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Women Deliver 50

This morning Women Deliver announced it’s “Women Deliver 50” list spotlighting ideas and solutions that actually improving the lives of women and girls around the world right now.  From hundreds of submissions, to 125 finalists, we have 50 inspiring programs chosen for their work in advocacy and awareness, education, health interventions, and technologies and innovations. […]

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How Third World Feminism Differs from First World Feminism

The 1970s feminist movement in the US and Europe influenced the spread of women’s movements around the world. However, women in other countries sometimes feel American women practice “moral imperialism” in judging cultural practices like the headscarf or female genital mutilation. They don’t want to be patronized. They don’t feel all women want the same […]

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“Girls Like Us” — Rachel Lloyd’s Memoir Illuminates the Sexual Exploitation of Children

The first time I saw Rachel Lloyd was in 2005, the year of the 70th Annual Academy Awards. “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” had taken the honors for best song. Whenever I complained about that tune being showcased, people would remark, “Lighten up.” Yet when Lloyd  addressed an audience in Soho about the issue […]

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Malawian Women in Public Places

As a young girl growing up in Malawi, I once wore trousers to church. They were a brand new pair purchased on my father’s recent trip abroad. A few minutes into the service, I heard sniggering behind me growing louder and more annoying by the minute. Turning around, I cast dirty looks at the two […]

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Interview with Kah Walla on Cameroon’s Elections, the Arab Spring and More

Last year, my friend and colleague, Kah Walla, ran for the presidency in Cameroon on the Cameroon People’s Party line. I talked to her about that run, the Arab Spring and the challenges Africa faces. Let’s start with your very gutsy move to run for president of Cameroon. Can you talk about what motivated you to […]

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Where are The Women at Davos?

Last week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) convened in Davos, where thought leaders, from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, met to discuss the world’s pressing issues and the innovative new ways that we can solve them. But at a conference so committed to progress, and the progress of women, the […]

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We Will Carry Their Stories

I arrived in Mexico City on Saturday already worn out from a migraine and travel. As I rode in the car to the hotel I took in the sights while pondering why I was even there. I’m an academic and a blogger – why me? That night at dinner I started to understand.

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“Angry Brides” Facebook App Makes For an Angry Feminist

Ok, ok I’ll admit it — from time to time I have been known to peruse the Indian matrimonial website Ok maybe more than just “from time to time.” Ok fine I’ll confess, I’ve considered paying to become a registered, paying member. This week, I’m very glad I never took that step.  Here’s why: […]

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fem*ex – The Female Experience

Like many DC transplants, I had stars in my eyes and aspirations of changing the world when I moved to the city 6 years ago. I went full speed ahead, achieving my goals of working for national women’s organizations and finishing graduate school. I learned some hard lessons, most notably that building authentic professional relationships […]

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Girl Power in the Age of Millenials

Glued to the television in 2008, I remember many of my female friends and I holding our collective breath as we watched with fascination the rise of female contenders for the United States presidential ticket. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s magnetic appeal first captured my imagination as a teenager in the 90’s when I watched her speak […]

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