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Women: A Helpful Chart for Determining What to Trade Your Fundamental Rights For

What are you, as a woman or a man related to one, willing to trade when you vote for a presidential candidate who signed the Personhood Pledge or supports anti-choice “personhood” bills? Personhood USA, the center of the movement, believes that a fertilized egg, from the moment of conception, is a fully human person with […]

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Tone It Down: When the Women’s Movement Tries to Justify Its Support for Abortion

One of the best pieces of advice I ever read about professional development for women was to stop trying to not take up so much room.  The author noted that when women sit down at a conference table for a meeting, we have a tendency of organizing all of our papers and folders and pens […]

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Over 7 Billion People: The Personhood Amendment in Mississppi

The world population recently hit 7 billion. Funny story: when I was in Swaziland, King Mswati III gave a speech at the UN Population Fund Ceremony and lauded on how great it was that we were developing at such a phenomenal speed, and how he couldn’t wait until we reached 10 billion to celebrate again. […]

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I Hope I Get Pregnant in Mississippi

Next week, Mississippi residents will get to vote on Proposition 26, the “Personhood Amendment.”  This would amend the Mississippi state constitution to include in its definition of “persons” all human beings from the moment of fertilization, cloning or functional equivalent thereof.  In Mississippi at least, the question of when does life begin would be answered […]

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