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Fighting Breast Cancer is Too Easy for the NFL

I have never been impressed with the National Football League’s campaign to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  It seemed like a glib mass marketing/publicity stunt that didn’t really match the NFL’s target audience or purpose.   I love the idea that the NFL is choosing to support a cause, but why this one?  I […]

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Over 7 Billion People: The Personhood Amendment in Mississppi

The world population recently hit 7 billion. Funny story: when I was in Swaziland, King Mswati III gave a speech at the UN Population Fund Ceremony and lauded on how great it was that we were developing at such a phenomenal speed, and how he couldn’t wait until we reached 10 billion to celebrate again. […]

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Yogic Benefits for Breast Cancer Patients

[caption id="attachment_7280" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Breast Cancer patients, survivors participate in an outdoor yoga event."][/caption] Yoga has some amazing benefits.  One that is recently catching on is what it can do for those living with breast cancer.  Last week Yoga on the Steps came to DC, the first city to see its expansion from Philadelphia.  A […]

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Part II Sex Trafficking in America: A Survivor’s Story

I was 14 years old when I was forced into prostitution. Like many teens at that age, finding my own identity and defying my parents were top on my list. Consequently, when a man came into my life and showered me with attention and listened to me when I complained about my parents, I did […]

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Pimped Out: Child Prostitution in America

When most Americans hear the words “sex trafficking,” we think oversees.  We have all heard of sex trafficking issues in countries like Thailand, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and our hearts go out to those people. When we hear stories about American children being trafficked right here in United States, we are incredulous.  No one believes […]

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The Plan to Eventually Love My Body

I don’t know how they do it.  Women who shout from the rooftops how much they love themselves and their bodies – celebrating their awesome “shero” female power!  I think they are either the most enlightened and strong and amazing women EVER, or else they are practicing positive affirmation – telling themselves something in the […]

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Mary Robinson and The Elders Make Child Marriage Prevention a Top Priority

When the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations convened in New York City in mid-September, those striving to get attention for specific agendas presented their causes at satellite conferences around Manhattan. Members of The Elders, a contingent of independent global leaders focusing on “peace and human rights,” made appearances at the Clinton Global Initiative […]

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Why it Won’t Matter When the Supreme Court Revokes Roe v. Wade

Although law school has been keeping me busy, I took a break yesterday to volunteer at NARAL Pro-Choice California’s annual luncheon. This was my first pro-choice event since my move to California, and it reminded me why keeping in touch with the movement is so important. One of the speakers, Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick, […]

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“Hannah Rose”: A Survivor’s Story

I have chosen today to rise above the shame of my own experience with domestic violence and speak out, as a survivor. I have given talks, raised money and been asked a thousand times, “Michelle, why domestic violence?” I have never answered with anything but a simple, “because there is a need.” I am not […]

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The Month of Competing Priorities for Women

We at Fem2.0 have been focused on Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  While we will continue that focus, and we feel strongly about the ability of communities to take action and change the future of violence against women, we would be remiss to ignore the fact that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While I […]

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