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Find more information about the event HERE and sign up to attend it!


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CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, The motorcade that snaked through 1 Hacker Way earlier this year surprised even jaded Facebook employees, who are used to on-campus celebrity sightings and visits from politicians and world leaders. So a few days later, at the question-and-answer session that CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosts every Friday, an employee raised a hand to ask about it. It turns out the distinguished visitor -- Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew -- had not come to see Zuckerberg. Lew's host. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stood up and acknowledged that she had organized a breakfast with local business leaders for Lew that day, CIALIS reviews. There were a few knowing chuckles, and Zuckerberg moved on to the next question.

This piece was cross-posted here with permission from Fortune

What seemed quirkily commonplace at Facebook (FB) would have been unthinkable anywhere else in corporate America, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. Then again, there isn't, and there has never been, a businessperson quite like Sandberg (No. 5 on our list of Most Powerful Women). Herbal CIALIS, Plenty of women have risen to the top ranks of large corporations (though far fewer than men). Some, like Sandberg, who once was a senior official at the Treasury Department, have made successful transitions from Washington to Wall Street or Silicon Valley. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, Others have achieved fame beyond their roles as executives, and some have written successful books. Sandberg has done all those things, combined them into a singular package, CIALIS coupon, and taken them to a whole new level.

Her book, Lean In, is not merely successful: It's been at the top of bestseller lists and sold more than 1 million copies since its launch in March. Its publication ignited an international movement that made feminism mainstream again, Buy no prescription CIALIS online, at least among professional women. Sandberg is on a first-name basis not only with the CEOs of America's biggest companies, but also with celebrities like Oprah, Bono, and Michael Bloomberg, who hosted a glitzy launch party for Lean In. She gets her calls answered by senators, senior White House officials, and prime ministers, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. And while Sandberg could run just about any company in America (she's been on virtually every list of possible successors to Steve Ballmer at Microsoft (MSFT, is CIALIS safeFortune 500)), she has chosen to be No. 2 at a company where her chances of becoming No. 1 are close to zero.

Of course, Order CIALIS from United States pharmacy, Sandberg is not your typical No. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, 2. While her international fame ballooned over the past year following the publication of Lean In, it is how the 44-year-old Sandberg has defined her role as COO and her relationship with her much younger boss that make her so unusual in the business world. There's no one job description for COOs, but they are almost always inward-facing bureaucrats who make sure the trains run on time, cut a low profile, and toil in the shadow of their bosses, order CIALIS online overnight delivery no prescription. Sandberg, who declined to be interviewed for this article, does keep the trains on time, for sure. But she's also a chief dealmaker and an ad sales honcho responsible for all of Facebook's revenue; she taps her influential network to open doors; she travels the world to meet with politicians and channels the desires of the world's biggest marketers in a language Facebook's engineers understand. Over the past year, as Zuckerberg shifted gears to turn mobile services into Facebook's top priority, she pushed the ads and operations teams to follow in lockstep, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. What is CIALIS, "She runs the business," says Dan Rose, one of Facebook's earliest business-side executives and one of Sandberg's deputies, in charge of partnerships.

MORE: Most Powerful Women - Full list

Sandberg's hefty portfolio and her fluid, trusting relationship with Zuckerberg are liberating for him. She does all the things he doesn't want to do so he can focus on what he likes: product and engineering. As part of that bargain, CIALIS maximum dosage, he's given her space to be the public face of Facebook in many arenas, to roam far and wide -- from Davos to Sun Valley -- and to pursue extracurricular activities, like Lean In, with gusto. While tongues wag that Sandberg's celebrity and her crusade for women in the workplace are distractions, CIALIS trusted pharmacy reviews, they are a strategically invaluable asset for Facebook. "Lean In has done a lot more for Facebook than Facebook has done for Lean In CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, ," Zuckerberg recently told employees. The result is this: While Zuckerberg is a celebrity in his own right -- and the antihero of an Oscar-winning Hollywood film -- Sandberg is not only the world's most famous COO but also a rock star in business, politics, and popular culture, with unprecedented influence and reach.

While she's one of a kind, some find Sandberg so compelling that she is now being hailed as a model, real brand CIALIS online. Conventional wisdom in the tech world these days says that companies do best when led by their founders, an idea that harks back to the success of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. It wasn't always the case. In the 1990s the bias shifted, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. Where can i order CIALIS without prescription, Investors, reluctant to trust young, techie founders with no managerial skills, insisted on hiring professional CEOs. Valleyites called it adult supervision. The formula worked in many cases -- eBay (EBAYFortune 500) and Yahoo (YHOO, CIALIS blogsFortune 500), for example -- but it also left many startups adrift once the single-minded product focus and vision of their founders were diluted. Marc Andreessen, a Facebook board member and co-founder of the venture capital powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz, says the Zuckerberg- Sandberg model solves that problem: It leaves the entrepreneur as the ultimate authority, CIALIS samples, ensuring the company stays true to its founding vision, and marries it with superlative business execution. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, As a result, he says, "her name has become a job title. Every company we work with wants 'a Sheryl.' " Then he adds, "I keep explaining to people that we haven't yet figured out how to clone her."

It's not just outsiders who wish they could clone Sandberg. Inside Facebook, people can't seem to get enough of her. She manages to do it all with ruthless efficiency and grace, purchase CIALIS online no prescription. Don't let the stories about her leaving at 5:30 p.m. fool you into believing she takes it easy, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. On most days she walks into Facebook early, sometimes as early as 7, her cellphone glued to her ear. By then, CIALIS forum, she's been sending emails for an hour or more. When she's not traveling or at an evening event, she'll take a break to have dinner at home with her husband,SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg, and their two elementary-school-age children. After the kids are tucked in, however, CIALIS over the counter, the emails don't stop until late at night. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, Her days are a flurry of meetings that she runs with the help of a decidedly undigital spiral-bound notebook. On it, she keeps lists of discussion points and action items. She crosses them off one by one, and once every item on a page is checked, CIALIS brand name, she rips the page off and moves to the next. If every item is done 10 minutes into an hourlong meeting, the meeting is over.

MORE: Most Powerful Women on social

This year Sandberg brought her focus and energy to the problem of mobile advertising. As Zuckerberg realigned his engineers and product managers to prioritize mobile apps over the Facebook website, Sandberg rallied the business side, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. She pushed to simplify ad formats, did away with the emphasis on social ads, and convened biweekly meetings with ad and product executives to balance user experience with the needs of marketers, CIALIS canada, mexico, india. She bombarded senior managers with lengthy stories of conversations she'd had at theUnilevers (UL) and Procter & Gambles (PGFortune 500)and Coca-Colas (KO,Fortune 500) of the world to drill into the heads of Facebook's engineers the needs of marketers, and she reoriented the company's sales force.

The results speak for themselves. Fast shipping CIALIS, Shares, which tanked after Facebook's botched IPO in May 2012 amid doubt the company would succeed in mobile, are up 140% in the past year,to around $50. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, That's in part because mobile ads, nonexistent a year ago, accounted for 41% of Facebook's $1.6 billion in ad revenue in the most recent quarter. Zuckerberg predicted that mobile revenue will soon become the majority of Facebook's business. Sandberg has been well rewarded in the process. She earned about $26 million in cash and stock in 2012, canada, mexico, india, and her vested Facebook shares and options are worth about $704 million, according to Equilar, an executive compensation research firm. (She has an additional $277 million in unvested shares and options, and undisclosed millions more from her time as an executive at Google (GOOG, Order CIALIS no prescription,  Fortune 500), where she helped the startup evolve into the largest seller of ads in the world. It is safe to say she's a billionaire.)

Cataloguing the full scope of Sandberg's activities and impact inside Facebook is nearly impossible, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. But her deputies like to single out her strategic involvement with top business leaders with whom she's developed relationships over time. A few years ago Facebook found itself negotiating a tricky partnership with PayPal. Whenever the teams were stuck, Sandberg would personally reach out to John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay, doses CIALIS work, which owns the payments company. The high-level check-ins ironed out the differences and over time also led to eBay spending far more on Facebook ads. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, "I like dealing with Sheryl because I trust her enormously," says Donahoe.

MORE: Twitter's ambassador

Earlier this year Sandberg led a delegation of Facebook executives, including Zuckerberg, to Bentonville, Buy CIALIS from canada, Ark., not only to meet with Wal-Mart Stores' top brass, but also to attend the company's weekly Saturday morning meeting, instituted 50 years ago by Sam Walton. It was one of three trips Sandberg took to Bentonville this year and was meant to showWal-Mart (WMTFortune 500) that Facebook was serious about understanding the culture and marketing needs of a major partner, says David Fischer, buy cheap CIALIS, one of Sandberg's deputies. "Sheryl has been incredibly generous with her time and is a real sounding board for me," Mike Duke, CEO of Wal-Mart, said in an email. Buy CIALIS online cod, (Duke, in turn, flew to the Bay Area recently to speak at one of Sandberg's famous salons for Silicon Valley women.)

How Sandberg, amid all her Facebook activities, managed to write Lean In, orchestrate flashy book tours on three continents, launch a foundation, online CIALIS without a prescription, and become a ubiquitous spokesperson for the ambitions of women, remains baffling to most people. Sensitive to how it would be perceived inside and outside Facebook, Sandberg co-wrote the book with Nell Scovell, a professional writer, during evenings and weekends, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. She clustered book tours around a few blocks of vacation days -- while still answering Facebook emails between events -- and set up as a separate organization in Palo Alto with its own staff. While there is some overlap -- communications are often coordinated, and Facebook has lent facilities like video-recording studios to Lean -- the two remain separate. Online buying CIALIS hcl, With her trademark efficiency, Sandberg has mastered the art of combining Facebook and Lean In business -- meeting with advertisers during her book tour in Germany or with government officials while in Beijing, for example.

Facebook executives say she hasn't missed a beat. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, Privately, some Facebook employees say Lean In was distracting and took much of Sandberg's time, but only during a brief period in the run-up to its publication. No one has defended her activities more fiercely than Zuckerberg. When an employee asked whether anyone at Facebook was free to write a book, he described Sandberg as "superhuman" and said that anyone who, get CIALIS, like Sandberg, could write a book without dropping any balls had his permission.

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Lean In has turned Sandberg into even more of an international celebrity. But the impact of the book has also been profound inside Facebook, helping with recruiting and retention of women engineers and executives. Most female candidates "reference how attractive Sheryl is to them," says Emily White, who heads business operations for Instagram, the photo-sharing company Facebook acquired for $1 billion, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. CIALIS dangers, "It's almost always in the conversation." This year, partly as a result of the book, Facebook had a record-breaking number of female interns, says Lori Goler, the head of human resources, though she refused to reveal specific numbers. In the senior ranks, buy generic CIALIS, though, Facebook's record of promoting women has been mixed. Sandberg is one of three C-level executives (the other two, Zuckerberg and CFO David Ebersman, are men), CIALIS steet value, and the company has two women on its nine-member board, slightly above average for large companies. Women executives also lead Facebook's global sales, public policy, mobile engineering, human resources, European operations, buy cheap CIALIS no rx, and other important groups. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, But only one of Sandberg's five direct reports is a woman, and all of Zuckerberg's six direct reports, except Sandberg, are male. Regardless, the book has had a major role in changing public perception of the company. As one executive noted, The Social Network depicted Facebook as something of a bawdy college fraternity. Buy CIALIS no prescription, "No one thinks of Facebook as a frat house anymore," the executive said.

If Sandberg can't be cloned yet, can she be emulated. Andreessen thinks so, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. He says there are more and more executives experienced in scaling companies. If founding CEOs team up with those executives and treat them as equal partners, as Zuckerberg has done with Sandberg, about CIALIS, they'll end up building stronger companies, he says. "My hope is that it's the model for the Valley for the next 20 years." Others are not so sure. Reid Hoffman of Greylock Partners, an early backer of LinkedIn (LNKD), which he founded, says he doesn't want to blindly embrace the latest management fad. He says the Facebook model can work, but he cautions that few executives as capable as Sandberg are content with being No. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, 2. At LinkedIn, Hoffman brought in Jeff Weiner as CEO and endowed him with "founder status." "It's one of several different plays that can be run to create these high-scale companies," Hoffman says. Scores of young company founders are all too happy to ignore the subtleties these days. They fancy themselves as the next Zuckerberg and tell everyone they're looking for their Sandberg, says Wences Casares, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Lemon Wallet, who knows Sandberg. "What they're missing is that it requires a certain maturity and an ability to have your ego in check," says Casares. "It's very hard to do."

MORE: The International Power 50

It's possible that Zuckerberg himself will have to grapple with those issues some day, CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER. There's long been speculation that Sandberg will leave the company for other pursuits in business or in government. No one knows whether that will be soon. For now, Facebook is still a young, growing company, and Andreessen says Sandberg has vowed to stay at Facebook at least through the "next phase of the company." ("Sheryl is 100% committed to Facebook," says Michael Buckley, vice president of global business communications.) Regardless, the publication of Lean In has heightened expectations about Sandberg's post-Facebook life, especially in Washington. In the past, Sandberg's future would come up an hour into a dinner; now it's discussed during the appetizers, says Joe Lockhart, a former White House press secretary under Bill Clinton who was a communications executive at Facebook for more than a year. CIALIS OVER THE COUNTER, "It gives a D.C. future more life," Lockhart says. Some people close to Sandberg say it's just the opposite. Had she postponed her passion to become an advocate for women, she'd be more likely to be itching to go. The fact that she's doing Lean In makes it more likely she'll stay at Facebook longer. At some point, however, Sandberg is likely to be ready for the next thing. But trying to predict her future may be futile: Whatever she does next is sure to be surprising, and bound to once again break the mold.

Additional reporting by Marilyn Adamo

This story is from the October 28, 2013 issue of Fortune.


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Fortune just released its annual 40 Under 40 List BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION, and Marissa Mayer came it at No. 1, FLEXERIL without prescription, making her the first woman ever to be ranked No. 1 on the list. While Mayer leads the way, this year's list also includes more women than ever before, FLEXERIL results, with women in 14 of the 40 total spots. Real brand FLEXERIL online, Some of the other names are Tracy Britt Coo; Financial Assistant to the Chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway, Liv Garfield, CEO of BT Group's Openreach and Avani Davda, FLEXERIL pictures, CEO of the Tata Starbucks Limited. 

fortuneFind below Fortune's press release: 

September 19, FLEXERIL alternatives, 2013


Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Takes No. 1 Spot, Square & Twitter's Jack Dorsey comes in at No, buy FLEXERIL online no prescription. 2, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at No, BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION. 3

Mayer Becomes First Woman to Ever Take the Top Spot; More Women on the List Than Ever Before

(September 19, Kjøpe FLEXERIL på nett, köpa FLEXERIL online, 2013, New York, NY) For the fifth year in a row, FLEXERIL natural, FORTUNE reveals its annual 40 Under 40 list of the hottest young stars in business. Purchase FLEXERIL, Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer takes over the top spot from Google's Larry Page, becoming the first woman ever to be ranked No. 1 on the list, FLEXERIL pics. Jack Dorsey of Square and Twitter is featured on the cover and comes in at No. BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION, 2 this year, while Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg falls one spot to No. FLEXERIL no rx, 3. This year's list also includes more women than ever before, with 14 of the 40 total spots, FLEXERIL from mexico.

FORTUNE editors write: "Get ready to meet the 2013 class of Fortune’s 40 Under 40, Online buying FLEXERIL hcl, the people we deem the year’s most important young innovators, risk-takers, and rule-breakers in business…, buy FLEXERIL from canada. If you think this year’s 40 Under 40 list looks a little different from previous lists, Buy FLEXERIL from mexico, you’re spot-on. We dug even deeper this time around… to bring you a ranking that really reflects what’s going on in the world and is fresh too, BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Some folks will be familiar, of course, purchase FLEXERIL online no prescription, but you’re about to meet some important new faces. FLEXERIL reviews, They’re rocking businesses as diverse as air travel, natural gas, and genetic coding, FLEXERIL pharmacy, as well as—if you can believe it—government. Order FLEXERIL no prescription, They’re doing their thing in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston, order FLEXERIL online c.o.d, but also in Brazil, Where to buy FLEXERIL, India, China, and Africa, about FLEXERIL. More of them are women than ever before."

TOP 10 OF FORTUNE'S 2013 40 UNDER 40:
1. BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Marissa Mayer, President and CEO, Yahoo
2. FLEXERIL no prescription, Jack Dorsey, Co-founder and CEO, Square; Co-founder and Executive Chairman, order FLEXERIL from United States pharmacy, Twitter
3. Where can i buy cheapest FLEXERIL online, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, Facebook
4, doses FLEXERIL work. John Elkann, FLEXERIL online cod, Chairman, Fiat; Chairman and CEO, Exor
5, FLEXERIL maximum dosage. Rob Goldstein, FLEXERIL photos, Senior Managing Director, BlackRock
6. (tie) Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk, Co-founders, Airbnb
7, BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Chris Weideman, is FLEXERIL safe, Chief of Staff, Buy FLEXERIL online cod, U.S. Treasury Department
8. Jun Wang, cheap FLEXERIL no rx, Director, Australia, uk, us, usa, BGI
9. Tracy Britt Cool, Financial Assistant to the Chairman, FLEXERIL steet value, Berkshire Hathaway
10. BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Liv Garfield, CEO, BT Group's Openreach

See the full 2013 ranked list here:
See the 2012 list here:


Jack Dorsey (#2) talks to FORTUNE about Twitter, Square, and his beloved hometown, St. FLEXERIL blogs, Louis.

Uber's Co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick (#13) - FORTUNE's Jessi Hempel writes he is an, "iconoclast and rebel-hero among Silicon Valley's elite -- and [has] friends and backers more powerful than his enemies." Hollywood mogul Michael Ovitz, who invested in Kalanick's first Internet company tells FORTUNE of this lister: "You put him in the ring and he's always going to come out with the win."

Yelp Co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman (#16) tells FORTUNE about his company: "We're not Google... we don't have lobster stuffed with caviar every day. It's never been about how we compete on throwing nice things at employees."

Katia Beauchamp, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Birchbox (#31) talks to FORTUNE about her blossoming beauty startup: "We're building a bridge over a ravine and putting the next brick down as we step."


ONES TO WATCH: This is no runners-up list—we're watching these 12 high-flying individuals closely, and you ought to be, too. They come from the worlds of finance, tech, energy, politics, and even sports, BUY FLEXERIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Meet our 2013 Ones to Watch.

THE EARLY YEARS (BABY PHOTOS GALLERY): Take a look back at our 40 Under 40 when they were *way* under 40.

HIGHEST PAID UNDER 40: Which young executives at public companies brought home the most bacon in 2012. And, exactly how much bacon are we talking about.

BEST-KEPT SECRETS: FORTUNE cajoled this year's top 40 into sharing facts about them you won't find on the Internet (until now).

FORTUNE ZOOM: A new book reveals the secrets, strategies, and insights of five years of FORTUNE's 40 Under 40.

The new issue of FORTUNE will hit newsstands on Monday, September 23.

See full package here:

Photo Credit: TechCrunch50-2008 via Creative Commons.


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This post was originally posted on the Eternalist  Blog  FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, If I have to, for a minute more, endure men taking up all kinds of unnecessary space on public transport, I will lose it. I won’t lose it physically, Cheap FLAGYL no rx, but I will launch a verbal tirade towards them in my head, as I watch their limbs extend for miles and their mere presence physically squeeze the space out of their surroundings. Why is it so difficult for him not to keep his legs closer together when he sits next to me, taking FLAGYL. Why must his arms reach across three seat backs. FLAGYL photos, But more importantly, why is he never compelled to move when I perch next to him, relegating me to the inch of space left on what would otherwise be a free seat, discount FLAGYL.

I've written before that public spaces can sometimes imitate soft war zones for women, FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. Men belong in these places while women are visiting, FLAGYL reviews, often without permission. Cat-calling, space-taking.., FLAGYL pictures. women are made to feel like outsiders in a space that should be their own. Where can i order FLAGYL without prescription, We use these spaces to get to work, to do our daily outings, we use them for protest, FLAGYL pharmacy, to express ourselves but also for leisure and family time. FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, If one sex feels pushed out of these spaces, their access to these different aspects of life also suffers. FLAGYL alternatives, We saw in the Arab uprisings, how women were an important part of the protests, and how this pointed to a gendered reclaiming of public spaces as an important component of the female emancipation process, where to buy FLAGYL.

Second generation gender bias is the official term for this feeling. About FLAGYL, That feeling that as women, we don’t quite belong in certain places or in certain roles. Public transport and public spaces more broadly, order FLAGYL online c.o.d, but boardrooms and positions of power more significantly.


While gender biases point to intentional acts of discrimination, second generation gender bias has a more neutral face, but the underlying practices, values and beliefs remain distinctly male-oriented, FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. FLAGYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, As men have traditionally built the organizational systems in which we function, it is inherent that these systems will benefit them,although they may not even recognize it, rx free FLAGYL. We sought to overcome the defined gender biases and now we must now tackle the root causes that continue to influence hiring, Purchase FLAGYL online, promoting and perceptions of women in the workplace and in positions of power.

Second generation gender bias results from a number of pervasive sentiments and beliefs that stigmatize women's actions. The low number of women in leadership roles can result from gender stereotyping, buy FLAGYL online no prescription, where women are given jobs based on 'traditional' roles. FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, This can discourage other women from stepping up to the proverbial plate, making them feel like they are to blame for not succeeding while the women in positions of power are exceptions and had to overcome exceptional hurdles. Get FLAGYL, A woman's path to leadership can be different than a man's and is often developed behind the scenes - while men ride their actions into the spotlight. Because of the way we define leadership and power, the first path is ignored while the latter is rewarded, online buying FLAGYL hcl, and this can lead to the belief that only men are meant for leadership. FLAGYL maximum dosage, The dearth of women in decision-making positions also makes it difficult for them to establish networks which are so important to opening doors and being recognized in a field. Since we tend to interact with people that resemble our physical and status selves, men invariably join the 'boy's clubs' and it is up to women to jump through hurdles to be included, FLAGYL wiki. Women not only do not have many female mentors, but may experience workplace gendered attacks from their female superiors, given the paucity of roles available to them, FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. It would also appear that while women are mentored, After FLAGYL, men's mentors tend to promote or sponsor them far more than they do women, going out of their way to provide them with advancement opportunities.


Women also face unexamined assumptions and criticisms about their personal lives or their risk-taking abilities when it comes to promotions, FLAGYL schedule, and a lack of support when it comes to rejoining the workforce after maternity leave, Comprar en línea FLAGYL, comprar FLAGYL baratos, as companies fail to grasp the gendered differences in workloads and familial responsibilities. These criticisms extend to penalizing women for taking on traditionally 'male' qualities in the office: assertiveness, power, buy cheap FLAGYL, decisiveness and open pride. FLAGYL australia, uk, us, usa, Women's behaviours and dress are subject to judgment, and she must navigate the fine line between stylish and frumpy, attractive or bimbo, real brand FLAGYL online. FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, We applaud women for taking care in their dress, but then call them superficial for the same actions.

Often many of the above experiences interact, FLAGYL no rx, creating inevitable double-binds. A woman might be gender stereotyped in a positive manner in an evaluation (she is caring and thoughtful), but this might lead her to also be evaluated negatively as incompetent or not suitable for leadership, FLAGYL for sale, because

A. FLAGYL dosage, those qualities are not valued and

B. she is unable to express other (traditionally male) qualities because she knows she will be penalized for those too.

Ultimately, second generation gender bias seems to point to the continued cultural view of women in positions of power as an anomaly – making her every move, decision, presentation and fashion choice subject to scrutiny and judgment, FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. At the end of the day, buy cheap FLAGYL no rx, we are not judged against the same nor equal set criteria or standards as our male counterparts. Online buying FLAGYL hcl, There are solutions.

Measurements of accountability on diversity and inclusion shed light on what is really happening in the workplace and put a quantifiable touch on pervasive sentiments. Quantitative evaluations should begin at the recruitment pool-level, where can i buy FLAGYL online, analyze retention rates and continue all the way to the number of women in positions of power at the CEO level. FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER, With this data, gender mainstreaming is an key second step to uprooting the causes of second generation gender bias. Purchase FLAGYL online, It can seek to understand the quantitative data through a gendered lens and work to correct inequalities through the creation and use of checklists, indicators and quotas.

Managers, purchase FLAGYL, supervisors and decision-makers must then be held accountable to these controls. FLAGYL canada, mexico, india, A system of penalties and rewards with the importance of diversity and inclusiveness receiving top-down support, both in face-time and financial support, is a great way to motivate managers to prioritize diversity. Trainings should necessarily involve men and women and concentrate on highlighting discriminating or different behaviours and work towards educating and changing attitudes. Outcomes should include understanding and supporting flexible working hours, providing mentorship and promotion training and presenting staff with role models that demonstrate inclusiveness and diversity in their every day work activities, FLAGYL OVER THE COUNTER. Diversity should also be mainstreamed through the hiring process, so a new generation of employees that prioritizes inclusiveness and diversity is created and not simply hoped for.


It is important to remember that the tendency will be for structures to favour a masculine (and usually white) approach to work and leadership unless consistent efforts are made to alter this course. Men still get more of the big projects with a larger portion of the funding, and then receive more attention for the work accomplished. There are still not comprehensive reintegration packages for women who wish to begin families nor is there cohesive understanding of the importance of offering part-time work nor of it remaining distinctly part-time (and not full time for part time pay). There is, of course, the persistent gender wage gap and womenleaving the workforce in droves due to a lack of mobility, childcare issues and the inevitable glass ceiling.

Perhaps when the trifecta of business, media and politics does a better job in supporting the promotion of women into and in prominent positions of power, the trickle down effect will not only be more women vying for these roles but also an acceptance of women as 'normal' in these positions. Until then it seems we are still apprehensive of the female body - and view any quest for power, leadership or decision-making roles as completely incongruent with what her role 'should' be.

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VALTREX FOR SALE, The American birthrate is at a record low. What happens when having it all means not having children?

This piece was originally posted at the Times

One evening when she was 14 years old, laura scott was washing dishes in the kitchen with her mother when she decided she didn’t want to have a child. “You might change your mind,” said her mother, whom Scott describes as “bone tired” from a life in which she “didn’t have any time for herself.” Scott’s mom worked as a samplemaker for an upholstery company; after making dinner for Scott and her brother, Low dose VALTREX, she’d park them in front of the television and go down to the basement to spend her evening cutting and sewing. That life was what “doing it all” meant to Scott. “I learned you could—but did you want to?” she says. At 26, Scott got married and waited for her mind to change, VALTREX FOR SALE. “I thought I would be struck by a biological lightning bolt,” she recalls. “It never happened. And I realized I was going to be fine.” As she says from her Tampa office, where she works as a professional coach, writer and documentary filmmaker, “My main motive not to have kids was that I loved my life the way it was.”

Now 50, real brand VALTREX online, Scott is more than fine: she’s fulfilled. And she’s not alone. VALTREX FOR SALE, The birthrate in the U.S. is the lowest in recorded American history, which includes the fertility crash of the Great Depression. From 2007 to 2011, the most recent year for which there’s data, the fertility rate declined 9%. A 2010 Pew Research report showed that childlessness has risen across all racial and ethnic groups, VALTREX cost, adding up to about 1 in 5 American women who end their childbearing years maternity-free, compared with 1 in 10 in the 1970s. Even before the recession hit, in 2008, the proportion of women ages 40 to 44 who had never given birth had grown by 80%, from 10% to 18%, since 1976, when a new vanguard began to question the reproductive imperative. These statistics may not have the heft of childlessness in some European ­countries—like Italy, where nearly one-­quarter of women never give birth—but the rise is both dramatic and, in the scope of our history, quite sudden, VALTREX FOR SALE.

The decision to have a child or not is a private one, but it takes place, VALTREX no rx, in America at least, in a culture that often equates womanhood with motherhood. The birthrate may have fallen, but the baby-­product industry is at a record high, an estimated $49 billion for 2013. Any national discussion about the struggle to reconcile womanhood with modernity tends to begin and end with one subject: parenting. Even Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, a book focused on encouraging women’s professional development, VALTREX pictures, devotes a large chunk of its take-home advice to balancing work and family, presuming that, like its author, ambitious women will have both. VALTREX FOR SALE, It’s great that we’re in the midst of a ­cultural conversation about the individual choices and structural ­barriers that shape our lives. But if you’re a woman who’s not in the mommy trenches, more often than not you’re excluded from the discussion.

Being sidelined doesn’t exempt childless women from being scolded. In a December column in the New York Times headlined more ­babies, please, Ross Douthat argued that the “retreat from child rearing is, VALTREX over the counter, at some level, a symptom of late-modern exhaustion”—­an indicator of “decadence,” revealing “a spirit that privileges the present over the future.” The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last has made the case in his controversial book What to Expect When No One’s Expecting that the selfishness of the childless American is responsible for no less than the possible destruction of our economic future by reducing the number of consumers and taxpayers.

With fertility treatment widely available, not to mention adoption, even clinically infertile women have more options than ever to become mothers, which increases the possibility that any woman who doesn’t will be judged for her choice, VALTREX FOR SALE. “There’s more pressure on women to be mothers, to fulfill that obligation, than I’ve ever seen,” says Amy Richards, Where can i find VALTREX online, author of Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself. “In the past we assumed it was out of a woman’s control” whether or not she had a child. “Now we think it’s her choice, so we can blame her.”


And it is chiefly her. Statisticians measure a woman’s childbearing years as spanning from ages 15 to 44—a bracket that might change as fertility protocols advance but that for now means it’s far easier to label a woman of a certain age childless than a man, who might become a first-time father at 65. VALTREX FOR SALE, Both culturally and academically, “childlessness defaults to women, in all scholarship in the social sciences,” says Pamela Smock, of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. That applies whether a woman’s married or single, straight or gay. “Lesbian motherhood used to be an oxymoron, but it’s a whole different ball game now, VALTREX from canadian pharmacy,” says Nancy Mezey, author of New Choices, New Families: How Lesbians Decide About Motherhood. “Now there’s that pressure of the American cultural mind-set, that motherhood mandate.”

Even so, women who choose not to become mothers are finding new paths of acceptance. As their ranks rise—and as the community of adults without kids diversifies in terms of race, education levels and political affiliations—­so do positive attitudes about being able to lead a fulfilling, VALTREX dosage, childless life. Along the way, these women are inventing a new female archetype, one for whom having it all doesn’t mean having a baby, VALTREX FOR SALE.

Why Don’t You Have Kids.

The burden of justification tends to rest on ­childless women. We rarely ask, “Why do you have kids?” Instead it’s “Why don’t you?” One response I’ve heard repeated in dozens of interviews is “I keep waiting for the biological clock to tick.” Another trait ­childless women articulate in common is a girlhood lack of interest in dolls or playing family pretend games with friends. Some can’t stand the noise of kids. VALTREX FOR SALE, But many of these women have chosen to work with kids as teachers or ­counselors—­mothering the world, so to speak—or have close relationships with friends’ and siblings’ ­children, sometimes housing them for vacations or starting up their college funds. “I love children. I just don’t need to own one” is a common refrain.

The designation for women who feel at a young age that they aren’t mother material and then abide by that self-­knowledge is early adopters. If there is a biological explanation for this impulse, purchase VALTREX online, or lack of one, it has yet to be discovered. Some studies of maternal instinct have shown that it clicks in once a woman gives birth, but whether our nature leads us to conceive is another matter entirely, VALTREX FOR SALE. One researcher has controversially suggested that childless women are just smarter. At the London School of Economics, Satoshi Kanazawa has begun to present scholarship asserting that the more intelligent women are, the less likely they are to become mothers. Many peers in the field have not embraced his findings: Kanazawa analyzed the U.K.’s National Child Development Study, which followed a set of people for 50 years, VALTREX steet value, and found that high intelligence correlated with early—and lifelong—­adoption of childlessness. He found that among girls in the study, an increase of 15 IQ points decreased the odds of their becoming a mother by 25%. VALTREX FOR SALE, When he added controls for economics and education, the results were the same: childhood intelligence ­predicted childlessness.

Of course, higher IQ often leads to higher education and higher opportunity costs. It’s women in that subset who are most often the ones who opt out of parenthood and who prefer to call themselves child free. “Childlessness is for someone who wants a child but doesn’t have one. It’s a lack. I’m not lacking anything,” says Laura Carroll, author of The Baby Matrix, VALTREX FOR SALE. Laura Kipnis, a cultural critic at Northwestern University, buy VALTREX from mexico, likewise rejects defining women without kids as “-less”—as if, she says, “your life isn’t going to be fulfilled without it, like there’s a natural absence that once you fill it with a child, the world makes sense.”

While highly educated white women continue to lead the childless numbers, the 2010 Pew study reports that other groups are catching up. Esmeralda Xochitl Flores, 34, VALTREX samples, who has written and performed a stage play on Chicano childlessness, says that in her family, motherhood is never “seen as an option. It’s more of a given.” Flores was born in California to a Mexican mother and a Honduran father. Her inherited cultures, she tells me, mandate that “family is your pride, your success.” In fact, she notes, the whole point of the risk and upheaval of immigration is for “the generations that continue.” To declare that motherhood is not for you, VALTREX coupon, as Flores has, can feel like committing treason, she says—a tragedy to family members and friends, some of whom she says she doesn’t see anymore. VALTREX FOR SALE, Flores, despite her adamantly child-free identity, happily cohabits with a man and his 15-year-old daughter. She says the arrangement works because of how he protects her choices; having a ­daughter in the house “shouldn’t be a reason for you to be held back from things that matter to you,” he tells her, like late nights at the nonprofit where she works in operations. “I still struggle with it because I don’t want to be seen as a mom, Generic VALTREX, ” Flores admits. Still, she says, it was a victory to fall in love with a Latino man who could tolerate her position on childlessness—rare even in a college community like Pomona, Calif.

A frustrated single life is how the 30% increase in childless black women from 1994 to 2008 is explained by some academics. “One potential theory is that they’re refusing to fall into a stereotype” of the unmarried black mother, says Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, a sociologist at the University of Massachusetts at ­Amherst who studies race and gender, adding that in her extensive studies on fertility and family formation, it’s a common refrain to hear high-­achieving black women mourn what they say is a dearth of similarly educated black men, VALTREX FOR SALE.

But Jena Starkes, a Web designer, says, “This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with me looking for a ‘good black man.’” Starkes, VALTREX without prescription, who shares a Manhattan apartment with her mother and a few cats, says she couldn’t get through the eHarmony dating filter until she lied on her questionnaire about desiring kids. She says these days she can’t really talk to her old friends, whose priorities have all shifted to the “glamorous martyrdom” of child­ rearing, as she calls it. Ironically, Starkes develops mommy e-commerce for a living. Motherhood, Buy VALTREX from canada, she says, is now a massive consumer base: from organic onesies and Veggie Booty to ad-heavy blogs on every aspect of maternal striving. VALTREX FOR SALE, “Before there was a mommy industry, before there was product to move, you’d never hear how it was the hardest job in the world,” she says. “If it’s the hardest job in the world, I’m damn happy I don’t have to do it. You’re not supposed to say that, but it’s true.”

For those who don’t hold the job, there are advantages. “I get to do all sorts of things: buy an unnecessary beautiful object, plan trips with our aging parents, sleep in, cheap VALTREX, spend a day without speaking to a single person, send care packages to nieces and nephews, enroll in language classes, go out for drinks with a friend on the spur of the moment,” says a happily partnered woman named Jenna Johnson, a Virginian who lives in New York. “I know all of this would be possible with kids, but it would certainly be more complicated. My plans—professionally, daily, long-term, even just for ­vacation—are free from all the contingencies that come with children.”

Great Expectations

Few women spend their girlhoods aspiring to an unencumbered life, VALTREX FOR SALE. VALTREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Daydreams often take the form of permanent attachments: monogamous passion yielding beatific motherhood. Yet as we get older, we change along with our economic, professional, social and romantic realities. Philip Morgan, director of the Carolina Population Center, has said in numerous interviews over the years that no one wants fewer than two children. He’s referring to a raft of surveys that measure women’s fertility intentions, in which young women are asked simply how many children they’d like to have, VALTREX long term. VALTREX FOR SALE, (It’s not a question typically asked of young men.) Of course, they’re not asked about professional opportunity costs or lasting romantic love.

But those factors contribute to postponed ­childbearing, which Morgan says is “the real story of fertility in the past 20 years. Women put off motherhood because of work, education or the lack of a desired partner, he says, and meanwhile “they develop lifestyles they enjoy.” As Joyce Abma, a social scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics, says, VALTREX natural, “The decision to have children is not an on-off switch but more like a continuum.” One woman told me about reading a magazine article when she was 40 on “the four stages of adulthood”: college, career, house, kids. “I thought, My God, I’m stuck forever at No. 3,” she said. She waited for panic to set in, but it never did, VALTREX FOR SALE.

The opportunity costs for an American woman who gets off the career track could average as high as $1 million in lost salary, VALTREX blogs, lost promotions and so on, economist Bryan Caplan says. (Caplan, the author of the book Selfish Reasons to Have More Children, argues that she should go for it anyway.) Such concerns are nothing to dismiss, especially in a down economy, whether women articulate that sacrifice or not. But Kathleen Gerson, Kjøpe VALTREX på nett, köpa VALTREX online, a professor of sociology at New York University whose research focuses on work, gender and family life, says postponement is far more complex than a résumé facing off against a biological clock: “It’s what gives women time to build up their lives and think about how they want to live. Other commitments take the place of what motherhood might have meant.” Gerson says women are living in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” social context in a country that she believes emphasizes self-sufficiency equally alongside a deep commitment to motherhood. VALTREX FOR SALE, The mix breeds impossible conflict. Without independence, we’re failures. With it, we’re selfish.

The rise of attachment parenting, VALTREX price, coupon, with its immersive demands, and the sheer economic cost of raising a child—for a child born in 2011, an average of $234,900 until age 18, according to the USDA, and $390,000 if your household earns over $100,000—has made motherhood a formidable prospect for some women. Buy cheap VALTREX, Sociologist Julia McQuillen sees a clear relationship between the messages we hear about motherhood and an increasing desire to opt out of it. “At a cultural level there’s the constant advice given to women that you need to invest more in your kids,” she says, VALTREX FOR SALE. “If we make motherhood unrealistic, why would we want to do that job?”

Leah Clouse understands the amped-up demands of modern American parenting firsthand, as a nanny and a kids’ art teacher. “It takes all of you, and I don’t know that I want to give it all,” the 27-year-old says. She and her husband Paul, who live in Knoxville, Tenn., buy cheap VALTREX no rx, married four years ago and are not planning to raise a family. Leah commits her time to working on her own creative projects and starting up a bakery; Paul, 29, ­devotes ­himself to writing a blog and holds a day job in customer service at a credit-card-processing company. VALTREX FOR SALE, They play a game each week in which they look at their schedule and try to imagine how they could fit a child into it, with their work and their involvement in their church. “It’s insane already,” Leah says. “I don’t feel we can do what we do and be great parents—and for me, the emphasis would be on being great parents.”

Motherhood’s Ambient Roar

For 15 years at four different universities, VALTREX duration, demographer Stephanie Bohon has asked students if they intend to have children. “They all raise their hands,” she says, “and then I ask why—and no one has an answer for me. That’s what a social imperative does.” The cultural noise about motherhood has become such a constant din that many of us don’t even notice it. But ask any woman in her 30s or 40s who hasn’t given birth and she’ll likely tell you the ambient roar is oppressive, VALTREX FOR SALE. Products from cleaning solutions to cars are targeted at mothers. Magazines regularly offer features on the trials of parenting—Time’s own are you mom enough. cover contributed to the viral tide—and genuflect at gilded icons of celebrity motherhood, a sorority of which the Duchess of Cambridge is just the latest member. (I counted 36 images of Hollywood mothers and babies in a recent issue of Life & Style; tabloids have made a staple out of baby-bump watches.)

Patricia O’Laughlin, after VALTREX, a therapist in Los Angeles who specializes in counseling women who are ambivalent about their choice, says the identity that childless women developed as little girls around the expectation of ­motherhood is the most painful stumbling block. VALTREX FOR SALE, Even the decisive ones aren’t immune: Leah and Paul Clouse keep a baby box in the closet with a pink tutu she once bought for an imaginary infant girl and an article on raising nerdy children that he says spoke to him. “It’s indulgent of a life I have to grieve,” Leah says. “If we decided to have children, we’d have to grieve the life we currently have.”

Even if you are in the minority of women who don’t grow up internalizing the idea that you are predestined for parenthood, the mommy drone doesn’t quiet. “I resent that the entire culture of this country is obsessed with kids, VALTREX alternatives, ” Rachel Agee told me the day after her 40th birthday. “And social media is only an outlet to post pictures of your children. I’ve got nothing to put on Facebook, VALTREX FOR SALE. At 40, that’s hard.” (She has not yet bought the buzzed-about Facebook baby-blocker app to censor progeny pics, but she says she’s tempted.) Agee graduated from a Southern Bible college where she was taught that to be a godly woman, one must procreate for the kingdom. “I just knew I couldn’t trade my freedom for it,” she says. She moved to Nashville as a hopeful performer and stopped going to church because it was so “oppressively family-centric.” Nearly 30% of married households in the Nashville metropolitan area are childless, but even in the secular, VALTREX results, artier corners of Music City, Agee wasn’t greeted by a culture that supported a life without dependents. It used to be that one’s urban starter kit would include a leather jacket, a guitar and a pack of cigarettes. VALTREX FOR SALE, Today that’s been traded out for Lululemon maternity pants, a stroller and a pack of diapers.

“I’ve always felt there was a cultural ­imperative—now there’s a subcultural imperative,” says Kate O’Neill. She and her partner moved from ­California to Nashville; she went there to write songs—though she’s now one of the city’s top entrepreneurs—and he went there to paint. Despite the high rate of childlessness, Where can i order VALTREX without prescription, O’Neill says, it was hard to find her way into a social world where “lately, motherhood has been so absorbed into every possible aesthetic.” I heard similar observations from women I interviewed in Boston, Austin and San Francisco.

Eleanore Wells, a market researcher in New York City, says that even in her mid-50s, she finds judgment at every turn. “So many women take my choice personally,” she says, VALTREX FOR SALE. Recently, she told me, cheap VALTREX no rx, a woman on the subway inquired if she had children and then asked, aghast, “Who is going to take care of you when you’re old?” Wells wanted to reply that nursing homes are filled with parents, but she says she just smiled, went home and packed her bags for an annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard with friends. “When I was younger I found it more exhausting,” she says. “Now I don’t give a s--- what anyone thinks. Purchase VALTREX, It gets easier.”

Navigating the Choice

Laura scott runs the childless by choice documentary project, which gathers stories of people who opt out of parenthood. VALTREX FOR SALE, “To make this choice, you really have to be able to manage and navigate all assumptions that are going to be made about you,” she says. “You have to be able to challenge the status quo.”

“It’s toughest in your late 30s and early 40s,” Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg says. That’s when social isolation tends to peak among people without kids. “What people report everywhere is this experience of watching friends just peel off into their small domestic worlds. That’s the real stress point,” he says, not aging and dying alone, as people fear—and ­strangers and ­family members alike tend to ­admonish—but the loneliness between when friends have babies and when they become empty nesters, order VALTREX no prescription. It has hit the Clouses earlier than Klinenberg suggests, since their Southern Christian circle seems to have already disappeared into parenthood, VALTREX FOR SALE. They say their lives have become lonelier and narrower over the past few years. “You build strong relationships, and then they change. It’s great for them, but it sucks for you,” Clouse says. But they recently had their first “date”—roller derby—with a childless couple at their church. VALTREX FOR SALE, They say it felt like a massive relief.

As the childless numbers creep up, VALTREX no prescription, so do opportunities to make a full, connected life with other non­parents. The community networking site alone has about 20,000 members of child-free groups in about 90 metropolitan areas—one for women in suburban New Jersey, one for singles and couples in Chicago and so on. In a suburban Nashville mall one Friday evening, a child-free group gathers around a long table at Buffalo Wild Wings. Most of the 24 people here live in developments nearby, and none of them have kids. Recent activities have included zip-lining, canoeing and the monthly dinner the foodie couple in the group organizes, VALTREX FOR SALE. “We can do anything we want, so why wouldn’t we?” Andrea Reynolds says, cueing a round of clinking beer glasses. The one thing they don’t do much of, her husband says, is talk about “the no-kids thing” when they’re together. “It’s kind of the only place where we don’t have to answer those questions,” he says.

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SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, Your view on the changes in women’s roles in the United States typically depends on what year you were born. So many things have changed in regards to women since I was born in nineteen and fifty-seven. SEROQUEL without a prescription, Women born before my time can share even more about how our country has changed in regards to women. The history books are full of women who have fought the good fight in regards to helping women get where we are today.

I am not really what you would call a women’s libber, SEROQUEL australia, uk, us, usa, but I do feel that a women doing a good job should be paid the same as a man doing the same job. I also feel that if we are able to stay home and take care of our children and our homes and that is our hearts desire we should have the right to do so without being made to feel inferior to other women, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. SEROQUEL over the counter, Many times, we as women do not have the choice between work and home because we are single parents and must work to provide. In this and in all such cases then I believe that we should be acknowledged and paid accordingly whether male or female, SEROQUEL photos.


I personally love to be treated like a woman, Is SEROQUEL addictive, the whole nine yards, with doors being opened and chairs pulled out. My personal opinion is that we can have the best of both worlds, SEROQUEL recreational. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, There is no reason we cannot get equal pay and an equal voice and not lose our femininity at the same time. I am a Christian and under Christ I believe we are equal in His eyes and that as far as I am concerned we should follow His leading for our lives. SEROQUEL without prescription, He may lead each of us quite differently. I myself would have loved to stay home with my children but I was not able because circumstances as they were made it imperative that I work to take care of my children. I was blessed in that my mother was able to take care of my kids, fast shipping SEROQUEL, for which I am very thankful.

Back when I was growing up we lived in the middle of the country, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. SEROQUEL results, I was raised in a Christian home and my mom was there every day. It was pretty much typical of a Leave it to Beaver show. My mom was wearing her dress and apron, order SEROQUEL online overnight delivery no prescription, doing the housework and cooking the meals and doing her very best to make our house a home (without the pearls). SEROQUEL alternatives, I loved having mom at home and she was great at what she did and I can say with surety that she loved what she did. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, She grew up mostly in the days after World War II and she and her siblings spent a lot of time in the bread lines. They were not wealthy but they got by and while grandpa was away at war my grandmother did work in the factories. Women did a lot of work during wartime but there were pretty much set jobs that they were given, where to buy SEROQUEL. Mostly factory and secretarial work. Kjøpe SEROQUEL på nett, köpa SEROQUEL online, Mom married dad, a guy that grew up in a relatively wealthy home with a mom that stayed home. Momma was more than happy to step into this role and thrived in it, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. It may have depended some on the part of the country you lived in on how this worked but in my world it was the norm, buy generic SEROQUEL. In turn mom and dad were training me to be a wife and a mother, Effects of SEROQUEL, especially since I was the only girl. As far back as I can remember I would sit on the counter in the kitchen and watch my momma make pies from scratch, along with homemade biscuits and dinners that would make the house smell like heaven, SEROQUEL dose. I loved to cook and help mom around the kitchen. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, Housework was not quite as appealing and I will admit it irked me when it was one of my brother’s turns to wash the dishes and they would purposefully do a lousy job so that the job would be given to me instead. Real brand SEROQUEL online, I wanted to go out and do the yard as well but this was not a girl’s job according to dad. Those boys.

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It was a step up in business school because of the invention of the electric typewriter which actually had a correction tape, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. But for those of you that were around during that time you know that this did not help much because when you needed copies you still had to use carbon paper. Nonetheless my typing skills got better and I was able to secure a job with the state at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, SEROQUEL street price. My youngest brother was a deaf person so I already knew some signs and was very comfortable and happy there. SEROQUEL reviews, I was grateful for the opportunity but the pay was not great and being on my own I knew I needed to make a change. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, My oldest brother had recently graduated from college and was living in Texas where the jobs were booming. He said I could stay with him while I found a job so I decided to take a chance. I was moving from a town of about thirty some thousand to Houston, doses SEROQUEL work, Texas and my first interview was in downtown. SEROQUEL interactions, My brother advised me to go to a personnel agency that specialized in secretaries, clerical workers, and the like because he knew they were looking for a lot of good secretaries at the time, my SEROQUEL experience. I caught a bus and when I got off I was gripped with terror as I looked up into the sky at those massive buildings all around. There were people living on the streets and asking for money as I walked to the building I was looking for, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. SEROQUEL dangers, What a culture shock for me at the ripe old age of twenty-three.

When I arrived at the agency they started me on a battery of tests and when I was done I went in to talk to one of the hiring specialists. She took one look at me and said she had just the job for me, SEROQUEL forum. I heard her as she talked on the phone and described me as “the all American, SEROQUEL treatment, apple pie kind of girl” that they were looking for. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, I had never thought of myself like this before but I was happy she was on my side in this job search. The next thing I know I was applying for the position of receptionist on the umpteenth floor of a tall building. I did not know what to expect, buying SEROQUEL online over the counter. During this period of time when you went to apply for anything clerical in nature they gave you a typing test, SEROQUEL for sale, spelling tests, and sometimes even personality tests. This particular job gave me a spelling test which according to the personnel woman I talked to I had “aced”, SEROQUEL from canada. I was the only one to ever ace it, along with that and my ability to do sign language (which somehow made me seem smart) I got the job, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. Also at this time, SEROQUEL images, at the beginning of the eighties, I had the “front office appearance” they were looking for. I found out so much about working and what it took to succeed in the workplace during this period of my life.

I actually worked for several women at this job who were “exempt” and executives, something I had not previously been exposed to. I found out something about myself during this time of my life and how I could not only succeed but advance in my field as well. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, I found out that by being flexible, having a great attitude, being willing to learn, and having a pleasing personality could get you a lot farther than just what skills you had. I learned that even if you do not have a great deal of experience it did not have to hold you back. I learned that just because you did not get the opportunities others did that it did not mean that you could not succeed.

I was able to work my way up in several different places of employment because I was willing to learn, to stay flexible and take on last minute assignments, stop in the middle of one job and start another, all with a smile and a winning attitude. Through all these years I have watched people come and go in jobs, some who were in the top of their field and highly intelligent with high salaries but they could not be flexible and they could not get along with other people. And I have seen that if you cannot be a team player and get along with your co-workers you are not someone who is prized, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. I guess it all goes back to Kindergarten and the ability to share and get along with the other kids.

After a bad auto accident I was forced to change how I approached working. I found out that sharing my stories and lessons I had learned was something that I loved to do. You could say I ‘fell into’ my dream job. SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER, Writing and communicating with other people, especially women, is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. It does require the flexibility that I talked about but it also allow me to share myself as a person.

I tell you all this to come to this final point, that in our striving to be equal as women we must also remember to be people. The key, in my opinion, in gaining our rights is working in an environment where we respect each other and we work for the good of everyone involved. I know we do not all have the privilege of working in that ideal setting, that there are backwards companies and bosses that do not see it that way. But there are so many places where woman and men alike can excel if they have the right attitude and are willing to be flexible in their roles, SEROQUEL OVER THE COUNTER. I have even heard it said that attitude is ninety percent and knowledge is ten percent when I was working in the personnel department of a company years ago. I have made this my mantra and it has worked out beautifully and I am so very thankful for the way I was raised and where it lead me in my life.

Photo Credit : Liza Donnelly
Author Bio:

Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to



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CongressionalWomen ELAVIL FOR SALE, If you had asked me when I was a first year in college, would I personally have worked in politics or run for office, I would have laughed, like hysterically.  Well the joke was on me, three years later, I ran to be Vice President of the Student Council at my University. ELAVIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I was compelled to be part of changing how things were done on campus, and the only way to do that was to run for leadership in student government, online buy ELAVIL without a prescription. ELAVIL pictures, I had no idea what I was doing, was TERRIFIED of public speaking to the point of shaking, is ELAVIL addictive, ELAVIL results, and while I volunteered and organized events on a committee for Student Council for 3 years, I worried people would doubt my qualifications, real brand ELAVIL online, ELAVIL australia, uk, us, usa, but I set my mind to it. Little did I know that that experience would begin to lead me away from a career in journalism and toward a career in politics and public service, what is ELAVIL. Purchase ELAVIL online, Recently, perhaps with women like me in mind, ELAVIL canada, mexico, india, Comprar en línea ELAVIL, comprar ELAVIL baratos, Emily’s List, a PAC dedicated to encouraging and electing pro-choice Democratic women, ELAVIL duration, ELAVIL overnight, launched their new campaign to help elect a woman to the highest office in the land, President of the United States, buy no prescription ELAVIL online.

Also called MPOTUS, the campaign inspired Emily’s List from research produced by Anzalone List Grove Research: Almost unanimously (90%), voters in the battleground states would consider voting for a qualified woman candidate from their party… 72% believe that it is likely that America will elect a woman president in the next presidential election including 86% of Democratic primary voters.”

Regardless of political affiliation there is still a gap in political leadership for women but the ground is shifting, ELAVIL FOR SALE. Fast shipping ELAVIL, Despite Hillary Clinton not winning the Democratic nomination in 2008, her run did leave 18 million more cracks in the ceiling to the highest-ranking public office in the US.  And it appears so did Sarah Palin, ELAVIL recreational, Buy cheap ELAVIL no rx, with her run for Vice President on Republican John McCain’s 2008 Presidential ticket.  After the election in 2008, it didn’t seem extraordinary for women to put their names forward to be considered for President, cheap ELAVIL no rx. ELAVIL over the counter, Michele Bachmann expressed interest and did run for President in the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary and  Sarah Palin toyed with the idea of running herself.

In the year of 2013, ELAVIL use, Where to buy ELAVIL, we have 18.5% representation of women in Congress. While there are many women’s organizations dedicated to recruiting, taking ELAVIL, ELAVIL description, training and encouraging women candidates to run for office that have been instrumental in game changing the arena for women in politics like the National Women’s Political Caucus, Women’s Campaign Fund, ELAVIL forum, Canada, mexico, india, or Emily’s List the gap is not decreasing significantly. ELAVIL FOR SALE, Why.  Current Director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University and Associate Professor of Government Jennifer Lawless researched this for a 2008 Brookings Institution report, ELAVIL interactions, ELAVIL recreational, “Why are Women Still  Not Running for Office?”  Her report reviews women in the highest tiers of their professional expertise Men enjoy more encouragement and confidence and support to run for office. “Women are less likely than men to be willing to endure the rigors of a political campaign, order ELAVIL online overnight delivery no prescription. ELAVIL price, They are less likely than men to be recruited to run for office. They are less likely than men to have the freedom to reconcile work and family obligations with a political career, where can i find ELAVIL online. They are less likely than men to think they are “qualified” to run for office” the report stated, ELAVIL FOR SALE. Is ELAVIL addictive, I’ve seen this all play out in many different scenarios working on campaigns for many women candidates, volunteering in the community, herbal ELAVIL, ELAVIL duration, and advising other women who are thinking of running for office. I know this feeling myself, buy ELAVIL no prescription. Buy ELAVIL online cod, A young woman who was the Virginia Young Democrats President at the time recruited me to run for a state officer position in the Young Dems. Though I was thinking of it, I was greatly buoyed by her encouragement. ELAVIL FOR SALE, Years later, I went from the state chapter leadership to the national level in the Young Democrats of America, (YDA) an organization who can count among its alumni, Congressman Barney Frank, Minority Whip and Congressman Steny Hoyer, and Congressman Jim Clyburn. I now serve as one of YDA’s National Vice Presidents and I’ve embarked on a new journey, running to be President of the Young Democrats of America.

In Facebook COO’s Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” she discusses why she thinks women achieving leadership roles across the various sectors has stalled. The key premise in her various offered solutions is that women need to “lean in” to life’s opportunities not step back. For me, I took a deep breath and believed I had a right to take a seat at the table of leadership like anyone else. Too many women have fought for our right to vote and be considered equal citizens in society to not take that seat, ELAVIL FOR SALE. So women don’t be afraid to claim that seat.

Don’t be afraid of campaigning you never know what you’re made of until you try. Turn to others who’ve done it before for help.  Go to campaign trainings.  Seek counsel from others. ELAVIL FOR SALE, I’ve counseled many other fellow young women who’ve run for public office or run for party leadership positions. And many have counseled me along the way.

Studies show that women need to be asked a total of seven times before they will consider running for office. Don’t wait to be asked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s flattering to be asked and considered. But men don’t wait to be asked, ELAVIL FOR SALE. Seriously, if I had a nickel for every guy I knew in college who wanted to “Guvnah of V-uhgini-ah” I’d have paid for half my tuition easy. If you have demonstrated commitment, and you think you have perspective to bring to the table and  you think you can make a difference, well by all means step up. Have some faith in yourself, because no one else will, if you don’t.

Sheryl Sandberg also emphasized the need to make your life partner a real partner. ELAVIL FOR SALE, “The single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a partner and who that partner is. I don’t know of one woman in a leadership position whose life partner is not fully—and I mean fully—supportive of her career. No exceptions” I CANNOT agree more. I would not have made it this far in my life working all hours on political campaigns or traveling around the country running for a national position in a national political organization if I had not had the unyielding support of my fabulous husband. I urge fellow young woman with their eye toward public office to seek partners who are as equally supportive of their ambitions as you would be of theirs, especially straight women. Straight men for years have sought wives that are perfect “political spouses”: a steady rock who is supportive of their ambitions, and is able to spend more time helping to manage the family, ELAVIL FOR SALE. Straight women, I strongly encourage you to settle for no less either, because they wouldn’t.

I often look to the past and think of the women who rose to leadership in much harder and legally restrictive times to be a woman and I am inspired by Ann Richards or Shirley Chisholm and so many others. We are the generation that has the privileges and power that the women before us never commanded. Let’s be fearless and use it.



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Originally published at The Opinioness of the World AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, . Cross posted here with permission.

I was ready. Purchase AMPICILLIN for sale, Poised to be pissed. For the first half of last season's How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) episode "Symphony of Illumination," I sat on the couch, scowling perpetually, AMPICILLIN from canada.

In the previous episode “The Rebound Girl,” we learn journalist Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) and playboy Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)’s adulterous one night stand (although is it really a one night stand if you’ve slept together and dated before?, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. But I digress…), resulted in Robin telling Barney she was pregnant. Order AMPICILLIN from mexican pharmacy, Throughout the entire series, Robin has proudly declared she never wanted kids. In all 7 seasons of Ted’s monologues to his children about how he met their mother, Ted has never once mentioned Robin having children, AMPICILLIN treatment. Nada. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, Zero. Zilch. Buy AMPICILLIN from canada, Would Robin have an abortion. Would her pregnancy be a false alarm. As abortions are a common medical procedure yet rarely seen in movies or TV shows, I was hoping for an abortion storyline, AMPICILLIN price, coupon. But I knew that if Robin was in fact pregnant, the writers would give her a child, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. So when Monday’s episode opened with Robin narrating to her future kids, I was bullshit. Low dose AMPICILLIN, how i met your mother

Why the fuck does EVERY woman in movies and TV series want children?. Ugh.

As an unmarried woman in her 30s with no children, I’ve chosen to not get married and not have children, AMPICILLIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, I’ve never really wanted them. Yet I’ve been told repeatedly (I cannot stress repeatedly enough) that I will eventually change my mind and have children. As if my choice is some cute and trendy passing phase. AMPICILLIN pharmacy, It’s the same bullshit response I’ve received from ignorant peeps when they find out I’m vegan. Oh, you’ll start eating meat or at least dairy some day. Oh, you’ll start having babies one day, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Gee, AMPICILLIN steet value, thanks for enlightening me about MY life choices, asshole. AMPICILLIN blogs, Now, I’ll admit that as I creep ever so closely to 35, my biological clock (god I hate that term but it does fit here) has been softly ticking. I know the statistics, where can i cheapest AMPICILLIN online. My chances of having children drop substantially after age 35. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, In last week’s episode”Symphony of Illumination,” Robin struggles with this very same dilemma when she discovers not only is she not pregnant, she can’t have children. At first she’s relieved. Order AMPICILLIN online overnight delivery no prescription, But then she starts to mourn her infertility.

Instead of telling her friends the truth, Robin tells them she just learned she can’t be an Olympic pole vaulter. Later, where can i order AMPICILLIN without prescription, when best friend Lily asks if she’s alright, Robin tells her she’s taking the news harder than she thought. Lily asks her if she ever even wanted to be a “pole vaulter.” Robin explains:

“No, I was always adamantly against having a pole vaulting career, even though it’s what most women want…In Canada, it’s very big up there, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Buy generic AMPICILLIN, You know, it’s meet a nice guy, get married, vault some poles, AMPICILLIN dosage. But I never wanted that.

Of course it’s one thing not to want something. It’s another to be told you can’t have it. AMPICILLIN results, I guess it’s just nice knowing that you could someday do it if you changed your mind. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But now, all of a sudden that door is closed.”

Later, Robin reveals:
“So I can’t have kids. Big deal. Now there’s no one to hold me back in life. No one to keep me from traveling where I want to travel, cheap AMPICILLIN. No one getting in the way of my career. If you want to know the truth of it, I’m glad you guys don’t exist, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Really glad.”

Robin had been telling her story to imaginary kids. Ordering AMPICILLIN online, At the end of the bittersweet episode, Ted narrates that Robin never did become a “pole vaulter.” She became “a famous journalist, a successful businesswoman, a world traveler” and briefly a bull fighter…”but she was never alone.”

These scenes broke my heart, AMPICILLIN cost. Tears streamed down my face (yes, I’m a weeper). AMPICILLIN interactions, I was sad Robin couldn’t have children. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But a wave of relief washed over me. FINALLY, a TV series depicted a female character choosing a different path.

The HIMYM writers could have had Robin become a parent through adoption instead like Monica and Chandler on Friends and Carrie and Doug on King of Queens, AMPICILLIN class. Robin laments her infertility not because she wanted children. But because her choice, AMPICILLIN without prescription, the choice to change her mind, was taken away. It’s one thing to not want something, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. But it’s quite another when the possibility of that thing that you didn’t even want is gone. Robin’s dialogue – her worries, AMPICILLIN coupon, her hopes, her fears – eerily echoed my own. Buy AMPICILLIN from mexico, What if I wake up one day and regret my decision. What if I want a daughter or son to read to, cook vegan food for, play games with, AMPICILLIN canada, mexico, india, take to museums, teach feminism to (hey, Where can i buy cheapest AMPICILLIN online, it could happen). AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But what if I don’t. Do I want to uproot my entire life. Wouldn’t my life be just as complete if I never have kids. Yep, buy AMPICILLIN online cod. It would. And therein lies my problem with the media, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE.

Through movies, AMPICILLIN from mexico, TV series and ads, the media perpetually tells us all women want children. If they don’t, they must be damaged, rx free AMPICILLIN, deluding themselves or they just haven’t found the right man yet. Because you know silly ladies, AMPICILLIN price, our lives revolve around men. Tabloid magazines repeatedly report on female actors’ baby bumps. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, As Susan J. Douglas argues in Enlightened Sexism, “bump patrols” reduce women to their reproductive organs, AMPICILLIN alternatives, reinforcing the stereotype that women aren’t real women unless they procreate.

Now, After AMPICILLIN, please don’t mistake me. If you’re a woman (or man) who wants kids or has kids, congrats. Mazel Tov, where can i find AMPICILLIN online. Seriously, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. I love my friends’ children. I love seeing their cute pics online. Herbal AMPICILLIN, I love playing with them…and giving them back at the end of the day. Children are adorbs (sometimes) with their rambunctious spirits, incessant questions and inquisitive natures. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, But not everyone wants kids. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t.

Choosing to be childfree is on the rise as 1 in 5 women (up from 1 in 10 in the 70s) in their 40s doesn’t have a child. But you wouldn’t know it from watching TV. The only TV shows that come to mind where a female character questions whether or not to have children and chooses not to are Samantha on Sex and the City, Elaine on Seinfeld, Emily on The Bob Newhart Show, Jane Timony on Prime Suspect (the original with Helen Mirren) and Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE.

Jessica Grose at Slate points out Whitney differs from HIMYM in its portrayal of a woman questioning her child-free choice. Independent Whitney doesn’t want to get married or have children. But in the episode “Up All Night,” she completely reverses her position and concedes once she discovers having no kids is a deal-breaker for her boyfriend Alex. The message is that Whitney “has to agree to consider all the trappings of traditional womanhood” to be considered “a person.”

HIMYM suffers many gender problems. AMPICILLIN FOR SALE, Yes, it infuriated me Lily received so much backlash when she went to LA to pursue her dream of an art career. Almost everything Barney says or does – his sexist stereotypes, objectification of women, and fat-shaming – pisses me off. And yes, it bugs me that Robin’s unconventional female personality of Scotch drinking, hockey loving, cigar smoking and gun ownership has been pinned on her father raising her as a boy…even going so far as to name her Robin Charles Scherbatsky, Jr. But the show hasn’t fallen into the sexist trap that a woman isn’t a “real” woman without a baby.

When Ted shares with his kids (and us the audience) that Robin never had children, he highlights the full life she led. Her life wasn’t empty because she didn’t become a mother, AMPICILLIN FOR SALE. Women are socialized to want to get married and have babies. But what if you don’t want babies? Is something wrong with you? Or is something wrong with the system reinforcing the notion that all women want to be moms.

Ladies, you’re not broken, incomplete, unfeminine or any other nonsensical bullshit if you choose not to have children. Whatever you decide, whatever is right for you…well, that’s just fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photo credit Darren Barefoot via Creative Commons


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As the firestorm over the Adria Richards story BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, has only increased, a poem from one of my favorite artists – Alix Olson - keeps reverberating in my head.

Still we’ve tried being patient,
collected, calm, TETRACYCLINE overnight, nice
trying praying, tried laying you
paying the price,
we’ve learned to scream
until our throats throbbed
what else do you do
while your cunt’s being robbed …

And I hear you saying
“subtle, sister,
less bite, TETRACYCLINE price, coupon, more bark
you can make your point without leaving such a mark.
subtle, sister, TETRACYCLINE samples, stop your seething,
I think we got it, I think we’re even:”

It’s a poem about feminism and anger, about why women are so abrasive and so loud and so obnoxious. And its meaning is never more relevant than when we examine the public’s response to Adria Richards, TETRACYCLINE australia, uk, us, usa.

For those just catching up, Adria Richards is a woman of color who was exhaustified by being surrounded by straight while males in the world of technology who didn’t see any need to recognize that they weren’t in a locker room. These are the kinds of men who like to make jokes about big dongles and forking, consistently going out of their way to make women feel alienated and unwelcome and unsafe in what they perceive to be their space (I’ve just linked to it, but seriously, if you haven’t read A Woman Walks Into a Tech Conference, do it right now.)

Adria turned around and tweeted a photo of the two men at this particular conference, calling them out for their sexist behavior, which also happened to be a violation of the conference’s code of conduct, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.  One of the men was later fired, Where can i cheapest TETRACYCLINE online, and the internet turned against Adria.

You may be wondering what this means. This means Adria Richards has been subjected to the online trolling masses – the ones who feel that when a woman steps out of her place – a woman of color no less – it’s time to put her back. By force. This means death threats. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, This means rape threats. This means the most vile, what is TETRACYCLINE, hate-filled, misogynistic material you couldn’t imagine even if tracking it was part of your daily life. Richards has been “called practically every name under the sun. Some Twitter commenters demanded she kill herself.” One posted this photo of Richards tied up and gagged with the caption “Adria Richards when I’m done with her.”

Adria Richards has since been fired by her company and the internet has exploded once again. Where to buy TETRACYCLINE, medium_4912980069

Would I have done what Adria did?

Too many people have been phrasing their support for Adria with sentences along these lines: “I wouldn’t have done what Adria did, but she doesn’t deserve death threats.” Or “there are better ways Adria could have handled that, but I still support her.” Or “It would have been more professional for Adria to confront these men and politely ask them to stop, but she shouldn’t have been fired for her actions.” (Deanna Zandt has a great piece over at Forbes about why asking what Adria could have done differently is the wrong question because it focuses on victim-blaming in the same way as critiquing a rape victim’s clothing).

I admit it – at first, low dose TETRACYCLINE, I was one of them. I’m fairly certain some of my first comments about the incident were like that, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Why.

When I finally realized it, Canada, mexico, india, I was ashamed of myself.

The reason we are couching our support for Adria in those terms is because we want to send a message to our listeners. That message is this: “I’m a rational and reasonable person, so I totally understand where you are coming from and why you think she was wrong. But rape threats are still wrong BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, .”

We want you to buy into us, to believe that we aren’t one of those “crazy women” who are burning our bras and marching around with signs that say Death to the Patriarchy. all day, TETRACYCLINE coupon, instead of having rational and calm and informed discussion. We want men to take us seriously. We think “maybe if they realize how rational I am, Purchase TETRACYCLINE, they will hear me better. Maybe if they realize I respect them and I’m being polite, they will listen to what I have to say and actually try to understand.”

Let’s be clear – this method doesn’t work.

Women who stand up for themselves are constantly being told that we’re crazy. That we’re overly emotional and we’re too loud and we’re too obnoxious about our fight for equality, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And it’s because of how we approach our fight for equality that we’re constantly being overpowered and shouted down and threatened and assaulted.

And yet the average person still wants to know: why can’t we just tone it down, TETRACYCLINE pics. Why are feminists so angry.

Why aren’t we softer. Why aren’t BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, we calmer. Why aren’t we more subtle. TETRACYCLINE pictures, Simple.

We’re living in a world that hates women. And there is nothing soft, calm, or subtle about it.

A world in which rappers brag about drugging and raping women, online buying TETRACYCLINE hcl, magazines feature women solely as ornamental objects, 18 year old boys rape 13 year old girls, 28% of women on U.S. campuses are assaulted, female children are brutally killed to preserve a family’s honor13 year old girls are forced into prostitution, 3 woman a day are murdered in the US by husbands or boyfriends, 33% of women in the military have been sexually assaulted, rape is a weapon of war, 1 in 3 US adolescents is a victim of dating abuse, fashion outlets glamorize sexual violence, women who suggest men not rape receive rape threats , BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Cheap TETRACYCLINE, . . oh this list could go on and on and on.

I wouldn’t have done with Adria did. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Not because it was the wrong way to handle it, not because her anger wasn’t deserved, not because there were more “effective” ways of handling it.

I wouldn’t have publicly called out these two men for their behavior simply because I would not have had the courage that she did, TETRACYCLINE without a prescription.

Do People Really Respond Rationally?

I know. You think of yourself as calm and reasonable and rational. We all do. And we often wonder to ourselves, why aren’t more people like us, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy TETRACYCLINE from mexico, But the truth is that people aren’t calm and cool and collected and gracious and polite and reasonable all the time.  And I’ll tell you who especially isn’t like that - men who are confronted with their own sexist behavior.

I know. You think you are like that. You think your friends are like that.  You think your coworkers BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION,  are like that.

But none of us is as we imagine, buy generic TETRACYCLINE. William Halaten writes in his New York Times review of the book, The Righteous Mind,

the problem isn’t that people don’t reason. TETRACYCLINE maximum dosage, They do reason. The problem is that their arguments aim to support their conclusions, not yours. Reason doesn’t work like a judge or teacher, impartially weighing evidence or guiding us to wisdom, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It works more like a lawyer or press secretary, justifying our acts and judgments to others.”

Even our personal life experiences tell us this, buy TETRACYCLINE without a prescription. People do not like to be wrong. We prize rationality and reason (not coincidentally, I think, Generic TETRACYCLINE, traits normally associated more with men than women), and scorn emotions and gut feelings and instinctive reaction.  And so even when we do things because of our emotions or our feelings, we convince ourselves that we are being rational. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, We convince ourselves that if someone interacting with us had done something a little bit differently, we would have reacted entirely differently, too.

Except life isn’t like that, TETRACYCLINE dose. I’ve even written blog posts in the past about how to calmly and rationally approach well-intentioned men about their sexism (yes, I’m kind of embarrassed about that now). But it doesn’t work. Where can i buy TETRACYCLINE online,  We see this a lot in the judgement of rape victims – people who say “if she had just said “no” more clearly or more politely, I’m sure he would have stopped.” The men who were called out by Adria make the same claim – “if only she had nicely asked us to stop, we would have!”

Oh please.  Just like the rest of us, men don’t like to be wrong, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Men don’t like to be denied their place of power and privilege. Don’t tell me that these two men who made Adria Richards feel unwelcome and unsafe in a public space deserve to have been spoken to politely, is TETRACYCLINE addictive, or asked nicely. The idea that they would have politely smiled and apologized and gone about their way is a fantasy.

It’s fiction. It’s the same people who tell me that I don’t need to hollaback! BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, at street harassers. Buy TETRACYCLINE without prescription, If I just approach them and ask them nicely not to do that, they’ll stop.

Know what. They don’t. I’ve tried, real brand TETRACYCLINE online. We all have, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It’s not working. Men who are making jokes like that do  not deserve the courtesy of respectful, polite discourse. Australia, uk, us, usa, Men who violate women’s space do not deserve the courtesy of respectful, polite discourse. Men who try to control what happens to my body do not deserve the courtesy of respectful, polite discourse. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Not every man who makes a mistake is a sexist misogynistic jerk who deserves to be publicly called out. But please don’t call yourself a feminist or an ally if you don’t want to trust women to know the difference, order TETRACYCLINE from United States pharmacy.

We do. We know the difference between a man who compliments us on the street and a man who is sexually harassing us. We know the difference between a man who uses a word that unintentionally offends us and a man who is embracing his privilege and actively making the world an unsafe place for women.

If Adria Richards says she knew she had to speak up because these men were clearly hiding behind deindividualization in order to make their jokes, then I trust her, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Order TETRACYCLINE online c.o.d, If Adria Richards says she thought about it and gut-checked it and considered the code of conduct in place at this conference, then I trust her. If Adria Richards says she was going to let the whole thing go on because she was just too weary to deal with it, but that a photo of a young girl who had participated in the Young Coders workshop inspired her to take action, then I trust her, TETRACYCLINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. If Adria Richards says the best way to have addressed this issue was to call out their behavior, then I trust her.

So should you. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, If these two men just made an honest mistake, if they really didn’t mean anything by it and truly are “good hearted” people who meant no harm and want to learn from their mistakes, then help me out here. TETRACYCLINE interactions, WHERE ARE THEY.

Where is their outrage at the way Adria has been treated. Where is their public statement saying “as we’ve said, we wish she’d brought this to our attention first, but the most unfortunate thing is that she didn’t feel safe doing so, is TETRACYCLINE safe. Adria didn’t feel comfortable doing so. And now it’s clear why, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Adria would have had no way of knowing that we would have been accepting of her critique or request. She would have had no way of knowing that we aren’t like everyone else who has treated her with such hate and disrespect. TETRACYCLINE dangers,  The fact that she didn’t feel safe is explained entirely just by seeing the vicious attacks on her, and we publicly condemn those who are attacking her.”

Where’s that statement from these poor victimized guys who totally are good people??.

Adria Richards didn’t do what any of us would have done. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Instead, she did what needed to be done.

Alix Olson’s poem ends by bringing to mind what is obvious to everyone who is fighting for gender equality. To everyone who has ever tried to combat rampant sexism and blatant misogyny with courtesy or respect. Anyone who has ever been told it would be better to just be more, fast shipping TETRACYCLINE. . . subtle, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Subtle like a penis pounding its target. TETRACYCLINE description, Subtle like your hissing from across the street.

Subtle like the binding on my sisters’ feet.
Subtle like her belly raped with his semen,
draped in his fuck, funny,
doesn’t seem even. BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, See, sometimes anger’s subtle, stocked in metaphor
full of finesse and dressed in allure
Yes, sometimes anger’s subtle, less rage than sad
leaking slow through spigots you didn’t know you had.
and sometimes it’s just

fuck you.
fuck you.
you see, and to me,

That’s poetry too.

Patriarchy isn’t subtle.

Unsafe spaces for women isn’t subtle.

Misogyny and sexism aren’t subtle, BUY TETRACYCLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

This time, Adria Richards decided that she wasn’t going to be subtle either.

*Addendum: For those who are concerned about her health and well-being, I have it confirmed that Adria is safe. She released a public statement yesterday, which you can read here. I know that you’ll be as impressed with her courage and grace as I am.


This post is originally published on Left Standing Up and it's cross-posted with permission

Photo credit Betsy Weber via Creative Commons



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