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A Woman, An Inmate, An Inspiration

In about a month, I will be leaving my job and home to move 2800 miles away for law school. Lately, this has seemed like a daunting task: is it really necessary to do all that packing, make new friends, and take out student loans? Couldn’t I make a difference here in D.C.? Of course […]

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Agreeing with MRAs? Child Support Payments and the Supreme Court

The Washington Post published a story today on a topic near and dear to Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs): child support payments. The author, Janice D’Arcy, discusses a recent ruling (Turner v. Rogers) by the Supreme Court. In this ruling, the court suggests that prior to punishing “deadbeat dads” due to a lack of payment, lower […]

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You Should Run

Last night I was reminded of an issue I’ve written about here a few times.  At WIN’s Women Opening Doors for Women event the keynote speech, given by Sam Bennett, president of the Women’s Campaign Fund focused on women candidates.  She not only asked that we all ask women we know to run, and nominate […]

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Female Politicians and Sex Scandals: Why Women Aren’t (Necessarily) Better Than Men

To be a real feminist, do you have to argue that women are better than men? Or is that just a fun optional thing? In the wake of the Anthony Weiner scandal, I’ve seen many articles with the same reaction: this is why we should elect more women. Women avoid these kind of scandals — […]

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The Power of the Purse: The GOP and Elizabeth Warren

Recent Pew Research Center data suggests Republicans are warming to the idea of a female president. But that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable with women in power – as shown by the recent Elizabeth Warren hearings. Warren was nominated by President Obama last September to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Warren, a bankruptcy […]

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What Do Armenian Women Want?

In mid-May, women from across Armenia gathered together to organize for a larger political presence in the running of their country.  These women worked to form policy platforms, an organizing tool designed to change national policy around certain issues.  Women across the world have already used these platforms effectively for social change. The conference was […]

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Today’s News on Women: Healthcare, Paychecks, and Budgets

It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already been a rough news week for women. Several research studies were released about the acute health problems faced by poorer women: According to Time, the abortion rate in the United States dropped for every group between 2000 and 2008 – except poorer women. The rate for these women actually […]

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5 Elections to Watch for Women in 2011

As we all know the international political world has changed dramatically since the beginning of the year.  Frequently after my speeches, classes or university forums, students (particularly young women) often ask me how they can get involved.  I’m struck by their enthusiasm, dedication and energy.  While we are overwhelmed with television, blogs and tweets about […]

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Negotiating Equal Pay for Equal Work

It’s 2011, and women still make only $0.77 on the dollar to men, on average. People around the country celebrated Equal Pay Day on April 12. This occasion marks the day when women finally catch up to men’s wages—from the following year. That is to say, we never really catch up. Some efforts to address […]

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The Value of Equal Pay Day for Men

Every time I bring up Equal Pay Day (or Unequal Pay Day as I prefer to think of it), some idiot (usually an unenlightened man) lectures me about women’s choices.  Women choose careers that allow them to be with their kids more, so of course they get paid less overall, as a group. Now, let’s […]

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