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Mary Robinson and The Elders Make Child Marriage Prevention a Top Priority

When the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations convened in New York City in mid-September, those striving to get attention for specific agendas presented their causes at satellite conferences around Manhattan. Members of The Elders, a contingent of independent global leaders focusing on “peace and human rights,” made appearances at the Clinton Global Initiative […]

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Why it Won’t Matter When the Supreme Court Revokes Roe v. Wade

Although law school has been keeping me busy, I took a break yesterday to volunteer at NARAL Pro-Choice California’s annual luncheon. This was my first pro-choice event since my move to California, and it reminded me why keeping in touch with the movement is so important. One of the speakers, Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick, […]

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“Hannah Rose”: A Survivor’s Story

I have chosen today to rise above the shame of my own experience with domestic violence and speak out, as a survivor. I have given talks, raised money and been asked a thousand times, “Michelle, why domestic violence?” I have never answered with anything but a simple, “because there is a need.” I am not […]

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The Month of Competing Priorities for Women

We at Fem2.0 have been focused on Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  While we will continue that focus, and we feel strongly about the ability of communities to take action and change the future of violence against women, we would be remiss to ignore the fact that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While I […]

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SlutWalk NYC: What Are the Rules of Rape Prevention?

Sexual criminals are being regarded simply as men who can’t control themselves instead of sick human beings. Sexual predators are looking for females. Women are predisposed to be victims of sexual assault no matter what we wear. Case in point: recently, I was hollered at by two men in two separate cars within a six-second […]

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Protecting Ourselves Against the Wrong Rapists

As Editor of Fem2.0, part of my job entails keeping up with news, campaigns, and events related to women’s rights.  Because we tackle such a broad range of issues, I have Google Alerts set to a rather random smattering of keywords that do or may affect women.  One of these is “sexual assault.”  While a […]

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Safety in Numbers: The Reality of Date Rape Drugs

Last week, I did something that I do often: I went to see a DJ perform. I go to concerts several times a month, sometimes with groups and sometimes only with my boyfriend, but always with someone. The music was loud, the energy was high and I was ready for a good night. We had […]

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Birth Control Recall

In case you didn’t know: today is World Contraception Day!  In case you missed it, and it wouldn’t have been that hard to, there was a recall of several birth control pills recently.  Every woman I shared this with was not just shocked they didn’t know – but panicked that their pill was included.  The […]

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The Global Gag Rule: What’s Next?

Pro-lifers don’t want their hard-earned money funding abortions.  And many of them generally don’t want their hard-earned money going overseas to begin with.  So they definitely don’t want their hard-earned money going overseas to fund abortions. The Global Gag Rule was originally implemented by President Reagan via executive order.  It was then rescinded by President […]

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7 Billion and Counting

On October 31st, the world’s population will reach 7 billion.   With this historical  milestone in sight,  UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) has issued a call-to-action to renew our commitment to work for a healthier, more sustainable world.   How women and girls become change-agents in their own lives and how we empower them is crucial to […]

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