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Surfing the Rape Wave: What Tosh Teaches About Humor, Power and Privilege

In a promo video hyping Comedy Central’s highest-rated show, host Daniel Tosh promised, “On season 3 of Tosh.0, we’re raping everybody.” The clip’s copy read, “It’s about to get pretty rapey up in here.” Apparently, that should have been printed as a buyer-beware on tickets for Tosh’s gig at the Laugh Factory last weekend. If […]

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Do You Laugh At Rape Jokes?

I could have titled this “Why Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny” but sometimes they are uproariously funny, right? I mean, who hasn’t laughed at a rape joke? Rape jokes are a dime a dozen. That’s why the problem isn’t the jokes or who’s telling them. It’s that so many, many people think that stories about degrading […]

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