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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Has No Problem with Hate Speech

The mantel of hero has always been heavy. In the comics, Spiderman is told that with great power comes great responsibility. And even though the web-slinger might not be a real person, the advice rings true for our flesh-and-blood heroes, too. In these modern times, heroes come in a variety of forms built up by […]

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The Students of Penn State: Not the Generation We Have Been Waiting For

  To the Students of Penn State: Something is really wrong here. ƒWhile I did not attend a university with a football team, I respect that football is what makes your school tick, and that Mr. Paterno’s exceptional skills are necessary for the team’s success. You have every right to be angry that he will […]

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The Conspiracy of Silence

**TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors** Sometimes you don’t get any warning about bad news. When I turned on my TV this morning it was already tuned to ESPN and the story in progress was that of former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky. In case you missed it, Sandusky, who is […]

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Another Glass Ceiling Breaks

It’s that magical time of year when baseball ends, and we watch trades, acquisitions and deals happen in preparation for the next season.  In recent weeks I’ve watched excitedly as Theo Epstein was named the new GM of the Cubs and Davy Johnson was signed for another year as the Nationals manager. It also reminds […]

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Top 25 Female Athletes

  This week GQ came out with its “25 Coolest Athletes Ever” list.  Apparently everyone worth being on this list was male (as Dave Zirin pointed out in the Nation)!  I realize this is a men’s magazine.  And not just any men’s magazine, but one that evicts a cigar smoking, back room gathering, manly men […]

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The Return of the Boys of Summer

In one week, I plan to be sitting in Nationals Park watching the season opener of the Nationals.  I’ve been waiting several long, cold months for this!  Baseball is one of the few sports I really enjoy watching, live or on tv.  It is also one of the only sports both my boyfriend and I […]

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Banging Chicks: The Language of Violence and Sexuality

Yesterday, fellow blogger Maggie Arden wrote a post called "Words Matter" on Fem2.0 about the use of language to devalue women. She was right about the idea that our every day language and the portrayal of women even in just the written media contributes to the overall discrimination of women. But the problem is even more […]

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Competing Priorities? Feminism vs. everything else in your life

Recent estimates say that around 111 million people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. A few were watching for the football; some for the halftime show; some for the commercials. I myself attended a “Most Sexist Super Bowl Ad” party in honor of the occasion. Some of you probably followed the proceedings on the #femsuperbowl hashtag on […]

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