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“Doonesbury” Takes on Ultrasound Laws

Over the past forty years, Garry Trudeau’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip “Doonesbury” has tackled its fair share of controversial topics. But this week marks the first time that Trudeau will address abortion, and as a result newspaper editors across the country are refusing the run the six-day series. The series will focus on mandatory ultrasounds, […]

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The War for Our Future

I’m so angry about the war on women. The debates consume my thoughts and nothing seems more important than talking and thinking about women, and the reality we live in. I feel the need to share with other women how I’m feeling because I know we all feel attacked. This is so much more than […]

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Needed: Op-Eds by Women

We all know women write.  We’ve read each other’s books, blogs, articles, columns, etc. for years.  However, women only write about 15% of the Op-Ed pieces in major newspapers.  Last night I attended a panel discussion, put together by Women’s Information Network, to help show women how to actually write and submit an opinion piece.  […]

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Women’s History in Need of Home

I spent several hours over the July 4th weekend at the Newseum.  As with a weekend with visiting family, something touristy must be done.  I’d never been before, and as the it is fairly new, with much interactive exhibits, I was excited to see everything!  What I didn’t expect from anything done in this day […]

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You Should Run

Last night I was reminded of an issue I’ve written about here a few times.  At WIN’s Women Opening Doors for Women event the keynote speech, given by Sam Bennett, president of the Women’s Campaign Fund focused on women candidates.  She not only asked that we all ask women we know to run, and nominate […]

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Rape is Rape is Rape

Rape has been everywhere in the news lately.  It’s hard to escape it.  At first I really wanted to.  Then as more stories kept coming it seemed time to pay attention.  Last week I wrote about sexual assault becoming a greater issue on college campuses and prevention programs that should be put in place.  I […]

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does abortion belong in popular films? a response

Recently, Jaime Keiles (of the Seventeen Magazine Project) asked some great questions about films and abortion: why do so few films depict abortions? Should we see them in films more often? Jaime had just finished watching Enter the Void, which includes a pretty realistic abortion scene. She noted that the scene made her uncomfortable, but […]

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The 2000s: Favorite Feminist Moments in Television

Ever since I read Susan J. Douglas’ Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media when I was 17, I have found myself searching in television and film for the nuggets of feminism that women can now find in popular culture. As the ’00 decade concludes, quite a bit of feminist gold […]

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Finding the Power in Women’s Voices

A growing group of organizations work on what is called “media democracy,” that is, changing the structure and legal framework of the media so that it reflects something a smidgeon closer to the actual public – including women. In all its complexity, the media – TV and cable, newspapers and film, magazines and podcasts – […]

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Feminism, Changing the World, and the Internet

The Daily Beast recently polled 1,000 US voters about sexism in the 2008 elections. For me, the most striking poll result was that only 20 percent of women are willing to use the word "feminist" about themselves, and only 17 percent of all voters said they would welcome their daughters using that label. Yet, more […]

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