my mother only has 15% […]

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