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Who Owns Public Spaces?

Last weekend I was at the gym, waiting for a fellow male bodybuilder to get off the pullup bars. Yours truly can do about 7-10 wide grip pullups unassisted of which she’s very proud, and that Saturday was a heavy back day. While I’m waiting, another gym guy comes up and asks me if I’m […]

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Professional Fridays: Your Guide to Being Successfully Unemployed

[caption id="attachment_8912" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Photo Credit: Agefoto"][/caption] The Professional Fridays column usually features great information for on-the-job issues. Unfortunately, there are the 10 percent of us who have no job at which to be professional. It’s not all pajamas and ice cream at 3pm. Having been unemployed a couple of times, I know about the […]

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