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Her Body, Her Choice: Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

Unsurprisingly the revelation of the cover artwork for Nicki Minaj’s upcoming single “Anaconda” was met with shock, debate, and criticism. The picture itself is relatively simple: it features Nicki Minaj crouched down looking over her shoulder. She just happens to be wearing a thong that shows her enviable cheeks. But it’s not as though our […]

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How to Be Child-free Stepparent

By the time I was 12, I knew I didn’t want children. I loved kids, I saw the joy they brought into people’s lives, but I just didn’t feel the pang for parenthood. “You’ll change your mind,” said the multitudes of people around me. When I got married at 21, and reasserted my child-free identity, […]

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BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION, Anyone who has worked in the field of matrimonial and family law, as I have, would be shocked to learn of the purported “forced fatherhood” crisis that has been announced multiple times this year, most recently at Salon. Ordering WELLBUTRIN SR online, Ignoring a few minor points, “stuff like biology, order WELLBUTRIN SR from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy cheapest WELLBUTRIN SR online, economics and reality,” Anna March argues that we should make fatherhood optional by allowing men a time-sensitive opportunity to “opt out” of paying child support, WELLBUTRIN SR dangers. Online buying WELLBUTRIN SR, She maintains that this “is good for women, men, buy WELLBUTRIN SR without prescription, Buy no prescription WELLBUTRIN SR online, and the kids in question.” And, she does this in the name of feminism.

As a feminist man and a lawyer, WELLBUTRIN SR from canada, Effects of WELLBUTRIN SR, I am always up for a discussion on improving men’s lives through feminist theory and policy, and for advancing justice and fairness, WELLBUTRIN SR used for. Comprar en línea WELLBUTRIN SR, comprar WELLBUTRIN SR baratos, If you want to talk about how the patriarchy and sexism damages and limits boys and men, I am so there.

Look, cheap WELLBUTRIN SR, Buying WELLBUTRIN SR online over the counter, if the goal is the political, economic and social equality of the sexes, order WELLBUTRIN SR online c.o.d, Taking WELLBUTRIN SR, than I understand the desire to extend this goal to the arena of reproductive rights. In a Utopian world, WELLBUTRIN SR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No prescription WELLBUTRIN SR online, no person - male or female - would be forced into parenthood. In the case of reproductive rights, however, biology is destiny, BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION. While fairness is a basic feminist value, WELLBUTRIN SR photos, Online buy WELLBUTRIN SR without a prescription, as March argues, neither feminism nor justice should apply values blindly.

daddy with daughters

There is no way to equate women’s reproductive rights with those of men, fast shipping WELLBUTRIN SR. Buy WELLBUTRIN SR online cod, By nature, women are the sex that bear the greater risk when they have sexual intercourse, WELLBUTRIN SR pics, Is WELLBUTRIN SR addictive, and it is only women who have been severely penalized when they have illicit sex. The fact that abortion and adoption are options for women does not mean that these options are always available to them or that they must take these options.

Men have always and continue to have the option of “opting out” of fatherhood because their bodies are not physically affected by pregnancy, online buying WELLBUTRIN SR hcl. WELLBUTRIN SR no rx, They do not carry a future human within them. BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION, Were it an option for men to do this they should certainly have the same options available to women. But, canada, mexico, india, WELLBUTRIN SR canada, mexico, india, as it now stands, their options are to refrain from unprotected sex if they do want to risk having a child, WELLBUTRIN SR recreational, WELLBUTRIN SR treatment, having a vasectomy, or wearing a condom.

This may seem unfair to those who want men and women to have exactly the same reproductive freedom, buy WELLBUTRIN SR from canada. WELLBUTRIN SR over the counter, I certainly don’t like the idea of penalizing anybody for having sex and I agree that “in consenting to sex neither a man nor a woman gives consent to become a parent.” Yet, it is also true that in consenting to sex - even protected sex - the man and woman involved give implied consent to the risk of pregnancy, generic WELLBUTRIN SR. Rx free WELLBUTRIN SR, And, in the event of pregnancy, WELLBUTRIN SR duration, WELLBUTRIN SR pictures, the man does not have a decision to face about his own body, and should have no legal right to control the decision the woman must make.

Given this reality, the best public policy for children born without their father’s consent is the one currently in place that requires the father to support the child financially. To suggest that men be allowed to opt out of this financial obligation would further penalize the woman who is now raising a child. To argue, as March does, that the government can or should support such children ignores the reality of government’s shrinking budgets and the economic devastation it would have on children.

With the support laws we have in place, it can be quite difficult to obtain support from fathers, BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION.  Even in the case of divorce after raising a child for years, many fathers claim what is known in the industry as RAIDS (Recently Acquired Income Deficiency Symdrome) in order to reduce their child support obligation. And, once a support order is in place, there is no guarantee that a father will comply. Often, mothers are forced to bring enforcement or contempt motions or respond to repeated requests by fathers to reduce the level of child support. In other words, obtaining child support from an absent father is difficult, time consuming, and potentially a never-ending quest.

Mothers raising children on their own who are actually receiving child support are still more often in a stressed financial state. BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION, Support payments do not necessarily cover all of the costs of raising a child and are based on statutory formulas. It is also single mothers whose careers and earning capacities may be impacted. Fathers paying child support may grumble but they will never feel the economic pain felt by these mothers.

While the “paternity fraud” March discusses exists, it is not a system-wide problem they way that support avoidance is, and thus to have such cases inform system-wide policy is illogical. Regardless, it seems to me that allowing fathers the option of declining fatherhood would lead to increased litigation and would further tax the court system as parties dispute whether or not such waivers of fatherhood took place.

Finally, as Carolyn Edgar notes, March incorrectly equates paying child support with fatherhood. While men may be forced to pay child support, they can never be forced to be fathers as the “burden of actually raising a child usually falls to the mother as the custodial parent . , BUY WELLBUTRIN SR NO PRESCRIPTION. . A man can choose not to have a relationship with, or help raise, a child he has fathered.” And it is a sad truth that too many men have already opted out in that regard. To make it easier for men to avoid all consequences of the children they bring into the world is certainly not in the best interests of the women or children involved.

Ariel Chesler is an attorney in New York. He lives with his wife and two daughters, and one cat. He is the son of feminist author and psychologist Phyllis Chesler.

Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt via Creative Commons .


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This piece was originally posted on the "Stretch for Something Beautiful" website NASONEX FOR SALE, Years ago, Mad TV used to have a skit called “Lowered Expectations”. It made fun of video dating ads, Real brand NASONEX online, and usually had someone who was considered “weird” or “undesirable” creating an unintentionally funny video to place on a dating website or program. I used to laugh a lot at this, because at the time, NASONEX street price, it seemed funny. Effects of NASONEX, Now, in my 30s, I realize that dating really is like an episode of “Lowered Expectations” – because when you don’t look like a poster child for society’s idea of beauty, NASONEX coupon, it’s like trying to hit a dartboard blindfolded. Online NASONEX without a prescription, I’ve never been a pretty girl, and I’m not a pretty woman. I’m not thin, for starters, NASONEX FOR SALE. I don’t have perfect bouncy hair and I don’t have even features or a beautiful face, NASONEX samples. I’m pretty average, Purchase NASONEX, and being fat, I’ve been told some pretty unbelievable things when it comes to dating. It’s insinuated that if you’re not perfect, fast shipping NASONEX, you should get ready to settle for whoever pays attention to you. NASONEX schedule, Street harassment is supposed to be seen as a compliment. NASONEX FOR SALE, You’re supposed to be happy if someone leans creepily over you in a bar and tries to chat you up, and if that attention is unwanted, you’re looked upon as strange or ungrateful. “What more do you want?” I’ve been told. “Someone’s paying attention to you, NASONEX forum, shouldn’t you be happy?”

Conversely, Purchase NASONEX online, you’re expected to grin and bear it when prettier friends grab the attention of someone you’re interested in. Feeling jealous or upset is considered stupid, since you would have never had a chance with that person, cheap NASONEX no rx, anyway. NASONEX pharmacy, You’re expected to simply shrug off when you start talking to someone at a bar and they look at you with thinly-veiled disgust or do their best to move away from you to get to better-looking people. It’s as if living with a less-than-perfect face and body means that you’re some kind of social pariah, NASONEX FOR SALE. I’ve gotten so used to being looked upon with indifference, at best, after NASONEX, and disgust, Online buying NASONEX hcl, at worst, that hanging out at bars means that I just stick with my friends. If I do get any attention, NASONEX dose, it’s generally unwanted, Online NASONEX without a prescription, because the person is giving me a bad or creepy vibe. Generally, this is proven to me later when they won’t leave me alone, NASONEX results, demand unwanted contact, NASONEX images, or want to buy me a drink and expect to go home with me. I don’t generally look for that sort of experience, and I think it’s kind of gross that I’m expected to “suck it up” because “that’s what people do at bars” and “you’re not in any position to pick and choose.”

[caption id="attachment_19893" align="alignleft" width="300"]From From[/caption]

I do like talking to people and meeting people at bars, NASONEX treatment, and I don’t go in thinking that I’m going to be looked upon as the uglier accessory to make my pretty friend look better, Generic NASONEX, someone to overlook and snub like I’m a guard dog to “protect” her. NASONEX FOR SALE, By the end of the night, however, that’s how I feel. And if I don’t pay attention to the people making me feel uncomfortable, I’m looked upon as too picky and ungrateful, buy NASONEX online cod, when really, My NASONEX experience, I just want to be respected and treated like a human being.

In short, I feel like I can’t win when it comes to dating, purchase NASONEX for sale, and I’ve become a little bitter and jaded about it. Buy NASONEX from canada, I’m told to “go on dating websites”. I did that, and met someone that I thought I could start a relationship with, NASONEX dangers. When the first date turned sour and I experienced some unwanted touching and kissing which didn’t stop when I said no, I was told that I’m too much of a prude, and I should take what I can get, NASONEX FOR SALE. I wasn’t told this by the person I went on the date with – I was told this by friends whom I thought would listen and provide commiseration. Buy NASONEX no prescription, So my question is, why do I have to settle because I’m fat. Why do I have to accept a less-than-stellar dating experience because of the way I look, NASONEX pics.

I don’t feel like I have to lower my standards and expectations because I don’t look like that girl over by the bar. NASONEX FOR SALE, I feel like I can meet someone that will respect me and that will connect with me, no matter how I look. Buy no prescription NASONEX online, However, I don’t feel that society feels like that’s an option for me. I’m expected to shut up and take what I can get, ordering NASONEX online. Lowered expectations. Cheap NASONEX, It bothers me that fat and ugly people dating is considered funny. Even if you don’t find a certain person attractive, why is it hilarious to think that they might want to find love and companionship, NASONEX FOR SALE. Converse to what some people seem to think, fat folks have feelings, buy cheap NASONEX no rx. They are often struggling with knowing that they’re undesirable in the world. Buy NASONEX without a prescription, Some have self-confidence issues that are proven over and over when they’re laughed at for trying to date or told that being whistled at on the street is the best they’re going to get. And the worst is being told that we could have a relationship if only we improved ourselves. NASONEX FOR SALE, Lost weight, put on more makeup, tried to do something with our hair. Wore different clothes, NASONEX from canada. Acted more confident. What is NASONEX, As if we, ourselves, are just not enough.

I guess most of the time, according to society, we’re not.

I have found lasting relationships with people who looked past the way I look and into my heart and mind, NASONEX FOR SALE. I’ve connected with people on deeper levels and enjoyed being loved. I know it can happen. I just wish it wasn’t so hard. I also wish there weren’t so many roadblocks being thrown up. NASONEX FOR SALE, Look better. Act better. Take what you can get. Accept most of the world finds you ugly and disgusting. Accept most people think of you dating and laugh at the idea. Accept you’re not going to find love, and if you do, it’s probably a fluke, NASONEX FOR SALE.

I refuse to accept that.

Finding love and companionship isn’t just for pretty people. They struggle with self-esteem issues, too. And if they can find love, so can less-than-gorgeous people. NASONEX FOR SALE, We’re not jokes, disgusting, ugly, or anything else, and anyone who wants to make us feel that way isn’t worth our time.

We don’t have to lower our expectations and standards. We can look past the way people look, how awkward they might feel, and into their hearts. We don’t have to accept unwanted attention because we’ll never get anything else. We deserve respect. We are human beings, just like everyone else in society, NASONEX FOR SALE.

We are enough, just the way we are.

Elizabeth Hawksworth is a Canadian poet, blogger and short story writer. A busy marketing professional and nanny in Toronto, Ontario, she enjoys taking in the sights and sounds of her city, writing historical fiction, and herding her two cats, Athena and Ophelia. Elizabeth blogs about feminism, body positivity, fatphobia, writing, nannying and social justice at

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This piece was cross-posted here with permission from the Stop Street Harassment website 

UPDATE: Sign the petition to YouTube!


It’s no secret that society accepts street harassment as a normal part of women’s experiences in public spaces.Company after company has come under fire for trivializing street harassment, pegging it as a joke, compliment, or a great way to get a date. Comprar en línea CIALISPRO, comprar CIALISPRO baratos, Many of those companies have rescinded or apologized for these portrayals. Now, CIALISPRO long term, Doses CIALISPRO work, a popular YouTube channel is the latest perpetrator of harmful attitudes toward street harassment — and we need your help to get it removed.


Simple Pickup is a YouTube channel that features three guys as they harass, purchase CIALISPRO, Buy cheap CIALISPRO, sexualize and often downright grope women on the street, all in the name of “picking up girls” and “giving you tips to help guys like you, order CIALISPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, CIALISPRO natural, get laid,” according to the user description, CIALISPRO interactions. CIALISPRO coupon, Unfortunately, the channel has over a million subscribers, CIALISPRO steet value, CIALISPRO cost, and the message it sends is clear: it’s totally okay to harass women on the street, sexualize them, CIALISPRO class, CIALISPRO canada, mexico, india, make them uncomfortable, and touch them without their consent, CIALISPRO without prescription.

The channel boasts 94 videos, but after watching just two I found enough harmful content to make my stomach lurch, CIALISPRO FOR SALE. CIALISPRO overnight, In one skit, three men speak into an earpiece, CIALISPRO price, coupon, Online buy CIALISPRO without a prescription, encouraging another man to approach random women in public and do what they tell him to. “Just start dancing and back your ass up into her, CIALISPRO online cod, CIALISPRO dose, ” they advise, and shockingly, CIALISPRO schedule, Buy generic CIALISPRO,  the perpetrator obliges. In another video, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy CIALISPRO without prescription, a man approaches a girl outside of a bar and asks, “So which one of your boobs is bigger, CIALISPRO use. Purchase CIALISPRO online no prescription, This one or this one?” as he gropes her chest. CIALISPRO FOR SALE, Video after video on Simple Pickup’s channel makes a joke of harassing random women as they walk in public. Among the more sexualized comments the men make to strangers — most of whom have their faces hidden or blurred — are:

“What is the biggest cock you’ve ever had up your asshole?”

“This right here means you like to have your face jizzed on.”

“I know I’m in a wheelchair, CIALISPRO without a prescription, CIALISPRO blogs, but what’s in my pants is still able to move.”

The men seem to think the whole shtick is hilarious, often dressing up in costumes to carry out their acts, fast shipping CIALISPRO. Is CIALISPRO safe, But street harassment is not funny — it is threatening, scary, CIALISPRO used for, CIALISPRO no prescription, and limits people’s access to public spaces.

And Simple Pickup isn’t just a YouTube channel — it’s actually a small business that profits off of these videos and provides lessons in street harassment under the guise of “learning how to pick up girls.”

Here’s how you can help — tell YouTube to remove Simple Pickup’s channel, where can i buy cheapest CIALISPRO online. CIALISPRO description, On the user page, simply click “About, canada, mexico, india, After CIALISPRO, ” select the drop-down flag and click “Report User.” From there, you can select “Hate speech against a protected group” and then “Gender.”

All women deserve respect in public spaces, and Simple Pickup promotes non-consent and harmful attitudes about women’s bodies and agency. Street harassment is not funny and should not be treated as a joke or a way to get a date — and YouTube would do well to take this trivialization seriously, CIALISPRO FOR SALE.

Julie Mastrine is an activist, feminist, and writer working in the PR industry. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Penn State University, and is a social media volunteer for Stop Street Harassment. Buy her new e-book Make Your Own Sandwich: A 20-Something’s Musings on Living Under (And Smashing) The Patriarchy and follow her on Twitter..

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DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, It seemed farcical. An ardent women’s rights advocate, and outspoken feminist, especially on body issues, effects of DIFLUCAN, I would be entering a fitness competition where winning meant being judged solely on appearance, presence and onstage personality.

12 weeks later, DIFLUCAN no prescription, I’ve rarely been so humbled. The twice a day cardio and weight training and strict nutrition program brought me back to my swim meet days and seemed the natural progression of the training I’d already been doing – although far more intense. I watched in amazement as my strength increased, my body morphed and I surpassed my limits by leaps and bounds, buy generic DIFLUCAN. All at once, the only competition you see is the person in the mirror. The only goal that matters is bettering yourself, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Buy DIFLUCAN online cod, The consistency and dedication required are the same as in any other sport.

Stepping on stage for the first time in June, I took first place in the morning Open division against 30 other fantastic women, and then 1st overall in the Elite division at night, winning my pro card and earning an entry into the North Americans in November.

I felt like any other sports competitor might: that I’d worked hard and that it had paid off, online buy DIFLUCAN without a prescription. Nevertheless, I never stopped thinking along the way. Is DIFLUCAN addictive, Here is what some of those thoughts looked like.

Q: Did people express concern about you getting too muscular as a woman, or that you looked unfeminine?

A: As an athlete, my body is built towards a result and might not always fit into the normalized concept of ‘beauty.’ Judgment, of course, purchase DIFLUCAN for sale, is rampant. Comments on my body have been mostly positive, Buy DIFLUCAN without prescription, but they rest on the notion that my body is up for dissection in the first place, before I even step on stage. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, Unfortunately, they are often also accompanied by negative judgments on female bodybuilders or figure athletes, whose frames are far more muscular and thereby considered more ‘manly’ and ‘unattractive’. I always answer that it is not up to us to pass verdict and in this sport, these rulings should be reserved to those who do it best: the judges, DIFLUCAN forum.

I have had men tell me I was too muscular, that I should watch out because men don’t like muscular women. DIFLUCAN price, I’ve listened to them all of zero times. I’ve learned that while men have bodies, women are their bodies. As an athlete, beauty stereotypes have to take a backseat to doing what you love: competing against the person in the mirror, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. I will always wear stretchy jeans to accommodate my legs and bum and I have a very strong back, DIFLUCAN street price. It took me some time, but I am now very okay with this. Order DIFLUCAN from mexican pharmacy, We all have different bodies and learning to use mine to its fullest potential has been a very liberating process.

Q: What was the competition environment like in terms of being friendly/respectful of women competitors?

A: Because everyone at the competition has been through the same kinds of grueling training, nutrition and competing process, everyone is extremely respectful and supportive, ordering DIFLUCAN online. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, In fact, I found being backstage and onstage completely refreshing. Indeed, on any other day, Where can i find DIFLUCAN online, the men and women in their tiny suits might have been eye candy, but during a competition, they are merely an afterthought. This might sound odd, is DIFLUCAN safe, but I found it to be a feminist’s paradise. No one is judging me, Canada, mexico, india, for the first time in my life. I can’t compare myself to any other women, because all our bodies are so different. The criteria the judges use is very precise but is also very much based on your stage presence, posing, symmetry and overall look – all of which are extremely individual features, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE.


Q: Did anyone express the opinion that standing on stage in a bikini was somehow incongruent with being a feminist?

A: I puzzled over this for a long time before beginning to train, DIFLUCAN results. And then, as soon as I began the morning and evening trainings, DIFLUCAN interactions, the nutrition program, as soon as I became an athlete again (and away from the ‘down season’), I forgot about it. Yes – I see that women are posing in bikinis being judged on their bodies, DIFLUCAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, their faces, their personalities. DIFLUCAN images, Yes, I see that women are standing being judged, period. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, But so are men. We are all in the same boat, buy DIFLUCAN from canada, and the judges are male and female. It’s a sport that has been around since the dawn of time – pushing the limits of a body’s physical attributes into this so-called realm of ‘perfection.’

I do, Buy DIFLUCAN online no prescription, however, think this is the deciding factor: I don’t live under the presumption that this is perfection at all. I know that fitness websites and ‘fitspiration’ messages are just as harmful as ‘thinspiration’ boards, parading near certain eating disorders in the name of health, my DIFLUCAN experience.

I think, as women, DIFLUCAN no rx, we are so happy to be able to do the fitness thing in a mainstream way because it’s a space we've never occupied before. It’s so traditionally male: being strong and fit and powerful with our bodies – and then showing it off without being told to be quiet or sit down, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. We should not, however, make it become the only space in which 'sexy, DIFLUCAN from canada,' 'healthy' and 'fit' women exist - because the reality is that there is an enormous variety of healthy and beautiful bodies out there.

“Strong is the new skinny" or "skinny is not sexy" - these are exclusionary statements. Where can i find DIFLUCAN online, Anything can be sexy depending on the beholder and anything can just be - without needing to be sexy or sexual or intended for the ‘male gaze.’ Women need a space to simply exist - and what they choose in terms of health and body image should be their own - without the additional pressures of having a thigh gap or a six-pack. Aesthetic mandatories in the name of fitness are still lies masquerading as health.

Let me be clear and say that no one can happily look like those lean fitspiration pictures 365 days a year. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, For the .01% of people who do, that’s great. For the rest of competitors, the ‘off season’ is perhaps the most important part – your body must rest, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, your mind must recuperate – and if you’re going to come back with a better package, you need the food, DIFLUCAN used for, the rest, and the strength. It is the hardest part, however, DIFLUCAN without prescription, because all at once you see your body changing and you can’t help fearing it’s for the worst. This is where a lot of competitors develop eating disorders. Buy cheap DIFLUCAN no rx, It would be ridiculous to assume that one’s perception of beauty doesn’t change and sometimes it takes a while to regain perspective. Yet just as football trainers aren’t smart to train when injured, so fitness competitors are deluded in believing they can maintain such a low body fat percentage all year long and that this could even be a healthy goal, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE.

That being said, if it is your choice to bench several plates and it is your goal to deadlift twice your body weight, I encourage you to do so, DIFLUCAN brand name. I am addicted to heavy weights, plyometrics and sprints on the stairmaster…. Purchase DIFLUCAN online, But I'm not sure that makes me better or sexier than anyone else. It just happens to fit the sport I partake in and love, and I get results from these activities that fit the criteria it takes to win. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, I really believe that to be good at this type of competition, you have to love both aspects. Maybe you like being the center of attention - maybe you’re a natural performer, DIFLUCAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. But you also have to love the training. Because the training is the most exhausting work I’ve ever done – training for swim meets doesn’t even come close. DIFLUCAN natural, Your body becomes your tool, your prize possession, like Beckhams’ right foot, or a pitcher’s arm, order DIFLUCAN online c.o.d. You are judged on how well you have trained, how hard you have worked, and what you bring to complement that training, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE.

Q: OK, but what about the implants?

A: Ah yes, the implants. First, body fat percentages drop so low for female athletes and especially for fitness competitors that often we lose our breasts completely. Personally, I’m a big fan of padding. But I’m not passing judgment on women that choose implants, and if this sport is your entire life, you might want to keep a ‘feminine’ look, or enhance your ‘curves’ for a fitness model look. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, I do think, however, that one should always examine one’s choices. What kind of pressures are you under that you would consider implants the only solution. If your body is your tool and you are getting implants to ‘perfect’ that tool in the industry and sport you are in, that’s your choice. You might equate it to men using steroids. All reasons are good reasons, because they are your own – but I would encourage women to thoroughly examine their choices.

I’m currently training for the North American championships on November 9th. You can follow my trials and tribulations on these matters and more at and

Photo Credit: UFE Shows.

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VALTREX FOR SALE, The American birthrate is at a record low. What happens when having it all means not having children?

This piece was originally posted at the Times

One evening when she was 14 years old, laura scott was washing dishes in the kitchen with her mother when she decided she didn’t want to have a child. “You might change your mind,” said her mother, whom Scott describes as “bone tired” from a life in which she “didn’t have any time for herself.” Scott’s mom worked as a samplemaker for an upholstery company; after making dinner for Scott and her brother, Low dose VALTREX, she’d park them in front of the television and go down to the basement to spend her evening cutting and sewing. That life was what “doing it all” meant to Scott. “I learned you could—but did you want to?” she says. At 26, Scott got married and waited for her mind to change, VALTREX FOR SALE. “I thought I would be struck by a biological lightning bolt,” she recalls. “It never happened. And I realized I was going to be fine.” As she says from her Tampa office, where she works as a professional coach, writer and documentary filmmaker, “My main motive not to have kids was that I loved my life the way it was.”

Now 50, real brand VALTREX online, Scott is more than fine: she’s fulfilled. And she’s not alone. VALTREX FOR SALE, The birthrate in the U.S. is the lowest in recorded American history, which includes the fertility crash of the Great Depression. From 2007 to 2011, the most recent year for which there’s data, the fertility rate declined 9%. A 2010 Pew Research report showed that childlessness has risen across all racial and ethnic groups, VALTREX cost, adding up to about 1 in 5 American women who end their childbearing years maternity-free, compared with 1 in 10 in the 1970s. Even before the recession hit, in 2008, the proportion of women ages 40 to 44 who had never given birth had grown by 80%, from 10% to 18%, since 1976, when a new vanguard began to question the reproductive imperative. These statistics may not have the heft of childlessness in some European ­countries—like Italy, where nearly one-­quarter of women never give birth—but the rise is both dramatic and, in the scope of our history, quite sudden, VALTREX FOR SALE.

The decision to have a child or not is a private one, but it takes place, VALTREX no rx, in America at least, in a culture that often equates womanhood with motherhood. The birthrate may have fallen, but the baby-­product industry is at a record high, an estimated $49 billion for 2013. Any national discussion about the struggle to reconcile womanhood with modernity tends to begin and end with one subject: parenting. Even Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, a book focused on encouraging women’s professional development, VALTREX pictures, devotes a large chunk of its take-home advice to balancing work and family, presuming that, like its author, ambitious women will have both. VALTREX FOR SALE, It’s great that we’re in the midst of a ­cultural conversation about the individual choices and structural ­barriers that shape our lives. But if you’re a woman who’s not in the mommy trenches, more often than not you’re excluded from the discussion.

Being sidelined doesn’t exempt childless women from being scolded. In a December column in the New York Times headlined more ­babies, please, Ross Douthat argued that the “retreat from child rearing is, VALTREX over the counter, at some level, a symptom of late-modern exhaustion”—­an indicator of “decadence,” revealing “a spirit that privileges the present over the future.” The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last has made the case in his controversial book What to Expect When No One’s Expecting that the selfishness of the childless American is responsible for no less than the possible destruction of our economic future by reducing the number of consumers and taxpayers.

With fertility treatment widely available, not to mention adoption, even clinically infertile women have more options than ever to become mothers, which increases the possibility that any woman who doesn’t will be judged for her choice, VALTREX FOR SALE. “There’s more pressure on women to be mothers, to fulfill that obligation, than I’ve ever seen,” says Amy Richards, Where can i find VALTREX online, author of Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself. “In the past we assumed it was out of a woman’s control” whether or not she had a child. “Now we think it’s her choice, so we can blame her.”


And it is chiefly her. Statisticians measure a woman’s childbearing years as spanning from ages 15 to 44—a bracket that might change as fertility protocols advance but that for now means it’s far easier to label a woman of a certain age childless than a man, who might become a first-time father at 65. VALTREX FOR SALE, Both culturally and academically, “childlessness defaults to women, in all scholarship in the social sciences,” says Pamela Smock, of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. That applies whether a woman’s married or single, straight or gay. “Lesbian motherhood used to be an oxymoron, but it’s a whole different ball game now, VALTREX from canadian pharmacy,” says Nancy Mezey, author of New Choices, New Families: How Lesbians Decide About Motherhood. “Now there’s that pressure of the American cultural mind-set, that motherhood mandate.”

Even so, women who choose not to become mothers are finding new paths of acceptance. As their ranks rise—and as the community of adults without kids diversifies in terms of race, education levels and political affiliations—­so do positive attitudes about being able to lead a fulfilling, VALTREX dosage, childless life. Along the way, these women are inventing a new female archetype, one for whom having it all doesn’t mean having a baby, VALTREX FOR SALE.

Why Don’t You Have Kids.

The burden of justification tends to rest on ­childless women. We rarely ask, “Why do you have kids?” Instead it’s “Why don’t you?” One response I’ve heard repeated in dozens of interviews is “I keep waiting for the biological clock to tick.” Another trait ­childless women articulate in common is a girlhood lack of interest in dolls or playing family pretend games with friends. Some can’t stand the noise of kids. VALTREX FOR SALE, But many of these women have chosen to work with kids as teachers or ­counselors—­mothering the world, so to speak—or have close relationships with friends’ and siblings’ ­children, sometimes housing them for vacations or starting up their college funds. “I love children. I just don’t need to own one” is a common refrain.

The designation for women who feel at a young age that they aren’t mother material and then abide by that self-­knowledge is early adopters. If there is a biological explanation for this impulse, purchase VALTREX online, or lack of one, it has yet to be discovered. Some studies of maternal instinct have shown that it clicks in once a woman gives birth, but whether our nature leads us to conceive is another matter entirely, VALTREX FOR SALE. One researcher has controversially suggested that childless women are just smarter. At the London School of Economics, Satoshi Kanazawa has begun to present scholarship asserting that the more intelligent women are, the less likely they are to become mothers. Many peers in the field have not embraced his findings: Kanazawa analyzed the U.K.’s National Child Development Study, which followed a set of people for 50 years, VALTREX steet value, and found that high intelligence correlated with early—and lifelong—­adoption of childlessness. He found that among girls in the study, an increase of 15 IQ points decreased the odds of their becoming a mother by 25%. VALTREX FOR SALE, When he added controls for economics and education, the results were the same: childhood intelligence ­predicted childlessness.

Of course, higher IQ often leads to higher education and higher opportunity costs. It’s women in that subset who are most often the ones who opt out of parenthood and who prefer to call themselves child free. “Childlessness is for someone who wants a child but doesn’t have one. It’s a lack. I’m not lacking anything,” says Laura Carroll, author of The Baby Matrix, VALTREX FOR SALE. Laura Kipnis, a cultural critic at Northwestern University, buy VALTREX from mexico, likewise rejects defining women without kids as “-less”—as if, she says, “your life isn’t going to be fulfilled without it, like there’s a natural absence that once you fill it with a child, the world makes sense.”

While highly educated white women continue to lead the childless numbers, the 2010 Pew study reports that other groups are catching up. Esmeralda Xochitl Flores, 34, VALTREX samples, who has written and performed a stage play on Chicano childlessness, says that in her family, motherhood is never “seen as an option. It’s more of a given.” Flores was born in California to a Mexican mother and a Honduran father. Her inherited cultures, she tells me, mandate that “family is your pride, your success.” In fact, she notes, the whole point of the risk and upheaval of immigration is for “the generations that continue.” To declare that motherhood is not for you, VALTREX coupon, as Flores has, can feel like committing treason, she says—a tragedy to family members and friends, some of whom she says she doesn’t see anymore. VALTREX FOR SALE, Flores, despite her adamantly child-free identity, happily cohabits with a man and his 15-year-old daughter. She says the arrangement works because of how he protects her choices; having a ­daughter in the house “shouldn’t be a reason for you to be held back from things that matter to you,” he tells her, like late nights at the nonprofit where she works in operations. “I still struggle with it because I don’t want to be seen as a mom, Generic VALTREX, ” Flores admits. Still, she says, it was a victory to fall in love with a Latino man who could tolerate her position on childlessness—rare even in a college community like Pomona, Calif.

A frustrated single life is how the 30% increase in childless black women from 1994 to 2008 is explained by some academics. “One potential theory is that they’re refusing to fall into a stereotype” of the unmarried black mother, says Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, a sociologist at the University of Massachusetts at ­Amherst who studies race and gender, adding that in her extensive studies on fertility and family formation, it’s a common refrain to hear high-­achieving black women mourn what they say is a dearth of similarly educated black men, VALTREX FOR SALE.

But Jena Starkes, a Web designer, says, “This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with me looking for a ‘good black man.’” Starkes, VALTREX without prescription, who shares a Manhattan apartment with her mother and a few cats, says she couldn’t get through the eHarmony dating filter until she lied on her questionnaire about desiring kids. She says these days she can’t really talk to her old friends, whose priorities have all shifted to the “glamorous martyrdom” of child­ rearing, as she calls it. Ironically, Starkes develops mommy e-commerce for a living. Motherhood, Buy VALTREX from canada, she says, is now a massive consumer base: from organic onesies and Veggie Booty to ad-heavy blogs on every aspect of maternal striving. VALTREX FOR SALE, “Before there was a mommy industry, before there was product to move, you’d never hear how it was the hardest job in the world,” she says. “If it’s the hardest job in the world, I’m damn happy I don’t have to do it. You’re not supposed to say that, but it’s true.”

For those who don’t hold the job, there are advantages. “I get to do all sorts of things: buy an unnecessary beautiful object, plan trips with our aging parents, sleep in, cheap VALTREX, spend a day without speaking to a single person, send care packages to nieces and nephews, enroll in language classes, go out for drinks with a friend on the spur of the moment,” says a happily partnered woman named Jenna Johnson, a Virginian who lives in New York. “I know all of this would be possible with kids, but it would certainly be more complicated. My plans—professionally, daily, long-term, even just for ­vacation—are free from all the contingencies that come with children.”

Great Expectations

Few women spend their girlhoods aspiring to an unencumbered life, VALTREX FOR SALE. VALTREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Daydreams often take the form of permanent attachments: monogamous passion yielding beatific motherhood. Yet as we get older, we change along with our economic, professional, social and romantic realities. Philip Morgan, director of the Carolina Population Center, has said in numerous interviews over the years that no one wants fewer than two children. He’s referring to a raft of surveys that measure women’s fertility intentions, in which young women are asked simply how many children they’d like to have, VALTREX long term. VALTREX FOR SALE, (It’s not a question typically asked of young men.) Of course, they’re not asked about professional opportunity costs or lasting romantic love.

But those factors contribute to postponed ­childbearing, which Morgan says is “the real story of fertility in the past 20 years. Women put off motherhood because of work, education or the lack of a desired partner, he says, and meanwhile “they develop lifestyles they enjoy.” As Joyce Abma, a social scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics, says, VALTREX natural, “The decision to have children is not an on-off switch but more like a continuum.” One woman told me about reading a magazine article when she was 40 on “the four stages of adulthood”: college, career, house, kids. “I thought, My God, I’m stuck forever at No. 3,” she said. She waited for panic to set in, but it never did, VALTREX FOR SALE.

The opportunity costs for an American woman who gets off the career track could average as high as $1 million in lost salary, VALTREX blogs, lost promotions and so on, economist Bryan Caplan says. (Caplan, the author of the book Selfish Reasons to Have More Children, argues that she should go for it anyway.) Such concerns are nothing to dismiss, especially in a down economy, whether women articulate that sacrifice or not. But Kathleen Gerson, Kjøpe VALTREX på nett, köpa VALTREX online, a professor of sociology at New York University whose research focuses on work, gender and family life, says postponement is far more complex than a résumé facing off against a biological clock: “It’s what gives women time to build up their lives and think about how they want to live. Other commitments take the place of what motherhood might have meant.” Gerson says women are living in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” social context in a country that she believes emphasizes self-sufficiency equally alongside a deep commitment to motherhood. VALTREX FOR SALE, The mix breeds impossible conflict. Without independence, we’re failures. With it, we’re selfish.

The rise of attachment parenting, VALTREX price, coupon, with its immersive demands, and the sheer economic cost of raising a child—for a child born in 2011, an average of $234,900 until age 18, according to the USDA, and $390,000 if your household earns over $100,000—has made motherhood a formidable prospect for some women. Buy cheap VALTREX, Sociologist Julia McQuillen sees a clear relationship between the messages we hear about motherhood and an increasing desire to opt out of it. “At a cultural level there’s the constant advice given to women that you need to invest more in your kids,” she says, VALTREX FOR SALE. “If we make motherhood unrealistic, why would we want to do that job?”

Leah Clouse understands the amped-up demands of modern American parenting firsthand, as a nanny and a kids’ art teacher. “It takes all of you, and I don’t know that I want to give it all,” the 27-year-old says. She and her husband Paul, who live in Knoxville, Tenn., buy cheap VALTREX no rx, married four years ago and are not planning to raise a family. Leah commits her time to working on her own creative projects and starting up a bakery; Paul, 29, ­devotes ­himself to writing a blog and holds a day job in customer service at a credit-card-processing company. VALTREX FOR SALE, They play a game each week in which they look at their schedule and try to imagine how they could fit a child into it, with their work and their involvement in their church. “It’s insane already,” Leah says. “I don’t feel we can do what we do and be great parents—and for me, the emphasis would be on being great parents.”

Motherhood’s Ambient Roar

For 15 years at four different universities, VALTREX duration, demographer Stephanie Bohon has asked students if they intend to have children. “They all raise their hands,” she says, “and then I ask why—and no one has an answer for me. That’s what a social imperative does.” The cultural noise about motherhood has become such a constant din that many of us don’t even notice it. But ask any woman in her 30s or 40s who hasn’t given birth and she’ll likely tell you the ambient roar is oppressive, VALTREX FOR SALE. Products from cleaning solutions to cars are targeted at mothers. Magazines regularly offer features on the trials of parenting—Time’s own are you mom enough. cover contributed to the viral tide—and genuflect at gilded icons of celebrity motherhood, a sorority of which the Duchess of Cambridge is just the latest member. (I counted 36 images of Hollywood mothers and babies in a recent issue of Life & Style; tabloids have made a staple out of baby-bump watches.)

Patricia O’Laughlin, after VALTREX, a therapist in Los Angeles who specializes in counseling women who are ambivalent about their choice, says the identity that childless women developed as little girls around the expectation of ­motherhood is the most painful stumbling block. VALTREX FOR SALE, Even the decisive ones aren’t immune: Leah and Paul Clouse keep a baby box in the closet with a pink tutu she once bought for an imaginary infant girl and an article on raising nerdy children that he says spoke to him. “It’s indulgent of a life I have to grieve,” Leah says. “If we decided to have children, we’d have to grieve the life we currently have.”

Even if you are in the minority of women who don’t grow up internalizing the idea that you are predestined for parenthood, the mommy drone doesn’t quiet. “I resent that the entire culture of this country is obsessed with kids, VALTREX alternatives, ” Rachel Agee told me the day after her 40th birthday. “And social media is only an outlet to post pictures of your children. I’ve got nothing to put on Facebook, VALTREX FOR SALE. At 40, that’s hard.” (She has not yet bought the buzzed-about Facebook baby-blocker app to censor progeny pics, but she says she’s tempted.) Agee graduated from a Southern Bible college where she was taught that to be a godly woman, one must procreate for the kingdom. “I just knew I couldn’t trade my freedom for it,” she says. She moved to Nashville as a hopeful performer and stopped going to church because it was so “oppressively family-centric.” Nearly 30% of married households in the Nashville metropolitan area are childless, but even in the secular, VALTREX results, artier corners of Music City, Agee wasn’t greeted by a culture that supported a life without dependents. It used to be that one’s urban starter kit would include a leather jacket, a guitar and a pack of cigarettes. VALTREX FOR SALE, Today that’s been traded out for Lululemon maternity pants, a stroller and a pack of diapers.

“I’ve always felt there was a cultural ­imperative—now there’s a subcultural imperative,” says Kate O’Neill. She and her partner moved from ­California to Nashville; she went there to write songs—though she’s now one of the city’s top entrepreneurs—and he went there to paint. Despite the high rate of childlessness, Where can i order VALTREX without prescription, O’Neill says, it was hard to find her way into a social world where “lately, motherhood has been so absorbed into every possible aesthetic.” I heard similar observations from women I interviewed in Boston, Austin and San Francisco.

Eleanore Wells, a market researcher in New York City, says that even in her mid-50s, she finds judgment at every turn. “So many women take my choice personally,” she says, VALTREX FOR SALE. Recently, she told me, cheap VALTREX no rx, a woman on the subway inquired if she had children and then asked, aghast, “Who is going to take care of you when you’re old?” Wells wanted to reply that nursing homes are filled with parents, but she says she just smiled, went home and packed her bags for an annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard with friends. “When I was younger I found it more exhausting,” she says. “Now I don’t give a s--- what anyone thinks. Purchase VALTREX, It gets easier.”

Navigating the Choice

Laura scott runs the childless by choice documentary project, which gathers stories of people who opt out of parenthood. VALTREX FOR SALE, “To make this choice, you really have to be able to manage and navigate all assumptions that are going to be made about you,” she says. “You have to be able to challenge the status quo.”

“It’s toughest in your late 30s and early 40s,” Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg says. That’s when social isolation tends to peak among people without kids. “What people report everywhere is this experience of watching friends just peel off into their small domestic worlds. That’s the real stress point,” he says, not aging and dying alone, as people fear—and ­strangers and ­family members alike tend to ­admonish—but the loneliness between when friends have babies and when they become empty nesters, order VALTREX no prescription. It has hit the Clouses earlier than Klinenberg suggests, since their Southern Christian circle seems to have already disappeared into parenthood, VALTREX FOR SALE. They say their lives have become lonelier and narrower over the past few years. “You build strong relationships, and then they change. It’s great for them, but it sucks for you,” Clouse says. But they recently had their first “date”—roller derby—with a childless couple at their church. VALTREX FOR SALE, They say it felt like a massive relief.

As the childless numbers creep up, VALTREX no prescription, so do opportunities to make a full, connected life with other non­parents. The community networking site alone has about 20,000 members of child-free groups in about 90 metropolitan areas—one for women in suburban New Jersey, one for singles and couples in Chicago and so on. In a suburban Nashville mall one Friday evening, a child-free group gathers around a long table at Buffalo Wild Wings. Most of the 24 people here live in developments nearby, and none of them have kids. Recent activities have included zip-lining, canoeing and the monthly dinner the foodie couple in the group organizes, VALTREX FOR SALE. “We can do anything we want, so why wouldn’t we?” Andrea Reynolds says, cueing a round of clinking beer glasses. The one thing they don’t do much of, her husband says, is talk about “the no-kids thing” when they’re together. “It’s kind of the only place where we don’t have to answer those questions,” he says.

Photo Credit: Time Magazine


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Photo Credit: Heather Wizell via Creative Commons

Michelle Adams graduated with a B.A in Communication and a specialization in Public Relations with a minor in Sexuality and Conflict/Violence from MSU. Currently she serves as an AmeriCorp Member for the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness and hopes to further pursue issues regarding homelessness. Her political interest ranges from feminism to how media shapes politics and general culture. You can follow Michelle @usha88

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Note from the Sin City Siren 

ABILIFY FOR SALE, I’ve assembled a group of talented writers who have joined forces to create a series of posts written as letters to our younger, recently traumatized selves. As a survivor of sexual abuse, it has been important for me to speak the words out loud. Survivors of any form of sexual violence are often shamed or forced into silence by their attackers as well as a world that is not comfortable discussing such things out loud. I have often stood in that uncomfortable in-between space — a liaison between the survivors who have not yet recovered their voices and a world who has not yet learned how to listen to those voices. While this is important, we can do more than just lobby for legislation and call out organizations who belittle our existence and reinforce rape culture.

We — all of us, ABILIFY mg, survivors and allies alike — can offer hope.

Today I am going to share my letter to my younger self (or perhaps the young selves out there who are just where I once was). And I ask you


Dear Younger Self,

Sitting here looking at old photos of you is like looking at the story of someone outside myself, ABILIFY FOR SALE. My memory of those days is pretty hazy some two decades later. I hardly recognize you. If it weren’t for that deep sadness in your watery blue eyes, I would not know you, Comprar en línea ABILIFY, comprar ABILIFY baratos, or rather, myself.

The sadness. ABILIFY FOR SALE, The anger setting your jaw so tight you could hardly breathe … That I remember. A sense-memory of a time that was almost out-of-time. A time set apart. A surreal time. It was the end of an era, ABILIFY overnight. As I look at these photos of a girl on the cusp of her 15th birthday, I feel the air leave my body involuntary, ABILIFY FOR SALE. I’m gasping for air again. The pain takes my breath away.

Nine years is like an eternity to a kid in any circumstance, let alone a kid who was molested in a kind of laissez-faire on-again, off-again nightmare. Buy ABILIFY without prescription, Catch your breath. ABILIFY FOR SALE, It’s really over this time. He’s never going to touch you again. In fact, in short order, you’re going to hold his fate in your hands. But we’ll get to that.

Here you are, after ABILIFY, so scared that even to think of the word makes you quiver. How do you tell anyone you are afraid without all the words coming tumbling out so fast that you can hardly hold your insides in anymore, ABILIFY FOR SALE. It all wants to come flying out. And that frightens you to your core. Who will believe you. What will they do. ABILIFY FOR SALE, What if they hate you as much as you’ve been taught to hate yourself. Where can i cheapest ABILIFY online, What if … What if they realize they could never love a disgusting, dirty, tainted whore like you?

photo letter

You don’t have to tell me, honey. I already know. I am you. I understand you better than you understand yourself, ABILIFY online cod. Take a breath, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Savor that breath. It’s life. Your life. You’ve fought like hell to be alive. ABILIFY FOR SALE, Don’t quit now.

All this bubbling, Ordering ABILIFY online, blossoming womanhood overflowing your clothes. Unstoppable. You feel the stripes of the bullseye on your chest. Breasts, hips, thighs … a target for predators. So many predators, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Creeps on the bus who want to feel you, ABILIFY from canada. Boys at school who want to claim your body as their possession. Too many. It gets hard to breathe. ABILIFY FOR SALE, And I know what you did. I know about the night with the knife. I know about the days you would spend walking down old frozen trails until you couldn’t feel your feet or your hands, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and very nearly your heart. Your breath would come out so hard that it temporarily hung frozen in mid-air. Hours spent in the woods just to be alone, free. The darkness, the cold, the wildness of Alaska a salve to the flames of rage that were threatening to overtake you, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Out there in a place and a time when you could let your screams free, to bounce and echo off the dead birch trees. It’s not like anyone was ever going to hear you, ABILIFY blogs. God knows you learned that the hard way.

But here you are, on the cusp of 15 and free. ABILIFY FOR SALE, You don’t believe it, yet. The only thing you believe is that maybe God was never there listening to you cry yourself to sleep after the devil had his way. Where was God when you were begging for it all to end. Buy ABILIFY without prescription, Where was he when you pleaded that someone, anyone, would come into your life and love you. All of you. Even the hard, damaged, thread-bare edges of you, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Because somehow, you still believed in love.

I’m going to tell you something that you will never believe: You are about to get everything you ever asked for, ABILIFY for sale. And so much more.

In less than a week you are going to meet a boy who is going to not just change your life, he’s going to turn it completely upside down, in the best possible way. ABILIFY FOR SALE, His optimism and hope and, well, happiness, is going to be jarring and even uncomfortable. His spirit and his life will seem impossible, Discount ABILIFY, a fabrication, a trick of the light. But he is real. And the relationship that you have with him will not only save your life, it will define it for years and years to come.

I know faith is something in short supply for you right now. How could it not be, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Nine years is a long time to be exiled in a kind of sustained torture-chamber, ABILIFY duration. You’re still in shock. You’re still adjusting your eyes to the light of day and the lightness of happiness. You don’t trust it. ABILIFY FOR SALE, Or anyone who has it.

And yet, there in your one sanctuary in the storm — the music room at school — you will finally start to find your breath. Cheap ABILIFY no rx, And he will be there, standing right there next to you, unafraid of the rage and the fear and the times it overtakes you like a toddler’s temper-tantrum, thrashing on the ground. God. That boy. Yes, ABILIFY FOR SALE. Both, order ABILIFY no prescription.

You’re going to find a liberation for your choked voice in that band room. While I can’t promise that you will ever be a professional musician, the notes you breathe life into will set you free. In those moments when you lose yourself in music, you will allow yourself to consider happiness, Online ABILIFY without a prescription, love, and yes, hope, not just as abstract concepts, but as something that is for you. ABILIFY FOR SALE, And in a song of despair, the conductor will point to you to actually scream on stage and the howling will shock everyone. And you will feel lighter.

My dear self, ABILIFY cost, let me tell you with absolute certainty: You are so close to getting it. Don’t be afraid to reach out and grab it.

A time will come with courtrooms and lawyers and questions. Your abuser will come to fear you, ABILIFY FOR SALE. He will fear that you will tell the truth, speaking it out loud and on the record. No prescription ABILIFY online, And the second you do, wherever it is that he has slithered off to, he will feel a chill up his spine. The jig will be up. And he will deal, rather than risk time in a courtroom (or worse). ABILIFY FOR SALE, It won’t be as cathartic as you will hope. It will, herbal ABILIFY, in fact, be a bit anti-climactic. But what you will come to see is that no matter what The Law says or does, the fact that you were brave enough to answer the questions matters. And it will be the first time that you see your power manifested. Buy ABILIFY without a prescription, Just for telling your story. Truth is powerful, ABILIFY FOR SALE.

Let me tell you the secret truth that is actually right inside you, right this minute, even under all that pain — hope lives inside you. With or without that boy. With or without the approval of your friends or teachers or parents or the world at large. Like Pandora’s Box after all the evils are unleashed, ABILIFY images, there in the bottom is the Spirit of Hope. ABILIFY FOR SALE, Hope is powerful. It is the gateway to love and happiness and the lightness of being that you will feel upon releasing all that anger. And, it turns out, that boy will be there. ABILIFY without a prescription, With the grin that glints in his eyes, he will convince you to take a chance on that so-called trap called marriage. And that will be a big step for you. It will be a gamble on hope, ABILIFY FOR SALE. And baby, you will win big.

Speaking of babies … Mind the gap between what you think you are capable of and what you are actually capable of. There’s a long journey there, ABILIFY results. You’re going to learn some terrible truths about what your physical body can handle. ABILIFY FOR SALE, And that will feel like another trial. And you will swear off hope to protect your heart from the pain of circumstance. But that won’t work. It’s hard to let go of hope, once you’ve had a taste. Order ABILIFY from United States pharmacy, And the reality is that while hardening your heart may have helped protect you from your abuser, it does the opposite later in life. Those old tricks to “protect” yourself actually box out possibility, ABILIFY FOR SALE. It allows fear, an opportunistic bastard, to creep right back in. But when you start to believe that it costs too much to hope and believe and love and to take chances on un-sure bets — you lose. Don’t do it, about ABILIFY. That’s a real trap. ABILIFY FOR SALE, Trust me on this.

Indeed, the biggest lesson of your life and the key that dismantles the whole damn tower of lies is this: YOU ARE STRENGTH PERSONIFIED. You are a fortress of strength. You are unbreakable. ABILIFY forum, Look at all you survived. Look at all that fucking asshole tried to take from you all those nights in your bed, ABILIFY FOR SALE. My God, look at your unconquerable spirit.

It’s like your favorite poem, Invictus, “Out of the night that covers me/Black as the pit from pole to pole/I thank whatever gods may be/For my unconquerable soul. …”

Guess what, ABILIFY used for. That’s the Spirit of Hope, my love. ABILIFY FOR SALE, That spirit sustained you when there were shades of dark night that no one has ever written about. That spirit let you believe that the boy with the unbelievable life who could get any girl he wanted would actually choose you, the real you. He will see you. Where to buy ABILIFY, He will know that you are not a whore, and that was just some lie that an evil asshole told you. And then, after patiently waiting for more than a decade, he will thrill at the chance to make a baby with you. And when he sees you mother the child you share, you will be able to feel his love for you without even looking at him, ABILIFY FOR SALE.

God was listening. I promise, buy ABILIFY from mexico. I wouldn’t lie to you.

And that’s not all. ABILIFY FOR SALE, You are going to find a whole world of people who see you. Their eyes will burn when they hear your story. An angry lump will choke them as they struggle to find peace with your story. And many people will believe you. Online buy ABILIFY without a prescription, Many will hear your words and it will change them and when someone they love tells them a similar story, they will know what to say. They will remember that they already know a person who has that story, ABILIFY FOR SALE. They will already know that this person they love is not alone. And they will know that they want to stand tall next to their loved one, and they will not flinch, because they know better. Because of you, ABILIFY samples.

All this time you have been thinking that you are not brave and that you are so damaged that no one can ever love you or see you or hear you. ABILIFY FOR SALE, And in this, you could not be more wrong. A lot of people are going to be there for you. Some you will see and some who quietly line up to stand behind you. Friends and some family (sadly not all) will see the light that comes radiating out of your heart. You will inspire countless people to reclaim their Spirit of Hope and dare to love, ABILIFY australia, uk, us, usa, shedding their armor around their hearts. You will inspire other survivors to speak their stories out loud, without shame, ABILIFY FOR SALE. And you will find an expansive, beautiful, powerful, strong community who are rising up and demanding dignity.

And perhaps the most unbelievable to you now is how truly blessed you will be. Your tightly wound Grinchy heart — it’s not your fault — will grow the more you believe in the Spirit of Hope, buy ABILIFY no prescription. It will liberate you. ABILIFY FOR SALE, You will not only dare to dream, but you will dream big. And you will have a partner in life who always says: Go for it. You will see joy personified as your child bounds into the room smiling at you. You will feel the stability of a peaceful, love-filled, safe home where the lights never get shut off because you can’t pay the bill. And you will have so much abundance in your life that you will learn how to give freely of yourself and of the things that you own (because one day you will finally see that material possessions are temporary and have no special powers to grant happiness).

I’m blowing your mind, ABILIFY FOR SALE. I know. All this is unbelievable. I would not believe it if I had not lived it. Just remember to trust your instincts. ABILIFY FOR SALE, Just like Dorothy in Oz, you don’t need to go looking for magic. You have the Spirit of Hope. It saved you from all that hell. Your strength is the legendary strength of survivors everywhere. We share it. And we wield it together.

For now, just breathe, my love. Breathe.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, please seek help in your area or get help online from RAINN or by calling the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE.

This piece is cross-posted with permission from the Sin City Sirern

Photo credit: pareerica via Creative Commons.

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Greetings and salutations. I bet you’re surprised to hear from me. After all, you’ve spent some time lately calling me a terrible mother (on television no less) because I advocate for a much-needed update to Nevada’s sex education standards — originally passed at the height of the AIDS-panic-1980s — that at its core is a mandate for abstinence-only scare-tactics about diseases on your privates. But we’ll get to that.

Maybe because Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about you and your unsympathetic, aggressive campaign against bringing comprehensive sex education to Nevada, BACTRIM cost. Surely, you only compare things to Hitler and Nazis when they really, really deserve to be villianized as lacking any moral compass whatsoever, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. You don’t just go around TEXT SHOUTING onto the public record that sex education in schools is a PARENTAL COP OUT unless you have some solid data to back that up, right. I mean, that would be an irresponsible abuse of the standards of basic human decency and decorum that we live by in a civilized society. And, I know you’d never be one of those people who physically threaten violence when someone tells a story you disagree with at a public hearing. BACTRIM maximum dosage, Because that would be immoral. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, You’re very fond of talking about morality. It makes me wonder what would Jesus do if He saw you up on that moral-high-ground perch you’ve climbed onto. Not a lot of passages in the Bible about Jesus telling people to judge others — at least, not in the Bible I read at church every Sunday.

But with all your wisdom about morality, I’m sure you know that comparing a bill about school curriculum to Nazi genocide is immoral. They’re not even in the same league, and it belittles the real suffering of people who went through the Holocaust, buy cheap BACTRIM no rx. Stop that, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. The same goes for calling whole groups of people terrible parents because they advocate for public education. That is immoral. Threatening violence against another person simply because you disagree with them, well, we know that’s immoral. Because if I’ve learned one thing from the pictures of dead fetuses you like to send me, Online BACTRIM without a prescription, it’s that you have a reverence for life. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, Your zest for life is so super-charged, it elevates a fetus above a fully formed, sentient woman any day of the week (twice on Sunday). Now that’s a respect for life.

When I was sitting in church this past week, I was thinking about you. And yes, it’s a real-deal, Christians-who-love-Jesus United Church of Christ church. I was thinking about how you might be sitting in church at that same moment, BACTRIM pics, reading or listening to scriptures from the Bible and nodding affirmingly to whatever sermon you were hearing. I was sitting next to my husband of almost 16 years (we’re high school sweethearts even!) and our beautiful daughter, the joy of our lives, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Probably not that much different than what you do on Sundays either, right. So, I was thinking about you as my reverend was talking about forgiveness and grace; that we as Christians are charged to live by example and to take God’s shining light into the world. We are charged to give of ourselves, BACTRIM recreational, to lift up the down-trodden, and to go forth humbly because none of us are without sin. I was nodding. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, I was saying, “Amen!” But secretly, I was thinking about you. And I was wondering how I could ever forgive you for the things you are saying, not just about me, but about our neighbors and fellow Nevadans.


How can I forgive you for hating me and everyone I am trying to lift up — when we have never even met. Would you say those things to my face, is BACTRIM safe. Would you call me those names in front of my two-year-old. After all the times you’ve called me an evil whore, a baby-killing slut, and godless jezebel who will feel the fires of hell — and that was before you started calling me a bad mother — I must admit to struggling mightily to find a way to turn the other cheek, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Again. And again. I struggle to just ignore you, let alone forgive you.

Because I can’t understand, BACTRIM description, let alone forgive, a person who would deny others a right to a complete public education. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, How can I forgive a person who wants to use my religion as a bludgeoning tool. How can I forgive a person who speaks on the public record about how homosexuality is “deviant behavior” and a “lifestyle choice” — as if Jesus made a distinction between who was worthy of His love and forgiveness and who was not. How can I forgive people who work to stop education that could save lives. Do you really think God approves of leaving young people in ignorance of their bodies. Do you really think that God wants young people to get diseases or have unintended pregnancies that they are not emotionally or financially ready for. If you so revere life, why wouldn’t you want to save lives by making sure people know how to protect themselves, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure there are less abortions because there are less unintended pregnancies causing them.

The only answer I can see is that you have absolutely no idea what the concept of morality is, BACTRIM for sale.

Because willfully denying people education that can save their lives — and make no mistake, understanding safer sex practices helps stop the spread of diseases like AIDS that kill people — is a public health issue. It is immoral to stand by and let people die out of ignorance. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, You are not just enabling ignorance, you are encouraging ignorance and that is true immoral behavior. And even as I feel the power of the Lord in my life as I write this, I feel certain that God weeps when people die of preventable diseases.

But let’s set the diseases aside for a moment. BACTRIM photos, Because disease is not the only symptom of an uneducated, ignorant community — and let’s be clear that is what you are advocating when you rally against sex education. There is more to the health and well-being of a person than just worrying about diseases. Let’s look at teen pregnancy, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Nevada has the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. And you are fond of negating that statistic with the fact that our teen pregnancy rate has declined by nine percent. True. But that’s why we’ve gone down from being first in the nation to being fourth. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, Are you really proud of still being in the top five worst states for teen pregnancy. Is that really something to applaud, cheap BACTRIM no rx. Whoopidydoo. We’re not the worsty-worst.

How about asking yourself why we are so terrible at helping our youth prevent unwanted pregnancies. I’ll tell you why: Abstinence-only, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Nevada’s current sex education curriculum requires a unit on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases as well as “sexual responsibility,” with an emphasis on abstinence. And while comprehensive sex education standards also emphasize abstinence, BACTRIM treatment, the difference here is that Nevada’s current law only gives abstinence information. In most cases, there is little to nothing about birth control. There is nothing about what consent means — and why a lack of consent to sex is the definition of rape. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, And that’s if — and only if — you happen to live in one of Nevada’s 17 counties in which there is actually a designated educator for the sex education unit. According to testimony in the 2011 Legislature for a similar bill, by their own admission, many Nevada counties do not have a sex education curriculum or designated educator for their curriculum. They are willfully breaking the current law, BACTRIM from canadian pharmacy. So, I guess the students in those counties are just, well, screwed. Is it moral to treat students unequally. I thought the point of public education is that the standards are equal, so all people are treated to an equal education, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER.

Abstinence-only is not only demonstrably a failure in Nevada, Order BACTRIM no prescription, it’s a failed sex education system across the board. A Congressional study already confirmed that abstinence-only education does not work and the American Academy of Pediatricians has recommended a comprehensive sex education approach, which includes but is not limited to abstinence education. Indeed, studies show that medically accurate, comprehensive sex education actually results in a delay of the first sexual experience. Probably because when young people get all the facts, they realize that they are not ready for sex, BACTRIM natural. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, So, if you’re goal is to prevent kids from having sex, then teaching kids comprehensive sex education is actually exactly what you want!

But I can just hear you now, shaking your fist at the computer screen, saying, “But I don’t want the schools to teach my kids about sex. That’s my job!”

And I say to you: Go forth and teach your kids sex education. I hope you know what you’re talking about. Do you know what to say about sexting. How about cyber-bullying. Rape, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. What does herpes look like. Can boys get HPV?  … Whew. Doses BACTRIM work, It’s a lot to cover on your own. Good luck. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, The reason why I can happily wave to you as you trot off to not-talk-to-your-kids-about-sex-because-it-scares-you, is that there is an escape hatch for folks like you built right into the law. You can opt-out of letting your kid(s) get educated. In fact, it’s probably one of the few times in your parenting career when you will face little-to-no shame for willfully removing your child from the classroom. Think about it. You can’t opt your kid out of math, science, purchase BACTRIM online, or reading, but you can opt them out of sex ed. What a country, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. That’s because there is no graduation requirement to have sex education in Nevada. And, like I said before, you can totally opt your kid out. BACTRIM reviews, Now, you may have heard that the proposed comprehensive sex education law, AB230 in the Assembly, is changing the parental permission standards. True. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, It’s going from a permission slip to be allowed to be IN class to a permission slip to be taken OUT of class. Right now, Nevada is one of only three states with an opt-in requirement, meaning that parents actually have to sign a permission slip to allow kids to have sex education, BACTRIM online cod. About four percent of students end up sitting out of sex education simply because they forgot to get the permission slip to their parents (or forgot to return it). So, really we’re talking about the four percent of kids who are missing out on education that their parents want them to have just because of a paperwork problem. That’s the dumbest reason ever for a kid to miss a class.

The other thing I can hear you screaming at me is that the new comprehensive sex education bill would “take away local authority.” Or, actually, the exact opposite, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. AB230 has a requirement for a local committee to oversee and approve regular updates to the curriculum. It’s actually pretty much the same thing we have now. BACTRIM canada, mexico, india, I know, I’ve sat in on the Clark County committee before. True story: They didn’t want to allow a text book because it had a drawing of human anatomy. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, So, there’s your local control, working hard to control any kind of enlightenment whatsoever.

And don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of people from rural counties with legal brothels that pay their property taxes being against sex education. (Not that all rural folks are against sex ed.) What do you think the people at the brothels are doing. How is it possible that you can drive right by the brothel that pays for your fire department services and turn in to a meeting to talk about how we should never, ever, ever, BACTRIM steet value, ever talk to kids about penises and vaginas. It boggles my mind. And you do realize that rural counties have a much higher rate of teen pregnancy than anywhere else in the nation, right, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER.

And come on, those are just red herrings anyway. Be honest now. You are just terrified about talking about sex with your kid(s). BACTRIM dangers, You don’t want them to learn that there are different people in the world, some even that you judge to be “bad” people. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, But just because you don’t like those people, it doesn’t make them disappear from existence. Just because you don’t like thinking about your child having sex, it doesn’t make them not have sex. Please. If that worked, I wouldn’t be alive. Yes, BACTRIM duration, I am the product of a teen pregnancy statistic. (Cue: Gasps)

Tsk, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Tsk. Tsk. I can feel you judging my mother right now. Yes, she was a teen mother. She also dropped out of college and raised me in poverty because of it — two things that are highly correlated to teen pregnancy BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, , in fact. Buy BACTRIM without a prescription, But right about now, I bet you’re sort of wishing she’d had that abortion when she was pregnant with me. Because then maybe you wouldn’t have to put up with this pain-in-your-ass prochoice, Christian, suburban, married, stay-at-home mom (really, we have so much more in common than you like to think) who keeps talking about why our state needs comprehensive sex education, no prescription BACTRIM online. I was there on April 1 when you were testifying before the Assembly committee about “unwed teen pregnancy” being a “natural punishment” for premarital sex. As if my childhood wasn’t hard enough, I have had to deal with people like you my whole life talking about my very existence as a punishment for my mother’s bad decisions. What was that thing the reverend said on Sunday, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Oh yes: Judge not, lest ye be judged. But thanks for belittling my existence by implying that in my case there was no “miracle” to my conception, but rather a Job-like sentence made flesh, BACTRIM use, from a wrathful God. Thanks for that. On behalf of all “bastard” children everywhere, I thank you for your charity, kindness, and loving spirit in God’s name. You’re really nailing it. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, That sort of brings me back to where we started when I sat down to write this letter. I wanted you to get to know me, BACTRIM from mexico, your apparent foe. Because from what I can tell by what you are saying about me online and on TV and on the public record in legislative meetings, you don’t know me at all. You’ve created a sort of convenient caricature of me, and people like me. You’ve cast me as a godless sodomite who seeks to destroy the fabric of our society by advocating that public education has a minimum standard that includes sex ed curriculum that is medically accurate and age-appropriate. You’ve vilified me as a terrible mother because I recognize that not all families are whole and functional, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. Where can i buy BACTRIM online, Indeed, not all people are whole and functional. Some of us are ill-equipped to tackle big topics like sex education with our kids. And not everyone is as lucky as me to have friends who work as professional sex education instructors. Does it make us bad parents if we seek outside resources to shore up our weaknesses. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, I don’t have a clue how to teach my daughter Calculus. If she expresses a desire to learn it, am I a failure as a parent because I can’t teach her myself. I seem to recall some of you testifying that you checked out materials from the public library to teach your own kids sex ed, buy BACTRIM from canada. So, you can access publicly funded educational materials, but if we seek to make that available to everyone in a classroom setting, we’re abdicating our parental responsibility.

No. You’re wrong, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. You’re a hypocrite. BACTRIM price, You do not have the moral high-ground just because you throw God and Jesus’ names into the mix. You do not know more about being a parent than me because you have more children than me. You do not know what is best for my daughter. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, I do. And in the face of you hurling insults and mischaracterizations at me, I still respect you enough to make sure that you can legally decide what you think is best for your child(ren). It doesn’t matter if I think you’re wrong in how you raise your kids. I respect that you have that right. I was perfectly happy to turn my cheek again and again, buy no prescription BACTRIM online. Because unlike you, I don’t claim to know what’s best for your child(ren), BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. I don’t take some imaginary moral high-ground and call you a simpleton or a fear-monger or a closed-minded bigot because you’d rather teach people to hate those who are not like them than to just simply acknowledge that they exist, without judgement (as that guy Jesus commanded). I don’t shame girls for having sex or making decisions about their bodies. I don’t threaten people with violence because they do not agree with me. I don’t create a culture of fear in the classrooms of young men and women so that they are too afraid to ask the important questions that need asking. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, The questions that can lead to valuable information that maybe, just maybe, might save a life. I advocate for comprehensive sex education because I want my daughter to have comprehensive sex education. Effects of BACTRIM, I think standing in the way of education is morally bankrupt. I think standing up and judging people (for their purported mistakes, like being raped) in a public forum is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. And I think that just because I believe in Jesus and I have a path that is right for me, that does not give me the right to force other people down that same path. I don’t demonize those who have a different faith (or none at all) than me, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. That’s not my business. And it’s not yours either.

You claim to be standing up for your beliefs, BACTRIM coupon. I’m doing the same. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, I’d like to think we can each have our opinions and debate them in a peaceful, respectful way. But that would require you to be a peaceful, respectful person. Everything you show me is quite the opposite. You want to attack any person who is not exactly like you, who does not believe exactly like you. Ordering BACTRIM online, That’s not the country we live in. We live in a country founded on the idea that people have a right to worship as they please, and to pursue happiness, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. You don’t get to decide what everybody else believes and what makes everybody else happy. And whether you believe in God or little blue fairies, it doesn’t change the fact that comprehensive sex education saves lives and prevents pregnancies (which in turn, prevent abortions and we all know how you feel about abortions).

It’s too bad that you don’t like comprehensive sex education, but that’s your right not to like it. But I’ll be damned if I let bullies like you silence me or anyone else from advocating for it, BACTRIM results. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, Because when you try to smear us or brand us as bad people, you are being a bully. And you are trying to keep me quiet. But I have right to say my piece.

And just one more thing: I want you to look around for a moment. I want you to remember the children, those very same little humans you are always claiming to be doing everything for. They are watching us, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. They are watching us have this debate. What are they learning from you right now. What are they learning about how to have a civilized, peaceful debate with somebody. What are you teaching them about your own ethics and morals right this minute when you call me a whore or a terrible mother because I disagree with you. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, Is that good parenting. I think actions speak louder than words, my friend.

I know we are far from finished with this debate. Going forward, I do hope for one thing: That we can have this debate as respectful adults, not children on a schoolyard. I hope that when we disagree — and we probably will — that neither side resorts to petty name-calling. But I really hope I never, ever again see a group of so-called Christians sit in a public hearing and make jokes during testimony from a rape survivor, BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER. That is grotesque cruelty. Be the people you say you are. Act as you believe God would want you to act. Really and truthfully think about what that means. BACTRIM OVER THE COUNTER, Does God command us to go out and bully others to think like us. Or, does He ask us to lead by example in humble service to the world. Let’s discuss this thing as peacefully as possible. Open your heart to new possibilities and understanding. And at the end of the day, let’s remember that we are each other’s neighbors.

And for the love of God, stop calling names to those who are on the opposite side of the issue as you. There’s nothing morally superior about that.




This piece was originally posted on the The Sin City Siren and it's cross-posted here with permission.

Photo Credit: Paree from Creative Commons .


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