Meet the Bloggers

Violet Tsagkas serves as the Editor for Fem2.0 and is a Director of the DC office at turner4D (formerly Turner Strategies). She has been instrumental in public relations efforts for a national law firm that represents plaintiffs in major international and national human rights (Nepali laborer trafficking), gender economic inequality (Dukes v. Wal-Mart), and discrimination (Keepseagle v. Vilsack) cases. Because of her past European work experience in the communication field, she has been the point person in scheduling events for U.S. clients in Europe, in places like the House of Commons (UK) and the Duke Office in London. In addition, Violet has been developing materials for spokesperson and social media training sessions and has been part of the social media and spokesperson training teams. Violet has a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from the National University of Athens and a MA in Political Management from the George Washington University. Contact Violet at Violet tweets from @Violet__T. Casey Krosser serves as the Associate Editor of Feminism2.0 as well as the Project Coordinator for turner4D.  Casey handles the social media engagement efforts for Fem2pt0.  She monitors and develops hourly content for Twitter and Facebook channels, spreading awareness on women’s issues.  Casey also edits and publishes submitted content for the Feminism2.0 blog.  At turner4D, Casey helps to build media lists and compile research materials for various projects.  Casey has also assisted with events.  Previously Casey held an editorial internship with BUST magazine, where she fact-checked articles and also contributed to their blog.  Casey completed her BA from Ithaca College in May 2011. Abigail Collazo previously served as the Editor for Fem2.0, a pro bono project of turner4D, where she worked as a Project Manager handling online communications and media outreach.  Abigail has worked on women's issues in both the nonprofit and government sector for over 10 years, with a particular focus on global women's rights. Abigail grew up in Westchester, New York, and has a BA in Political Science from Mount Holyoke College and an MA in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University, where she wrote her graduate thesis on the intersection between gender and war.  Abigail tweets from @leftstandingup. Soraya Chemaly writes about gender, feminism, and culture for The Huffington Post, RHReality Check, and Alternet, and has appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation and Sirius XM radio. Her work brings academic feminism into mainstream critiques of pop culture through satire and news analysis. She is interested in how systems of oppression are transmitted to children via media and religious cultures. She has a BA in History from Georgetown University, where she founded the feminist undergraduate journal The New Press. Soraya tweets from @schemaly. Following law school, Kate McGuinness joined a major firm and became one of only a handful of female partners. After ten years as a partner, she was recruited by a Fortune 500 company as General Counsel. Today she is a full-time writer who advocates for women's rights. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, Women's Media Center, Ms. JD, The Girls Guide to Law School and Role/Reboot. She is also the author of a legal suspense novel Terminal Ambition, which is available on Amazon.comKate is an advocate for women and she tweets from k8mcguinness.   Emmily Bristol  Emmily is an award-winning journalist, having received the Nevada Press Association’s Outstanding Journalist of the Year award in 2005, as well as recognition for news and feature stories. She has been praised for her work as a community organizer and was nominated for a Margaret Sanger award in 2012. A survivor of sexual abuse, Emmily has worked to be a voice for other survivors through her blogs, The Sin City Siren and The Tired Feminist, as well as through lobbying and activist work. She is a fierce advocate for women’s rights, including serving as the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against a personhood initiative in Nevada in 2009/10. Her activism began when she was a student at the University of Oregon, where she graduated with a degree in English and minors in journalism and women’s studies. Her blog The Sin City Siren was nationally syndicated in 2011. Emmily lives in Las Vegas with her husband and daughter. She tweets from @TheSinCitySiren.
Clara Ashley Vaz is a full time writer and women’s rights consultant. She has a BA in Political Science from Laval University and a Masters in International Law from Kent in Brussels, and has worked for several organizations on human rights and gender issues, including UNICEF, HPCR International and the European Parliament. She recently spent seven months in Swaziland working on sexual violence and rape laws for SWAGAA and continuing her writing as communications officer for the Breast Cancer Network. She currently works for Plan International, travels and reads voraciously and is always up for a good debate. Clara tweets at @ClaraVaz1 Erin Belitskus In addition to writing about human rights, Erin is a policy wonk for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania and then relocated to Boston to work in international development and academia. Erin can usually be found volunteering extensively for youth organizations in the greater Boston area.  Erin holds a B.A. from Green Mountain College, and an MScEcon in terrorism and international relations from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She is a 2012 New Leaders Council fellow. You can find Erin on Twitter @ErinBelitskus Megan Kearns is a feminist vegan blogger and freelance writer living in Boston. She blogs at The Opinioness of the World, a site she founded in 2010 focusing on gender equality and living vegan. A Bitch Flicks Contributor, Megan reviews film, television and media from a feminist perspective. Her work has also appeared at Arts & Opinion, Feministing’s Community Blog, Italianieuropei, Open Letters Monthly and A Safe World for Women.She earned her B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from UMass Amherst and a Graduate Certificate in Women and Politics and Public Policy from UMass Boston. You can follow all of Megan's unapologetically opinionated thoughts – such as Leslie Knope’s awesomeness, the idiocy of anti-choice legislation, and where to find the best vegan doughnuts – on Twitter at @OpinionessWorld. Kathleen Pye is a doctoral student at the University of New Brunswick. She holds a BSc in Kinesiology, an MEd in Counselling Psychology, and an MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry. As a researcher, counselor, and activist, Kathleen aims to lessen secrecy, promote awareness, build understanding, and provide assistance for those affected by eating issues and disorders. She tweets from @KathleenCanada.   Robyn Swirling is a policy wonk in Washington, DC, who has been working on women’s rights issues for almost 10 years, with a particular focus on international women’s health and violence against women and girls. She has previously held positions at Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Global AIDS Alliance, Global Health Council, and Family Violence Prevention Fund. Robyn studied political science, African studies, and global health at the University of Pittsburgh, where she was the leader of HIV/AIDS activism on campus. While studying at University of Miami, she founded a campus organization for sexual and reproductive health and was the advisor for undergraduate programming for the campus sexual assault response team. Robyn also blogs at and tweets occasionally at @rswirling.  She can be reached at at AtimaAtima Omara-Alwala is the first generation daughter of African immigrants. She is a political strategist and activist of 10 years who has served as staff on 8 political campaigns and other progressive causes with a particular focus on women’s political empowerment & leadership, reproductive justice, health care, and communities of color. Her writings on the topics have also been featured at Women’s Enews, RH Reality Check, and Fem2pt0. Atima is a University of Virginia graduate who also received a Masters Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. She is a 2010 graduate of the Virginia based Sorensen Institute’s Political Leaders Program. Currently, she is National Vice President of the Young Democrats of America and Advisory Council Director for the Women’s Information Network (WIN), a pro-choice, Democratic women’s professional, political, and social organization in DC. She also serves on the boards of the DC Abortion Fund and Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington Action Fund. In her miraculous spare time, Atima volunteers for a local domestic violence shelter, is an avid reader, aspiring foodie, a movie geek, traveler to new places, and permanently attached to her ipod as a huge fan of all kinds of music. GUEST BLOGGERS Maggie Arden has been working in non-profit management for the last five years. Previously she worked as a campaign fundraiser for political candidates.  Outside of work, she regularly volunteers with local organizations around the Washington, DC area and makes jewelry for Southern Yankee Design, her jewelry business. Originally from Chicago, Maggie moved South for college, where she remained for several years, before moving closer to the Mason-Dixon line, inspiring her blog, Southern Yankee Speaks, about life caught somewhere between North and South. Maggie is an alumnae of Elon University and Alpha Xi Delta.  You can find Maggie on Twitter at @Sthrnynkee.
Christina Black is currently a law student at Stanford University.  She previously interned for a government relations firm in Washington, DC, and prior to that she worked at a nonprofit organization focused on women’s issues. One day, she hopes to work at a nonprofit engaged in legal advocacy.  Christina currently serves on the Executive Board of Fem2.0 in addition to being a guest blogger.  In her (very limited) free time, Christina tries to catch up on all of the reading and TV shows she missed in college. When not updating her pop culture lexicon, she enjoys exploring the less touristy parts of the city. You can often find her at a museum (okay, those are touristy), the Kennedy Center, or Rock Creek Park. You can find Christina on Twitter @black_christina.
Stephenie Foster has over 25 years experience in domestic and international policy advocacy, government affairs, program development and training, and law. Since 1997, Stephenie has participated in numerous international programs and projects sponsored by the United States State Department, the Vital Voices Global Partnership, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and others.  Stephenie  has authored two manuals for Vital Voices, Advocacy and Running for Office: A Training Manual for Women and Ending Violence Against Women and Human Trafficking: A Guide to New Strategies.  Her international work has taken her to more than 20 countries, covering every region of the world. Find Stephenie on Twitter at @stepheniefoster.
 Marcia G. Yerman began as a painter and in the 1990s, delved into curating exhibitions in an effort to bring visibility to women artists of diverse backgrounds. In 2006, while working on outreach for the Feminist Art Project, Yerman connected with the Women’s Media Center. She became part of the start-up team, consulting on women and cultural issues. This led to parallel careers in writing, activism, and new media.  Marcia co-founded cultureID in 2009, a social community with the stated mission of “creating a nexus between activism and the arts.”  Based in New York City, Marcia lives with her son and dysfunctional dachshund. You can find Marcia on Twitter at @mgyerman.
Neha Shah’s interests lie in economic development, technology policy and ICT4D. She has grown up in India, Qatar and the UAE, and attended Mount Holyoke College. She works in government affairs and is also completing an MBA from the George Washington University School of Business. Her aspiration is to promote the use of technology to create and further opportunities for women and youth in developing countries. Her twitter handle is @shahnorama.
    tizzyTizzy Giordano refuses to bow down to the powers that be. We all know that well-behaved women aren't allowed to make history, and she intends to. She is an angry feminist, and damn proud of it. She believes that those who aren't angry are part of the problem. To call her a raging bitch is a compliment. A Feminazi? Music to her ears. She vehemently rejects and loudly rails against oppression and injustice of any kind. She intends to see the walls of Patriarchy crumble down around her, and can't wait to help pick up the pieces to tenderly re-build that "Another World" she knows is beautifully close, and infinitely possible.  
Yvonne Ní Mhurchú promotes female empowerment,
safety and equality.  She lives in Limerick City, Ireland.  Yvonne studies Psychology and Philosophy at Mary Immaculate College and is a Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) Support Worker at Rape Crisis Midwest.  She is completing a Rape Crisis Counselling course at Rape Crisis Midwest as well.  Yvonne’s writing has also been published on  Follow Yvonne on Twitter @YvonneNiMhurchu.